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Chapter 108 - Revenge (2/2)

Chapter 108 - Revenge (2/2)

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When the Shanhai military appeared outside of the defense wall, the tribe sentries almost dropped their jaws. Fortunately, they were well-trained, and immediately blew the horn of war.

The penetrating high-pitched sound filled the whole valley, causing waves of commotions. The Jifeng tribesmen walked out of their houses in fear, trying to find out what was happening.

Huan Tai, chief of Jifeng tribe, had just gotten down from his bed when the sentry rushed into his tent. His stentorian, loud sound could be heard clearly. “Who blew the war horn?”

“War chief, a large army force appeared outside the defensive wall.” The sentry was panicking.

“Army? Which tribe do they belong to? How many men are there?” Huan Tai’s heart skipping a beat, he quickly asked.

“Their flags and banners weren’t from any of the tribes. I have never seen them before. I had a look and there were roughly 1000 men, fully-equipped. They look more like military soldiers than tribe hunters.”

“Military soldiers? Crap, could it be the Shanhai military?” Huan Tai was sensible, realizing the invader’s identity. He responded immediately and shouted, “Gather the tribe hunters, I want every man on the defensive wall, God dammit!”


Jifeng tribe hunters consisted of 800 men, while 200 were stationed patrols on the wall, and the other 600 stayed in their warm houses. They all gathered together only when the hunt was on. Therefore, it would take more than a simple effort to gather all of them in such a short period of time. Huan Tai started to gather the hunters while comforting his tribesmen at the same time.

When the gathered men hit 400 in number, Huan Tai could wait no longer. He was worried that the defensive wall could not fend off the Shanhai military. He could not sit by and watch, doing nothing. He led the 400 hunters, and headed towards the defensive wall, leaving behind his trusted right-hand man, Huan An, who was waiting for the rest of the hunters.


At the defensive wall, Shanhai was the first to initiate. Taking advantage of their long-range shooting capability, the city defense unit fired volley after volley of arrows, suppressing the hunters behind the battlements. The Jifeng tribe hunters were powerless against the arrow barrage, as they were limited by the shorter shooting range of their wooden bows. Their arrows could not even reach the shield-sword infantry, and the feeling of powerlessness soured their hearts.

After suppressing the Jifeng hunters, Ouyang Shuo ordered the infantry unit to sally towards the main gate. Packs of soldiers carried strong large wood on their shoulders, lifted shields in the air, and rushed towards the defensive wall.

Only at this point of time did the tribe hunters become aware of Ouyang Shuo’s intention. Watching the infantry unit coming closer to the defense wall, they had no choice but to endure the rain of arrows and return fire.

Honestly speaking, the hunters weren’t really unable to parry the attacks. After all, they were the ones with the geographical advantage. As soon as any infantry came close to the wall, they would rise and return fire, fearless and fearsome, rocks and wood rolling and falling down the defensive wall, pushing back the infantry unit again and again.

Finally, Huan Tai came with his reinforcements. His arrival inspired confidence, and quickly the morale within the hunters stabilized. They started to form formations and fiercely defended the wall, fully utilizing their stones and wood with their geographical advantage.

Watching as the defensive wall stood stronger than before, a frown found its way onto Ouyang Shuo"s face. He turned to Ge Hongliang and said, "If it continues on like this, the city defense unit is not going to hold it together anymore. Relay my words, order the infantry unit to push forwards. Take down the wooden gate at all costs!" While he was talking to Ge Hongliang, the second half of the sentence was actually directed to the orderly.

"Yes!" the orderly turned and passed on the orders.

Upon receiving the new order, General Shi"s face turned ferocious, he shouted out loud, "Brothers, Our lord is watching us! As the main force, we still haven’t yet taken down that damn gate, this is a disgrace to the infantry unit! The brats of the Langshan garrison unit were asking sire to replace us with them! Can you allow it to happen!?"

"No no no!" The soldiers were furious and answered loudly.

"Then what do we do?" General Shi"s voice could be heard loud and clear all over the unit.

"Take it down and defend our name!" The soldiers were riled up.

"Good, this is the determination I need. By my orders, we move and strike! If the gate still stands high, then I, Shi Wanshui, would rather die than face sire!" Shi Wanshui shouted.


Shi Wanshui personally acted as the spearhead, and his act inspired the other soldiers.

Then infantry unit carried the wood, lifted the shields, and formed a layer of tight protection in formation. They charged in the rain of arrows without fear of death, and rushed towards the wooden gate.

30 minutes later, under the fearless assault of the infantry unit, the wooden gate finally fell. Without the slightest delay, Ouyang Shuo ordered the east wing Langshan garrison unit forwards, and sallied into the valley. During this, the city defense unit kept in formation and slowly marched forwards.

