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Chapter 96 - Transfer

Chapter 96 - Transfer

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After agreeing on the strategy, what they needed to discuss next was the officer of the subsidiary territory.

"This third subsidiary base will be named Friendship. It is right next to the Friendship river, and it also shows our kindness. For all these nomadic tribes that we don"t have the ability to force submission, it"s best that we discuss with them kindly. As compared to Beihai Town and Qiushui Town, the future of Friendship Town has more challenges. Hence a good officer is of utmost importance. This officer must be good in politics and care about the military troops there. He must also have good adapting abilities as it is across the river from the main town, and outside which are many strong powers, the main camp can"t always be there to reply and help out. Who would all of you recommend?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

This was the first time that Ouyang Shuo had asked for the directors" opinions when choosing the officer of an subsidiary territory. In the case of Beihai Town and Qiushui Town, he’d made the decision on his own. This was the first time that Ouyang Shuo didn"t have a good man in mind.

Out of the 4 directors, Ge Hongliang was the most relaxed. He had just joined Shanhai Town and belonged to the military so he obviously wouldn"t have anyone good to recommend. As for the other 3 directors, they hesitated. If this recommendation went well, everyone would be happy, but if the recommendation was wrong, then the one who’d recommended him would have to be responsible.

The Finance Department was considered a more specialized Department, and from all the secretaries and managers, it was hard to find a person who could control the big picture. Hence, Yingyu shook her head and said that there was no one she could recommend.

The Material Reserves Department was similar and the various secretaries and managers came from nothing. It was already the limit to rule a division, how could they become an official of an subsidiary territory? The only one that stood out was the Salt Pan secretary Shen Zui, but his experience was lacking, and Tian Wenjing shook his head.

The one with the highest possibility was the Administration Department. They had many divisions and the various secretaries had higher stats. Fan Zhongyan hesitated. He had two choices in his heart, the Assistant Director Qin Shijian and the secretary of Household Registration Zhou Haichen. The 2 young men were exceptional, and could control the big picture. However, they each had their strengths and weaknesses, making it hard to decide.

"I recommend Qin Shijian and Zhou Haichen. Whom to pick I leave to sire." At last, Fan Zhongyan decided to leave the decision to Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head. These two men were the ones he’d expected to be recommended. Only now, he would have to be the one making the decision. Out of the two, it wasn"t that Fan Zhongyan didn"t have a preference, but this type of personnel arrangement was too sensitive and he didn"t want to be too deeply involved.

Yingyu snickered at the side as she saw Ouyang Shuo having a hard time making the decision.

Ouyang Shuo stared at her and said, "Let"s choose Zhou Haichen. The deputy secretary of the Household Registration Division will become the new secretary and take over from Zhou Haichen. Qin Shijian"s position will also be moved, being a deputy director for so long, it"s time for him to train by being a secretary. He will be the new Meritorious Services secretary."

In the end, Ouyang Shuo decided to use a taking over style and chose Zhou Haichen. His departure would be quickly covered by Du Quan. If Qin Shijian was picked, it would result in the Household Registration Division having too many people and the Meritorious Service Division having too little.

As for Ouyang Shuo"s decision, all 4 directors had their thoughts. Through this, they saw through his direction and inclination of using people.

After discussing the new officer for the subsidiary territory, Ouyang Shuo ended the meeting.

As for the problems with the construction, he was prepared to gather all the secretaries and managers in the afternoon and discuss it there.


2 PM in the afternoon, Lord"s Manor meeting room

Ouyang Shuo gathered all the departments and divisions that were related to the new subsidiary territory.

With the issue about the construction of Friendship Village, Ouyang Shuo shared his views. "We must first consider the future route of Friendship Village. The village walls would run for 2 kilometres in a square shape, 9 metres high and 5 metres wide. In the building of the wall, our main camp must participate. The Construction Division has to send a few men, and we must rush to finish in a week in case anything happens."

Zhao Dewang nodded to signal that he was fine with it. The size of the project was only half of the main town’s. The most difficult part would be to transport the materials over the river.

"The villagers that are sent to Friendship Village must be chosen properly. The normal civilians will be herders as the horse stables of the military will be built there in the future. As for skilled talents, it"s best if we choose intermediate and above talents like blacksmiths, traders, etc." Ouyang Shuo said.

The new Household Registration secretary nodded and asked carefully, "Sire, how many people will we send over?"

"Let"s say 1000, which is the max population for a grade 3 village. Out of this group, 200 must be their village protection squad, which you will coordinate with the military." Ouyang Shuo ordered.


Ouyang Shuo looked over to Du Xiaolan and said, "The Resource Division needs to make preparations to trade with the nomadic tribes, building a trading area in the village. Food, salt, and metallic types of strategic goods must be sold in proper channels and must be controlled."


"The Transportation Division is in charge of transporting goods over the Friendship river, especially materials. This must be carefully planned and executed." Ouyang Shuo said to Zheng Shanpao.

"Understood! We will complete the task!" Zheng Shanpao said loudly.

"Ok, all of you go make preparations. You only have an afternoon to prepare, and tomorrow we will start to build our affiliate territory." Ouyang Shuo said.


After dismissing the meeting, Ouyang Shuo called Zhou Haichen to his office. He wanted to have a deep conversation with his new officer to clear his doubts.

The 2 of them discussed until 6 in the afternoon before ending.

After going offline, Ouyang Shuo gave Song Jia a call. "Sorry, the bandit operation didn"t drop the village building token that you needed."

At the opposite end of the phone, Song Jia didn"t really put it to heart and was still smiling. "Silly, what are you apologising for? It was based on luck."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "Actually there"s still a method, I don"t know if your brother is willing or not to try."

"What method?" Song Jia asked curiously.

"Think about it. Your family goal is to have their own territory, right?"

"Obviously, if not why would we want a village building token?" Song Jia teased.

Ouyang Shuo laughed, "Let me finish."

"Ok then, continue."

"If you want a base, apart from using the village building token, you can ask other players to transfer their territories to you. With this, not only can you reach your goal, but you also get a territory that is already built, even helping you catch up with the other players."

In the past life, many medium-sized powers, upon hearing the news, had the wrong thinking that to build a territory they needed a village building token. They didn"t think that there would be another way.

One reason was that they weren"t familiar with the game settings and didn"t know that territories could be transferred. Secondly, those that knew assumed that the lord was new too, and wouldn"t be willing to give up the territories that they’d put in so much effort into building.

Until one day, a player called Jiye thought of such a method. It made everyone copy it, using credits which were useless in real life to buy player territories in game, and under the assault of money, a large portion of the various lords’ territories was conquered. Hence, these powers ruled the game world.

This tragedy made one"s heart sour. Because of the lack of information, those unlucky souls had lost their chance to make it big. He remembered that a year after the news was released, the players who had transferred their territories tried to sue.

Unfortunately, all the cases were thrown out as the lords that’d transferred their territories had already received their payments.

Hence I say, fate is so magical. You don"t know when it will give you a sharp turn and catch you off-guard. Only those that can keep a firm grasp on destiny will be the rulers of the world.

"Ya, it was true!" Song Jia exclaimed.

"Doesn"t this count as completing the mission?" Ouyang Shuo joked.

Song Jia laughed. "En, you exceeded expectations. I"ll treat you to a meal next time!"

"I can"t wait!"

"Ok, let"s talk next time! I"ll tell this news to my brother. He was fretting over the village token for many days." Song Jia explained.

"En, bye bye!"

"Bye-bye!" Song Jia hurriedly ended the call and went to find her brother.