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Chapter 45 - Master

Chapter 45 - Master

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Ouyang Shuo strode directly into the barracks, recruits were lined up on the training field. With an apologetic smile, he moved straight to the Class Change Chamber and placed his right hand on the door.

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for opening the Class Change Chamber of the military barracks! The intermediate barracks can transform a farmer into a militiaman for 10 silver coins, and also transform a level 10 militia into a rank 1 ordinary soldier for the cost of 1 gold coin! Please choose what you would like to do!”

“Transform militia to rank one ordinary soldiers!”

“System Notification: Transformation confirmed, please select the number of transformations!”


“System Prompt: detected the basic soldier token. 53 job change uses remaining, do you want to use them first?”

“Yes, prioritize them!”

“System Notification: Please choose the direction of the remaining 20 people you are transforming. You can choose infantry, sailors, or cavalry. Infantry will cost 50 silver, sailors will cost 100 silver, and cavalry will cost 150 silver.”

“I choose cavalry!”

“System Notification: The number of transformations is confirmed, deducting from player Qiyue Wuyi 30 gold coins.”

After opening the Class Change Chamber, 73 militiamen marched inside in an orderly manner, and began their transformations. The last batch of 20 people were transformed into ordinary cavalry, and Ouyang Shuo glanced at their stats.

Name: Ganghu

Identity: Military Intelligence Division Second Squad Soldier

Occupation: Cavalry

Level: Rank 1

Combat Power: 15

Consumption: 5 Units of Food/Day (note: Including mount)

Skills: Basic Riding

Equipment: Ordinary Horse, Ordinary Javelin, Ordinary Armor, Ordinary Wooden Shield

Evaluation: This is the most basic cavalry unit. In order to use the advantages of cavalry in battle, in addition to rigorous training, they also need to be equipped with better gear.

Compared to the crossbow cavalry, ordinary cavalry was like being raised by a stepmother. Not only did they not get the 5 point power bonus, they only got basic riding as a skill. Even their equipment had a large difference, it was about equal to that of an elite raider.

Fortunately, when they destroyed the last raider camps, they’d seized a number of wooden bows and iron swords, barely enough to train these new 20 cavalry with into bow calvary.

General Shi revealed that he would be using two days to train up the team before taking the whole team in two days and commence exterminating the new raider camp. He would promote a new sergeant, as per previous practice, based on how well they performed in combat. Ouyang Shuo naturally had no objection.

Leaving the barracks, Ouyang Shuo was ready to walk around the town and visit everything. In the last three days, most of the infrastructure buildings had been completed, and as a lord, he needed to look over everything.

He first entered the wine workshop. The manager of the workshop was from Recruitment Hall, the advanced winemaker Du Chun.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo, Du Chun greeted him with his two new apprentices, bowing respectfully and saying, “Sire has come in person, we did not welcome you well!”

Ouyang Shuo said with a smile, “I have been busy recently and neglected Master Du, I am sorry.”

“I am terribly honored, there is no need for my lord to visit me.” Du Chun said excitedly.

“You need not be so humble. Your workshop, when will it begin its operation? Are there any difficulties?” Ouyang Shuo asked directly.

Du Chun was embarrassed as he answered, “I cannot hide this from the lord, I am ashamed, we have not yet officially opened.”

“Oh? Why is this?” Ouyang Shuo wondered if there had been an accident. The wine workshop should have been upgraded during the grade 3 village upgrade, but it had been several days, and yet it had not even opened?

“it is because of the grain. On average, 3 units of rice can brew one unit of wine. The territory now has a shortage of food, and is relying entirely on purchasing food from the external market. Therefore, the Material Reserves Division said that purchasing grain this way is not suitable for alcohol.”

Ouyang Shuo slapped his forehead. The Material Reserves Division’s short-sighted nature was a constant headache. Since Cui Yingyu had left, the Material Reserves Division had been making constant mistakes, it really seemed he had to reorganize it. Unfortunately, Mr. Su had refused the position, so he really couldn’t find a suitable person to take it over.

In front of Du Chu, Ouyang Shuo also couldn’t criticize the Division on their mistakes, and instead asked, “Has Master Du heard of Guilin Three Flower wine?”

“My lord is referring to what is also known as Ruilu Three Flower wine?” Du Chun asked carefully.

“Yes! Does Master Du think that Shanhai’s conditions would allow you to brew it here?”

Master Du was clearly informed about the Three Flowers wine, and said confidently, “As the saying goes, water is the blood of the wine, rice is the meat of the wine, and yeasts is the bones of the wine. To make it, we will need water, rice, and yeast.”

