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Chapter 47 - Opening Ceremony, Part Two

Chapter 47 - Opening Ceremony, Part Two

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After the ceremony, Ouyang Shuo rode Black Whirlwind outside the village to the pottery workshop.

Zhu Youzhi was responsible for the pottery workshop, located in the northeast corner of the territory, close to the Friendship River. They had built the workshop here because they had found high quality red clay in this area. The clay was soft and was able to withstand heat, without cracking. It can be kept for a long time, making it very suitable for making pottery.

Zhu Youzhi was with his three new apprentices arranging the clay. Seeing Ouyang Shuo, he stopped working and bowed to greet him. Ouyang Shuo talked with him for about an hour, making a plan for the future, and asking about their living conditions.

Heading back to the manor house, it was already 4 PM. He read a book for a while, then took the opportunity to leave the game a little early.

Sun Xiaoyue was leaving back home for vacation today, and he wanted to send her off. After coming out of the game cabin, Ouyang Shuo ran a few laps as he normally did, and bought breakfast while out in the district.

After more than a month of exercises, Ouyang Shuo found his physical fitness actually improving, instead of falling after all the long-term lying down in the game cabin.

At home, both of the young women had gotten up and were getting dressed. Bing’er knew that Big Sister Xiaoyue was leaving today, her eyes were a little red, and she even brushed her teeth together with Big Sister.

After breakfast, Xiaoyue set off to the station, with the Ouyang siblings there to see her off. On the way back, Bing’er was gloomy, with no spirit. Ouyang Shuo hadn’t expected that in just one month Bing’er would develop such a strong dependence on Xiaoyue.

At 10 PM, Ouyang Shuo finally got Bing’er to sleep, and hurried online. According to plans, today was the day General Shi would lead the cavalry team to destroy the raider’s camp.

Just as he sat down in his office, Cui Yingyu came in and smiled, saying, “Big Brother, the Four Seas Bank has been completed this morning, you cannot miss the unveiling ceremony!”

“Oh that is quite fast, I"ll definitely go.” He hadn’t expected that in just a week’s time, Yingyu would have the bank up, she is truly from a business family’s background.


“Ah, yes, the specific terms of the loans, how is the Financial Division setting it?”

Cui Yingyu gave him a sour look, saying, “Big brother really does not care about the Financial Division, the bank is already going to open, and you are thinking to ask this only now? We are working with a few years, mainly low interest loans. The interest will be 2 percent, compounded monthly, and limited to the purchase of real estate.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded. “What is the Financial Division’s consideration for the provision of loan services for privatization, which is only part of the function of the banks, and more importantly, the provision of commercial loans to private owners?”

“According to the lender’s credit and assessment of assets, the amount of the loan is determined. If it is a shop that is going to enter into the entrustment agreement with the Material Reserve Division, the Material Reserve Division may issue a guarantee. People can expect to obtain a large number of loans from the bank,” Yingyu answered crisply.

“Very good. For the provision of villagers depositing funds in the bank?” Ouyang Shuo followed up.

“In accordance with conventional practice, there is no interest for the savings account. For large amounts of deposits, we can also charge a certain amount of custody fees. This is not to make money, but in response to big brother’s policy of stimulating the private economies. Term deposits can be made, and earn small interest amounts recorded monthly.”

Yingyu’s understanding of Ouyang Shuo’s privatization concept was very thorough. Many of her practices weren’t even personally instructed by him, so she was very comprehensive in application.

“It is only a few days after you have taken over the position of Secretary, and my decision is a good one,” Ouyang Shuo told her happily.

He was under pressure when he placed Yingyu into both the secretary of the Financial Division and Manager of the Four Seas Bank positions. Truthfully, he was also worried, as she had no direct experience in financial matters before.

Still, as the saying goes, where gold goes, it will shine. Yingyu had not let him worry when managing the Material Reserves Division, either. Now changing her over to the Financial Division, in just one week she had gotten used to the job.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo affirm this move, Yingyu’s heart was also happy. Her face didn’t show much emotion as she said, “Big Brother, stop praising me so much! There"s not much time left, let"s go join the unveiling ceremony!”

Ouyang Shuo smiled and nodded to her, getting up and walking out of the office with her. In the Administration Department office next door, Fan Yongyou was taking a bunch of administrative staff and seemed ready to leave as well.

Ouyang Shuo greeted everyone, before taking the lead to leave the Lord’s Manor. The building was located on the west side of the square, next to the commercial street. From the manor, it was just less than a hundred meters away.

