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Chapter 87 - Date

Chapter 87 - Date

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The next morning, Ouyang Shuo received a call from Song Jia.

"About the parcel yesterday, I’ve received it."

"So how was it? Are you happy with it?"

"My brothers were shocked from your parcel."

"Your brothers?"

"Yes, my two elder brothers are playing this game too."

"Oh, I wasn’t thinking too much about the gifts."

"Hey pro, I want to invite you for a dinner, my treat! Are you free?"

"Of course! I’ll always have time when a gorgeous girl invites me for a dinner."

"Oh, stop flattering me. Let’s make it 6pm today, I’ll be waiting outside!"


"See you tonight!"

"See you tonight!"

Upon hanging up the phone, Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and shouted excitedly, “YES!”

Moreover, for the entire day, Shuo was in such a state of excitement, just like a boy who was still young, meeting his beautiful first love for the first time. All he could do was to keep on practicing his martial arts just so he can relieve the excess hormones.

At half past four in the afternoon, Bing’er arrived home on time. At this moment, Ouyang Shuo realized that he had no time to prepare dinner for his adorable sister. As a consequence, he had to call up Xiaoyue out of nowhere.

"Xiaoyue, it’s me!"

"Hey,what"s up?"

"Listen, I’m sorry but I have something up tonight, could you please come home earlier tonight to make dinner for Bing’er?."

"No problem, meeting a girl for a date tonight?" Sometimes, a girl’s sixth sense could be extraordinarily accurate.

Suddenly, Ouyang Shuo for no reason, subconsciously did not want her to know the truth, so he said vaguely,

"What date? There’s no date at all. I’m just meeting with some friends in high school.”

"Geez, I’m just asking casually, why are you so nervous? "

"Enough said, so both of you will have to settle yourselves for dinner, is that alright?." Ouyang Shuo decided to not continue this entangling topic.

"Rest assured, I can still make some simple dishes." Sun Xiaoyue muttered, she felt like she was being underestimated by Ouyang Shuo, as if she were a parasite.

"I know, I know… So that’s all then, see ya!" Ouyang Shuo decisively hang up the phone.

For the sake of that night’s date, Ouyang Shuo, for once in a long time, had dressed up himself nicely.

He bathed twice, shaved his beard cleanly, did his hair nicely for half an hour. As for dressing, of course, he could not be easy going. Ouyang Shuo picked a casual shirt with a simple pattern, matched with the only branded pants in his closet, a Zegna trousers, along with a pair of white canvas shoes. At this point, a confident and handsome young man was presented. Finally, how could he forget to trim his nails as every single detail will often add up to a certain success. As for perfumes, he would always avoid them as much as he could.

Before heading out, Ouyang Shuo dragged Bing’er to his side and coaxed her,

“Darling, brother’s going to have a gathering with my friends, be a good girl and wait for sister Xiaoyue to come back and have dinner with you, ok?”

Bing’er, like a small adult, said naughtily,

“Don’t worry brother, Bing’er will not tell sister Xiaoyue anything about your date.”

“Naughty girl”, Ouyang Shuo touched her nose as a display of endearment and turned around, heading out.

Song Jia, with her red ferrari, was already outside Ouyang Shuo’s house waiting for him. She smiled when she saw him and said, “Let’s go.”

Song Jia wore a black long dress, matched with a small shawl. The way she dressed herself; the elegant and alluring hourglass shaped body was presented in a very fascinating way.

Ouyang Shuo got in the car under everyone’s indefinable gaze, took his time and measured Song Jia thoroughly from head to toe, “Wow, you dressed sexily today, even my little heart is pumping at a crazy rate.”

Upon hearing this, Song Jia blushed immediately, she could not stand his gaze at all. His gaze was so hot, even at this distance, she could feel the blazing gaze piercing through her clothes, reaching all the way to her body. She protested coquettishly: “Why are you behaving like that, I can’t stand it.”

