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Chapter 1330 - An unassuming storm

Chapter 1330: TWO Chapter 1330-An unassuming storm

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Chapter 1330 – An Unassuming Storm

7th month, 29th day, Imperial Capital.

Ouyang Shuo, who had been in the capital keeping track of the big picture, received the news that Ashoka was going to personally lead the troops and strengthen the attacks on the Peacock Dynasty. At the moment, he was accompanying his four-year-old daughter to draw.

When he heard that, he smiled, “He had some composure, but he still fell for it in the end.”

“Your majesty is wise!”

Du Ruhui, who came over to report this news, smiled.

As one of the planners behind the Battle of India, Du Ruhui naturally understood what was going on.

The Imperial Court had allowed the west front to pillage because they wanted to anger Ashoka; this would reduce the strength of the Ashoka Dynasty and would allow Great Xia to prepare for the next step in the plan.

The anxious Ashoka probably did not notice that just as the Ashoka Dynasty army increased their attacks, the Great Xia Army simultaneously slowed down.

Just like that, the Ashoka Dynasty took on 70% of the pressure.

In the blink of an eye, the 8th month arrived.

More than half of the busy 9th year of Gaia had ended, and the intergalactic squadron was getting closer and closer to Planet Hope. At this sensitive juncture, all the players were looking forward and having high hopes toward their new lives.

Of course, there was also the fear toward a new environment.

The exploration of the Gendaya Continent by the various dynasties had gone on for half a year, and the news that they collected was enough to make one afraid. The cruel environment of Planet Hope was far beyond their expectations.

Even the best exploration teams found it hard to proceed on the Gendaya Continent.

Then as a group, how could the normal players survive on Planet Hope?

Fear was normal.

As a social animal, fear often makes people band together to form a collective strength.

At such a time, with the Federation era no longer around, the dynasties let people feel warm, and they were the greatest thing that the players could lean on.

That was because based on the news revealed by Gaia, the bases on Planet Hope in the future would be constructed based on dynasties. A strong dynasty was enough to give a person confidence.

Using this chance, the feeling of being blessed grew in the hearts of the Great Xia players.

Looking out across the entire world, there was no dynasty as strong and safe as Great Xia.

Apart from the Chinese players, even those living overseas in Great Xia territory recognized Great Xia more and more. The Empire’s ideals slowly gathered up as they amassed strength to explore Planet Hope.

Ouyang Shuo was the controller of that power.

Some people felt delighted, while others felt that the situation was unfortunate. For example, the European Continent that was wrapped up in the flames of war, the India that was embroiled in turmoil, and the Mayan Dynasty that was pincered in.

Especially Europe, which was seen as the place where democracy originated.

A year and a half had passed, and the flames of war had yet to subside. Be it the Alliance Army side or the Ottoman Dynasty side, there were many people who were against continuing the war.

As time passed, these emotions grew more and more intense.

Players were not fools, and they knew that this war was a battle between Silver Hand and Azure Badge. Regardless of who emerged victorious, the most affected party would be the normal players.

All of a sudden, the disapproval of the Europeans players toward Silver Hand and Azure Badge grew.

When Ouyang Shuo heard the news, his eyes lit up. The breakthrough point that he had been waiting for was about to arrive. He immediately instructed the Black Snake Guard’s European division to add oil to the fire.

Only by making these two organizations disband could Great Xia be truly without worries.

To force these two organizations to disband, apart from destroying the dynasties belonging to both camps, Great Xia had to make the world disapprove of them so that they did not hold the moral high ground.

The negative opinions of the players were naturally the best.

Ouyang Shuo was only pushing it forward. As for what these opinions would turn into, even Ouyang Shuo could not predict it. He could only wait and see.

At this stage at least, these opinions would not be able to decide the actions of the dynasties.

Under such circumstances, the flames of war still burned brightly in the European battlefield. The Ottoman Dynasty landed a heavy blow on the Gaule Dynasty while the Romanov Dynasty grabbed some easy pickings.

The Caesar Dynasty did nothing at all.

The most awkward party was the House of Tudor.

On one side, they needed to face the disturbance of the Ottoman Dynasty on their main soil. Even now, they still had not wiped out the 100 thousand invading Ottoman Dynasty troops.

On the other hand, along with the European battlefield changing, the House of Tudor’s arrangement in the Gaule Dynasty had become really awkward. They could not advance, but they could not retreat either.

The Alliance Army was showing signs of cracking.

Especially after their continuous failures in their attempts at conquering the Ottoman Dynasty. The dynasties that were wrapped up were naturally not as confident as before, and they started to think for themselves.

Ouyang Shuo predicted that this stalemate in Europe would be broken really quickly.

Apart from Europe, the chaotic situation in America surrounding the Mayan Dynasty and the Dawson Dynasty showed no signs of changing. Both sides advanced and retreated, going neck and neck at the border.

Most of the Dawson Dynasty’s forces were wrapped up in this battle.

Using this chance, Great Xia’s America warzone began to close out their operation to take down the Great Antilles Islands with help from the Pacific Squadron. They would be able to occupy the entire Antilles Islands very soon.

At that time, Great Xia would have massive speaking rights in the Gulf of Mexico.

As for the Caribbean Ocean, it had already fallen into the hands of Great Xia.

During these past few years, apart from land attacks, Great Xia’s crusades on the ocean islands had not stopped. For example, the famous Galápagos Islands around Ecuador were already under Great Xia rule.

This was the place where Darwin’s theory of evolution came out from.

Next was the Madagascar islands in East Africa, which were also under Great Xia rule. Ownership of this place helped Great Xia control the path from the Cape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean.

As for the islands of the Indian Ocean, they were naturally taken down.

Recently, Great Xia had also been taking down the islands around the Gibraltar Straits. As long as they controlled these islands, they would be able to totally control the entry of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean.

Based on incomplete calculations, Great Xia currently had around 10 thousand small islands, and around a thousand of these islands were habitable.

Unknowingly, Great Xia had also become an island nation.

Although these islands might look completely unassuming, they were located at crucial positions on the trade route, so their uses might exceed even that of a province in the future.

In history, the British gave an unassuming island to the Germans, which resulted in them suffering huge losses in World War II, paying hundreds or even a thousand times the price.

Although Morocco during the Federation era was at a corner of the Gibraltar Straits, it had lost control of the islands around it. As a result, the Gibraltar Straits completely lost its presence.

There were many similar examples.

Not to mention the use of an island when drawing up ocean territories in the future.

In conclusion, along with half of the 9th year ending, a new wave was sweeping across the globe. Standing in the midst of this, the India Region would welcome a decisive moment.