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Chapter 94 - Grade 3 Town

Chapter 94 - Grade 3 Town

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The five days of intense Spring Assault Operation had brought Shanhai Town abundant rewards.

First of all was the population of the town. There had been an increase in population by 1967 people, among them were 868 armed forces and 1099 non-combat personnel, exceeding the limit of maximum 5000 people the town could have. With no choices left, Ouyang Shuo had to transfer some of the captives into Beihai Town and Qiushui Town.

Among the 868 combat personnel, 18 of them who have committed a series of unforgivable sins were executed, 600 of them recruited and reorganized into the army, and 250 of them were sent to the mining site to mine minerals for one year.

The navy picked out some of the captives from the large-scale water bandit camp and reorganized them into another 3 squadrons. With this, the Navy Unit was officially formed and placed under the command of intermediate officer, Colonel Pei Donglai, acting as the head of the navy unit. Under him was Zhou Feng as the 1st navy squadron captain, You Fang as the 2nd navy squadron captain, Li Hai as the 3rd navy squadron captain and the other two squadrons would temporarily have no captain.

Li Hai, a basic officer who was one of the best among all of them in the water bandit camp with a good reputation among the villagers, was promoted straight to a captain.

The cavalry squadron had formed another 3 more squadrons, officially establishing the Shanhai Town Cavalry Unit and placed under the command of intermediate officer, Lin Yi, who was acting as the colonel of the cavalry unit. Under him was Lee Mingliang, as the 1st cavalry squadron captain; Sun Tengjiao as the 2nd cavalry squadron captain; Liao Kai as the 3rd cavalry squadron captain; Guo Liang as the 4th cavalry squadron captain; Su Wang as the 5th cavalry squadron captain.

Similar to Li Hai, Su Wang was also a basic officer originated from the water bandit camp. Albeit he was from a bandit camp, an elite who was very firm with his own principal based on justice. After understanding about his situation, Ouyang Shuo decisively promoted him to a captain.

Ouyang Shuo expanded all of the troop divisions except for the infantry division as he had plans for them. According to his plan, he hoped to recruit quality troops from the mountain barbarian tribes. In order to improve efficiency, he arranged the infantry into a unit and place them under Shi Wansui, maintaining the same 3 squadrons.

Another fruitful result from the battles was the financial aspect. The money seized, including the money gained from selling building blueprints, was a total of 2250 gold. After deducting the expenses for upgrading the armies and officers, there was still a total of 1710 gold.

However, regardless of the massive income, Ouyang Shuo had yet to have a plan on how to maximize the advantage of the gold coins. The main concern now was on upgrading the town level into level 3 as fast as possible as the population of the town was reaching its limit. Unfortunately, the progress had come to a halt because of the alchemy workshop, one of the basic requirement buildings to level up the town level, was not available yet because there was no alchemist in the town.

As expected by Ouyang Shuo, the most troublesome issue to upgrading the town level was this goddamn alchemist. He couldn’t believe that even with everything he had now and the conditions of the Shanhai Town, it was still so hard to spawn an alchemist. God knows how Di Chen got so lucky, getting an alchemist in just half a month.

In the end, Fan Zhongyan reminded Ouyang Shuo, ”My lord, if I recall correctly, the Recruitment Hall recruits one people with special talents once a month, and you have not used it this month, so why don’t you give it a try?”

Ouyang Shuo nodded but he did not hold too much hope and replied with a wry smile.

“There’s no such coincidence in this world, getting an alchemist that we urgently need just like that.”

“If you don’t give it a try, you wouldn’t know, my lord.”

“Okay then, I’ll give it a try then.”, said the compromised Ouyang Shuo.

This was the 2nd time Ouyang Shuo had walked into the recruitment hall. The last time he entered, the hall recruited two men of great talent, Fan Zhongyan and Du Chun, but would the hall help Ouyang Shuo to solve his problem this time?

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for operating the Recruitment Hall, there is one use left for the hall at the moment, do you want to recruit someone?”


“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for successfully recruiting one special talented personnel…An advanced alchemist. 10 gold auto-deducted from inventory.”

A white light flashed and a portal appeared. Immediately, a European appearing to be 30 years old walked out from the portal, saluted Ouyang Shuo in a very medieval aristocratic way, and said enthusiastically, “Magnus at your service, my lord.”

HA, praise the lord, Ouyang Shuo really managed to recruit an alchemist! The happy Ouyang Shuo then smiled and said: “Mr. Magnus, welcome to Shanhai Town!”

After the recruitment of Magnus, the rest was very simple. By giving it everything they had, an alchemy workshop was built in only 1 day by the Construction Division, and the master alchemist, Magnus, officially settled down in the workshop. With this, the final barrier stopping the town from upgrading was finally removed completely.


24th of March, 9.00pm, Shanhai Town Hall

Ouyang Shuo whispered to himself in his mind, Territory upgrade. A white light flashed across his eyes, the hearstone rose from the ground slowly, he placed his right hand on the heartstone, and the system notification prompted.

“System Notification: Scanning for Shanhai Town upgrading requirements….”