Ever since his rebirth, Ouyang Shuo, like a phoenix that had risen from the ashes, arisen to someone who had shaken away all of his shackles, burden and became a proud man filled with hope and confidence, refusing and crushing every secular shackles that found their way back to him. He became a person who is real, a person who is not going to bow down to power that goes against his will, a person who will not bend to money, a person who is similar to the son of a prodigy in every novel. Other than that, with the way he acts, the way he is right now, he naturally built up an unique and enchanting aura, and to the ladies, it could be intensely charming, attracting them to him like bees flocking the honey.

Although Song Jia was protesting against his remarks, her heart was secretly pounding at an incredibly fast rate.

The fact that Ouyang Shuo did not hide his admiration about her beauty is the best appraisal for her. The way he looked at her with his eyes, the windows to his soul, was crystal clear, so pure to the extent that there was neither any perverted nor ill intents. It was a fascinating vortex, she just felt like would just sink deeply into his stare, never wanting to get out out it anymore.

Song Jia quickly calmed herself down, started her ferrari and asked,

“What do you want for dinner, fancy some western cuisine?”

“Sure! I’m fine with anything.”

‘Alright, let’s go!”

Half an hour later, in the fanciest western restaurant in the state of Jiao.

Ouyang Shuo was feeling lucky that he dressed himself in a more formal way or he would’ve made himself a laughing stock. He turned around to Song Jia, “This is too exaggerating.”

“Yeah right… Stop pretending that you’re poor, we both know you’re now an invisible tycoon.” Song Jia said, making fun of him.

They then proceeded to the table that Song Jia booked under the waitress’ guidance. Song Jia asked Ouyang Shuo what he wants to eat but he just shook his head and said that he’s not so familiar with western cuisine so he’d pass and ask her to order for him.

Song Jia smiled and nodded because she knew that he didn’t know about western cuisine and ordered, “Could we have a set of escargot, Danish pastry, sirloin steak, black pepper steak, vegetable salad and two sets of clam chowder? Also I would like to order some desserts and fruits as well.”

After ordering, she asked Ouyang Shuo, “Wanna have some drink? Say… A bottle of red wine?”

Suddenly, to the pretty waitress’ surprise, Ouyang Shuo was determined to be a freeloader, taking their order and he said shamelessly, “Sure why not, it’s your treat anyway, I’m not going to spend a single cent, I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Song Jia couldn’t maintain her perfect image upon hearing what he said, facepalmed herself and ordered a bottle of year 2100 grape wine.

When the waiter left, she said: “My brother asked me to ask you if there’s any way that he could get his hands on any village creation token.”

Ouyang Shuo frowned and replied: ”I do not have any of it for now, this thing can only be obtained through luck. I’ll see what I can do. Well, I’m organizing a party to raid a bunch of bandits, if I happen to get it from the loots, I’ll send it to you.”

“You don’t have to force it, in fact, I’m actually quite embarrassed to trouble you too.”

If it wasn’t because her brother asked her to make this request, she wouldn’t even want to bring up this topic that would simply destroy the atmosphere.

“It’s fine, it’s not troublesome at all, if you still think of me as your friend, then you don’t need to worry about it.” Ouyang Shuo, on the other hand, did not put this into his heart at all.

When the dinner was served, Song Jia took a chance and pretended inadvertently and said: “Yuan Ping is starting to play this game too.”

“Oh,” Ouyang Shuo perfunctory said while busily dealing with his black pepper steak.

Song Jia finally snapped, she put down her cutleries and complained to him, “What sort of stupid reaction is this?”

“What’s wrong with him playing the game? Just let him play with himself, what can go wrong with it?”, Ouyang Shuo cluelessly said.

“Whatever, forget about it.”

It was clearly visible that Song Jia had something that she’s hiding in her heart but was hesitant to speak out; a typical girl’s mind, never going to be straightforward with you and you are to figure it out yourself.