As the gate had fallen, the whole defensive wall was at its end. Infantry unit soldiers restlessly rushed to the defensive wall, bravely fighting the hunters on it.

The tardy Langshan garrison unit took over the task of defending the gate. Coincidently, they had met with the reinforcements led by Huan An. As the two enemies met, Shi Lang’s eyes turned blood-red and he shouted, “Kill them all!” Upon finishing the sentence he charged in front and engaged the hunters in a battle of close-combat.

Needless to say, with 500 fully-equipped warriors of Langshan against 200 tribe hunters with simple weapons, the war quickly turned one-sided. Knowing their defeat was inevitable, Huan An led the tribe hunters and surrendered.

On the defensive wall, the Jifeng hunters were pushed back and cornered by the infantry unit. Hunters were in the end, hunters, how could they match up to an official military force? Huan Tai led his men defending against the attacks and shouted, “Are you the Shanhai military? Why did you attack us without any reasons?”

Shi Wanshui grinned while his spear sent a hunter to his death. He laughed and answered, “Haha, how funny, you attacked our Langshan mining field and now pretend nothing happened?

Today, I will crush your tribe into crumbs!”

Right at this moment, Ouyang Shuo came up to the wall and heard the conversation. He immediately shouted, “Huan Tai, have all your men surrender and all of you will be spared!”

“Hmph, we Jifeng are no cowards. We’d rather die than surrender!” Huan Tai relentlessly said.

“Oh really? Very well, you hunters are no cowards, but how about your families?” Ouyang Shuo said in an unconvincing bantering manner.

His words caused a wave of commotion within the hunters. Their families would be left defenseless against Shanhai if they were to die here.

“You… shameless!” seeing that Ouyang Shuo’s simple sentence destroyed the morale of his hunters, Huan Tai shouted in anger.

“A wise man submits to fate, Huan Tai, I will not repeat again, surrender and you will be spared. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Ouyang Shuo gave his offer again while holding a cold face.

“Sigh!” Huan Tai gave a long sigh, and with no choice, he threw his weapons away.

After the hunters were disarmed, Ouyang Shuo ordered the infantry unit to hold the captives, ordered the Langshan garrison unit to move into the valley, and gathered the other tribesmen.


Jifeng tribe council chamber

“Director Ge, what are the number of the injured and casualties?” Ouyang Shuo was concerned about his troops.

“My lord, the numbers were 20 death, 35 seriously injured, and 60 with slight injuries.”

Ouyang Shuo’s face turned black, and solemnly said, “We still suffered a great loss! The Military Affairs Department has to handle the deaths properly. Arrange for the seriously injured soldiers’ basic welfare and livelihood for after retirement. At the same time, start looking for more recruits, I think it is time to consider the establishment of an army reserves unit.”


“This war gave us nothing in return. Jifeng was poor like refugees. We are at a deficit.” Ouyang Shuo said in great pain.

“At least we have built our prestige in this piece of land. From the way I see it, the moment the news of this war spreads out to the land, the other small-medium tribes will start approaching us, seeking alliances.” Ge Hongliang said reassuringly.

“Well, guess I can only think of it this way.”

“Sire, what are your plans for the Jifeng tribe?” Ge Hongliang asked.

“Take them back to the territory. Bring those we can. Those we can’t bring will be left here.” Ouyang Shuo said helplessly. He had no other better ways. He had suffured such a great loss, so it was purely impossible for him to let the tribe walk away freely. He could only bring them back to his territory.

However, he saw that Ge Hongliang was frowning in response to his solution, so he smiled and said, “Feel free to speak up!”

“Yes, my lord. I have taken a good look at this valley, and the valley covers a great area of land. The land Jifeng had taken up was like a drop of water from the jar compared to the whole valley. The valley is filled with water plants. What’s more interesting is that there is a lake. There is also a fertile grassland suitable for pasturage. Therefore, my suggestion is, we can definitely turn this valley into our own pasture. My lord is well aware that Friendship Town is still building its basic infrastructure. Even if it had been completed, to build a pasture outside of the town, we will still have to face great threats from the nomadic tribes. In comparison, this valley is unenlightened, so we will only require a squadron of the garrison team on the defensive wall and we can be at ease.” Ge Hongliang said.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head in agreement and said, “Your suggestion is very good. However, the valley is too far away from the territory. In addition, to travel through the mountain jungle pathways will not be that easy!”

“My lord, as long as we can smoothly establish a military pasture, have some men and resources, and pave a road from Xuanniao tribe to the valley, the results will still be worth it!” Ge Hongliang continued to persuade Ouyang Shuo.

“Alright, we will do as you planned!” Ouyang Shuo had finally made his decision and continued, “The Military Affairs Division must have good communication with the Transportation Division and make preparatory arrangements. After we return to the territory, perhaps it is time to make contact with the nomadic tribes. It is not good to delay further anymore.”