“Requirement 1: Reaching a population of 5000 people --- requirement met.”

“Requirement 2: Constructing all basic buildings required --- requirement met.”

“Requirement 3: The town lord must be at least a first class viscount --- requirement met.”

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for meeting the requirements to upgrade Shanhai Town, do you want to upgrade?”


A golden ray shot up to the sky from the heartstone exploded into energy and spread around. The golden energy disappeared once it spread up to the far border of the territory.

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for being the 2nd player upgrading his town into a grade 3 town. Reward: 1000 points of merit points.”

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for …….

“System Notification: Congratulations……

Shanhai Town only managed to finally advance to a level 3 town one week after Di Chen upgraded Handan town into a grade 3 town. However, this was still a counter to the questions troubling Shanhai Town. The nationwide competition for the world’s first district had officially kicked off.

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for upgrading Shanhai town to a grade 3 town. The town level lord hall has leveled up. Randomly selecting 3 grade 3 town buildings, the player can choose one of them to build.”

“System Notification: The randomly selected buildings are the inn, pawnshop and jewelry shop, please choose!”

“Choose the pawnshop!”

“System Notification: The building is generated automatically. Player is free to view now.” Another white light flashed, and the heartstone once again sank into the ground slowly. Ouyang Shuo then took a look to check on the stats of Shanhai Town.

Territory: Shanhai Town (Level 3 Town)

Lord: Qiyue Wuyi (Second class Earl)

Title: The World’s First Town (Increase town renown by 20%)

Morale: 92

Security: 91

Population: 5000/10000

Refugee Spawn Rate: 50 * (1 + 50%) = 75 / day

Territory area: 1000 square kilometers

Territory Unique Characteristics:

+50% Refugee attraction rate

+25% Special talented people attraction rate

+50% Crop production rate

+25% Productivity of workers

+20% Experience earned by troops

+10% Chances of talented people in the territory to advance a level

Subsidiary Village: Beihai town (Level 1 town), Qiu Shui town (level 1 town)

Treasury: Four Seas Bank

Territory Association: Textile Association

Territory Resources: Intermediate Logging, Intermediate Stone Mining, Intermediate Mineral Mining, Advanced Brick Kiln

Territory Forces: Cavalry Unit, Infantry Unit, Navy Unit, Qiushui Town Garrison Squadron

Territory Industry Prop: Northern Saltworks (5000 mu), Langshan Mining Excavation Site

Political: 50/100 (Affects the administrative efficiency and morale)

Economic: 45/100 (Affects the trading prosperity and tax)

Cultural: 40/100 (Affects the education development and quality of residents)

Military: 50/100 (Affects the military strength and stability)

Infrastructure Building: Town Level Lord manor, Toilet, Granary, Cemetery, Inn

Agriculture building: Farm, Mill, Mulberry field, Orchard, Vegetable farm, Medicine garden

Commercial building: Intermediate Market, Intermediate Smithy, Intermediate Grocery Shop, Advanced Woodworking Workshop, Advanced Hospital, Advanced Dojo, Premium Tailor Shop, Garment Workshop, Intermediate Pottery Factory, Large Brewing Factory, Agriculture Market, Vinegar Workshop, Soy Sauce Workshop, Tofu Workshop, Pharmacy, Small Textile Mills, Advanced Alchemy Workshop.

Cultural Buildings: Ancestral Hall, Private School, Lian Zhou College

Military Buildings: Advanced Barracks, Castle Wall, Moats, Towers, Turrets, Stone Outposts, Stables, Weaponry Workshop, Weapon Arsenal

Special Buildings: Dock, Harbor, Intermediate Shipyard

Hidden Buildings: Mazu Temple (Sealed), Recruitment Hall

Taoist Buildings: Taoist Practice Place.

Construction conditions: Taoist, Taoist Building Blueprint, timber 2000 units, brick 320 units, stone 1000 units.

Construction time: 4 days.

Pawnshop: The collection of movable assets and real estate as collateral, to the other side of the debt agencies.

Construction conditions: Businessmen, Pawnshop Building Blueprint, Wood 1000 units, Brick 2000 units, Stone 1000 units.

Construction Time: 3 days. (Description: The building is automatically generated.)

Inn: To provide people shelter who are away from their homes.

Construction Conditions: Businessman, Inn Building Blueprint, Wood 2000 units, Brick 320 units, Stone 1000 units.

Construction Time: 4 days.

Restaurant: For people eating outside of their homes.

Construction Conditions: Advanced Chef, Restaurant Building Blueprint, Wood 2000 units, Brick 4000 units, Stone 1000 units.

Construction time: 5 days.

Jewelry Shop: Shops selling gold and silver jewelry.

Construction Conditions: Gold and Silver Craftsmen, Jewelry Shop Building Blueprint, Wood 1000 units, Brick 2000 units, Stone 1000 units.

Construction Time: 3 days.

Tea Garden: For planting tea plants.

Construction Conditions: Tea Plant, Wood 2000 units, Brick 500 units, Stone 500 units.

Construction Time: 2 days.