MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 846: Drawn-out Battle

Chapter 846: Drawn-out Battle

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Zhang Yang began to contact the old allies of Lone Desert Smoke. He wanted to gather them all together to challenge Maya.

However, Zhang Yang was surprised to find out that other than Snow Seeker, the other guildmasters did not agree to lend a hand in this. They expressed themselves clearly that they wanted to challenge the boss all on their own. Obviously, they had already found out that the boss did not have a decent ‘AoE Skill’. So they were determined to take out the boss with the strength of their own guild. Zhang Yang was so pissed because of that.

It did not take long before the first guild launched their attacks on Maya. The first guild who acted was Paragon from Europe Region.

Things went like Zhang Yang had predicted. The Attack power of Celestial Tier was indeed powerful. However, as long as the main Tanker does not die instantly or gets killed instantly by a series of attacks from the boss, the Tanker could be healed back with hundreds of Healers healing from the rear. Under those circumstances, it would be easy for the Healers to heal a player that is losing over millions of HP in a set of time.

Meanwhile, although the {Dark Votex} could really pack a punch, players who get sucked into the vortexes with full HP state would still have 1% HP left when they get back out from the vortex. They wouldn’t die on the spot, though. Meanwhile, the Skill had a 2-minute cooldown. That amount of time would be sufficient for the players to heal themselves back up again.

The biggest headache was the boss’s {Lose Control}. The boss would turn away from the Tanker and attack one player at random. Meanwhile, the impact of the {Explosive Blow} would spread out to other players upon contact with the target. Well, 500,000 damage could instantly end those who have just escaped the ‘Dark Vortexes’.

However, no matter what, this boss was still weaker, compared to the previous few Celestial Tier bosses that revealed themselves before. Under the leadership of God’s Left Hand, Paragon had battled the boss for over two full days!

By the end of it, the boss annihilated the entire Paragon guild by merely spamming its {Explosive Blow}! Because of the {Death Mark}, players who are killed by the boss were not be able to continue the fight with the boss for the next 3 days. Having not been able to last to the third day of the battle, Paragon had lost their capability to replace their ranks with new ‘blood’. All of their members were killed by the boss!

On the other side, when the Paragon was wiped out, the boss still had over 94% HP remaining! It was a depressing situation for anyone to see it!

Well, 100,000,000,000 HP would cause the boss to have a recovery rate of 33,330,000 HP per second. Meanwhile, the boss also had over 200,000 Defence and Magic Resistance! With those combined, the boss would be immortal! The boss was nearly unkillable! That’s right. Even though the boss had not much Attack power, to begin with, the boss could still mash the players slowly to their demise with its super long-*ss HP bar! The boss actually managed to do that to one of the top Tier guilds! From a certain point of view, this type of bosses would be much more annoying than those ferocious type of bosses! Maya had ‘depleted’ all the top Tier players in Paragon in over 2 days! For both players’, mental and physical health, that’s torturous as f*ck!

The top Tier guilds calmed themselves down for the moment. Meanwhile, many other guilds were charging into the battlefield, attempting to battle the boss. They thought that they finally stood a chance against a Celestial Tier boss. However, the Attack power of Maya was not weak either. Using {Explosive Blow} and {Shadow Arrow} consecutively throughout the battle, the boss managed to instantly kill 99% of the Tankers without Inheritance Transformations at the current stage of the game!

Without a Tanker keeping the boss occupied, the boss could just kill the other players in the surroundings, one at a time! With the support from its {Explosive Blow} and {Dark Vortex}, the boss could easily wipe out an entire guild, once provided with enough time.

Theoretically speaking, it seemed easy to take down the boss. There was no tactic required in such a boss battle at all. However, reality was very different.

After many failed attempts, Hourglass Figure took the initiative to gather more than 10 top Tier guilds in order to challenge the boss again!

"The boss does not actually have a decent AoE Skill. But we’re getting our *sses kicked, even after we tried so hard! It’s possible that after all out hard work to take down the boss, when the boss is finally dead, those cunning ones could easily send a few Thieves to steal all the loots by the end of it!" Zhang Yang agreed to join in. However, he had a different idea of how to distribute the loots though.

Unlike battling Rougelier, Maya did not have the ability to cause any devastating AoE attacks. It would make it easy for the Thieves to sneak over and steal the loots while the guildmasters are still considering what equipment and items to take!

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu, what do you currently have in mind, then?"

"We shall take on the boss together. However, when the loot drops, it’s everyone for themselves. Those who act quickly will gain more from it!"

After all, there was no absolute way of confirming that everyone would get the loot by the end of it. Instead of leaving the loots out there for others to steal, why not make it more fun by snatching then? Everyone gets a fair chance to snatch!

After a brief moment of consideration, Hourglass figure and the other guildmasters agreed to it. Well, back when they were battling against Rougelier, they did spend a lot of time picking up the loots. If there are Thieves in the surroundings when they are busy picking up the loot, the loot would be stolen in the snap of a finger.

"Let’s settle it like that, then!"

Everyone had ended up on the same page.

Zhang Yang went back to inform his gang, "… so, when the boss dies, we’ll need to act quickly! No mercy to those who act slowly!"

"Rest assured that nothing good will slip through our fingers! You have me, and cousin sis!" Wei Yan Er tapped her chest and said.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Other than that, make sure you survive until the end. If you die during the boss battle, you cannot get near to the boss for the next 72 hours. If the boss dies within that 72 hours after you, you won’t be able to snatch the loot!"


