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Chapter 1345 - The show in Europe

Chapter 1345: TWO Chapter 1345-The show in Europe

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Chapter 1345 – The Show in Europe

Great Xia’s stirring of the situation woke up the Lords who were still uncertain. They temporarily shelved the Planet Hope matter and continued to focus their efforts onto the game world.

The European battlefield was affected first.

The Ottoman Dynasty used their remaining forces to restrict the House of Tudor mainland while increasing their pincer of the Gaule Dynasty.

They wanted to end this matter in one battle.

There were even rumors that Gaule King Henry, who was unable to block the pressure, had already started a private discussion with Ottoman King Manstein.

These two dynasties were trying to find a solution that did not involve both sides suffering heavy casualties.

Based on the intel collected by the Black Snake Guards, the Ottoman Dynasty Chancellor, the famous iron-blooded Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, had been speaking with Gaule Dynasty Chancellor Richelieu.

The two were both god level talents.

All signs pointed toward a huge change to the European continent.

The Romanov Dynasty was not to be beaten. Taking this chance when the Ottoman Dynasty lacked the ability to care about much else, they invaded the Ottoman Dynasty’s north land with no restraint, increasing the strategic depth of Capital City St Petersburg.

As for the Caesar Dynasty, it was difficult for them to do much.

Gaia 10th year, 3rd month, 10th day, Imperial Capital.

The war of Persia had broken out on all fronts. Warfighting legion after warfighting legion crossed the border, charging valiantly into Persian territory. Another seismic war in Asia began.

Ocean amounts of grain resources were getting shipped to the frontlines.

The South Asia Governor-General House provided a generous quantity of grain storage to support this war. This assistance allowed them to throw in the million strong army without worry.

Facing Great Xia’s attacks, the Persia King announced the war mobilization order. At the same time, they announced a level 1 state of battle preparation. They proclaimed that they would go all out to prevent Great Xia’s invasion.

The Persia King even shouted out, “Defend my country, protect my homeland!” To motivate and raise morale.

Helplessly, after Hope City’s destruction, Ouyang Shuo’s popularity had blown up amongst the player group. He was being shaped into the best choice for exploring Planet Hope.

Hence, the Persia players were extremely pessimistic and were not eager in this war.

If Ouyang Shuo sought to proactively proceed to Planet Hope, he would be the savior of mankind, a hero. Great Xia would undoubtedly be the overlord of the world.

Merging into Great Xia would not be that tough to accept.

Due to such thoughts, the Persia players’ choice to sit on the fence was understandable.

The inactiveness of the Persia players caused the Persia army to lose their communication network; it was a huge loss in scouting ability. Facing the attacks of Great Xia, they were unable to exert their true strength.

The scales of the war started to slowly lean toward Great Xia.

After conquering India, the Great Xia Army’s morale was soaring high. They were showing signs of expanding on that victory, using their status as the Overlord of Asia to sweep through Persian Empire territory and take down cities.

Wherever the army passed, blood flowed like a river.

The Great Xia Army flag that was dyed red with blood made them look even stronger, gathering into an unstoppable aura.

The earth was shaking; the enemy was trembling.

Before Great Xia, nothing was unbeatable and nothing could not be conquered. Their image of invincibility was slowly spreading out within the Persian Empire; this dug away at the resistance of the Persia army.

Maybe this had been an uneven war from the start.

Furthermore, with the Great Xia Indian Ocean Squadron locking down the Persian Empire’s shoreline, their ocean trading was halted; no merchant ships could enter their port.

Undoubtedly, this was a huge catastrophe for the Persian Empire that relied on imports.

The Persian Empire was facing both internal and external problems.

Great Xia’s attack on the Persian Empire encompassed all aspects, completely preventing the Persian Empire from fighting back.

Their destruction was just a matter of time.

The development of the matter surprised Ouyang Shuo somewhat. Before this, he had not noticed that Great Xia had become a global empire and the overlord of the oceans long ago.

Conquering a country with middling strength like the Persian Empire did not put any pressure on Great Xia at all.

As such, one could see that be it terms of overall country strength, military power, and everything else, Great Xia’s strength had greatly exceeded the other dynasties.

Maybe even the Dawson Dynasty would find it hard to compete with them.

Perhaps the moment they took down India, the authority that Great Xia had been amassing in the world had peaked, turning them into a bona fide global superpower.

The game landscape had become a place where one stood out from the rest.

“Such an outcome should not be attributed to simple destiny.” Ouyang Shuo was deep in thought.

Gaia 10th year, Great Xia’s global plan was not limited to the Persian Empire. In the meeting before the start of the year, Ouyang Shuo and the officials had confirmed their new strategy.

This was a magnificent blueprint.

As time was of the essence, and the resource planet was in the distance, Ouyang Shuo’s foresight definitely would not stop at the Persian battlefield. If he had the chance, their new plan would be executed.

