MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 856: Conclusion

Chapter 856: Conclusion

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"I cannot believe my eyes! My lord! Zhang Yu had killed the third member of Steely Dangs Battle Team! What the hell is actually happening!? Just look at Zhan Yu"s HP! It"s still at 68%! Looks like Hourglass Figure and Heart of Destruction have no chance of defeating him!"

"Calm down. They had still plenty of opportunities. After all, those two remaining players are the strongest DPS units in the party! What"s more, Zhan Yu only has 69% HP left. He has already dispensed {God of War Radiant} and can no longer recover his HP. On the other hand, both Heart of Destruction and Hourglass Figure still have their HP recovery skills. Despite your observations, I think that Steely Dangs would still advance come up top!"

"Relax a little, both of you. You guys look like you"re about to start a fight with each other. Enjoy the match. I believe that the winner will show itself soon."

All three commentators were getting hyped at broadcasting their commentaries. Zhang Yang could not help but feel a little relaxed then. Still, he could not let down his guard for even a second. He was facing off both Heart of Destruction and Hourglass Figure at the same time.

"Hmph. I still have my trump cards."

"GARH!" Zhang Yang roared with vigor and leaped forward. With a snap of his fingers, 10 puffs of smoke appeared in the field and 10 Zhang Yangs emerged, concealing the real Zhang Yang somewhere in their ranks. Naturally, he grouped all of himself together and mixed them up to confuse the enemy.

His sudden attack worked marvelously as both Hourglass Figure and Heart of Destruction wavered for a brief second. Zhang Yang caught that moment and immediately made a poker face while the rest of his clones were commanded to express themselves fully.

Even though the clones would only last for 2 minutes, it was equivalent to double damage if Zhang Yang were to attack one of the two players on the field.

"No time to think!" cried out all the Zhang Yangs as he leaped towards them and begun the attack.

With a quick maneuver, Zhang Yang controlled all the clones to attack Heart of Destruction. Even though he had over 120,000,000 HP, he was unable to hold on for long when he is surrounded by 11 Zhang Yangs! All skills were used, including the precious invulnerability and 100% HP restoration.

The last three players that were on that field were no doubt the strongest players. Heart of Destruction welcomed all the clones and with utmost proficiency, and killed them one by one. The real Zhang Yang moved around swiftly, switching occasionally from his clone and himself, taking hits from Heart of Destruction, in the end managing to survive until all 11 Clones had little to no HP left.

"Tired?" one of the clones talked and was continued by the other clone.

"How about-"

"A rest?"

"You look a little-"

"Stressed there."

Heart of Destruction panted heavily but smiled.

"Right back at you."

However, just when there was a glimmer of hope for Heart of Destruction as he thought that he had spotted the real Zhang Yang, the real Zhang Yang revealed himself from behind Heart of Destruction and dealt an upward slice to kill him.

"This….cannot be…"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!" one of the broadcasters yelled in the microphone.


"Calm yourself. I won"t say that the second time."

Panting heavily, Zhang Yang stood still as the rest of the 10 clones disappeared in a puff of smoke.

His HP was still roughly the same as before, at 67%. He had made a living proof of himself that Zhan Yu the player is not someone you can mess with. He f*#[email protected] you up inside out, upside down! Heart of Destruction had made a fatal mistake. He should have used AoE skills to deal damage to the real Zhang Yang.

"I give up."

"Hey man. Did I yell too loud? I think I heard something wrong. Did she just say that she is giving up the fight?"