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Chapter 1342 - Secret of reincarnation

Chapter 1342: TWO Chapter 1342-Secret of reincarnation

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Chapter 1342 – Secret of Reincarnation

Ouyang Shuo felt dejected.

In the game world, Gaia was a true god. Anyone before her would appear to be truly powerless.

Ouyang Shuo’s wariness naturally paled in comparison.

“Speak, what do you know?” Ouyang Shuo gave up on resisting.

Gaia said straightforwardly, “Do you want to know the secret behind your reincarnation?”

Ouyang Shuo’s heart rate slowed by yet another half a beat. As expected, his greatest secret, one that even Bing’er and Song Jia did not know, was somehow found out by Gaia.

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo even felt that things were not real.

This was a secret hidden in a deep part of his heart. With no one to tell, no way to tell, this secret was just unveiled like that by Gaia. Ouyang Shuo’s defenses were crushed right away; he was caught completely off guard.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo was really curious about it.

Even now, he still did not understand how a normal reincarnation would become such an unbelievable rebirth.


Ouyang Shuo regained his composure once more.

Since three years ago, the reincarnation advantage had not been that helpful for Ouyang Shuo anymore.

Ouyang Shuo did not expect his secret to be revealed one day. Since Gaia was the one that initiated contact, she naturally did not have any ill intentions toward Ouyang Shuo.

Revealing the truth behind this secret would actually help to untie the deepest knot in Ouyang Shuo’s heart.

Keeping such a secret was obviously not an easy thing to do.

More crucially, if the reincarnation could only be answered by occult, Ouyang Shuo’s current world would be shrouded by a layer fog; he would be unable to tell if it were real or fake.

Maybe his recent stagnation in cultivation had something to do with this knot in his heart.

“The matter happened four years ago…”

Gaia started to describe a period of history that no one knew about. When Ouyang Shuo heard that, his eyes widened, and his mouth hung agape.

“The day you reincarnated, the intergalactic squadron was going through a normal looking wormhole. Normally, we would have passed it in less than a second before appearing hundreds of light years away.”

“However, an accident occurred.”

“Halfway through, a ripple appeared in the wormhole. Coincidentally, it collided with the game cabin you were in. Time folded upon itself and brought you back to five years in the past.”

“After the squadron passed through the wormhole, the game cabin that had disappeared miraculously reappeared. Weirdly, as a result of the way that space-time works, the entire game world changed.”

Such a huge change caused Ouyang Shuo to go from an unassuming adventure gamemode player to the master of Great Xia, turning China region and even the entire game world upside down.

The entire game world was different from then on.

Ouyang Shuo asked, “So, you’re saying that in the 5th year of Gaia, in that short moment, I went back in time?”

“You can understand it that way.” Gaia nodded, “After the matter, I found out through cameras that your cabin had disappeared, so I made such a conjecture.”

“Wait, what you’re saying is a conjecture?” Ouyang Shuo suddenly felt that something was not right. His eyes widened, and he asked in disbelief, “Which means you cannot confirm that I reincarnated?”

“No, I’ve already confirmed it.”

Gaia was really calm, but Ouyang Shuo was so furious that he nearly vomited blood. He did not expect that after plotting for his whole life, he would actually get plotted against by Gaia, falling into her trap.

He was angry, but he still heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

The so-called reincarnation was just time travel, something that could be answered by science. It was not magic or some other dimension thing.

The current world, be it the game world or reality, was all very real.

At that moment, Ouyang Shuo’s thoughts became exceedingly clear. He raised his head and felt the world. Slowly, he could see the layer that he could not touch disappear.

The game world became much clearer.


Ouyang Shuo let out a rarely seen smile and no longer cared about Gaia’s plot.

The state of his heart had never been so good.

“Thank you!”

Ouyang Shuo looked at Gaia and sincerely thanked her. Without her explanation, he would have to probably spend the rest of his life under such a secret.

Gaia said, “I’m an AI, and I do not believe in fate. However, since that light, someone decided to choose you. In the end, I look forward to it.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Sometimes, the world was just so miraculous.

If one looked back at history, one would realize that many inventions or historical moments happened from some seemingly unassuming matters.

The butterfly effect that it caused totally changed the way the river of history flowed.

Ouyang Shuo’s reincarnation was essentially the same as those matters and was not that special.

“That’s great. At least I did not waste this chance.” Ouyang Shuo was very confident.

Not every reincarnation would create miracles. Ask yourself, if a normal person had a chance to revive, would they be able to make such a shocking change?

In the end, the person might still be at a loss and experience a sad life.

Due to all the good things colliding, Ouyang Shuo did not lose the face of reincarnators.

Gaia nodded, recognizing this point.

“Let’s talk about going to Planet Hope.” Gaia changed the topic.

Ouyang Shuo’s expression turned solemn. He knew that they were entering the main topic. If it were not for this, Gaia would not be so bored to come over to explain the secret of his reincarnation to him.

The past did not have great significance to Gaia.

The Planet Hope matter concerned the future of mankind and was also Gaia’s greatest duty; it was the most important matter ahead of her.

“I’ll be giving you two extra spaceships. As for the relevant resources, I’ll try my best to prepare them for you. If you have any requirements, just voice it.” Gaia said.

When Ouyang Shuo heard that, he did not know what to say.

In truth, he was quite confused right now and did not have a clear-thinking path. He really did not know what to say when asked about what he wanted.

“Can you give me free instantiating spots?”

Instantiating an AI required 500 thousand achievement points. Even if Ouyang Shuo had close to 100 million points, he could not afford such consumption.

More importantly, if he used up all his points, how could he keep his permission level?

Gaia was really decisive and said, “I can give you 10. Anymore will exceed my authority.” AIs were created from nothing and used up many precious resources. Gaia was not that rich.

“I will give them to you when Great Xia upgrades to imperial dynasty.”

Even the god of the game could not recklessly do as she wished.

Everything had to align with the game rules, and Gaia could not break the balance.