"However, the boss’s {Devour} and {Lose Control} are picking targets at random, right? What if we’re not lucky, then?"

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and said, "{Lose Control} is random, for sure. But the {Devour} still has a limited effective area. According to my observation for the past few days, {Devour} will only be used on players who are not Tankers. Also, the targets must be on the top 20 on the list of the boss’s aggro, or the last 20 on the list of the boss’s aggro. That’s why people misunderstood the Skill as random!"

"Does that mean that we’ll be safe, as long as our aggro does not get into the top 20?"

"Hmm, that’s right. Remember to reserve your special Skills to clear out your aggro. Once the aggro value reaches a certain level, just use it to clear out the aggro. Our target is more than just killing the boss. We need to secure as many loot as possible!"

3 days later, 11 guilds began to gather before the boss.

Ever since there were players over Level 230, the boss no longer had the luxury to sit quietly and enjoy peace. From time to time, there would be guilds or assault parties attempting to attack Maya. When Zhang Yang and the others arrived at the scene, there were already tens of thousands of players surrounding the boss, throwing their best attacks at the boss. Unfortunately for them, their main Tanker was dead, so the boss was wiping them out.

Well, no prairie fire can completely burn the grass, after all. The number of Level 230 players was increasing by the second. The boss was only getting busier and busier every single passing day. Well, it seemed that Maya no longer had the chance to live a peaceful life --- unless Maya could just toss a Celestial Tier equipment out to the players and roars, "You pitiful beings! Will it satisfy you if I just give you this!?"

It seemed impossible for them to clear out the other players at the moment. Although everyone on the 11 guilds were top Tier players in the entire server, they would still be drowned by the sheer number of players in the vicinity at that moment. Well, one spit from the tens of millions of players in the area would literally drown anyone!

That was also one of the many reasons why Zhang Yang did not want to agree to distributing the loots one by one --- there’d be no time for that bullsh*t! There was no need to even think about sending any Thieves! With tens of millions of players in the area, who would be stupid enough to talk about clearing the area!? Well, with one single hit on the boss, anyone would have the ‘authority’ to pick up the loots!


Zhang Yang charged towards the boss on his Phoenix pet. Well, he wouldn’t activate his {God of War Transformation} at such an early stage of the battle. Who could predict how long the boss battle would be, right? Zhang Yang was wise enough to reserve his {God of War Transformation} until the very end of the battle.

Because the boss’s level, Defence and Magic Resistance were far beyond the standard for the normal Tier players to handle, they could only deal 1 damage to the boss throughout the entire boss battle. However, one clean swing from Zhang Yang’s axe could cause up to 700,000 damage on the boss, though. Because of that, he immediately took over the aggro of Maya.

Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart, Mini Piglet, Female Raid Covent were the players who had the best equipment in the entire guild. Their Skills in the art of healing were the best among the best. With the four of them focused on healing Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang had no problem at all with tanking the boss. Even though the boss had quite a powerful Attack power, Zhang Yang had over 6,680,000 HP, after all. He also had terrifyingly high Defence as well! Truth be told, he did not really need the support from the four Healers! He only needed two!

Well, it would be better to play it safe, though. Now that the situation was totally out of hand, no one could predict if some lunatic might take that opportunity to attempt killing Zhang Yang! Everyone should be aware of that, as well. Well, it would be stupid if players drop their own equipment before getting anything from the boss!

"Endless pieces of mother--- Imbeciles!" Maya continued to roar in rage while it was swinging its sword around. Although its HP bar did not move much at all, getting hit by the players for over a couple days non-stop had really infuriated the boss.

Unfortunately for the boss, it did not possess any decent AoE Skills. Even though the {Dark Vortex} is powerful, the Skill could not instantly kill anyone. That had really limited the boss’s killing ability.

When top Tier players such as Zhang Yang surround the boss, the firepower of the players suddenly shot up! The HP bar of the boss finally started to drop visibly!

However, Maya would use its {Devour} once every 30 seconds to recover over 1,000,000,000 HP! That was enough to make 99.9% of the Attacks go to waste!

Fortunately for the players, everyone came prepared, knowing that this would be a drawn-out battle. None of them were expecting the boss to be taken out within hours.

About an hour later, the boss’s HP had only dropped by 0.5%! That was an extremely low rate, and no one could actually believe with their eyes, even though they were prepared for it!

At the current rate, the players would need approximately 200 hours before they can completely empty out the boss’s HP! That would be a total of 8 days! Even though it was just 8 days of in-game time, that would mean 3 full days in the real life… well… one must really enter a game capsule, under those circumstances.

Everyone went to the boss with super high morale. However, the players would begin to feel tired after a long time of battling the boss. Once they get distracted by that, they might not be able to come back with the same level of morale to take the boss on. If that ends up true, the players would need more than just 8 days to take out the boss. They may need 9 or even 10 days for that!

Although Zhang Yang had predicted this to be a drawn-out battle, the duration required to kill the boss was far longer than expected. He wouldn’t last that long in-game.

However, since the battle had begun, Zhang Yang could not find any reason to retreat now. He would still need to carry on the battle for quite some time before he could retreat, BY then, he should be able to use his {Shadow of the Void} to get free of the boss so that he could go offline to settle his ‘personal’ stuffs such as eating, resting and, you know…‘personal stuff’.

Well, it was an extreme battle of wills!

"My vortexes! Kill all these living imbeciles for me!" the boss roared out loud and activated its {Dark Vortex}. 16 dark vortexes appeared in the surroundings out of nowhere and began to whirl around the boss in an area with a radius of 300-meters!