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Chapter 113 - Auditing Division

Chapter 113 - Auditing Division

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After Zheng Shanpao sat down, Tian Wenjing stood up and said, "Sire, the negotiations with the other mountain barbarian tribes have new developments."

Ouyang Shuo was startled awake and he said, "Please say!"

"The two medium sized tribes and the six small sized tribes were scared by the show of strength by the Shanhai Town army at Jifeng Valley. In the negotiations, after realizing that Xuanniao tribe and the other 3 small scale tribes have started working with us and solved their food problems, they decided to put down their fear and start working with us." Tian Wenjing said.

"Good. As for the specific arrangements, has it been settled?"

Tian Wenjing nodded, "That"s right. We have already discussed most of the content and only need sire to come back and take a look!"

"Please say!"

"Firstly it has to do with the soldiers. The mountain barbarian tribes are willing to copy Xuanniao tribe and send their elite warriors to Shanhai Town army in exchange for payment. 100 from the small sized tribes and 200 from the medium sized tribes, adding up to 1 thousand people, a full two units." Tian Wenjing said.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "2 months ago our cooperation with Xuanniao tribe was done so because of the circumstances. We didn"t have enough trust in one another and thus used the method of exchanging soldiers for benefits and payments. This method has obvious negatives.

"In Shanhai army, even though they are all soldiers, the barbarian tribe warriors" benefits won"t be given to them and instead to their tribe, causing them to feel psychologically down and it won"t be beneficial to developing a sense of belonging to Shanhai Town. It would be easy to cause them to have mixed feelings towards the town which will make them not fight for the town and instead be fighting for the benefits and payments. The lack of honor and spirit will be a huge blow to our fighting strength. If the war goes well it will be okay, but if we face problems then why would they fight to the death?"

The military affairs director nodded his head in agreement, "Sire"s meaning is that some negative seeds has appeared in the military and the barbarians and Shanhai Town born soldiers are split into two circles."

Tian Wenjing was a civil servant and didn"t understand military affairs well, asking unconfidently, "Then how should we deal with that?"

Ouyang Shuo smiled slightly, "The situation now is different. As we have the upper hand and are the stronger force, we have to use it and be more forceful. I feel that both the warriors that we choose and their families must move over to Shanhai Town and be a member of our town. Only then will they have the heart to commit to our town and protect it with their all. As compensation, we will give their tribe a one time payment of one gold. We will also give them a batch of food, a medium sized tribe will get 100 thousand units and the small sized tribe will get 50 thousand units."

"Sire"s offer is too good, they have no reason to reject." Tian Wenjing said excitedly.

"As for the specific negotiation details, I"ll have to trouble you. Additionally, the 700 mountain barbarians soldiers that have joined our town will follow the above plan." Ouyang Shuo added.


Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Tian Wenjing, please continue!"

"As the Langshan mining field are already at max capacity, it"s hard to add in more people. Doctor Song had reminded us that the mountains are filled with herbs and medicine, hence I want to deal with the tribes for them to be in charge of collecting the herbs and we will buy them at market price, or use food to trade." Tian Wenjing was obviously not pleased with this part of the negotiation.

Ouyang Shuo frowned, this was not what he had wanted and asked, "Did you ask the tribes if they were willing to come down and migrate to Shanhai Town?"

Tian Wenjing shook his head and said bitterly, "I tried to suggest it many times but it didn"t turn out well. They have a strong sense of belonging to their home especially the older generation. They would rather die in the mountains than leave the tribe and migrate to our town. These tribes also have ancestral temples and that"s their belief and embodiment of their faith, they would never give it up."

"Migrating to Shanhai town doesn"t mean that they will live together with us. We can build a place for them to live where they can rule themselves. As for the temple, we can adapt. Shanhai Town accepts all faith and religion and respect other"s choices. We can build a temple for them and it will definitely be grander and more majestic than their current one." Ouyang Shuo was unwilling to give up.

Tian Wenjing was amazed, "Sire has thought about everything. I will negotiate with the mountain barbarian tribes based on sire"s conditions."

"En, you can focus your energy to make sure one tribe agrees. Best if you choose one that"s having the hardest time surviving. As long as one agrees, the rest will follow. When they see the change in living conditions, even if some disagree, they won"t be able to stop the majority."


"As for the herb cooperation mentioned by Fang Zhongyan, there is certainly a need. Although the territory has a medicine garden, but it"s still in its infancy, many herbs can"t be grown there and can only be found deep in the mountains. In this aspect, the mountain barbarians are the experts. As the territory expands, the need for herbs and medicine will increase, early planning is most important." Ouyang Shuo didn"t want Fan Wenjing to be too affected and validated his negotiation results.


"As for manpower services, it is best if we bring them out of the mountains, this is also our final goal. However, in this process, why don’t we motivate and attract the youths to be courageous and take a step out. Regardless of construction or workshops, they can find a job that pays well and let them feed their family. The youths have more drive and are more adaptive, at the same time they can slowly change the views of the mountain barbarian tribe."

Ouyang Shuo"s view not only shocked Tian Wenjing, even Fan Zhongyan and Cui Yingyu were amazed. This type of labor movement method which only came about 200 years ago was something which was never thought of in the minds of the olden people.

"Sire is a genius, we respect you!"

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and laughed.

After the Material Reserves Department did their report, Cui Yingyu stood up.

"Big brother, the Finance Department’s monetary control problem that you raised before you left, the department has a solution." Yingyu said.

"Please say!"

"The Finance Department feels that we need to set up an Auditing Division. Its role is to be in charge of calculating the territory income"s legality, efficiency and reality, raising the efficiency of money use, stimulating growth and ensuring that the economy of the territory grows healthily." Cui Yingyu continued.

Ouyang Shuo frowned and said, "I agree with the new division. But the role of the division is financial revenue and expenditure. Putting it under the finance department, wouldn"t it mean you are monitoring yourself?"

"Then big brother"s meaning is?"

"The Auditing Division must work independently to maintain its sanctity and integrity.”

Yingyu nodded her head and said, "Understood!"

"As for its secretary, does the Finance Department have a suitable choice?"

"Our original choice for secretary was Taishen from the business division. He passed the imperial exams and just joined the Business Division. Based on secretary Xu"s comments, he is an orthodox person who is very careful." She said.

"Since it"s like this, bring him here for me to take a look."

Yingyu signalled to the Taxation Division secretary Qian Lifei. He understood and left the meeting hall and not long after he brought a middle aged scholar into the hall. He had an average body and he looked a bit thin, his face also having some retractions.

“Taishen greets sire." He bowed and said.

"Please rise!" Ouyang Shuo checked his stats.

Name: Taishen (Silver)

Identity: Shanhai Town Business Division Basic Level Worker

Occupation: Civil Servant (juren)

Loyalty: 80

Command: 20

Force: 10

Intelligence: 48

Politics: 55

Speciality: Incorruptible (raise dignity by 15%)

Evaluation: Originally from a home office, good at taxes, morally upright and very careful.

"Taishan, under the recommendation of Yingyu, I’ll appoint you as the secretary of the Auditing Division. I hope you can lead it well and audit properly." Ouyang Shuo said solemnly.

"Thank you sire for your faith, I won"t let you down." Taishen also solemnly said.

"System notification: congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Taishen has been utilized, loyalty raised by 5!"

After dealing with the Auditing Division, it was already 11:30 in the afternoon and Ouyang Shuo announced the end of the meeting. As for the Military Affairs Department, he was prepared to have a military affairs meeting later on.