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Chapter 112 - Procuratorate Division

Chapter 112: Procuratorate Division

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_Gaia first year 5th of May_

Ouyang Shuo went online again.

After a trip out, Ouyang Shuo felt that he was refreshed. Ever since he was reborn, he had been focused and tensed up. Finally he was able to relax.

After going online, Ouyang Shuo first learned the Yang Family Spear technique that he had bought.

“System Notification: Congratulations player Ouyang Shuo for obtaining emperor-rank cultivation method <Yang Family Spear Technique>, will you learn it?”


With a brushing sound, the secret manual in his hand turned into a white light and shot straight into his temple. In an instant, all of the information regarding the <Yang Family Spear Technique> and its cultivation method surged into his mind.

As a secret manual that was of a higher level than the Bajiquan, the difficulty was much higher. This added with having no one to teach him, wanting to grasp the technique needed a period of practice.

Ouyang Shuo raised the exquisite iron spear in his hand, followed the manual, and trained. Unexpectedly, he looked rusty and unconfident. It seemed like when he had the time he should look for General Shi and Lin Yi, who were both spear masters, for advice. In the last life, he’d used the halberd as a weapon, thus the experience that he could draw on was too little.

Ouyang Shuo’s appearance alerted Yingyu and Qing’er, who were in the backyard.

“Big Brother, you are finally back.” Qing’er stood on the walkway and said with surprise.

At that moment, Ouyang Shuo was practicing spearmanship and didn’t have energy to bother with her. After following the method and training, he finally stopped and laughed. “Yes, the time that I wasn’t here, were you well-behaved?”

“He, big brother looks down on me, how am I naughty? If you don’t believe me ask Sister Yingyu.” Qing’er was annoyed and pouted.

Yingyu stood on the side and laughed. “Big brother, when you left, the whole Lord’s Manor felt cold. Everyone said that it was because it lacked your spirit.”

“Yes, there wasn’t anyone to tease me.” Qing’er agreed.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and said, “You two brats, stop trying to make me feel happy. How is everything? Is the territory going well?” The last sentence was asking Yingyu.

“Yes, everything is following what big brother had planned before he left.”

Ouyang Shuo knew that the backyard wasn’t a place to talk about work, and he had just casually asked just now. He told his 2 sisters to go do their things, and he continued practicing the Yang family spear technique.

At 10 AM in the morning, Ouyang Shuo showed up on-time to his office.

Knowing that the lord had come back, the various directors rushed back to report to work. Helplessly, Ouyang Shuo invited everyone to the meeting room for a meeting.

Ouyang Shuo sat in the lord’s seat and looked around, smiling. “In the past 5 days, all of you have been busy. What does each division have to report? Let’s start from the Administration Department.”

The Agriculture Division secretary Sun Yannong was first to rise and said, “Sire, the Agriculture Division has something to report.”

“Please speak!”

“After 3 months of breeding, the 100 wild cows and 80 wild pigs, apart from the 10 cows and 5 pigs that died, grew up healthily. As for the arrangement of these wild pigs and cows, we need sire’s orders.”

“What are the views of the Agriculture Division?” Ouyang Shuo did not reply directly.

Sun Yannong had already planned it out and said, “Our view is that the wild pigs and wild cows are to be dealt with separately. For the wild pigs, the sows will be left behind. As for the males, leaving behind 2 and killing the rest. As for the wild cows, we will keep everything and increase the scale of breeding.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and said,” I agree with your view. As for the way of dealing with the wild cows, I feel that we can be more flexible. These wild cows are good field cows and should be placed under the control of Qiushui Town. Secretary Sun, I think you need to communicate with Qiushui Town. The wild cows can be used for farming, but the calves that they give birth to must be allocated properly.”

“Understood, sire has really thought it through. I really admired you.” Sun Yannong backed down respectfully.

After he backed down, the secretary of Household Registration, Du Quan, stood up and said loudly, “Sire, I have something to report!”

Ouyang Shuo smiled. “I guess secretary Du has something good to report?”

She nodded and said, “I won’t hide from sire, it is good news. Out of the new population, there appeared a supremely talented individual, and his name is Song Yin. He had worked as a procurator.”

“Procurator?” Ouyang Shuo was baffled.

