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Chapter 91 - Military Affairs Department

Chapter 91 - Military Affairs Department

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After finally seeing Ge Hongliang and his group arrive, Ouyang Shuo led the officials to welcome them, saying, ”Welcome Ge Hongliang. From now on, we are family.”

Ge Hongliang didn"t dare to neglect him and bowed, saying respectfully, ”Thank you sire!” This bow pledged one’s allegiance. Ever since then, they would be treated differently as leader and servant and they won"t be able to talk like they were of the same level. Everyone who followed behind bowed down; the normal residents even kneeled and said loudly, ”We greet the lord!”

Ouyang Shuo naturally understood the deep meaning behind it and accepted their greetings. He went forward and helped Ge Hongliang up, smiling. ”Let"s go, I"ve asked my men to prepare wine to welcome all of you.” After saying that, he personally led Ge Hongliang towards the Lord’s Manor.

Shanhai Town was undergoing a rebuilding, and everywhere there were construction sites. Ge Hongliang paid attention along the way, seeing that the layout of the town was logical and the positions of the buildings were aligned. On the way, he saw the residents in clean clothes and looking very fresh and energized. This could only be seen from people who lived a sufficient and well off life.

Ge Hongliang couldn"t help but nod. It seems like the promises from yesterday weren"t too far fetched and Shanhai Town was as prosperous as he had mentioned.

In the banquet hall of the lord"s manor, Ouyang Shuo organised a feast to welcome Ge Hongliang, Xu Zhenchang and Sun Tengjiao. The 3 directors and the military representative General Shi were there too. As for the other refugees, Ouyang Shuo placed them under the care of the Material Reserves Department.

Before beginning the banquet, Ouyang Shuo introduced everyone to one another. From this day onwards they would be working together, and this was a great time to get to know one another. This people from Shanhai Town were all big brother figures. Apart from Yingyu, they were famous people in history, hence they would naturally take care of the newcomers.

The 3 of them were different, getting shocks and surprises one after another. They couldn"t imagine that a grade 2 town could gather so many talents. The little pride that they had before they came here had been erased.

When Sun Tengjiao saw General Shi, he couldn"t muster up any fighting spirit. When he saw Lin Yi and the other people around Ouyang Shuo, he thought that they were the strongest generals in Shanhai Town. Little did he know that they hid a special rank general.

After the feast, Ouyang Shuo didn"t rush to give them duties and let them rest.

2 PM in the afternoon, meeting room of the Lord’s Manor.

The 3 directors, 14 Secretaries, 1 organization president, and all of the captains and above personnel were gathered for the meeting.

Ouyang Shuo said, ”This time I called all of you here to adjust the organisational structure. As our military increases, there are more and more things that concern it. From logistical support, weapons and equipment design, soldier management and posting, tactics design etc. Hence I feel that there is a need to establish a department that focuses on military matters.”

As military affairs were on the opposite wing as government affairs, Ouyang Shuo had always been trying to find a suitable manager to take up organisational control. Now with Ge Hongliang, this was the perfect opportunity.

“I"ve decided to establish the Military Affairs Department, and its president will be Ge Hongliang. The Military Intelligence Division and Armoury Division are under it. Apart from that, the Resource Division and Combat Logistics Division are also under their charge.”

The establishment of the Military Affairs Department resulted in big changes in the Administration Department and the Material Reserves Department. That was why he invited everyone from the 3 departments to this meeting. From today onward, the 3 departments of Shanhai Town would become 4, and Ge Hongliang had become one of Shanhai Town’s four dragons.

Ge Hong Liang got up excitedly, saying loudly, “Thank you sire for your trust, I will not let you down!” To throw such a chance to a new person showed the absolute trust in him, making him feel touched.

Xu Zhengchang and Sun Tengjiao, seeing that their leader was placed in such an important position, their last shred of worry disappeared. They started to really assimilate and think that they were a part of Shanhai Town.

Ouyang Shuo held a principle of trusting people and not doubting them. He believed that with his ability, Ge Hongliang would be able to manage the Military Affairs Department and share some of his worry. The divisions under the Military Affairs Department weren"t complete, and Ouyang Shuo did not want to rush it and build it straight away. Hence he decided to let it grow and wait for a time before making such changes.

Establishing the Military Affairs Department solved the mess and chaos in the Military Intelligence Division. The old division could be said to work independently, but it was also under the leadership of General Shi, as a sort of reserve unit, not having a suitable allocation. The Armoury Division took up the responsibility of building weapons and equipment, and thus this issue was settled.

