The World Online

Chapter 1334 - Frontline base

Chapter 1334: TWO Chapter 1334-Frontline base

As the eight warzones operated with relative independence, the Mayan Dynasty matter did not affect the India Region and everything there proceeded as planned.

In terms of progression, it was even faster than the Mayan battlefield situation.

10th month, 5th day, before the dust settled on the Mayan battlefield, Great Xia and the Ashoka Dynasty’s combined attacks finally sent the Gupta Dynasty to its grave after a month of intense war.

The Gupta Dynasty also became the fourth dynasty to be destroyed in the 9th year of Gaia.

Foreseeably, along with the 10th year drawing close, the war of dynasties would enter a climatic period; a new peak of dynasty destruction was on its way.

The remaining would be the true kings.

Along with the Gupta Dynasty’s destruction, India only had the Ashoka Dynasty left.

One had to say that this was a miracle.

Moreover, it was one that belonged to the Ashoka Dynasty.

As such, the Ashoka Dynasty was not only the last surviving NPC dynasty, but it was also one that unified the entirety of India. All the Lords that fell in its path felt ashamed.

For example, Gupta King Akbar.

As core powers of the Azure Badge camp, both he and the Mayan King made the same choice of moving to the Ottoman Dynasty when their dynasties were destroyed.

They would bring all their trusted officials to the Ottoman Dynasty to obtain a new life.

Not only that, but based on the intel from the Black Snake Guards, all the scattered Azure Badge members had also started to gather toward the Ottoman Dynasty during the past year.

Obviously, this was their strategic plan; they wanted to gather their strength into one spot. Evidently, they were clear that at the current stage, it was better to focus on one place rather than being split up.

The Ottoman Dynasty was the main camp that Azure Badge decided on.

A day ago, Gaia revealed a piece of news on the official website. After the intergalactic fleet arrived, for safety reasons, not everyone would be sent to the ground.

“The vanguard forces will create a stable base on the ground. Before that, the fleet staying in space will be a safer option.” Gaia explained.

Everyone in the world supported this plan.

Although all of them craved their return to reality, this did not mean that they would play with their lives. The dangerous environment of Planet Hope scared everyone.

After all, Planet Hope was not like the game world. When one died, one really died, and there would be no chance to start over. Hence, given how prosperous the game world was, there was nothing bad about staying in the ship.

If it were not for the ships lacking resources and the ability to support them staying too long in space, some people would even be willing to spend the rest of their lives like that.

At the very least, real death did not exist in the game world.

One of the missions of the advance base would be to obtain resources and provide it to the intergalactic squadron. The squadron would act as the population base to send various sorts of talents down.

At the same time, the starting resources for the advance base would be provided by the squadron.

This would form a positive cycle with each link helping out one another.

Due to the limited resources, Gaia had calculated that only three advance bases could be established during the first round.

The selection criteria was simple. Imperial dynasties would be first; if there were not enough, they would choose from emperor dynasties.

The lowest grade would be emperor dynasty. Any lower, even if the number set was not met, they would not be considered.

Looking out across the world, only Great Xia and the Dawson Dynasty were emperor dynasties. The third emperor dynasty had not even been born. This meant that the remaining nine would go all out for this final spot.

No dynasty would stay out of the competition for this spot.

Even a fool would know the importance of a frontline base. This base would be the backbone of a future nation on Planet Hope.

Those that controlled a frontline base would obtain the greatest speaking rights on Planet Hope. Just this alone explained everything, so there was no need to talk about specific benefits.

Amongst the competitors, the Darkness empire, the Ottoman Dynasty, the Romanov Dynasty, and the Persian Empire were the most competitive. Currently, who would be the eventual victor was still really uncertain.

Hence, Azure Badge wanted to go all out and place all of its eggs into the Ottoman Dynasty basket.

Foreseeably, if Azure Badge failed to gain even a single spot, they would not have much power on Planet Hope.

As a result, on the Mayan and India battlefields, Azure Badge did not resist too much.

Similarly, if this spot landed in the hands of the Romanov Dynasty or the Persian Empire, Silver Hand would have two spots, announcing their position as overlord on Planet Hope.

This was something that Ouyang Shuo did not wish to see happen.

In comparison, although the Darkness empire was strong, it lacked strategic space in terms of overseas expedition ability. It was the weakest out of all of them.

This problem was probably already discussed at the highest level of the Darkness empire.

Based on news Gaia revealed, the three bases would form up a one-main three-secondary combination. The main base that the vanguard squadron built up would become the humanity’s bridge to Planet Hope.

Needless to say, the main base would be controlled by Gaia itself. It would be the core and brain of humanity’s embarkment on Planet Hope, holding great meaning.

Gaia also released news regarding the construction of the main base.

After five years, the sentry base built by the vanguard squadron had transformed from a small camp into a giant city that stretched for thousands of miles.

The city itself was already self-sufficient.

Giant city walls, skies filled with sentry robots, and black cannons on the city walls. Overall, it gave one a sense of security.

Of course, the white bones and blood stains on the walls could not be neglected. These were left behind by the monsters who sieged the city.

It reminded all of humanity about how dangerous Planet Hope truly was.

10th month, 6th day, India.

Along with the Gupta Dynasty’s destruction, the Ashoka Dynasty followed the agreement and withdrew from Gupta Dynasty territory, leaving it all to Great Xia.

The agreement had come to an end.

From now on, would the two continue to cooperate to rule India, or would they engage in a fight either in the light or in the dark over the speaking rights of India? Right now, no one knew.

At least, Ashoka was not sure and was a little puzzled.

Luckily, this period of uncertainty did not last for long, as Great Xia gave their answer really quickly.

10th month, 8th day, before the Ashoka Dynasty could totally back out from Gupta Dynasty territory, Great Xia’s north front led by Li Jing charged out of the pass and declared war on the Ashoka Dynasty.

Flames of war reignited in the India that had just calmed down.