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Chapter 1339 - Placed on a barbecue

Chapter 1339: TWO Chapter 1339-Placed on a barbecue

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Chapter 1339 – Placed on a Barbeque

Apart from the choice of Governor-General, Ouyang Shuo also appointed a few officials personally.

Original Chuannan Provincial Governor Zhao Pu would become the South Asia Secretary-General to help Feng Qiuhuang deal with South Asia matters. As North Song’s country establishing minister, he would definitely be up to the task.

The vacancy he left behind would be filled by original Wuzhou Prefecture Governor Ouyang Heng, who was Ouyang Shuo’s uncle. Now, Ouyang Shuo’s arrangements in Chuannan were revealed.

Two years ago, Ouyang Shuo had started planning for Ouyang Heng’s promotional path to Governor-General.

Although Chuannan Province was not listed as a Zhili Province, it was where the Capital City was located and had an exceptional strategic position. Only by giving it to a member of the royal family could Ouyang Shuo feel at ease.

Apart from that, Yizhou Prefecture Governor Lei Fan would be promoted to Gupta Provincial Governor. Lei Fan was a mountain barbarian and was familiar with mountains. Hence, him ruling the mountainous Gupta Province was a great choice.

Xiangnan Provincial Governor Li Shanchang was moved to Ashoka Province.

Ashoka Province was the most core province of the South Asia Governor-General House, which was why Ouyang Shuo arranged such an experience minister to charge of it. This was also him supporting the region.

Apart from that, the Imperial Court also chose two exceptional Prefecture Governors to become Provincial Governors. The remaining two spots were left to the India Region talents.

At this point, the personnel arrangements for the South Asia Governor-General House were basically settled.

The talented Feng Qiuhuang would be in charge and manage the big picture while experienced officials such as Zhao Pu and Li Shanchang would act as the core pillars. They also appointed a long-serving official in Lei Fan, promoted new talents, and made use of native talents.

It encapsulated everyone.

Apart from the internal affairs planning, the Empire also needed to adjust the military.

After establishing the South Asia Governor-General House, the South Asia warzone would shift from Xikang Province to the South Asia Governor-General House to take charge of the entire region.

Only then would the warzone’s name be appropriate.

At the same time, the former South Asia warzone Xikang construction formation would be moved under the West Asia warzone to continue their development of the Xikang Province.

The defensive duties of the Xikang Province would be taken up by the West Asia legion corps.

Apart from the army, the Indian Ocean squadron headquarters would move from Lion City to India.

East Africa, India, and Nanyang formed a triangle that included the entire Indian Ocean. Although this may seem crazy, the Indian Ocean had become Great Xia’s back garden.

Depending on this point, the power over the Indian Ocean firmly rested in Great Xia’s hands.

One of the benefits would be Great Xia gaining control over the fuel transportation chokepoint of the Persian Gulf. That’s right, although the Arab Empire and the Persian Empire were good at producing fuel and oil, they could only use it for themselves and could not export them without Great Xia’s permission unless they sent these resources through the land.

This point alone gave Great Xia the chips to restrict the two dynasties.

Hence, taking down India was a milestone matter for Great Xia, signaling that it was a step closer to confirming its position as the Overlord of Asia.

Unless they did not have brains, these two dynasties would not make Great Xia their enemy.

In particular, the Arab Empire was restricted by their own internal resources and relied on external trade. From now on, they would have to live under Great Xia’s nose.

Ouyang Shuo’s prediction was completely correct.

11th month, 1st day, before India was totally taken down by Great Xia, the Arab Empire sent out an envoy to admit Great Xia’s position as the Overlord of Asia.

Unknowingly, they raised Great Xia’s prestige in the world.

The news was personally reported to Ouyang Shuo by Zhang Yi in the imperial garden. The current Ouyang Shuo was fishing by the lake. Recently, he gained the habit of fishing at the lake every time there was a huge matter that he needed to think alone about.

Like now, his thoughts suddenly became clear.

Listening to Zhang Yi’s words, Ouyang Shuo’s face did not reveal a trace of joy. Instead, he said with worry, “I’m afraid that they have bad intentions.”

“Your majesty is saying?” Zhang Yi did not understand.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about this matter, I’m not certain either.” Based on his intuition, Ouyang Shuo did not think that the matter was so simple.

The Arab Empire was not weak, and they did not need to hurry over to express their friendliness. They might have other thoughts. Perhaps they were trying to push Great Xia to the pedestal and hide behind them in case they became the scapegoat and had to be sent to Planet Hope.

The following events basically verified Ouyang Shuo’s judgement.

Apart from Great Xia, the three dynasties in Asia seemed to have discussed the matter, and on the 9th year of Gaia, 11th month, 3rd day, the Persian Empire officially admitted Great Xia’s position as the Overlord of Asia.

The next day, the Romanov Dynasty cleanly admitted Great Xia’s status too.

As such, Great Xia’s second condition for upgrading to imperial dynasty was completed.

The entire matter was unusual, especially the Romanov Dynasty’s admission, as they were the giant of a land. There was no reason for them to rush to admit Great Xia’s position as overlord at such a time.

The moment they admitted it, their morale would be a level weaker when the two sides met on the battlefield in the future.

Not only that, but once Great Xia obtained the position of Overlord, it could reap many benefits. The most direct one would be that their finance markets would have to be opened unconditionally to Great Xia.

As such, this matter had deep implications for Great Xia’s currency in Asia.

Proactively taking a loss was totally unlike how this fighting nation did things.

However, even weirder events soon followed.

In the following period of time, the Bantu Dynasty, the Indian Empire, and the Caesar Dynasty all expressed their recognition of Great Xia’s position in the world.

Even their mortal enemy the Darkness empire admitted it.

These actions of the various dynasties were to push Great Xia to the position of world’s first imperial dynasty.

If there was not a plot behind all of this, even a blind person would not believe it.

Although these dynasties took turns to express it and things looked random and by their own accords, Ouyang Shuo could see that it was Azure Badge and Silver Hand pulling the strings.

The goal was simple; they wanted to make Great Xia and Ouyang Shuo the scapegoat.

Foreseeably, the moment Great Xia upgraded to imperial dynasty, the could guide public opinion; this could cause a huge debate on the global scale.

Everyone was selfish.

Even if players could see through the plot of these two organizations, they would act deaf and blind and force Great Xia to take this responsibility. They would have Great Xia step out to be the hero of mankind.

At that time, Great Xia would have no choice but to stand out. The reason was simple, ‘Since Great Xia is the top in the world, it has to take the responsibility!’

Great Xia was suddenly embroiled in a huge storm.