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Chapter 102 - Auction (Part 3)

Chapter 102: Auction (Part 3)

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After the break, the 2nd half of the auction officially began.

“Now we will begin to auction the 6th item.” The auctioneer took out a scroll and said, “This is a territory specialty scroll. After using it, chances of attracting special talents increases by 5%, starting bid 100 gold, buyout 500 gold, please bid!”

This territory specialty scroll was what Ouyang Shuo had already gotten during the Spring Assault. Because the same scroll couldn’t be used twice, he didn’t participate in the bidding. Ouyang Shuo not needing it didn’t mean that others didn’t either. In the end, the scroll was won by Xunlong Dianxue for 300 gold.

After the appetizers, the auctioneer threw out a huge bomb. She held a scroll in her hand and said, “The 7th item is <Iron Futu Armor Forging Technology Manual>, starting price 400 gold, buyout 2000 gold, please make your offers.”

The Iron Futu was another name for the armor which armored cavalry wore. Such an elite armor could in a certain degree, compete with the Tang Dynasty Mingguang armor.

“600 gold!” This time it was still Sha Pojun who started the bid.

Zhan Lang didn’t want to lose and shouted, “800 gold!”

“900 gold!” Di Chen stared fiercely at Ouyang Shuo and Chun Shenjun. Sha Pojun and Zhan Lang bidding was just a show for Di Chen to win the bid.

Now the only two people who had the ability to contest would be Ouyang Shuo and Chun Shenjun. What was weird was that Chun Shenjun didn’t make a move, not raising his sign even once. It seemed like he had gotten some insider news and decided to spend his money on a certain item.

However, Ouyang Shuo didn’t have much need for the Iron Futu. After all, its effect was similar to that of Mingguang armor. The Armory Division was already having so much trouble forging the Mingguang armor, and didn’t have room to forge the Iron Futu armor.

However, Ouyang Shuo wouldn’t allow Di Chen to get it easily. Even if he couldn’t use it, he could give it to his allies.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was about to bid, Feng Qiuhuang, who had been keeping quiet, shouted, “1000 gold!”

Di Chen was stunned, when he came back to his senses, he furiously pointed at her, “You you you! You traitor!” Di Chen was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. Feng Qiuhuang was emotionless and didn’t care about Di Chen.

The surrounding players, upon seeing that the Handan Alliance had an internal problem, smiled and waited to watch a show.

“Feng Qiuhuang, don’t be too happy, I won’t let you get away with this.” Di Chen stared at her, turning to look at Sha Pojun. “Pojun, lend me some funds. I don’t believe she has more gold than the both of us.”

What outsiders didn’t know was that in the original Six Tyrants of Handan, the one who was the most afraid of Di Chen was actually Sha Pojun. As the representative of the grey region, he was afraid of the political corporations’ power to crush them. As long as they started paying attention, people from the grey region would be like rats, scurrying around and getting captured. This was also the reason why when the Six Tyrants of Handan split, he hadn’t joined Chun Shenjun.

Sha Pojun had a really bad expression. Under everyone’s gaze, Di Chen had actually ordered him to hand over his gold. It was an insult. However, he still had to deal with him in real life, so he unwillingly gave 700 gold to Di Chen.

“1200 gold!”

“1300 gold!” Feng Qiuhuang was unfazed.

“1400 gold!”

“1500 gold!”

Di Chen looked at her with surprise. He didn’t expect her to have so much gold.

_Don’t tell me both of our gold added together would still lose._

He wasn’t willing and shouted, “1650!” This was all the gold in his hand and this was his last shot.

Hearing his bid, Feng Qiuhuang finally gave up. 1500 was already her maximum. She was really unwilling. She had broken the bridge but still didn’t succeed. Just as she was about to give up, a system notification appeared by her ear.

“System notification: player Qiyue Wuyi sent you 500 gold, will you accept?”


Feng Qiuhuang resisted the urge to look towards Qiyue Wuyi and calmly shouted “1700 gold!”

“Damn it, how does this woman have so much gold?” Di Chen was furious, he turned and looked at all the players and said, “Who will be willing to lend me 200 gold, Handan Town will repay you!”

There were actually a few idiots that would loan Di Chen there money and use this chance to join his good books. Most of them wanted to be neutral. Helping Di Chen would be making an enemy of Feng Qiuhuang. Was this business worth it or not? That was hard to say.

Seeing his actions, Feng Qiuhuang was very calm. Qiyue Wuyi had sent her 500 gold, which could allow her to buy out the item. After all, Di Chen didn’t know her bottom line and obviously wouldn’t buy out the item.

