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Chapter 111 - Saying Goodbye

Chapter 111 - Saying Goodbye

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In the blink of an eye, it was going to be the long holidays. After dealing with the territory, Ouyang Shuo started to plan for the holidays.

After thinking, Ouyang Shuo decided not to log into the game during the holidays and focus on bringing Bing"er out to play.

Ouyang Shuo had his reasons why he landed with such a decision.

Firstly, in the game, Shanhai Town had already developed well. Politics, finance, culture and military, these four pillars all needed time to solidify and wouldn"t need to be touched in the near future. Even if he wasn"t in the territory, with Fan Zhongyan , General Shi and the other leaders, nothing chaotic will happen.

Secondly, in real life, there was only 6 months till they say goodbye to the earth. As someone who was born and bred here, this goodbye was forever. Ouyang Shuo wanted to take this long holiday as sort of a goodbye trip from earth.

After making his decision, Ouyang Shuo started preparing for the trip.

In the meeting room of the Lord"s Manor, Ouyang Shuo called the 4 directors for a meeting. He looked around and said, "I called you here to announce something."

"Is it a good news or bad news?" Yingyu asked jokingly.

"Neither." Ouyang Shuo shook his head and said, "From tomorrow onwards, I"ll be locking myself up for 5 days. When I"m not here, for Shanhai Town’s matters, I"ll depend on you four."

Normally when players weren"t online, they were training and locking themselves up, hence this was not surprising, thus they needn"t think of a reason to explain to the NPCs.

"Before I leave, I have something to explain to all of you."

"Sire please tell!"

"Firstly, the Military Affairs Department and cavalry unit, you can try to contact the nomadic tribes. The 2 small tribes on the east and west we can try to crush them. The medium sized one in the middle we can have a cooperation with them. If it"s possible, get a batch of Qingfu horses as soon as possible and grow them in the Jifeng Valley." Ouyang Shuo looked at Ge Hongliang and Lin Yi.

"Sire don"t worry, the Military Affairs Department"s main focus has been the building of the stables at Jifeng Valley. As for how to obtain Qingfu horses, we already have an idea. For the specifics, we still need the Military Intelligence Division to find out more information." Zhu Hongliang replied.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head, "Good, then I can"t wait for the outcome."

He turned around and looked at Pei Donglai who rushed back from Beihai Town and said, "General Pei, for the navy unit, the Meng Chong battleships have already been built and can be sent out to the ocean. You must scout and find out about the waters nearby if there are any islands. We must also be careful of pirates. Although it"s very peaceful now, I don"t believe that there aren"t any pirates in this region."

"Yes sire, don"t worry. This general just wanted to bring the small boys of the navy unit out for a little trip to look around and feel the breeze. They haven"t went out to sea before. As for the pirates, I will keep a look out for them." Pei Donglai stood up and said.

"Good, with your assurance, I don"t need to worry about anything."

Ouyang Shuo turned to Zhao Sihu and said, "General Zhao, for the city defense unit, I only have one goal which is to focus on the training of soldiers in defending the city walls and river. Our soldiers are skilled in fighting beasts or invading others but they don"t know how to defend. This can"t do. Don"t look at the raiders and bandits as weak, if they group up or band together, we won"t be able to handle them, hence, as the city protection squad of our town, you must train hard. The soldiers must be familiar with the wall layout and must train hard, they shouldn"t think that it"s peace time and start slacking.”

Zhao Sihu stood up and bowed, saying solemnly, "Sire don"t worry! General will increase training and ensure the safety of our camp."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and turned to General Shi, "General Shi as for you and the infantry unit, I don"t need to worry. I only hope that Shanhai Town"s armoured infantry unit could form soon. Other than that, when I"m not here, you will be in charge of the military. If you face a tough problem you must settle it carefully."

"Yes, sire doesn"t need to worry!" General Shi said loudly.