In the 10th year of Gaia, this huge chess game would come to an end.

With Great Xia’s present scale, their preparation time for starting such a war would not exceed a month. Furthermore, they would win in one strike once they moved.

Hesitation or dragging things out was not Great Xia’s style.

The Great Xia that Ouyang Shuo built was a ferocious beast. Once they set their eyes on a target, they would strike down and achieve victory in one shot. In comparison, the war of Europe had dragged on till now, making the participants seem like little kids.

Even the instigator behind all this in Ouyang Shuo did not expect the war to drag on till now with no decisive result.

Emperor palace, Imperial Reading Room.

“Has the intel been confirmed?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

Sitting opposite to Ouyang Shuo was Black Snake Guard commander Black Snake, who said, “The news is definitely true. The Gaule Dynasty is about to rebuild with the Ottoman Dynasty.”

This news that Black Snake revealed was enough to shock the world.

That was because this intel was simply crucial. Hence, Black Snake had to personally rush to Jidian City to confirm its legitimacy before hurrying back to report to the emperor.

Since Black Snake was in charge of overseas intel, he was really clear about the importance of this news.

As expected, after receiving the confirmation, Ouyang Shuo was really delighted and could not help but praise, “The Black Snake Guards have done well. When you return, help me reward the ones who found out about this.”

“Thank you, your majesty.”

Black Snake bowed in excitement. Receiving his majesty’s praise was the greatest honor.

Of course, the Black Snake Guards had accomplished enough to deserve this praise.

Even a fool would know that the rebuilding work of the Gaule and Ottoman dynasties was a secret matter. It was basically the highest-level secret of both dynasties.

Their ability to uncover such intel showed the level that this intel organization had already developed to after these few years of management.

It was simple terrifying.

“So the war between the two countries is just a show?” An interesting expression appeared on Ouyang Shuo’s face as he said, “As expected from Henry, he knows when to give up.”

Knowing that they could not survive if the situation persisted, Henry showed the boldness of an emperor. He decisively broke away from Silver Hand and joined the Azure Badge camp.

Henry was willing to change sides if it meant surviving.

In stark contrast, Casillas kept hesitating. In the end, he would slowly get swallowed up by Ouyang Shuo and Azure Badge. He was like a frog cooked in warm water; in the end, not even bones remained.

Ouyang Shuo did not even need to think to guess what would happen to Casillas who was living under the Gaule Dynasty once Henry joined the Ottoman Dynasty.

Death would be a light punishment.

“Unfortunately, Henry was a little too late; if at the beginning…”

Ouyang Shuo sighed and did not continue. Before this, Ouyang Shuon was tempted to recruit Henry from Silver Badge to aid himself.

If that happened, the European situation would not be so complicated now.

Now, Henry was at the brink of life and death. As a result, he finally gave up all his previous principles. He gave up on his fear of Silver Hand. However, how much could he get by joining the enemy camp?

In the future, the Ottoman Dynasty might not have room for Henry to perform.

“So who is their performance for?” It was like Ouyang Shuo’s eyes could pierce through the sky and see the European battlefield tens of thousands of miles away. A good show was underway.

Noticing Ouyang Shuo’s excitement, Black Snake replied, “They should be plotting against the House of Tudor and the Spain army that is still in Gaule Dynasty territory.”

Normally, Black Snake should not interfere in such matters.

“That is not necessarily the case.”

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and did not continue.

Ouyang Shuo knew that there was a time and place for everything. Now, he would reveal the Empire’s military operation in Europe to Black Snake.

Collecting intel lied within Black Snake’s job scope.

With Ouyang Shuo’s understanding of Henry and Manstein, since they were putting so much effort into this huge show, their appetite would not stop at the small amount of troops in Gaule Dynasty territory.

Perhaps they had even greater ambitions.

Think about it, after merging with the Gaule Dynasty, the two dynasties would combine into one and become the strongest dynasty in Europe. They would possess enough strength to fight against the remaining three.

The Ottoman Dynasty’s destruction crisis would no longer exist at that point.

Hence, with the ambition and appetite of Azure Badge, would they be satisfied with their current position?

Definitely not.

Continuing to expand in Europe or even unifying the entire continent was probably high up on their agenda.

If they could make the entire Europe continent their main camp, Azure Badge would be able to make a huge turnaround.

Azure Badge’s position in the game world would become extremely stable.

“It’s time for execution of the steel forging operation. Things might change if we let matters drag on!”

The intel from Black Snake made Ouyang Shuo feel a sense of urgency. He realized that if he did not act before the situation in Europe became clear, Great Xia would not be able to get a piece of Europe.

“Since you all want to put on a show, do not blame me for kill stealing.” Ouyang Shuo’s eyes were indiscernible.