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Chapter 41 - Recruitment

Chapter 41 - Recruitment

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Ouyang Shuo was now ready to go to the barracks and see the newly selected recruits.

On the way, he saw that little Blackfang had grown up quite a bit. He followed Ouyang Shuo out of the courtyard, his feet rustling behind Ouyang Shuo. Since Er Wazi was in the private school, he had no one to play with during the day, the little dog could only chase himself around the courtyard.

Since Gu Sanniang was presiding over the manor’s kitchen, Blackfang’s food had improved greatly, always having meat in his meal. In less than a month’s time, he had grown quite big and sturdy.

Ouyang Shuo, as the master, every time he wasn’t managing the affairs of the territory, he was back in his room reading, never playing and spending time with Blackfang. Seeing how often its owner ignored it, Blackfang had built up some resentment. Seeing its owner going out, Blackfang moved pitifully along after him, not wanting to be separated from him.

Ouyang Shuo did not care about this, letting the dog follow, heading straight out. Along the way were many construction sites, a busy scene. On the commercial street, a bakery, butcher’s shop, and clothing shop had already been started being built.

The wave of privatization was intensifying and it was being talked about everywhere. At the bakery’s construction site, two teens were in deep conversation.

“Hey, Little Wang, why do you seem to have so much energy today?”

“Haha, it"s all because of privatization. Yesterday, I talked to Cui Hua secretly. She said that, as long as I can buy a house for us, she would marry me and be my wife.”

“Hey yo, boy, that"s amazing. Usually, you’re like a dull kid, how did you suddenly hook up with such a pretty girl like Cui Hua. You really hide your skills deep you kid!!”

“What.. what hook up? We love one another, do you understand!”

“Others aren"t sure of you but I"m very sure! You little brat have so many flowery tricks! I see, those little ladies all fall for your tricks! Usually so serious and honest, and at the crucial time, you"re methods are aplenty!”

“What, do not discredit my image, you are just jealous of me!”

“Jealous of your good luck, ah, you are my good brother, you find a wife, I am only happy for you. Even so, brat, teach me a couple moves, so I can find myself a beautiful girl, live with her and lead a happy life, that"s called bliss!”

“What kind of move, it’s called moving her heart with sincerity! If you don’t know, go worship in the temple to Mazu and pray earnestly, she will help you.”

“Bah, what nonsense. Mazu is the goddess of the sea, she doesn’t control marriages.”

“If you do not believe, then forget what I said. Let"s quickly finish our work. Later, I have to ask about how much a small courtyard cost.”

Ouyang Shuo, listening to the two talk about their love lives, moved towards them and asked, “What is your name, and where do you belong to?”

“Answering the lord, this is Wang Er, I belong to the craftsmen, and I am a mason,” one of the young men answered stiffly.

“Mason, mason is a good craft. You wanted to know the price of a small courtyard? I can tell you now, it is about 600 copper coins. As long as you want one, you will be able to get one sooner or later.”

“Thank you, lord!” Wang Er said excitedly.

“Do not thank me, this is what you deserve. Did you say, you wanted to take a wife? Very good, wow, this is a big thing! When you marry, I will personally be there as a witness!”

Wang Er was so excited words could not describe it.

Ouyang Shuo patted his shoulder, smiled and said, “Ok, get back to work! Remember my words. When you have your wedding, make sure you come to the manor and invite me!”

Wang Er rapidly nodded his head, his companions giving him envious looks all around.

Yesterday, the Construction Division had begun to upgrade the barracks, working overtime, and it had been successfully completed this morning. The new barracks had five times the area of the old one, and even if it is fully staffed, it would no longer appear crowded.

On the brand new training field, General Shi was out there with Lin Yi, busy picking out troops. This time around, he needed 73 recruits to expand the military, and so his workload was large. Yesterday the recruitment announcement had been posted. After defending the town during the Siege of Beasts, the General was more enthusiastic than ever.

Ouyang Shuo estimated a bit, the total force of the army would be about 120 people. Without any surprise, he found out most of the candidates were from the ex-militia reserves team.

Because of the demands on soldiers, in order to select the best out of the best, General Shi set guidelines for height, weight, vision and physical fitness. Only by meeting all the minimum requirements could one be admitted.

Height could not be less than 173 cm. In ancient times, such a height was already a high standard.

Body requirements were strong legs and an athletic body that could develop power. Strength came from sturdy legs, and wide shoulders and a narrow waist were important. In addition to this, strength requirements were mainly tested by arm strength.

