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Chapter 1337 - Darkest day in human history

Chapter 1337: TWO Chapter 1337-Darkest day in human history

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Chapter 1337 – Darkest Day in Human History

Gaia 9th year, 10th month, 20th day, a day worth remembering for mankind.

At 9am, Gaia suddenly released a video on the official website. The video showed the base that the vanguard forces had constructed on Planet Hope – Hope City.

Players were not unfamiliar with this city. Not long ago, Gaia had revealed Hope City’s latest construction status when it published the plans on Planet Hope.

The majestic and huge city put everyone at ease.

Terrifyingly, Hope City, which carried the hopes and dreams of mankind, was ablaze in a sea of flames.

Above the city, hundreds of winged, large-headed Pterodactyls circled above. Scorching flames spewed from their fang-filled jaws.

These flames were incredibly overbearing, directly melting the iron and steel of the city and sending a chill down one’s spine.

At the city walls, a giant more than 10 meters tall wielded a car-sized giant hammer to smash the solid looking city wall into pieces.

The hammer was made from some sort of unknown material. Before it, the walls that were a mix of steel and earth were like tofu, unable to take a single strike.

Even the ground was shaking, and many holes and cracks appeared.

Before this, no one could have imagined the existence of such an overbearing siege method.

Along with the city walls collapsing, the innumerable beasts surrounding the walls flooded in like a wave, forming a beast ocean.

Amongst the beasts, players found the familiar Tyrannosaurus and Pterosaurs. However, there were also some beasts that the players had not seen before. All of them looked extremely fierce and menacing.

In the city, humans were like ants that all sorts of beasts crushed underfoot.

The beast horde that covered the sky basically drowned the entire city. To make matters even more terrifying, the laser weapons were useless against the titan.

Even when the lasers struck the other beasts, they only suffered some superficial injuries.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that the top class beasts were covered in a thin layer of energy that blocked off all attacks from human weapons, rendering them harmless.

These top beasts were the main culprits behind Hope City’s destruction.

Without their leadership, the beast horde would not be able to charge into the city so smoothly.

As Ouyang Shuo watched this video and witnessed the gradual destruction of the city, his expression tensed up more and more. He even had queries about why he did not see these fire dragons and titans in the encyclopedia from Gaia.

Before this, Gaia had given Ouyang Shuo a Planet Hope resource encyclopedia, which described the beasts on Planet Hope in more detailed than the game.

Even then, when Ouyang Shuo looked at this ferocious beast wave, he still felt an incredible sense of foreignness.

After the vanguard squadron established their base, they had arranged for manmade satellites to cover and patrol Planet Hope so that there were no dead spots.

During the following period of time, they had sent many drones into the forests, mountains, swamps, and deserts to investigate.

The unnamed drones recorded the way the beasts lived and reproduced for Gaia to analyze and create a perfect information database.

When needed, the unnamed drones could send out machines to collect life samples.

The beast data for the game was basically collected in such a way.

Logically speaking, such eye-catching presences like the fire dragon and the titan could not have escaped the unmanned drones. The massive energy they emitted should have been picked up by thermal sensors of the drones.

If they were not detected, the only explanation was that these beasts were highly intelligent and hid deep in the mountains, forests, caves, or under swamps to avoid detection.

The iron hammer in the titan’s hand proved this point.

The iron hammer was obviously smelted and crafted, showing that these top beasts had the tools and technique to craft items. Maybe they could not treat them as simple beasts and instead another type of intelligent lifeform.

They were presences equal to humans.

After a full four years, these beasts swarmed out from hiding and gathered together. Under the leadership of these top beasts, they tried to destroy this invader.

Such a conjecture sent a chill down Ouyang Shuo’s spine.

Without a doubt, be it Gaia or humanity themselves, they had greatly underestimated the danger of Planet Hope. It was far, far worse than the situation presented in the game world.

On the planet, many mysterious organisms roamed.

Ouyang Shuo was not even certain if the fire dragon and titan were the greatest presences on the planet. Maybe there were more overbearing beasts above them.

Normal laser weapons were useless against such beasts.

Maybe warzone missiles might deal damage to them, but such weapons might not kill them for sure. The missiles were also long-ranged weapons and were unsuitable for killing the beasts that had already charged into the city.

Above laser weapons were nuclear weapons.

Helplessly, during the Federation era, Earth had destroyed all nuclear weapons. Not to mention the vanguard squadron, but even the interplanetary squadron did not have any nuclear weapons.

Even if they theoretically possessed nuclear weapons, it would not be suitable to use them.

Planet Hope was the last land of hope for humanity. If they fired nuclear weapons, it would be seeking self-destruction, personally killing their last vestige hope.

Even the massive Planet Hope could not take a few nuclear bombs.

Ouyang Shuo was more worried that if they fired nuclear bombs, the radiation might have side effects on the beasts, making them evolve and escalate the dangers of the planet.

If that happened, they would truly be smashing their heads against the wall.

The last part of the video revealed a Hope City in ruins as well as beasts that were celebrating above the rubble. Mockery filled their faces filled.

The entire vanguard squadron only had two spaceships circling the planet, lonelily floating on the path.

Humanity’s first crusade on Planet Hope had ended in great defeat.

When many of the players saw this video, they directly started crying. They could not accept such a defeat, and some people even pessimistically moaned, “Are there no hopes for mankind?”

The destruction of Hope City seemed to represent the destruction of mankind’s hope.

After four years of construction, Hope City still could not withstand a single blow from the beasts. Humanity could not imagine how the three branch bases that they were going to build would survive on the planet.

Gaia’s three spots had been so hotly contested, but they instantly became things no one wanted.

“What should we do?”

People cried out, panicked, and sought for help…

At this time, Gaia gave them a solution.