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Chapter 103 - Bow and Crossbow Division

Chapter 103: Bow and Crossbow Division

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As the curtains closed, some were happy some were sad.

The one that failed miserably was Di Chen, he held close to a thousand gold and didn"t win anything, and instead of getting himself into so much trouble and becoming the biggest joke of the auction, losing all his reputation.

Another sad person was Chun Shenjun. He came confidently thinking he would win it but unexpectedly Ouyang Shuo popped out and beat him, making him go home with nothing.

The luckiest one was Feng Qiuhuang, she was about to lose to Di Chen but at the crucial moment managed to get Ouyang Shuo"s help and get the <Iron Futu Forging Technology Manual>.

The smartest was Bai Hua, avoiding all the popular items and getting the wood soul bead.

The person who received the most attention was naturally Ouyang Shuo. A single person getting 5 of the 10 items. Even the most expensive weapon and armor making manuals he got 3, being the biggest winner.

As the auction ended, what had happened was spread all over the China region. Qiyue Wuyi"s strong financial strength defended his position as one of China"s leaders. As for Di Chen"s provocation to Qiyue Wuyi, it instantly became a joke.

Suddenly, the contents of all the posts changed. This was the first time Ouyang Shuo had came out and showed his strength in public. Apart from his financial strength, his interactions with Bai Hua, Xunlong Dianxue, and Siege Lion were paid attention to by many.

What resulted from the auction wasn"t only that. After the auction, Feng Qiuhuang announced she had left the Handan Alliance. Their scuffle during the auction had been spread and changed many times into several different stories. Di Chen acted too highly with his status of the alliance leader, thence, Qiuhuang leaving the alliance was something that many supported. All of a sudden, the alliance was shaken up once again and many players speculated that it wouldn"t last for long.

Not letting down everyone, Zhan Lang gave the alliance a final blow.

Shortly after she left, Zhan Lang announced that he was dropping out too, getting several lords from the construction industry to build the Blood Metal Alliance. The once glorified six tyrants of Handan was once again hit, leaving behind only Di Chen and Sha Pojun, it was the same as having died.

Just as everyone thought that the Handan alliance was about to disband, Di Chen made an unexpected announcement: Wu Fu from Jingdu will join the alliance. In the territory defense, Wu Fu was ranked 10th, his strength was even above Bai Hua.

With his addition, Handan alliance would continue. However, as it lost Feng Qiuhuang and Zhan Lang, two huge pillars, their strength wasn"t as before, unable to compete with the Chunqiu Alliance.

Ouyang Shuo didn"t slack and instead immediately invited Siege Lion and Xunlong Dianxue into the alliance. Under Bai Hua"s suggestion, the alliance would be named the Shanhai Alliance and the leader will be Ouyang Shuo. The alliance included Shanhai Town, Bai Hua"s Consonance Town, Mulan Yue"s Mulan Town, Xunlong Dianxue"s Xunlong town and Siege Lion"s Black Lion Town.

Mulan Yue had just upgraded to a grade 1 town and didn"t have 200 gold on hand so she couldn"t join the auction, hence missing out. After knowing about what had happened, she sent a pigeon letter to congratulate him.

After the establishment of the Shanhai Alliance, Ouyang Shuo promised that Shanhai Town would give them priority in the sales of the Tang dagger, infantry armor and various bows and crossbows. As for the Mingguang armor, it wasn"t on the list. Firstly, the production was complicated and Shanhai Town had to meet its own needs, so it was difficult to have extras to sell. Second was that Ouyang Shuo wanted the Mingguang Armoured Heavy Cavalry to be his special force. This wildcard was something he did not want to share, even with his allies.

To act as a deterrence, Ouyang Shuo didn"t hide the news about the alliance. Shanhai Alliance"s appearance eclipsed the Handan Alliance, Chunqiu Alliance, Blood Metal Alliance and became the biggest alliance in China. With its existence, if Di Chen wanted to touch Siege Lion, it wouldn"t be as easy.

In a short moment, The China region became fuzzy and big events made everyone dazzled one after another.


_1st of April, 2 PM in the afternoon._

_"System notification: The official exchange platform has been opened, players please take a look!"_

Through the platform, players could put their coins up for sale. They only need to link their credit card and after deducting 2% of fees, the coins will be transferred.

With such a platform, it will be easier for Di Chen and the others to buy coins. Luckily Ouyang Shuo had predicted that and made preparations.