“I think it’s better for me to explain to sire.” Seeing Ouyang Shuo’s confusion, Fan Zhongyan, who was from the Song Dynasty, stood up and said, “During the Song Dynasty, the procurator was the one to deal out punishment and monitor the various county personnel. The procurator would visit each county and deal out punishments to county officials that delayed cases, caused the inability to catch criminals on time, or corruption. The procurator was also in charge of hard cases and wronged people, as well as accepting appeals. Hence to become the procurator, not only must they be well-versed in politics, but in accordance with the law when dealing with cases.”

Hearing his explanation, Ouyang Shuo realised that this guy was amazing. In modern society, he would be a combination of the Attorney General, Director of Public Security, Provincial High Court President, and the Provincial Army Division Commander, all in one. And he also had to deal straight with the authorities. There was no one he could rely on or complain to.

After understanding the job, Ouyang Shuo was instantly interested in Song Yin. He laughed and said, “Since he’s so amazing, why don’t you invite him here for me to see him?”

“Yes!” Duquan turned around and walked out of the meeting hall. In less than 5 minutes, he brought a middle-aged man and walked into the room. He was 30 odd years old and wore a cotton robe. His body was well-toned and his eyebrows were distinct, looking more like a military general than a scholar.

“Song Yin meets sire!” Song Yin bowed and greeted him.

“Mr. Song, please rise!” Ouyang Shuo said and nodded, taking the chance to look at his stats.

Name: Song Yin (Gold)

Identity: Shanhai Town resident

Occupation: Civil Servant ( _juren_ )

Loyalty: 75

Command: 20

Force: 25

Intelligence: 55

Politics: 65

Speciality: Incorruptible (Raise dignity by 15%), Solve Grievances (Raise case solving efficiency by 15%)

Evaluation: Originally a procurator and has vast amounts of experience. Familiar with law and solving cases. Unbreakable and incorruptible, Strong morals and determined person.

He was a rare genius, making Ouyang Shuo nod his head in delight. “Since you were a judicial commissioner, why don’t I set up a Procuratorate Division and put you in charge of law and punishment while you become the secretary?”

Ouyang Shuo followed the situation in Shanhai Town and made a restriction on the job scope of the Procuratorate Division. He did not follow the procurator from the Song Dynasty, only keeping two roles of keeping the law and dishing out punishment, similar to the court and jail combined.

Song Yin bowed once again and said, “Thank you sire for your trust. I won’t let you down.” As a trained procurator, he could obviously understand the deep meaning in his words.

After the small distraction, the various divisions continued to report.

The construction director Zhao Dewang had successfully replaced Zhao Youfang, standing up and saying, “Sire, the Construction Division has something to report!”

“Please speak!”

“The Jifeng Valley army stable has been built. Please plan the next mission of the Division for us!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, and he was pleased with the efficiency of the Construction Division. “The next goal would be to upgrade to grade 1 county. Hence, the goal is to make the overall plan of the city, including the preparation work of the second city wall.”

“Understood!” Zhao Dewang said and nodded.

After the Construction secretary finished his report, the Administration Department had finished their reports.

Ouyang Shuo turned to Tian Wenjing and asked, “Does the Material Reserves Department have anything to report?”

Tian Wenjing nodded and looked towards the Transportation secretary Zheng Shanpao, signalling him to stand up and report.

He immediately got up and said, “Sire, the Transportation Division wishes to report two things.”

“Please tell!”

“The first has to do with the JIfeng Valley horse stable. Secretary Zhao had said that the basic facilities have already been built. The Transportation Division has already been training breeders and gathering grain and food. We could say that the preparation work is basically done, only lacking stallions.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and did not react, asking him to say the second thing.

“The second thing has to do with mainland transportation. Ever since we had the wooden horse cart, it solved the long distance transportation problem of resources. However, as the population increased, we did not have any carriage-like transportation devices. Hence we need sire to arrange that.” Zheng Shanpao said.

Ouyang Shuo realized that he had neglected it. He’d focused solely on transporting goods and forgot about carriages to transport people. The grade 2 town basic building relay was, until now, still an unused building.

“Secretary Zheng has reminded me well. This is my mistake. How about this? The Transportation Division can choose a place to build a carriage workshop to build handmade carriages. As for the carriage-making manual, I’ll get it from the market.” Ouyang Shuo said.

“Yes!” Zheng Shanpao said excitedly.