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Chapter 88 - Qingyang Sword Sect

Chapter 88 - Qingyang Sword Sect

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March 11, another day of unrest.

“System Notice: Congratulations to player Feng Qingyang for founding the Qingyang Sword Sect; Special reward of 500 merit points, 1500 reputation points, Swordsman Township awarded the title “Home of the Martial Arts”

“System Notice: Congratulations to player Feng Qingyang ….”

“System Notice: Congratulations …..”

Feng Qingyang, the heir to the powerful clan in China, an ancient martial arts family, founded China’s first sect in such a short time. He had now stepped into the lights on the stage, and into the views of the public. From now onwards, he would no longer be shaded by Di Chen and Chun Shenjun as one of the Handan Six Tyrants. He would now shine on his own. In Earth Online, if one would like to establish a sect, there are 4 requirements needed to be met: wealth, population, technique, and land.

Wealth, the start-up capital of the sect, requires at least 200 gold.

Population, the numbers of disciples, requires at least 500 nominal disciples.

Technique, the main technique line of the sect, requires at least an Emperor-level technique and it should be a mixed technique containing passive skills, movements skills, and offensive skills.

Land, would naturally be where the sect’s location is. If one decides to establish it in the wilderness, it would be exposed to the beasts and the raiders ambush, therefore it is best to establish it in a lord player’s territory.

What a showy guy Feng Qingyang is, naming the sect after his own name. Hmm... Wonder what does this “Home of the Martial Arts” will increase. Shuo thought and took a guess. It would most probably be boosting the practitioner’s physique or something like that.

Probably Feng Qingyang thought that he didn’t have enough attention, as he continued on shouting in the National Channel: “Qingyang Sword Sect invites swordsmen from all backgrounds to join us, once joined you will be taught the Emperor-level Technique. Spaces are limited, first come first serve.”

ChunQiu Alliance’s other three members jumped out too.

Chun ShenJun: “Brother Feng, congratulations, congratulations.”

Xiong Ba: “Congratulations +1 !!!”

Wandering Magic: “Congratulations +2 !!!”

Feng Qingyang: “Thank you, three brothers!”

Shuo shook his head. Hey, here it comes again. There ain"t no such thing as a free lunch. In the past life, Feng Qingyang had used the same way to fund himself plenty of capital. According to the Wulin Sect Disciple system, there were 4 different grades: Junior disciple, Senior disciple, Core disciple, and Direct disciple. Different grades of disciple had different access to the technique-level. The details were decided by the Sect Head.

Feng Qingyang used the Emperor-level technique as a bait, alluring the swordsmen to his Swordsman Town. Fees would be applied to join the Qingyang Sword Sect.

Junior disciple - 50 silver

Senior disciple - 2 gold

Core disciple - 5 gold

How about Direct disciple? Sorry, they were only limited to the ancient martial arts family members. Only one of themselves could become a direct disciple.

And the so-called Emperor-level technique, of course. It wasn’t bought by Feng Qingyang from the market or dropped from the loots of any raids; he had no such capabilities yet. In Earth Online, the system allowed players to created their own skills and techniques. Therefore, using the system’s Technique and Skills Creation System, he was able to reflect his family martial arts into the game.

Since this brilliant plan of his was able to get Feng Qingyang lots of gold and bring countless numbers of advanced adventurers to his Swordsman Town, it could be said as hitting two birds with one stone. The Qingyang Sword Sect was now a golden chicken that laid eggs. Furthermore, only by using these steady streams of capital did he then have the opportunity to start his plan of real techniques collection, being the biggest winner himself a year later.

These series of plans, overlapping one over another, utilizing the ancient martial arts family’s advantage to the furthest extent, could be said as though they were art painted by God"s hand.

Shuo knew these plans were not by Feng Qingyang, but that they came instead from his sister, Feng Qingyue. Aged only 18, ranked 5th in the China List of Beauties, and was known as the China Three Zhuge, along with Handan’s Juedai Fenghua and Consonance’s Tsing-Yi.

Stopping his envy of the others, Shuo concentrated in his Bajiquan and spearmanship training. Due to him logging in late today, it was already midday when he finished his training.

At 2 PM, Shuo appeared on time in his office, starting to handle the day’s territory affairs.

At 3 PM, Director Tian brought along the manager of mining field, Yuan Shaoping, with a face of delight and exclaimed happily, “My lord, good news, very good news!”

Seeing the usual dead-man face Tian Wenjing being so excited, he was puzzled and curious. “What good news?”

Director Tian, pointing at Yuan Shaoping, laughed and said: “It is better to let Manager Yuan report to you, my lord!”

Shuo nodded, Yuan Shaoping rose and bowed before he said, “My lord, after the exploration these two days, we have finally found a large open-pit gold mine, just 5 miles south of Xuanniao Tribe.”

“Great!” Shuo exclaimed and stood up in great joy, he asked further “How is the topographical condition of the gold mine? Is it easy and convenient to mine? How big is the scale of the gold mine?”