Arm strength was a requirement for using the crossbow. They were recruiting more crossbow cavalry, requiring each soldier to be able to arm a crossbow. The arm strength test was very simple. As long as you could use one hand to lift a 50 kg stone block, then you were considered strong enough. A weak person with weak arms could not lift it.

Crossbow Calvary, in general, had high vision demands. Night blindness and myopia patients were eliminated first, and then from the rest of them, those with the best vision were picked.

The last one was the physical test, which required the candidates to run ten laps around the training field to pass. The field was close to four hundred meters around, so they would have to run nearly four kilometers to pass.

Ouyang Shuo stood aside to observe the tests, watching with great interest. After every test was completed, some people were happy, others were sad. When a test was passed, there were cheers. If there was a failure, naturally they were dejected.

It took until 3 PM before all the new troops were selected. Seventy-three people that passed lined up near the barracks and the rest were eliminated.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head, expressing his satisfaction over General Shi’s handling of this recruitment. He did not make any impromptu speech, but instead walked directly to the Class Change Chamber, and placed his right hand on the door.

“System notification: Congratulations for player Qiyue Wuyi for opening the barracks’ Class Change Chamber! With the Intermediate Barracks, farmers can be converted into militia, transfer costs 10 silver coins. A level 10 militiaman can also be converted into a rank one soldier, cost 1 gold coin. Please choose your transformation!”

“Transforming militia!”

“System Tip: Transforming confirmed, please select the number of transformations!”

“73 people!”

“System Tip: The number of transformations is confirmed, deducting from player Qiyue Wuyi 7 gold and 30 silver coins.”

On the training field, the new recruits were led one by one into the Class Change Chamber, and began their conversion. The militia would not go directly into the military intelligence or the cavalry division. They would be focused on leveling and training together. After their level had been raised to 10, they would be distributed according to their performance level. This was very similar to how recruits were handled in reality.

After the recruits had all been processed, Ouyang Shuo called General Shi, Lin Yi, and San Gouzi into the barracks. For the next stage of military duties, he felt the need for a separate arrangement.

“In the village stage, a cavalry squadron was enough to cope with all kinds of challenges. When our territory expanded, it was likely that there was a new raider’s camp near to us. This time, I will not participate in the destruction of the bandit camp. I hand full responsibility to the cavalry squadron and intelligence division.

“I have only one request. As far as possible, without risking casualties, include as many of the recruits as possible, let them see the blood of a fighting army, and what death is like. Let them fight.”

General Shi and Captain both nodded their heads, saying they understood.

“We cannot relax on their daily training. I suggest that General Shi presides over the preparation of a military conduct code, training systems, and discipline. Discipline is the soul of an army. From the beginning, it needs to be strict and unremitting. I"ll write a guide on military discipline and day-to-day training for reference.”

General Shi had a solemn expression as he nodded seriously. This fierce general was naturally adept at the battle, but in the daily management of the army, he was still somewhat lacking. Fortunately, the army was still in its infancy. He had time, and he had Lin Yi on the side to help him, so Ouyang Shuo felt that this would be a very good thing.

“In addition to the raider camp, you cannot be soft to beast hordes. If we need to destroy them, then we must do so. We cannot let them form another siege like the last one, leaving a hidden danger behind. Long, long ago, the general met some wild goats, but they mysteriously disappeared. I was thinking they might have gone up the mountain to hide. Let the cavalry and intelligence division join forces and increase search efforts to find them and add another kind of livestock to the territory.”

After mentioning the wild goats, General Shi was a bit embarrassed. It had been so long, and they’d found no trace of the beasts. He shook his fist secretly and vowed to find them!

Ouyang Shuo turned to San Gouzi. “Military intelligence is just starting to be formed, I will not ask too much of it. Your task is outside. We cannot wait until after the territory upgrades to passively check the territory for security risks. There, the intelligence division is to take the initiative to explore the situation outside the territory to find out the distribution of the bandit camps, or even find the territories of other lords.

“In addition, I’ll give you a task attached to the scouting process. While you are out scouting, look around and see if you can find some mulberry tree seedlings, they are directly related to the village being able to upgrade to a township.” Ouyang Shuo looked back to General Shi. “This task is equally applied to the cavalry squadron.”

The officers all nodded and acknowledged the order.

“Well then, I look forward to good news from you in the future!” Ouyang Shuo neatly ended the conversation. There were a lot of things he would have to wait until their situation was clearer before discussing them further.