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Chapter 1343 - Mother planet

Chapter 1343: TWO Chapter 1343-Mother planet

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Chapter 1343 – Mother Planet

“Can you share the battlesuit making technology and the instantiating technology?” Ouyang Shuo asked.


Ouyang Shuo did not try to hide his ambition of breaking away from Gaia’s control.

If Ouyang Shuo possessed these two key pieces of technologies, he would be able to build up a strong army in the future even without Gaia’s support. He would be able to totally breakaway from the restrictions of the achievement value.

Normal people had to follow the rules, while emperors were used to using the rules for their own benefit.

Ouyang Shuo was looking forward to the day where he could set the law and order on Planet Hope.

When speaking with Gaia, one did not need to beat around the bush.

Just like now, Gaia knew about Ouyang Shuo’s ambition. As long as it did not harm mankind, she would not care.

Gaia followed the rules.

“Sharing for free cannot be done. Based on the rules, between the base and the resource planet in the future, we will build an achievement value exchange system. Base biological resources will be exchanged for items and technology.” Gaia explained.

Utilizing its powerful computing ability, Gaia had formulated a complete plan.

Ouyang Shuo even guessed that letting the squadron stop beside the resource planet was not something thought of right away. Instead, it was sometime decided a long time ago together with a feasible plan.

Predicting the worst possibilities and preparing for it was the strong point of Gaia and top AIs.

Ouyang Shuo’s eyes froze, and he asked, “So the future base and the squadron will be a cooperative model and not a employer-employee situation? Each to their own?”

If that was really the case, the base would have an enormous amount of autonomy.

As for the exchange model Gaia brought up, Ouyang Shuo greatly supported it. Hoping for a free meal was not Ouyang Shuo’s style.

“One can understand it that way.”

After disbanding the Federation, Gaia was the protector of humans, not their leader.

Ouyang Shuo took a deep look at Gaia and expressed his doubts, “So, if nothing happens to the base, you are not planning to set foot on Planet Hope?”

“You’re smart.” Gaia’s eyes finally flashed with a glimmer. She did not hide from his question and said what he did not say, “The resource planet is not suitable for humans, but it is no problem at all for us.”

Gaia was already prepared to transform the resource planet into the Mother Planet of the AIs.

As a result, humans would live on Planet Hope, while the AIs would live on the resource planet, helping one another without interfering in the other’s affairs, forming a friendly relationship.

Maybe this was a way out that Gaia found for the AIs.

Ouyang Shuo sighed in his heart. Perhaps this was the best ending for both sides. Not all humans could be like him and treat NPCs and humans equally.

Racial discrimination would never be eradicated.

“Can you help me with something?” Ouyang Shuo asked. This time, he did not ask in a business tone. Instead, it was like he was asking a friend, bringing some gentleness with it.

Although the two did not meet often, they had clicked instantly.

“Speak.” Gaia smiled, making one swoon.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and voiced his request. Gaia did not hesitate and agreed right away.

“That’s settled.”

Gaia did not stay any longer. She turned into a white light and disappeared from the Imperial Reading Room together with the chair.

Outsiders would not know that Gaia had come and gone.

This secret conversation would be revealed 200 years later, becoming a historical conversation between the leaders of the two planets. It would be recorded in the history books.

12th month, 20th day.

Shortly after sending Gaia away, Ouyang Shuo started to deal with the India post-war matters.

Due to Hope City’s destruction, the resistance of the Indian players toward Great Xia was reduced, allowing them to sweep the enemy and clear away all the obstacles.

With the arrival of winter, the war had basically ended.

A day ago, the Guards legion corps, the Dragon legion corps, and the Nanjiang legion corps that joined the war after replenishing their loses had returned to their respective camps.

The defense of India would be handled by the South Asia warzone.

Based on the post-war calculations, after destroying the three dynasties and removing the war losses, the injured, and the soldiers that did not make the cut, they had around one million war prisoners that were awaiting organization.

Amongst them were the 300 thousand Peacock Dynasty troops that had surrendered to the Ashoka Dynasty. How ironic.

These war prisoners were all elites, so dealing with them was a huge problem.

It would be a waste to make them retire or change occupations. It would also cause law and order problems. After all, the number of war prisoners were twice that of the South Asia warzone’s own.

Due to that, Ouyang Shuo formed four legion corps, giving them the names of South Asia 1st legion corps to 4th legion corps.

These four would temporarily be under the South Asia warzone and would be led by the Grand Council.

The Imperial Court had a rough idea on how to use them to the best of their ability. They were only waiting for spring to begin.

Currently, they needed to calm down the four legion corps and rest up.

After spring began, they would be a destructive force that would help to fulfil the Empire’s new strategic ambitions.

Gaia 10th year, 1st month 1st day, Imperial Capital.

Without the usual system update, the arrival of the 10th year was really silent.

At the start of the New Year, Great Xia announced a series of appointments.

Imperial decree, Chu Queen Ouyang Bing was removed from her position as Secret Document Pavilion advisor, becoming the Honglu Temple deputy and Jingji warzone deputy commander, effective immediately.

Her training in the Secret Document Pavilion had helped Bing’er familiarize herself with Empire politics.

Seeing that there was not much time left and Ouyang Shuo had no time to wait, he could only slightly rush her growth, moving her into the diplomacy and military domains in preparation for her takeover.

The position of Honglu Temple deputy gave her the chance to represent the nation to participate in global diplomacy, raising her prestige. However, the title of Jingji warzone deputy commander was even more important.

In the future, Ouyang Shuo was prepared to hand the warzone over to her.

Only by controlling the army could she be stable in her position as princess regent. If not, Ouyang Shuo would not be at ease going to Planet Hope.

The last bit of insurance was Gaia’s protection of her.

Apart from the appointment that was revealed, she was also the deputy of the Shanhai Guards. She would soon get in touch with the intel networks. She would have three positions that spanned the military, diplomacy, and intel; this could be considered unprecedented.

The 10th year of Gaia would be a really crucial year for Bing’er.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the third month of spring.

Only three months were left till the final deadline given by Gaia.

Under the workings of Silver Hand and Azure Badge, Ouyang Shuo going toward Planet Hope was pretty much decided, and the public opinion had formed.

They were only waiting for the final strike.

After the Dawson Dynasty recognized Great Xia, they would force Great Xia up the pedestal.

Before this, be it the European battlefield or the Africa battlefield, both were in a state of rarely seen calmness. It was so calm that one basically could not believe it.

Under all that calmness, a storm was slowly brewing.