The Four Seas Bank was currently a single level building with a simple wooden floor, divided to the front and back. Compared to the surrounding buildings, it was actually rather stylish. The lobby had a counter for the savings and loan businesses, the staff was already at the counter, and in the back was a heavily guarded vault. Before the opening ceremony, Ouyang Shuo followed Yingyu into the empty treasury.

Money would be stored in the form of gold coins. With little time, it could be freely switched between copper and silver forms, as well. In order to facilitate the business of the bank, Ouyang Shuo had issued 200 gold coins as reserves, and now divided that into 20 gold, 15,000 silver coins, and 300,000 copper coins. All of a sudden, the empty vault was full of money, money, money.

Coming out of the treasury, Ouyang Shuo had become penniless, having only 3 gold coins left in his bag. His spare silver and copper coins were also thrown into the vault without thinking. His spendings now were using gold coins as its unit.

If an adventurer class player knew what Ouyang Shuo was doing, they would be so envious that they would be vomiting blood. Most of them probably hadn’t even seen a gold coin at this point. This was still the main stage for silver coins, and he was actually indifferent to them, they would be spitting fire to hear it!

Coming back to the front hall, the opening ceremony was ready. At the front door, the Four Seas Bank plaque was covered with red silk cloth. Ouyang Shuo took the lead to get under the plaque, and once everyone had arrived, he ripped off the red silk cloth, thus officially opening the Four Seas Bank.

The front door opened, and the villagers were gathered there for this grand occasion. This was the long-awaited formal beginning of the privatization, after all.

Taking advantage of everyone’s attention and interest, Ouyang Shuo drew out three tickets from his storage bag, namely the vouchers for 100 units of rice, 20 units of meat, and 20 silver coins.

He raised the tickets in his hand, saying loudly,” Everyone quiet and listen to me. In my hands are the basic welfare tickets from the Material Reserve Division. These tickets can be surrendered at any time in the new rice shop, butcher shop, and bank.

“At 9 AM tomorrow morning, everyone should be assembled in front of the Lord’s Manor in the square. At that time, the Material Reserve Division will be assembled to issue the tickets. In addition, the territory has prepared a blanket and set of clothes for each villager as a reward for everyone contributing to Shanhai Village.”

The was the first full disclosure of the welfare package for the territory. Such a rich welfare package was completely unexpected. After listening to him speak, everyone applauded, praising the kindness of their lord. There were some very emotional villagers, even breaking out to kneel, which he stopped them from doing so.

Among the people, Qing’er was cheering and calling out. Ouyang Shuo didn’t intend to let her get away with it, so he said loudly, “In addition, I would like to announce some good news. Our territory has birthed a master skills talent. Who might she be?” Some knew who it was, such as Yingyu, or Qing’er’s apprentices, they pointed to her with some coaxing.

“That"s right, she"s Mu Qing’er from the tailor shop. In order to set an example, in recognition of her advancement, I have decided that in addition to the ticket issued to her, I will give an award of an additional 1 gold coin.” Ouyang Shuo took a cold coin from his storage bag with a smile.

“Wow~~~” eT Bursts of exclamations erupted among the crowd. With the Administration Department setting all kinds of real estate prices, material prices and wages, a gold coin was still considered a lot of money, and easily stirred up some envy.

Qing"er"s face blushed immediately when everyone glanced at her, she thought that Ouyang Shuo was intending to tease her, but who knew that he was actually going to reward her for her hard work. Under her apprentices" clusters, she walks up to Ouyang Shuo with immense shyness.

Ouyang Shuo handed the tickets and gold coins to Little Mu, patted her head and said, “There is no need to envy her! I am here to promise that every skilled talent that belongs to the territory will receive a promotion reward! From apprentice to basic, you get 1 silver. To intermediate, 10 silver! Promoted to advanced, 50 silver, and promoted to master level, 1 gold coin! After you get the promotion, go to the Financial Secretary to receive your reward!”

There were more bursts of applause, especially from the skilled personnel, it was almost a frenzy. Li Tiizhu and Lu Guangzhi were especially happy, as both of them had ranked up their skill level, and the money would basically buy their shops for them!

This was Ouyang Shuo’s main purpose, taking advantage of the timing of privatization to show the value of the money. Announcing such a generous promotion award would hopefully stimulate the growth of more talents in the territory, and also show everyone in the territory the attention and desires of those talents.

Yingyu stood to the side, patting her head, her big brother really just says what he thinks. He just casually said a few more words, and gave the Financial Division another job to do. She now had to make sure that she recorded down the contents of this reward scheme!