_"System Notification: To make it convenient for deals, the player auction is officially opened. Players could enter the auction hall in the King City or the Intermediate Market. All auctioned products will be taxed 15%, players please have a look!"_

The auction hall will increase the interaction between adventure players and lord players. Adventure mode players could sell the territory items that they got to the lord players. Similarly, lord players can sell the items and weapons that the weapon workshop produced to the players to get building funds.

Between lord players, they could use the system to trade and communicate. The Chinese region was so huge and had different climates and regions. The resource allocations were different for players, some desperately needed wood, some stone. It allowed players to make trades and get the resources that they didn"t have and most importantly, it was cheaper than the market by 5%.

After the auction, Ouyang Shuo calculated the gold he had left. In the auction, including the 500 he lent to Feng Qiuhuang, he had spent 6100 gold. Now, he had 1470 left. He gained 5 items, the <Tang Sword Forging manual> which he gave to the weapon workshop, the substitute doll which he placed in the storage bag and was automatically activated, the Spring Weathering Talisman that he passed to Qiushui town, and the <Song Dynasty Buren Armor Making Manual> to the armory division.

The one that was the hardest to deal with was the last one, the <Song Dynasty Bow and Crossbow Making manual>, in order to manufacture bows and crossbows, the process would involve the carpenters, blacksmiths, cobblers, bow makers and other talented individuals. Hence, there is a need to establish a special division to focus on it, just like the Guangming armors.

Therefore, Ouyang Shuo convened a meeting with the director of the Military Affairs Department and its various secretaries and managers.

Ouyang Shuo looked around and said, "During the auction, we gained a lot, gaining much-needed weapon, infantry armor and bow and crossbow making manuals. To make these manuals into actual advantages and make a completed military production line is what the various directors and secretaries need to do, hence I decided to establish a Bow and Crossbow Division under the Military Affairs Department to focus on building bows and crossbows. The weapons workshop, Armory Division and Bow and Crossbow Division will work together and be the 3 pillars of the military production chain, bearing the responsibilities of weapon, armor and bow and crossbow production.

Ouyang Shuo turned his head to look at Ge Hongliang and said, "Director Ge, the Bow and Crossbow Division"s establishment will be your duty, this includes the choice of secretary. I hope that within a week, the division will be set up."

"Sire don"t worry, I will get it done." Ge Hongliang said.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "That"s good. The scale of the Bow and Crossbow Division can"t be smaller than 300, Director Ge must assign various talents to train apprentices. My requirements would be to ensure every soldier in the military to have a bow. The infantry troops will have a longbow and the cavalry a horned bow. The crossbow will be focused on the god arm crossbow and be used by the soldiers guarding the city. Especially the arcuballista, we must analyze and produce it quickly to attach to the village walls. Not long later there will be a village defense battle, we can"t be careless about it.”


"Additionally, we must mass produce bows and crossbows. However we need cow tendons and horns, its supply is a big problem. Director Ge, you need to send the cavalry out to hunt and kill wild cows to get those items." Ouyang Shuo ordered.

Ge Hongliang confidently said, "This is not a problem, the cavalry camp is in place, it can be used anytime."

"Very good. Xu Kun, how many blacksmith apprentices did the weapon workshop develop?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

"Replying to sire, last month we delivered 20 basic blacksmiths to the Armory Division, now we have 50 apprentices." The manager of the workshop Xu Kun replied.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "That’s not enough, far from enough. This month you need to deliver at least 100 basic blacksmiths to the Armory Division, deliver 30 basic blacksmiths to the Bow and Crossbow Division and the weapon workshop needs to keep 50 basic blacksmiths, can you achieve that?"

Xu Kun nodded his head and said, "I will try my best."

"Not try your best, you must do it. If you are lacking manpower, go and get some from the Household Registration Division, I’ll give them a head-on notice. If you can"t complete it then you will be sacked, do you understand?" Ouyang Shuo said seriously.

"Yes my lord, I guarantee to finish the mission!"

Lastly, Ouyang Shuo looked at the Combat Logistics Division"s Zhao Youfang and said, "The Combat Logistics Division needs to coordinate with the Material Reserves Department and get the mining and supply program settled. Apart from this, you need to contact the Material Reserves Department and find suitable woods for the production of bows and crossbows.”

"Yes, I guarantee I will finish it!" Zhao Youfang said loudly.

"Good, that"s it. Everyone go back to work, I hope to see results in a month." Ouyang Shuo concluded.