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Chapter 1340 - If not me, who?

Chapter 1340: TWO Chapter 1340-If not me, who?

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Chapter 1340 – If Not Me, Who?

Facing this sudden plot, Great Xia broke out into discussions. As the one at the center of it all, Ouyang Shuo was really calm and did not bother about the thoughts of others.

11th month, 15th day, Imperial Capital.

The war of India was approaching its end. Without a leader or any hope, most of the Ashoka Dynasty’s troops smartly decided to surrender and accept that their country was destroyed.

Scattered resistance could not start any waves.

With Feng Qiuhuang as their leader, the officials rushed over to India to work with the military. They needed to accept the cities and calm down the people. Doing so would allow the Governor-General House to get on the right path soon.

Emperor Palace.

At 10am, Cabinet Grand Secretary Jiang Shang and Cabinet elder cum Administrative Mentor Court Grand Secretary Zhang Liang came to meet his majesty uninvited.

“Your majesty, the recent comments have been bad for the Empire.” Jiang Shang was a little worried.

Zhang Liang supported him and said, “That’s right; there has to be people pushing it in the shadows.”

When Ouyang Shuo heard that, he smiled faintly as he said, “My two cherished officials, do you really think so?” His eyes were as clear as a deep abyss, seemingly able to see through their hearts.


Jiang Shang and Zhang Liang exchanged glances; they were filled with astonishment.

They were both intelligent individuals. Moreover, they had been instantiated, so they obviously would not see the problem with such simplicity. The above views were only the main ones that everyone was discussing.

The two of them came over to probe what the emperor was thinking. However, they did not expect his majesty to see through them right away, making it a little awkward.

“Your majesty is wise!”

The two old foxes praised the emperor.

Ouyang Shuo did not beat around the bush. He arrived before the world map and causally said, “The Empire has grown from a useless little village to a global empire spreading tens of thousands of miles with hundreds of millions of sons and daughters. It is not my credit; instead, it is always the credit of the people’s sentiment, the army, and the officials.”

“Our rise and current achievements are due to chance, with everything falling right into place.”

After pausing, Ouyang Shuo continued, “Hence, no matter what the outside does, regardless of how they clamor, I will not decline going to Planet Hope to explore it.”

“This is a responsibility given to me by this era, and I cannot shy away from it, nor am I not willing to either!”

Ouyang Shuo’s words came from the bottom of his heart. The moment Hope City was destroyed, he had an urge. At that time, he felt his blood boil; it was similar to when he had just descended in the wilderness.

He wanted to see what kind of place Planet Hope was.

Ouyang Shuo was not a short-sighted person. He was extremely clear about what this second trip to Planet Hope meant to the squadron and mankind as a whole.

In front of the survival of a species, personal interests did not matter much.

This decision was not out of arrogance. After all, looking out across the entire world, he was the only suitable person. If any other Lord went, he would not feel at ease.

Perhaps this was destiny.

When Jiang Shang and Zhang Yi heard that, their faces were filled with emotions as they bowed and said, “Your majesty is merciful!”

The views of the two were the same. In their eyes, Great Xia was the most suitable team for exploring Planet Hope, and they should take out the aura and confidence to show it.

Hiding and shifting away from the problem was too cowardly.

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and asked them to sit. He calmed his expression before smiling and saying, “A such, this storm is not a crisis but a good chance. As for how to use it well, I’ll need you all to come up with a plan.”

Since Silver Hand and Azure Badge wanted to be masterminds, Ouyang Shuo would gladly play with them and use this chance to let Great Xia rise to an imperial dynasty.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo was still worried about how to win against the Dawson Dynasty to gain recognition from the world.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to let the two organizations know what smashing their own feet with a stone was. “Remember, we can use people’s sentiment and discussions to our advantage.”

“We will not let you down!” Jiang Shang and Zhang Liang accepted the responsibility.

“My attitude will not be revealed to the public for now. Focus on the principle of not replying, not agreeing, and not disagreeing.” Ouyang Shuo instructed.


“That will be all. Get the Cabinet and the Administrative Mentor Court to make a plan for how to deal with it. We will continue this discussion next time.” Ouyang Shuo did not ask them to wrack their brains on the spot.

Although the decisions of the Great Xia Imperial Court depended on Jiang Shang and the other officials, there were a bunch of professionals below them that helped to maintain the system and make it more efficient.

“Yes, my emperor!”

Jiang Shang and Zhang Liang took their leave, satisfied.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo used the communication compass to summon Shen Buhai, Martial Management Division commander Er’Lai, and Black Snake Guards head Black Snake.

There was only one goal: investigate which people within the Empire supported the Empire stepping out and which did not.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to use this chance to sound out the officials.

When he headed to Planet Hope in the future, Ouyang Shuo would definitely need a team. Hence, from this moment on, he had to start making plans about which people from Great Xia to bring.

One set to fight on Planet Hope, the other set to leave in the game world.

As for who to bring, apart from construction needs, this observation period was really important.

Just like that, without anyone noticing, the three organizations threw down a net that covered the Empire to silently pay attention to all of this.

The fates of many people would change as a result.

In the evening, Ouyang Shuo returned to the sleeping palace.

While they were having their meal, Ouyang Shuo realized that his wife’s expression was a little off. After eating, he could not help but ask, “What thoughts do you have?”

Song Jia laid in her husband’s arms. She stared brightly at him as she asked, “Did you make up your mind?”

“You know already?” Ouyang Shuo was not surprised.

This husband and wife pair were too familiar with one another, and they could hide anything from each other.

“I know your ambitions and I also know that you’re a person that will prevent the heavens from collapsing. No matter what the outside worlds says, you will surely go.” Song Jia said in a low tone.

“That’s right.”

Ouyang Shuo did not know what to say and did not know how to face his wife.

No matter what, when he returned home, he was a husband and a father of two. He was the pillar of the family and the one that the family relied on.

“What about Yu’er and Luo’er?” Song Jia still asked in the end.

Ouyang Shuo kept silent.

Everyone knew how dangerous Planet Hope was. Even Ouyang Shuo did not feel confident about doing better than the vanguard squadron. Gaining a footing on Planet Hope was not certain.

Hence, bringing the pair with him was unsuitable.