“Cough cough, is this still the TOP lord in the Chinese region? Can’t even take out a few hundred gold and still want to borrow from small fries, such a rare situation. Why don’t I lend it to you?” The one insulting him was Gong Chengshi.

Di Chen stared at him. However, he still had some pride, and just waited patiently for some small fish to bite.

“System notification: player Qige Xiaonuhai has sent you 200 gold, will you accept?”


After accepting the goal, Di Chen was very confident. When he saw her expression, she seemed like she was already at her max. This battle was his to win. As for the clown Gong Chengshi, he will deal with him later. Di Chen gleefully looked at Feng Qiuhuang and shouted, “1800 gold!”

Feng Qiuhuang glanced at him, raising the red sign and saying, “Buyout!”

“Haha!” Everyone burst out laughing. Di Chen was now a clown, using so much effort, offending Sha Pojun, losing face, and still losing the bid.

Di Chen was embarrassed as he returned the money to Sha Pojun and Qige Xiaonuhai. If it wasn’t that there were still items to be auctioned, he would’ve just left out of shame.

Zhan Lang’s eyes shined. As the representative of the military, he wasn’t afraid of Di Chen. This point, Di Chen knew, hence he would rather borrow from a stranger than ask Zhan Lang. Now that Feng Qiuhuang and Di Chen had openly split, and the fact that Sha Pojun and Di Chen had disagreements, was there still a need for the alliance to exist?

As the conspirator behind the scenes, he felt extremely happy. The reason why he’d lent the gold to Feng Qiuhuang was firstly because he didn’t want the item to land in his hands, and the other was because she had shown good intentions towards him several times, now that he had a chance he would naturally help her.

“Now we will start the auction of the 8th item.” The auctioneer didn’t bother about the conflicts between players, holding a talisman in her hand, “This is a Spring Weathering Talisman, making a 20,000 mus basic farmland into a fertile farmland, starting price 100 gold, buyout 500 gold.”

Thinking about the reclaimed farmland in Qiushui Town, Ouyang Shuo wasn’t ready to give up, getting the token for 200 gold in the end.

The 9th item was a scroll, “The 9th item is the <Song Dynasty Buren Armor Making Manual>, starting price 400 gold, buyout 2000 gold, please make an offer.”

Song Dynasty Buren Armor was the strongest heavy-armoured infantry armor in the cold weapons era. Such a good thing, Ouyang Shuo wanted to get it, shouting directly, “1000 gold!”

Seeing Ouyang Shuo’s bid, Chun Shenjun heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he spent all his money on this, no one would be able to compete with him for the last item.

“1100 gold!” Zhan Lang shouted.

“1200 gold!”

Zhan Lang froze, he didn’t expect that Qiyue Wuyi, who had used 1100 gold already, actually still had so much money. He was unwilling to lose and shouted his maximum amount. “1400 gold!”

Ouyang Shuo glanced at Zhan Lang, he didn’t expect him to have such a thick checkbook. However, he didn’t want to give up and continued, “1500 gold!”

Zhan Lang had no choice but to give up. Something like borrowing money like Di Chen was something the prideful Zhan Lang wouldn’t do. He laughed and said, “Congrats Brother Qiyue Wuyi, I give up!”

Ouyang Shuo laughed and said, “Thank you Brother Zhan Lang.”

At this point, the auction was left with the last item. It was a scroll. The auctioneer said, “The 10th item is the <Song Dynasty Bow and Crossbow Making manual>, starting bid is 500 gold, buyout is 3000 gold, please make your bids.”

It was at this point that Ouyang Shuo realized why Chun Shenjun hadn’t acted. This was really the last item, which was different from the previous items. It not only covered the bow and crossbow, it also had all the bow and crossbow making technology from the Song Dynasty.

“1500 gold!” Chun Shenjun didn’t want to give any other person a chance.

“1600 gold!” Ouyang Shuo reacted.

Chun Shenjun frowned, Qiyue Wuyi’s gold was like a bottomless pit. He gritted his teeth. “2000 gold.”

“2100 gold!”

Chun Shenjun panicked, this was not what he expected. He rolled the dice and placed his max bid. “2500 gold!”

Ouyang Shuo froze, he didn’t know how much money Chun Shenjun had. What if he upped the price and he bought out the item? That would be a tragic event.

Chun Shenjun stared murderously at Ouyang Shuo as he slowly raised up the red sign, his face turning white. He had been the biggest loser this time, having over 2000 gold, but going home without anything.