Suddenly, something struck Ouyang Shuo in his mind and he instantly got a hold on the crucial point to the problem,

“Yuan Ping, he’s still chasing you, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, this guy is so annoying and he’s stalking me constantly that he’s becoming a nuisance now.”

The only impression Yuan Ping gave Ouyang Shuo was during the gathering this year. Yuan Ping is a man of subtlety, a qualified second generation of a rich family. No one will be able to believe that his persistency on chasing Song Jia was out of love.

Song Jia may be pretty, sexy and unique but to these rich children from the wealthy families, there will not be a lack of pretty girls in their life at all. To them, women are just a sort of stimulus to make their life more enjoyable.

His perseverance on chasing Song Jia was more on the aspect of diplomatic interest in their business profit.

There were a lot of business corporations in Ling Nan, but both Song’s corporation and Yuan’s corporation were on par with each other. The marriage between Yuan Ping and Song Jia would result in the cooperation between the two corporations. If this happened, it would be a huge gain for the Yuan’s corporation and Yuan Ping’s personal profit.

The cooperation between these two corporations will not only result in them becoming the leading force in the entire Ling Nan’s economy, Yuan Ping could also exploit this advantage and establish his power in the Yuan’s family and become the first rightful heir in the family. Ouyang Shuo would of course, not forget to include that possibility that Yuan Ping might have some true love towards Song Jia. However, either way, Ouyang Shuo personally did not want any of these to happen.

If it were in the past life, Ouyang Shuo could not do anything about it at all. Yuan Ping himself would not even view Ouyang Shuo as a competitor, not to mention that in this class solidified society, a marriage within the same rank had become a consensus. Cinderella and her Prince Charming only exists in fairy tale, it was almost impossible for someone from a lower rank to marry another from the upper rank.

However, in this life, Ouyang Shuo had obtained the ticket to the arena of the game’s highest ranks and established his force in there. He, the man risen from the ashes of his past life, was not afraid of any opponents anymore, he will withstand and compete with every single one of them. Ouyang Shuo swears that regardless of what stands in his path, he will not let go of Song Jia anymore. If given no choice, he would even go against with the entire Song’s corporation.

“Ah, don’t worry, just ignore him. If things really get out of hand, just let me know, with the power I have now, I am confident that I’ll be able to deal with it.” Ouyang Shuo said confidently.

“Okay.” Song Jia suddenly felt relieved when she got the answer from Ouyang Shuo.

While the others may feel that Ouyang Shuo is just an ordinary boy, arrogantly saying that he can solve any problems without thinking of his own capability, but Song Jia believed in Ouyang Shuo. She believed that this boy, this average looking boy has the strength to deal with things that others deemed impossible. Maybe sometimes, love really is blind; making someone losing their minds and trust their love ones blindly.

After their dinner, Song Jia naughtily said: ”Come, accompany me to have a walk around!”

“Alright! If it’s a gorgeous woman like you I’m going for a walk with, I will be very honored.” Ouyang Shuo jokingly said again.

Song Jia did not complain about his attitude this time, but instead, walking as if she’s hopping in front. At this moment, there was no goddess that is far within the grasp of the mortals, but only an ordinary girl falling in love.

Ouyang Shuo followed behind her, looking at this beautiful girl walking with a relaxed pace, at this moment, all he could see was only her. Love struck him all of a sudden just like that. Perhaps, this is what happiness meant, Ouyang Shuo said to himself.

Ouyang Shuo reached home at 9.30pm. There was no one in the living room, this is the time where Bing’er listened to her bed time stories. When he opened the door to Bing’er’s room, Xiao Yue was telling Bing’er the story about the Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf.

“Brother, you’re back!”, Bing’er said happily and smiled when she saw Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo walked towards her, patted her little head and said gently, “Sleep earlier sweetheart.”

“Okay, good night brother!”

“Good night, sweet dreams.”