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Chapter 92 - Provocation

Chapter 92 – Provocation

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May 7

Di Chen once again came out strongly.

“System Notice: Congratulations Player Di Chen for being the first lord in China server to upgrade to grade 3 town, rewarded 1100 merit points!”

“System Notice: Congratulations player Di Chen for being the first lord in China to upgrade to grade 3 town…”

“System Notice: Congratulations…”

Handan Town took only half a month to upgrade from a grade 2 town to a grade 3 town, finally regaining the top spot in China and breaking Shanhai Town’s dominance.

The outside world was in a flurry as slowly, the doubts towards Ouyang Shuo had started to spread. Many people feel that the Six Tyrants of Handan had a strong background and that the only reason why Ouyang Shuo took the lead was purely by luck. Now that Di Chen had shown his strength, Shanhai Town is nothing.

Such thoughts were certainly common as everywhere on the forums there were posts laughing and mocking Shanhai Town. Some were jeering while others felt it was pitiful and wasted, while most were there to stir up trouble.

“1st post: The tale of Shanhai Town has now been destroyed, Di Chen is the king of the Chinese server!”

“2nd post: The black horse has been washed white, the glory of Shanhai Town is no more!!!”

“3rd post: Starting from Shang Zhongyong, the discussion on the rise and fall of Qiyue Wuyi!”

“4th post: Shooting star has fallen, I pay respects to the past glory of Shanhai Town!”

“5th post: Two men competing, Di Chen takes the lead!”

“6th post: This proves that lord"s mode is only for rich people, normal players will lose!”

“7th post: Who will be the next black horse, let us wait and see!”

“8th post: six tyrants of Handan had proved himself again, is there a chance for a reunion?”


Even the other members of the Handan alliance, Zhan Lang and Sha Pojun also came out to cheer on Di Chen, dissing Shanhai Town to strengthen the reputation of the Handan Alliance.

Expectedly, Ouyang Shuo did not lack supporters. Many players considered him as the representative player of commoner players and treated him as their role model. Gong Chengshi and Xunlong Dianxue, as well as other leaders, came out to cheer on Shanhai Town.

“1st post: We support Shanhai Town, I can"t stand those clowns who get so arrogant when they have a small lead!!”

“2nd post: Good luck Qiyue Wuyi, we will always support you!”

“3rd post: Our flag-bearer won"t die, our faith won"t be destroyed, Shanhai Town stay in there!”

“4th post: Qiyue Wuyi, you are our pride, destroy Di Chen!”

“5th post: The legend continues, we support Shanhai Town, support Qiyue Wuyi!”


Supporters of both sides got into a war of words, shooting comments on one another, making it very lively.

At that moment, Di Chen suddenly announced through the global channel, “Qiyue Wuyi? Only a small fry!”

Originally, Ouyang Shuo didn"t pay much attention to the war of words on the forum. Handan Town’s fast upgrading speed was what he had expected. Seeing that he had so many supporters, he was also very touched. However, this time Di Chen was too arrogant, which was beyond what he could bear.

Facing Di Chen’s provocation, Ouyang Shuo did not choose to hide and instead teased, “I’ll let you be arrogant for a few days!”

This time, he had outright regarded Di Chen as an enemy, not having any chance of reconciliation. He did not expect that person would have rushed to achieve the short sighted goals. He invited large amounts of players into his territory which would definitely affect the future development of various productions in the territory.

One mustn"t look at how great Di Chen looks like now, he would definitely face problems in the future. Probably not long after, not only will he not keep up with Ouyang Shuo, he would not even be the leader of the Six Tyrants of Handan.

Hence after shouting in the global announcement channel, Ouyang Shuo kept quiet.

He did not bother about the discussions in the outside world and patiently prepared for the spring offensive.

Ouyang Shuo not caring didn"t mean that others would not too. The 2 current leaders’ war of words brought this situation up to a new level and various powers were discussing how to deal with it.


Consonance Town meeting hall, the 4 flowers were gathered once again.

“Elder sister, what are your thoughts on Di Chen’s provocation?” Zi Luolan asked.

“What can my thoughts be? The truth is apparent, Di Chen just wants to make himself look good to rebuild the reputation of the Handan Alliance and get back his position as leader of China.” Bai Hua said.

