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Chapter 1338 - Who will step up?

Chapter 1338: TWO Chapter 1338-Who will step up?

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Chapter 1338 – Who Will Step Up?

After releasing the video of Hope City’s destruction, Gaia revealed a solution.

Based on the map that the vanguard squadron released, there was a resource planet not far from Planet Hope. On it, various mines, coal, fuel, and the like could be found; it was mankind’s dream industrialization base.

The problem was that the planet had all sorts of resources except for living ones.

Based on the photos, it was a barren and dead planet with no signs of life. The only water source came from the north and south poles.

The ice layer was really firm, and the planet had no light throughout the whole year. Naturally, there were no signs of life.

More crucially, as it was a barren resource planet, the ice layer contained many metallic elements and was heavily contaminated. As such, it was unsuitable for drinking. At most, it could be used in factories.

If not, life would be unable to continue.

Hence, the resource planet could not become mankind’s new base. Gaia’s plan was to arrange for the interplanetary squadron to dock at the resource planet.

First, they would use the mine resources to produce a large number of combat robots to provide fighting strength in their second crusade on Planet Hope.

Without enough firepower, they stood no chance of gaining a footing on the planet.

Secondly, they would develop combat armor.

This was another technological miracle Gaia created after its instantiation.

Fighting those top beasts, even the best adventure gamemode players would face difficulties. Gaia gave the players the solution of merging with armor to achieve pinnacle combat strength.

Of course, the instantiated generals could also control suits.

However, the problem of the interplanetary squadron’s limited resources needed to be solved. In particular, the supply of nutritional fluids the players used was close to its limit.

Without these nutritional fluids, the players could not live on the squadron.

They could not obtain biological resources on the resource planet. Consequently, they would not be able to make more nutritional fluids. The only way would be to send another vanguard squadron to descend onto Planet Hope once more.

After obtaining the required resources, they would create a nutritional fluid and send it to the resource planet.

The resource planet could help to send combat machines and combat suits over to the vanguard base to increase its military strength, forming a positive cycle as a result.

The final goal was to gain a stable footing on Planet Hope.

However, the current problem was who would be willing to step up and lead the second vanguard squadron into that dangerous land? They would have to risk their lives to build the vanguard base once more.

Gaia did not give them an answer to this.

No one was able to give an answer. This mission was incredibly dangerous and would require maintaining a good relationship with the resource planet. Hence, one had to volunteer to proceed; if not, this project could not be executed.

The squadron would probably arrive in the 10th year, 6th month. Hence, the players had close to eight months to make a decision.

Due to the squadron possessing limited resources and being unable to take a second defeat, not just anyone could go. One of the conditions was that the person had to be one of the current Lords.

Only a Lord that had survived till now would have the experience and courage to trailblaze.

The possible range was greatly reduced.

Facing such a problem, all the players were asking, “Who is willing to step up?”

The 12 remaining Lords, including Ouyang Shuo, all remained silent. They were not in a rush to make a stand. Even if they were not afraid, this matter was really important, so they had to think carefully about it.

Carelessness was never in a Lord’s dictionary.

10th month, 25th day, Imperial Capital.

The news that Gaia suddenly revealed sent the entire game world into silence.

Even the most intense European battlefield ceased fighting. Facing this unprecedented hit, the Lords needed a breather to gather their thoughts.

The only battle that continued was the one in India.

Great Xia was facing an NPC dynasty; naturally, they felt no pressure at all.

Ouyang Shuo was not an overly emotional person. Although the future path was filled with many uncertainties, it did not make him afraid and stop his road to the top.

Regardless of how the future changed, there was nothing bad about expanding Great Xia in the game world. In particular, at such a time, Lords needed to show calmness, courage, and foresight.

If not, they would definitely be eliminated.

The India war was not intense, and there were no surprises. They only needed to wait for the three armies to clear out the unsettled Ashoka army.

25th day, morning, the intel arrived.

Under Li Jing’s leadership, Great Xia’s north front had broken Delhi and obtained the crucial victory of the war of India. At this point, the entirety of India had basically fallen under Great Xia rule.

The remaining fragments of resistance were not enough to cause any huge waves.

Due to the arrival of winter, before the conclusion of the war of India, Ouyang Shuo and the Cabinet had started to discuss the administrative zoning and personnel appointments of India.

Based on the previous plan, the Imperial Court would establish the South Asia Governor-General House in the South Asia sub-continent that India covered, becoming the fourth overseas Governor-General House.

Logically speaking, there would be six provinces, with three of them using the names of their old dynasties; they would form the three core provinces of the house.

Original Xijiang Governor-General Feng Qiuhuang would be moved over to South Asia.

India’s situation was complicated, and the powers within were incredibly complex. They also only recognized Great Xia to a low degree. However, its strategic position was really important, and the country had a high population density and rich resources.

Ruling it well was not a simple matter.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo decided to select the former Jin Queen who had great ability to become the South Asia Governor-General to help the Empire manage this important land.

Defending this region would basically mean defending the entire Indian Ocean.

The Xijiang Governor-General position would be taken over by former Minnan Provincial Governor Xiong Ba. Without a doubt, this was an unprecedented promotion.

At this point, Xiong Ba became the first non-Shanhai Alliance Lord to become a Governor-General.

Ouyang Shuo had two reasons behind making this appointment.

First, Xiong Ba possessed the ability.

Many times, Xiong Ba had been similar to Cao Mengde in history. He was a capable official when ruling and a mighty lord in chaotic times. When he was a Lord, he had shone. Unfortunately, he lost in the end.

Being an official, he performed extremely well as the Minnan Provincial Governor. The key was that he did not have any funny thoughts.

Secondly, this move was to recruit the aristocratic families.

Xiong Ba was one of the representatives of the aristocratic families. His promotion was a clear signal that Ouyang Shuo would not condemn them.

As long as one was talented, they would be promoted.