“Lijiang River, especially the underground spring water, has smooth and clear water, with no smell of debris and trace minerals, which will provide a fine blood for the Three Flowers wine. The rice of Lijiang River Valley is fine, with large full grains and a high starch rate, forming the ideal meat of the wine. Moreover, the specialty of the unique taste of Three Flowers wine is its herbal yeasts, the bone of the wine. It is said that after the initial making of the wine, it is loaded into stone cylinders and stored in rock caves for a year or two. After it ages, the wine is more aromatic, with a higher alcohol content.

“Shanhai Village is located in the Lianzhou Basin, similar to Guilin Region. The three conditions of water, rice, and yeasts should not be a difficulty. The water of the Friendship River is crystal clear, and comes from springs, much like the Lijiang River. I believe that, as long as we look for them carefully, we can find water comparable to those mountain springs. Finally, at the south of us are mountains, we should be able to easily find some stone caves to store the wine in.”

Ouyang Shuo laughed and said, “Master Du is indeed a wine expert, able to analyze a wine from the inside out! Since you have confidence in Shanhai being able to make Three Flowers wine, we will naturally give you our full support. I will go to the Basic Market and buy the . For rice supplies, do not worry, I will personally go to the Material Reserves Division and have them cooperate with you. Right now, I need you to find the right spring and cave.”

Du Chun had not really expected he would have the opportunity to brew the Three Flowers wine. Hearing all this, he said excitedly, “Du Chun thanks the lord for his trust, I will promise all my efforts to this task!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, and headed to the Basic Market, spending 20 gold coins to buy the . He brought it back to Du Chun before noon. Ouyang Shuo said nothing more, returning directly to the manor for lunch.

At the table, little sister Mu Qingsi was playing with the chopsticks, knocking on the table, laughing and saying, “Dang-dang! Everyone be quiet, I want to announce some good news!”

Cui Yingyu was still very indulgent of little sister Mu, and asked, “Let’s let little Mu declare her good news! I will listen!”

“Last time, during the Siege of Beasts, for all the wild dogs, wolves, wild boar, and bison, a lot of them dropped fur. Well, I have sewn them all into leather armor. I did not expect that, just after I finished sewing a suit of bison leather together this morning, I was promoted to a master tailor, hee hee!” Little Mu looked extremely excited and proud.

There was a clatter as Ouyang Shuo dropped his chopsticks. He looked rather stunned as they fell to the ground, looking at Mu Qingsi opposite him. He was really shocked. He knew that little Mu would be promoted to Master Tailor some day. But he never thought the day would come so fast.

Sitting next to her, Yingyu put down her chopsticks and reached out to pinch little Mu’s small face, proudly saying, “You are indeed the little monster of our family, what a feat! Look, your big brother is scared silly of you!”

Mu Qingsi did not bask in her praise, saying, “Sister…..! How can you say this! What little monster, it sounds so ugly, ahhhh!” She made a little panicking sound, like a child scolded by adults.

At this reaction, Ouyang Shuo deliberately coughed and said, “Yes, little sister really gave us a big surprise this time. Hey, 18-year-old master tailor. In order to reward you, big brother promises to grant you a wish. What you want, as long as I can buy it, I will get it for you.”

Little Mu didn’t say anything, Yingyu said teasingly, “Oh, our stingy brother is willing to splurge this time. Little Mu, think about what you want, it could be tearfully expensive. Even if big brother is bleeding, he cannot take it back.”

Little Mu thought hard, eyes moving, as if looking for a ghost. She gave Ouyang Shuo a malicious look, saying with a sweet voice, “Big Brother, I have heard that there is a legendary Dark-gold class tailor kit in the market, so good and convenient. Oh, it is also said to enhance one’s skill proficiency!”

Ouyang Shuo’s eyes immediately opened wide. Little Mu really had a big appetite. Although he didn’t know the specific price, dark-gold level equipments were rare technical equipments. He could easily predict what the price would be.

Giving her a fond look, Ouyang Shuo smiled and said, “Okay, brother will send you a dark-gold tailor kit. But, if it is too expensive for now, we will have to wait a week until I can sell the sea salt, and will have the capital to work with before I honor my promise.”

Little Mu had no hope that he would actually accept her wish, but was deliberately teasing him. She totally did not expect that he would grant her wish. She immediately cheered, bouncing up and running around to his side, giving him a big hug while laughing and saying, “Thank you, big brother!”

Ouyang Shuo tapped her little head, telling her to pay attention to her image and she couldn"t be too daring.