Zhao Youfang from the Combat Logistics Division was demoted to vice secretary because of his bad performance at the year-end assessment. He had already been reinstated as secretary and now that his division had been moved under the Military Affairs Department, the start of military independence had begun.

As the Combat Logistics Division went away, the position of the Material Resource Department dropped once again. However this was something that was inevitable, as the department was setted up to solve the problems that came with privatization. Now that privatization was progressing well, most of the functions of the department weren"t able to keep up with the speed of progress and needed to be released.

The office of the Military Affairs Department was already arranged by Ouyang Shuo. ”To be built at Northeast Military District, a four-in-one base for all four divisions that are under the military affairs department will be needed.”

“No problem!” Zhao Dewang nodded and said.

This arrangement was firstly because the Lord’s Manor didn"t have anymore working space and secondly, be it for the armory division or the barracks, they were all at the military district so housing the department there would be more convenient.

After the reorganisation of the Military Affairs Department, Ouyang Shuo turned to look at Yingyu and smiled, ”Yu’er, I found a talent for your department but I don"t know if it’s easy to enter your department?”

“Big brother don"t tease me like this, others don"t know but you should know how busy I am. To have someone to split the load is what I desperately want.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and announced, ”I’ve decided to appoint Xu Zhengchang as the deputy director of the Financial Department and also the secretary of the Business Division, at the same time taking away the position of secretary from Cui Yingyu.”

Xu Zhenchang stood up and bowed, thanking excitedly, ”Thank you sire for your trust, I won"t let you down!”

Xu Zhenchang had loads of government affairs experience and would be of great help to the Financial Department. With his years of experience in different departments and divisions, it would be effortless for him to manage the business division. Ouyang Shuo also didn"t want all of Cui Yingyu’s effort and time to be spent on the Business Division and wanted her to control the big picture.

After arranging the territorial government structure, Ouyang Shuo kept all the military personnel to hold a military meeting. The people who joined apart from the captains from Shanhai Town, there was also the village protection squad captain from Qiushui village Zhang Daniu. Even Pei Donglai who was busy training in Beihai Town had brought Zhou Feng and Youfang to rush back. Youfang was an elite water bandit, so after being recommended by Pei Donglai, was promoted to the navy second squadron captain.

“Mr. Ge is not only our military affairs director but also our war advisor. The Spring Assault is of utmost importance, Mr. Ge will arrange and command this. His orders are the same as my orders. You must help and follow his orders to the best of your abilities, do not slack.” Ouyang Shuo said directly.

“We will follow your orders!” Ouyang Shuo’s authority in the military was unchallenged as all the leaders were chosen and nurtured by him. Many of them held doubts but they still placed it aside and listened Ouyang Shuo’s instructions.

Military planning and command wasn"t Ouyang Shuo’s strong suit. As a modern person, it was hard for one to have such knowledge, especially of cold weapon era warfare. He only learned a bit from books and movies, and was still on the learning and grasping stage. Hence, he gave off a little of the power to the more experienced Ge Hongliang to lead the Spring Assault.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo introduced Sun Tengjiao to them, he would be in charge of the 3rd cavalry squadron formed up of 100 of the men from the refugee camp.

“How"s the training of the troops going?” Ouyang Shuo followed on.

“To reply to sire, it is going smoothly. The mixed camp has already started on coordinated training between infantry and cavalry troops, we believe that they will be sharp and ready for battle soon. The mountain barbarians have also adapted to military life and are mixing well with the other soldiers.” General Shi replied.

“Very good. Apart from them, do not forget about the newly built 3rd cavalry squadron, we must help them to mix into the camp and get used to military discipline.”


“What about the village protection squad from Qiushui village?”

Zhang Daniu stood out and said loudly, ”Sire dont worry, after the last mistake, we have trained even harder to win back our pride and honor. I can promise that the current village protection squadron is not weaker than any infantry squadron.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and turned to Pei Donglai, ”What about the navy?”

Pei Donglai immediately stood up and replied, ”Sire, after half a month of training, the two squadrons are completely in formation and can be thrown into battle.”

Ouyang Shuo heaving a sigh of relief, he smiled. ”That’s good. Since it’s like this, the Spring Assault can be started soon. Director Ge!”


“I trouble you to use these two days to familiarize yourself with the various troops in each area, and create a detailed battle report for me in accordance with the scouting report from the Military Intelligence Division.” Ouyang Shuo ordered.

“Don"t worry sire. As for the arrangement of raiders near the border region, I already have some understanding, I promise to complete the mission.” Ge Hongliang said confidently.

“Good, then I will await the good news.” Ouyang Shuo said.