“That"s right, he wants to step on Qiyue Wuyi to climb upwards. It seems he had made good calculations and it seems to be quite successful. All the comments on the forums are dissing Shanhai Town. Although most are people he hired to support him, but we mustn"t exclude the fact that many people who can"t see the real situation might have the same thoughts.” Tsing Yi added.

Zi Luolan was stunned, asking curiously, ”4th sister’s meaning is that you don"t think his plan will work out?”

“Of course. Upgrading to a grade 3 town was only a small jump, as long as one used players to make up for the territory population you could upgrade easily. Only people like Di Chen would brag about it like clowns. The most important consideration would be from grade 3 town to grade 1 county. Based on the the tendencies of the system, it would definitely have some difficult task or requirements. Wasn"t that how Shanhai Town had got their lead in the first place? Didn"t you see Qiyue Wuyi’s reply, he was obviously very calm.” Tsing Yi explained, no wonder she was the smart one, being able to see the crux of the problem.

Bai Hua nodded, ”4th sister is right. There"s also one point, I don"t know if you noticed?”

“What point?” They asked curiously.

“Qiyue Wuyi gave us the privatization method.” Bai Hua said.

“Eldest sister’s meaning is?”

“That"s right!” Bai Hua nodded her head.

“Aiya, can you two stop doing mute riddles, what point??” Hong Ying, who couldn"t understand anything, shouted.

“From that privatization strategy, it seems that he has a deep understanding of the game, and we can confirm that he was a beta player. Not only that, his participation was also very high. I think Qiyue Wuyi probably understood the requirements needed to upgrade the town, which was why he could set such a plan with a set goal in mind. This was why he would be able to gain an unassailable lead and get the title of the first town.” Bai Hua explained.

Luo Zilan’s brain worked fast and had already reacted, saying with uncertainty, ”Big Sister’s meaning is that Qiyue Wuyi already knows the requirements to upgrade to a grade 1 county and that they are very difficult. Even with Di Chen’s ability, he wouldn"t be able to complete in a short time, which was why he was so fearless?”

“That"s right!”

“But how is that possible?” Zi Luolan couldn"t believe that information which someone with such a deep family background like Di Chen couldn"t know, how would Qiyue Wuyi know?”

Bai Hua laughed, ”Firstly this is only my guess. Secondly, the game is very mysterious, based on the personality of Gaia, for such things to happen is not rare at all.”

“Talking about specifics, did you notice that out of all the people from Handan alliance cheering for Di Chen, there lacked one person?” Tsing Yi said.

“Feng Qiuhuang?”

“That"s right! About this person, what does elder sister know?”

Bai Hua shook her head and laughed bitterly, ”She did not join any game before so how would I know anything? What I know is only basic information revealed on the forums.”

“Little sister do have some speculation.” Tsing Yi smiled.

“Oh? Quickly, tell us!”

Tsing Yi nodded, “The people that Feng Qiuhuang is representing is a joint power. Any person in the alliance wouldn"t be able to stand against Di Chen alone, hence they could only come together. This kind of team rests heavily on the leadership ability of the leader. For Feng Qiuhuang to be able to stand out shows her ability. Her background was revealed on the forums and that she’s was from one of the biggest families in the alliance the Feng family.”

“The Feng family was a special family, the men were placed above the women. The men wouldn"t need to join any family matters and just played all day while still holding the highest powers in the family. The females did all the work but in the end are the sacrifices for the family. The name Feng Qiuhuang is the best description for the Feng family.”

“Little sister’s conjecture is that as the brightest female member in a few hundred years, she didn"t want to be the next puppet and sacrifice. What she wanted was a hidden ally that wasn"t a member of the six tyrants of Handan, hence Qiyue Wuyi was the most suitable. Did you notice that during the siege of beasts when Shanhai Town became the first, that Feng Qiuhuang sent her congratulations. And this time when the Handan Alliance ganged up against Qiyue Wuyi, she did not participate. From this we can tell that she isn"t of one heart with the Handan Alliance and she wants to work and cooperate with Qiyue Wuyi.”

Bai Hua took the lead to clap, praising, ”No wonder you are our little Zhuge, with such small clues you can make such big conjectures and see the crux of the situation.”

Tsing Yi felt a little embarrassed, ”This was just a guess, who knows if it is accurate.”

“Ok all, no matter what, we must trust in our allies. As for other things, let"s not care and just do well on our side!” Bai Hua concluded.