“My lord, it is well-situated, to the north flows a 10-meter wide river. To the west, it intersects with Xuanniao Tribe. To the south stands a wolf-head shaped rock mountain (hereinafter referred to as Langshou Mountain1). To the east is a field of woods. The mining layers are shallow, which makes them easy to exploit. As for the ore storage, we could not determine yet, but it is confirmed that the mine is rich in gold ores. I had roughly tested, a tonne of gold ore could be refined into 20 grams of gold. I took a daring guess and estimated at least 40 tonnes of gold could be excavated in that mine.” Yuan Shaoping obviously prepared his report, as it was detailed.

Shuo was excited, according to 20 grams of gold per gold coin, 40 tonnes of gold would translate into 2 million gold coins. Of course, that is after he had to excavate and refine them before they turned into real gold coins. (1 tonne = 1,000,000 grams)

Shuo continued asking, “How efficient can the mining activity be?”

“On average a skilled miner can excavate a tonne of gold ore. As the mining layers progress deeper, the efficiency would decrease gradually. Moreover, after the ores are excavated, it still needs to go through the complex refinement process and extract the gold in it, which too, would require massive manpower.” Yuan Shaoping answered his lord’s question in detail.

Shuo nodded again. He walked back and forth in the office, and then asked the concierge to invite Cui Yingyu and Zhao Dewang over to his office. When the two arrived and sat down, Yuan Shaoping briefly talked about the gold mine’s current condition.

“Everyone, this gold mine would, in a long run, provide a stream of endless capital. It would turn into the territory’s fiscal pillar. Its importance needs not be reiterated again and it must not be neglected. In order to guarantee the smooth operation of the mining site, I will appoint a few missions for a lot of you.” Shoul said, filled with excitement.

“Please give the orders, my lord!”

“Yuan Shaoping!”

“My lord!”

“Since the gold mine had the Langshou Mountain behind of it, it shall be named as Langshan Mining Field. I hereby appoint you as the manager of Langshan Mining Field, and the Assistant Director of Materials Reserves Department, fully in charge of the mining field.”

“Thank you for your trust, I will not let you down!” From an ordinary mining field foreman straight up to an assistant director, that was a promotion of 3 tiers. From this, one could tell the importance of Langshan Mining Field in Shuo’s eyes.

“As for the iron mining field, recommend a new foreman, and report your candidate to Director Tian for approval.”

“Yes, sire!” Yuan Shaoping answered aloud.

“Secretary Zhao!”

“My lord!”

“Construction Division will fully cooperate and support the operation by paving a road from Qiushui Village to the mining field. You can recruit Xuanniao Tribe when in need of manpower. After all, the constructed road would benefit them too.

“Understood, I will see it done!” Construction Division had just received the latest orders from the territory, surely they wouldn’t have the manpower required for the over 10km long Qiushui-Langshan road construction. But with the tribe’s involvement, it would not be a concern anymore. The whole tribe had over three thousands of people.

“Director Tian!”

“My lord!”

“The Material Reserves Department will talk to and negotiate with Xuanniao Tribe. The whole principle is to fully ignite their enthusiasm. Have them send their adults to work in the mining field, Shanhai Town will be fully responsible for the tribe’s logistics.” The whole tribe had over 1500 adults, and if they were fully utilized, the gold mine could excavate at least a hundred tonnes of gold ores daily.

“Rest assured my lord, the Material Reserves Department will do it perfectly.” To change the Xuanniao Tribe’s hunting tradition was not an easy task, but Tian Wenjing was quite confident.

Shuo nodded his head and continued: “Furthermore, talk to their great leader Xiong Shi. Request the tribe to form a garrison team from their best hunters, station them in Langshan mining field, security and safety must not be taken lightly. The numbers should not be less than 200 men. Shanhai Town will provide logistics and every necessary equipment. In times of need, the military will send officers over for their daily training.”

For the Langshan Mining Field, this golden chicken that lay eggs, Shuo did not dare to take it lightly. Other than guarding against the wild beasts in the mountains, the mining site would have to guard against the other savage tribes. For now the other savage tribes knew nothing, but once there were any movements within the Xuanniao Tribe, then they would surely know.

Of course, Shuo did not have any intentions to create any hatred or enmity with the savage tribes. The best situation would be, through Xuanniao Tribe acting as a go-between, to establish a cooperative relationship with the other savage tribes.

Forming the Langshan garrison team had two purposes. One: preparing for the worst situation. Two: they could be reserve team, and in times of need, summoned to Shanhai Town and turned into a regular army.


“Yes, big brother!”

“The Finance Department would have to speed up the renovation of Four Seas Bank. We need a bigger and safer treasury. The safety of the treasury must be prioritized. Talk to the Security Division, and have them strengthen the security measures around the bank.”

“Yes brother, Leave it to me!”

“Alright, that’s it. Everyone get back to work!”

“Yes my lord!” Everyone stood and answered.

Langshou Mountain1 : Lang means Wolf, Shou means Head, Wolf-Head Mountain