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Chapter 1333 - Prosperity every year

Chapter 1333: TWO Chapter 1333-Prosperity every year

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Chapter 1333 – Prosperity Every Year

9th month, 7th day, Imperial Capital.

The Dawson Dynasty’s secret envoy took the document that both sides had signed and headed back home.

After five days of negotiations, the representatives on both sides drew a separating line through the Mayan dynasty. At the same time, they talked about the specific troop arrangements and relayed it to their emperors, who made the final decision.

Next would be carrying out the matter.

9th month, 10th day, the Dawson Dynasty used the autumn harvest as a reason to slow down their attacks on the Mayan Dynasty. The army started to withdraw from the frontlines in an orderly manner and acted like they were resting up.

Two days later, the Great Xia Mercenary army in the Mayan Dynasty territory started to leave the frontlines to rest up and returned to their military base.

Suddenly, the bustling Mayan battlefield dropped in temperature.

The current Mayan Dynasty did not realize the problem. Seeing the battlefield calm down, they were happy to rest up. In truth, the pressure that the Dawson Dynasty exerted on them was massive.

Their tense emotions slightly relaxed.

The change happened during the 9th month, 18th day. Just as the frontlines relaxed, the Dawson Dynasty army returned, looking even more ferocious.

The Dawson Dynasty had sent more troops to the frontlines.

When the Mayan Dynasty received the report, they were terrified. They had the frontlines prepare as they contacted the Great Xia Mercenary army, asking them to end their rest and return to the frontlines.

Unexpectedly, the Great Xia Mercenary army used the reason of “Heavy casualties, badly need resting.” to reject their request.

Based on the contract that the two parties signed, the Mayan Dynasty did not have absolute power over the Mercenary army. The two sides were only mercenary and hirer.

Hence, if the Mercenary army was not willing to fight, the Mayan Dynasty could not do much to them.

After being rejected, the Mayan Dynasty panicked. Within three days, they sent three groups of people over to the base, and the conditions became better and better.

Unfortunately, the Mercenary army did not move.

This delay lasted for five days. During this period, since the Great Xia Mercenary army was not present, the Mayan army’s defensive pressure increased. They suffered heavy casualties and lost three cities.

The Mayan King was anxious like an ant on a hotpot. He even personally rushed to the base to plead for them to set out to the frontlines and assist the Mayan Dynasty.

Unfortunately, they did not care much about the face of the Mayan King.

This time, the Mercenary army basically closed the door on his face; they did not even allow him to enter. At this point, the Mayan King finally realize that things were unusual.

From the air alone he could smell some danger.

However, as the frontline situation was serious, he did not have time to ponder on the matter. Without the Great Xia Mercenary army helping them, the Mayan army was getting destroyed.

Helplessly, the Mayan King could only seek help from the organization.

When Azure Badge received the Mayan Dynasty’s request, they treated it really seriously and sent an envoy to the imperial capital to personally handle the matter.

The Mayan Dynasty was not just one of the four remaining Azure Badge dynasties. It was the only one on the America Continent and had a really important strategic position.

The problem was that the Great Xia Army was currently working with the Ashoka Dynasty and crushing down on the Gupta Dynasty. The honeymoon period between the two had not even began, yet it had already ended.

Whether they could persuade Great Xia was another problem in and of itself.

As the situation continued to worsen, the worries of Azure Badge came to fruition.

Great Xia’s Honglu Temple courteously received them and did not treat them lightly.

The problem was that regarding the specific matters, the Honglu Temple tried glossing over it. They did not want to go into the details, and it seemed like they were trying to delay for time.

This diplomatic game between the two sides would not reach an outcome in a short amount of time.

The problem was that the frontline waited for no one.

The following plot was really cold-blooded and lethal, directly pushing the Mayan Dynasty into the abyss.

10th month, 1st day, the Great Xia Mercenary legion corps informed the Mayan Dynasty of the termination of their relationship. Under the protection of the Atlantic Squadron, they headed back to Columbia Province.

At this point, although the Mayan King was furious, there was nothing that he could do.

One could even say that the Mayan King did not dare to send troops to block Great Xia. First, he did not have enough men; secondly, he no longer held any hopes for other changes to occur at this crucial moment.

In the end, the two sides were in an employer-employee relationship.

They were not even allies, as that was just the one-sided intentions of the Mayan Dynasty.

Between Great Xia and the Mayan Dynasty, there was just using one another. The Mayan King knew this point himself.

The worst was yet to come.

10th month, 3rd day, the day after the Great Xia Mercenary legion corps withdrew, Great Xia declared war on the Mayan Dynasty. Xue Rengui led the four legions of the North America legion corps to attack from the Panama region. At the same time, the 3rd division of the Atlantic Squadron protected them from the oceans.

Great Xia’s sudden declaration of war was a death sentence to the Mayan Dynasty.

This was when the Mayan King realized that unbeknownst to him, the two giants of America had come to a consensus to privately split up the Mayan Dynasty.

Truthfully, such a feeling was frustrating.

“The people are the knives, and I am the meat.”

In such a chaotic world, the strong truly controlled the fates of the weak.

The Great Xia North America legion corps was like a sharp blade, stabbing viciously into the back of the Mayan Dynasty. The defenseless Mayan Dynasty lost their only chance of fighting back.

With Great Xia and the Dawson Dynasty working together, the Mayan Dynasty was not able to hold on for long.

10th month, 12th day, the Dawson Dynasty army took down Mexico City, announcing the end of the Mayan Dynasty that had once held a large piece of land.

Based on the agreement between Great Xia and the Dawson Dynasty, both sides would use the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range as the intersection to form a natural barrier between each other.

As such, the Dawson Dynasty would have a strategic buffer zone in the south.

Great Xia would occupy the south of Mexico along with the entirety of Central America, including Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

These regions would be under the Panama region. In addition to the Antilles islands, they would form the 5th region of the America Governor-General House – the Caribbean Province.

The Caribbean Province was just like its name; the entire Caribbean Ocean was its continental sea.

At the same time, Columbia Provincial Governor Zhou Haichen would be moved over to continue to help the Imperial Court manage the Panama Canal.

For this change in appointment, Zhou Haichen also had the responsibility of defending the border.

The cooperation between Great Xia and the Dawson Dynasty ended the moment the Mayan Dynasty was split up. Following which, the two dynasties would go back to facing off against one another.

The Caribbean Province was the frontline base.

One could foresee the two dynasties having a proper fight over the Gulf of Mexico.

Original Jiangchuan Province Ningdu Prefecture Governor Zeng Gong would replace Zhou Haichen as the Columbia Provincial Governor.

At this point, Great Xia’s plans in the Americas had come to an end. They had basically confirmed the new landscape of America.

Just as Great Xia was busy splitting up the Mayan Dynasty, the India situation also welcomed changes.