The World Online

Chapter 79 - Architect

Chapter 79: Architect

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The next day, he bumped into Sun Xiaoyue and asked, "So how was it, this game is fun right? Isn’t it realistic?"

"It is too real, it made me have no money to pay for my school fees." Sun Xiaoyue grumbled.

The architect, out of all the work occupations, was a special one. After entering the game, they had to enter the Capital Architectural College to learn, only after graduating could he/she get the recognition as a basic architect.

After which, the player would have 3 choices. The first would be to join a player"s territory and become his architect. A player"s territory was busy and constantly had many projects, hence providing the player with a lot of practical opportunities. The cons being that the levels of bases at the current time were too low and there weren"t any huge projects, hence joining a territory was a short-sighted approach.

The second was to join the construction department in the capital city, becoming its hired staff. Of course this was a great idea as you could join many high-level building projects and raise your architect level quickly. However, without connections, it was very difficult for one to enter that department.

The last method would be to continue learning in the college and getting an intermediate architect recognition, making it easier for you to find a job when you leave. The downside would be that it was very lonely and you had to pay for the expensive school fees.

Regardless of the method, it wasn"t an easy thing for a solo player. The cost of the college school fees was one gold coin and learning further cost 10 more. This did not include expenses and other miscellaneous costs.

Hence, every successful architect had a lord who was supporting him from behind. For an architect, the best method would be to obtain the intermediate architect grade, and then interning at the capital city"s construction department until he became an advanced architect. After that, he could work in a player"s territory and become the primary architect.

This method was a double win for both the architect and the lord. The only prerequisite being that the lord that supported you had the money. In his past life, one person calculated that to groom a high grade architect, one needed 150 gold. To bribe people and get into the capital city"s construction department cost another 100 gold.

Such a big investment obviously made lords very careful. Either they set a contract or they chose someone they trusted in real life. Sun Xiaoyue"s appearance was a great opportunity for Ouyang Shuo. Hence when he found out that she wanted to play a work occupation, he strongly recommended the architect class.

Ouyang Shuo didn"t try to hide anything and told her everything he knew about architects, waiting patiently for her choice. The prerequisite for a mutual cooperation would be trust and the basics of trust would be the sharing of information.

Sun Xiaoyue was very willing and smiled, "Lord Ouyang Shuo, good teamwork!"

"Good teamwork! Now tell me your ID and I will send 50 gold over to you. When you graduate, tell me and I will prepare more gold." Ouyang Shuo heaved a sigh of relief.

The reason why he didn"t prepare 150 gold straight was firstly there was no need. Even someone like Sun Xiaoyue who had building knowledge would take 2-3 months for her to graduate from the college. Secondly, he didn"t want to expose his financial ability as at this stage of the game, the number of people who could take out that amount of money so quickly were not many. Sun Xiaoyue was smart and would definitely be able to guess.

Even so, Sun Xiaoyue was still stunned. Although she had only spent one short day in the game, but she recognized the rarity of gold. Based on her calculations, if Ouyang Shuo was able to take out 10 gold it would be amazing, she did not expect him to take out 50 gold without even blinking.

Sun Xiaoyue stared at Ouyang Shuo like she was looking at a monster, her eyes filled with doubt. "Oi, say the truth. Are you a famous lord in the game? If not, why won"t you tell me your ID? You can take out so much gold without batting an eye."

"Cough, you think too much. To fund you, I"m already bankrupt. You better train hard! If not, I would have wasted all my money."

Sun Xiaoyue had a face of disbelief, "He! As if I believe you. Everyday you are so mysterious. Ok, it"s fine if you don"t want to tell me, I won"t ask. My game ID is Xiaoyue, I only changed a word, you remember it." Ouyang Shuo nodded his head, this brat was really lazy when choosing her name.

After Sun Xiaoyue went to school, Ouyang Shuo did not slack around. He went to search the forums to understand all the big developments in the game and also to understand the new technology advancements. After that, he trained his Bajiquan. It had been some time since he started training it so he had developed some muscle memory and now he could train it in real life.

In reality, it was most suitable to go to a dojo to train martial arts. As martial arts got more popular once again, every place had its own professional dojo where there were various sparring tools and high technology gadgets to test one"s strength, stamina, explosiveness, and body readings.

Unfortunately, to ensure the safety of the person, these dojos were equipped with cctvs. Unless it was high class VIP hall, if not all secrets will be revealed.[a] Ouyang Shuo was training the Bajiquan which was different from the one in reality. It was changed by Gaia to become more powerful. Obviously he didn"t dare to go to a dojo or he would leave a risk of being exposed.

That was the helplessness of the weak. If he had as much power in real life, he could obviously do whatever he wanted and not have such thoughts. He was working so hard in the game so that in the future he would get treated differently.

Tossing aside his thoughts, Ouyang Shuo focused on the Bajiquan. The more focused he got, the more intense his strokes became. This was the meaning behind the fist, meaning that he had officially understood a glimpse of the Bajiquan.

After stopping, he was drenched in sweat but he felt very relaxed. Training the body could make one become very cheerful, long term training could make one more confident and train one’s aura and demeanor.

To replenish his energy, Ouyang Shuo made a large pot of chicken soup for dinner, adding a lot of expensive herbs. He didn"t mind spending them now since credits were useless not long after.

After dinner, Ouyang Shuo didn"t bother about Sun Xiaoyue and went back to his room. He anonymously transferred 50 gold to Sun Xiaoyue before walking out of his bedroom in the game.

In the courtyard, Siqin and Siqi were serving on Yingyu and Qing"er and brushing their hair. Upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, they bowed and greeted him, he nodded before starting to practice on his spearmanship.

Qing"er waited for Ouyang Shuo to finish before asking, "Big brother, why did you make me the advisor to the Armory Division. Now Qing"er doesn"t have any energy to manage the tailor shop and furthermore there are so many more new people everyday, the orders are getting too much too handle."

"You are too greedy. I sent you to the Armory Division for your own good. Participating in this armor production can raise your tailoring skill, sewing clothes for commoners will take you so long to upgrade."

Actually, with the master tailor identity of Qing"er, she had more rights to be the secretary of the Armory Division. But this brat wasn"t the leader type and was too casual, hence only giving her an advisor position.

"Qing"er knows brother wants the best for me but I can"t keep up!" The little brat acted cute.

"That"s why I said you are too greedy. You want to improve your skills but you don"t want to give up your shop." To this little money grubber, Ouyang Shuo was hapless, "How about this, I"ve came up with an idea to solve both."

"What idea? Tell me!"

"You’re the manager of the tailor shop and you have the deal with the Administration Department. If you take out some profits to hire more tailors won"t you solve the problem? Hiring tailors and creating a garment workshop.

Only then can the tailor shop focus on more high end products, you also can find more time to work in the armory division and improve your skills."

Getting partners and working together, expanding the shares and production allowed one to pass on the low profit jobs and take on the higher profit ones. Such thinking and methods could only be thought of by Ouyang Shuo

Not only Qing"er, but even Yingyu was amazed by his words, exclaiming, "Big brother"s idea is just too good. The Business Division can use this idea to change the major shops."

Ouyang Shuo laughed and nodded his head.