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Chapter 1335 - Ashoka, dead!

Chapter 1335: TWO Chapter 1335-Ashoka, dead!

Great Xia’s sudden declaration of war stunned Ashoka.

Ashoka had many conjectures regarding how they were going to coexist with Great Xia in the future. He did not expect Great Xia to be so heartless, waving their blade at them right after the conclusion of the cooperation.

They flipped like someone flipping through a book.

Great Xia’s north front consisted of 14 warfighting legions. These 700 thousand elite troops would split into three and enter the core land of the Ashoka Dynasty from Xikang Province.

Two years ago, when the Ashoka Dynasty attacked Tibet, they had used the same path.

At the same time, the Great Xia south and west fronts that had already met up at the Gupta Dynasty swiftly headed up north, clawing at the tail of the Ashoka Dynasty army and launching an assault on their once ally.

The huge Gupta Dynasty territory was now the logistical base of the Great Xia Army, so there was nothing that they had to fear.

One had to say that Great Xia chose a great time to begin war.

Close to half of the Ashoka Dynasty troops were still within Peacock Dynasty border. They were in charge of the war prisoners and the bandits. Meanwhile, 40% were left in Gupta Dynasty territory.

Only 10% were left in India and less than 150 thousand were in Delhi.

With such military strength, they had no way to fight back before the Great Xia north front that had been resting up and staring intently at them.

With Li Jing’s god-like leadership, Great Xia’s north army struck from three directions like a flood and wrapped up everything in their way. Everywhere they passed, the cities surrendered.

The north front did not give the enemy a chance.

This was Great Tang military god Li Jing. He was a man that did not make mistakes, the nightmare of his enemies.

Based on the plan, the three armies of the north front would meet up in Delhi, taking down this most curricula city in India. Using this city as a base, they planned to sweep the entire Ganges plains.

This was the most crucial step.

The moment Great Xia occupied Delhi and the surrounding Ganges plains, the Ashoka Dynasty would be unable to cause any waves even if they had the Peacock Dynasty as their strategic backline.

Hence, the war of Delhi was a crucial battle.

However, the current Ashoka was still within Peacock Dynasty territory calming down the people. When he learned of Great Xia starting war, he was so furious that he spat out blood and nearly fainted from rage.


The awakened Ashoka broke out in cold sweat.

Everything that had happened in the past few months replayed in his mind like a movie, slowly forming into a clear thought process that caused him to shiver.

“So the alliance was a trap from the start?”

Ashoka said bitterly as his heart started to sour.

Great Xia’s plotting was simply too vicious. First, they started the India Region internal strife to reduce their strength. Then they acted like they were teaming up with the Ashoka Dynasty to destroy the Peacock Dynasty and the Gupta Dynasty.

At last, they revealed their true intentions and attacked Ashoka.

“I should have thought about it. Given their wolf-like ambition, they would not have been satisfied with just a Gupta Dynasty.” Ashoka’s own greed and foolishness pained him; he had actually fallen for Great Xia’s trap.

Greed had blinded Ashoka’s eyes, making him work with Great Xia to start war in India.

He also foolishly started to slowly lose his wariness toward this ally. They shifted troops from their main territory, resulting in a defensive hole that Great Xia could abuse.

The part that pained Ashoka was that after this round of system update, India only had one teleportation formation in Delhi. Even if he wanted to swiftly return, he could not.

Thinking about how the enemy could soon break into his home, Ashoka panicked.

“No, I cannot give up!”

Ashoka’s eyes flushed red like a gambler who had just lost a bet; he was ready to put everything on the line. In truth, Ashoka Dynasty still had a chance to win.

First, the Ashoka Dynasty had its 1.4 million strong army. After a year of large-scale battles, they had all become elites.

Secondly, as long as Ashoka got passed this tough time and dragged this war on, they could turn the war prisoners of the Peacock Dynasty into their strength and toss them into the battle.

At the same time, Ashoka could enlist troops on the spot.

In conclusion, the Ashoka Dynasty had two strategic goals that needed to be completed. First, they needed to arrange for the army to rush back to assist Delhi.

Only by entering Delhi faster than the Great Xia Army would they be able to defend the imperial city.

As long as the imperial city did not fall, the Ashoka Dynasty would remain standing forever.

Secondly, they needed to buy time and drag this war out, gaining time for the dynasty to recruit more troops. The best part was that it was already the 10th month, and winter was about to arrive.

Hence, based on the timing, the Ashoka Dynasty was in the battle position.

Along with Ashoka fighting on homeland, everything was favoring them, so there was no reason why the Ashoka Dynasty could not win this battle.

After summoning the various generals for a meeting, Ashoka said some morale raising words.

His words lit up the lights in their heart. All of them were pumped up, and their blood boiled. They declared that they wanted to chase Great Xia out of India.

“We will not even give them the Gupta Dynasty!” the generals said.

During this military meeting, Ashoka decided to split the troops into paths. One would go from the Peacock Dynasty and the other from the Gupta Dynasty. Each would send 150 thousand to rush to Delhi.

Ashoka would be in charge of the rest. He would personally lead his forces to have a final battle against the Great Xia Army.

“If I lose this war, I can only die for my sins!”

Before leaving, Ashoka took a blood oath that pumped up all the generals.

“Fight to the death!”

“We will not return until we win!”

One had to say that Ashoka did not have any cowards under him. All of them were warriors that were willing to die for him.

10th month, 15th day, Bengalore City.

After sending away his forces, Ashoka brought his army and set off.

That day, the huge 500 thousand strong army took an oath before heading out of the city toward their mainland.

Facing Great Xia’s provocation, the Ashoka Dynasty accepted the challenge!

This was the biggest war in India and the winner would be the owner of the country.

At the same time, imperial city.

News of Ashoka personally leading the troops was caught by the Black Snake Guards and reported to the capital.

Emperor palace, Imperial Reading Room.

Ouyang Shuo cut the video communication with the Black Snake Guard spy. He had a complicated smile on his face.

“Ashoka, my condolences, have a good trip!”

As Ouyang Shuo said that, he took out a mysterious talisman. It was the one that Gaia gifted him after he upgraded to emperor dynasty- the emperor instant death talisman.

After activation, the user could select an NPC emperor to kill immediately.

Ouyang Shuo did not hesitate. He raised his brush and filled in Ashoka’s name in the blank spot.

Instantly, the talisman ignited and turned into a golden streak of light that shot over the horizon. It bypassed everything in its path and entered the body of Ashoka who was travelling with his troops.