After settling military matters, Ouyang Shuo kept the 4 directors and said, "When I"m not here, I put Fan Zhongyang in charge of the civil servants. When there is a tough problem, the four directors can discuss and solve it."


"On the side of the Finance Department, as the expenses increase, we must ensure that the funds are used properly. I hope that this period of time, the department can come up with a preliminary idea to discuss with me when I return." Ouyang Shuo said to Yingyu.

Yingyu nodded and said, "Don’t worry, big brother. Secretary Xu had discussed with me about this problem before. Since Brother had brought this up, it has reached an important time. We will give you our views when you return."

"That"s good." Ouyang Shuo looked at Tian Wenjing and said, "On the side of the Material Reserves Department with director Tian, I don"t have much worries. only that the negotiations with the mountain barbarians must not stop. Towards those who have signs of wanting to cooperate, we can provide them with some grain to make them trust us."

"Sire don"t worry!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and turned to Zhu Hongliang, "As for the Military Affairs Department, apart from the stables, there are two more things. One is that the intelligence reporting of the raiders must not stop and must increase instead. Second would be the Armoury Division and the Bow and Crossbow Division must continue to train talented people. The future of the military industry is huge and we need many of these talents."


Ouyang Shuo turned to look at Fan Zhongyan and said, "Sorry to trouble you for this period of time."

"Sire don"t worry, I won"t let you down!"

"With that, I have nothing to worry about."


Hearing that Ouyang Shuo was going to go on holiday, Xiaoyue nagged that she wanted to tag along, hence Ouyang Shuo could only give up.

As for where to visit, the 3 of them had their differences. Xiaoyue wanted to go to Yunnan Lijiang and tour the scenery. Bing"er wanted to go to Shang Hai and see her little aunt. Ouyang Shuo saw through her instantly and knew that she wanted to go there for Disneyland.

As for himself, Ouyang Shuo wanted to go to Taishan. It was the symbol of the Chinese race and was a cultural paradise. Hence, before leaving the earth, he naturally wanted to visit. This place was the first choice for this goodbye trip from the earth.

Luckily modern society was advanced and transportation wasn"t something that could be compared to 200 years ago. These short distance trips, the best way wasn"t airplanes but trains. Sitting on the trains, one could get good views and also travel at high speeds at the same time.

As they had enough time, a full 5 days of it, in the end Ouyang Shuo decided to go from State of Jiap>Shang Hai>Taishan>Lijiang>State of Jiao, a fast trip around the country.

Ever since he told everything to little aunt, the two of them contacted occasionally and it became more warm. Hearing that they were coming, little aunt took 2 days off to bring them around. Definitely, the main part of the trip was Disneyland and they fulfilled Bing"er"s childhood dream.

After leaving Shang Hai, Ouyang Shuo and the two of them rode the skytrain and went straight to Taishan.

Taishan had amazing views and was very majestic. The mountains were closely grouped and the changes in clouds and the sky gave in a beautiful splendor. The natural Taishan represented natural wonders and it also represented cultural sanctity.

Feeling the beauty of Taishan, Ouyang Shuo felt as if his soul had been cleansed.

To see the sunrise, Ouyang Shuo brought both beauties to stay in the high class hotel at the top of the mountain. In the morning, he brought them to see the sunrise. Being woken up so early in the morning, the little brat was unwilling and looked really lost, an exceptionally cute sight.

In the foggy morning and standing on the peak of Taishan, there appeared a rainbow ring, capturing the entire image of the body of the person, it was an amazing sight.

Seeing such a beautiful scene, Ouyang Shuo purposely went off route to visit Kong Zi"s hometown Qufu. Out of the 3 emperors and 5 rulers, 4 had left their marks on Qufu. This was also the old capital and the hometown of Kong Zi, being termed as Dongfang sacred city.

Leaving Qufu, they visited their last stop, Yunnan Lijiang. Feeling the sights and sounds of Lijiang, it was incomparable to the wilderness in the game.