MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 844: Returning A Favor with Emnity

Chapter 844: Returning A Favor with Emnity

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Because the party was in Leader-Distribution Mode, everyone could only look at the loot and drool. They had to wait for the Bull Demon King to distribute the loots.

Bull Demon King turned his eyes around and passed an Ethereal Tier equipment over to Zhang Yang. Then he said, "Warrior, this is the payment that I have promised you!"

Huh? Did he just strike his own head with the stone that he tried to bear?

Zhang Yang thought to himself quietly. Immediately, he understood something. His powerful damage output had triggered some jealousy among the others. So those people would, of course, want to provoke Zhang Yang now! The first one to attack would become a red-name player. Red-named players would be killed on the spot! That also would grant an additional 20% chance of dropping an item or equipment when the player is killed.

What an insidious bastard!

At first, Zhang Yang did not even have any desire for any of the loot. However, the situation was like lending his hand out to help an old lady, only for the old lady to hold on to him and accuse him of pushing her down to the ground! Of course, he was infuriated now!

However, this Bull Demon King would have never thought that he was currently robbing the Number One player in the entire server! A man whose heart is not content is like a snake that is trying to swallow an elephant. However, this snake was about to swallow something that would kill it!

"What? Do you think you deserve better than this?" Another player from the same guild as Bull Demon King came up and said. Well, it was pretty obvious that they had already planned everything out nicely. Their intention was to provoke Zhang Yang and lure him into hitting any one of them.

"Bull Demon King! How can you do this?" Blazing Coral immediately stood up, trying to bring ‘justice’ to the table. She was infuriated by what she just saw, "Didn’t you promise him that he gets to choose one equipment first? How can you break your promise just like that?"

Bull Demon King smiled coldly and said, "He didn’t even deal any damage to the boss! All he did was to stand there and do nothing! Does he think he can do that and walk away with the best equipment here? How can we allow him to do that? It’ll be unfair!"

"If it wasn’t because of his Aura Skill support, we couldn’t have taken out the boss at all! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Blazing Coral was still as bad-tempered as always. Zhang Yang could not help to reveal a nostalgic smile on his face.

"Pui! It’s true that we took down the boss all on our own! So, we deserve everything we earned. You get what you work for! Do you understand?" Bull Demon King spoke in disdain. Well, the look on his face could really provoke people into slapping him!

That bastard turned to his party members and said, "You guys won’t want to let a guy that did nothing back there to walk away with an equipment that we fought hard to get right?"

Well, it was most probably because he was quite popular in his own guild, so those players nodded still, even though they revealed a vague sense of shame on their faces.

"You! YOU ---" Blazing Coral had lost herself to her anger. She pointed her finger at the others as she trembled in rage.

"Cut the crap now… you guys just want to provoke me so that I would hit you. Well, you wanted me to become a red-name player and let the system kill me, right?" Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and posted out his {Vitality Aura}, [Book of Revelation] and his [God Killer War Greaves]. "Don’t you guys want this? This? Or this?"

Well, they wouldn’t be able to get the {Vitality Aura} of course. Even if they are capable of killing Zhang Yang over a billion times, he would not drop the Skill. However, the [Book of Revelation] would definitely drop though. That Legendary item caught the breath of everyone. Meanwhile, the [God Killer War Greaves] was Celestial Tier, after all. When the information about the equipment was revealed to the players, they widened their eyes and stared the sh*t out of it! Their greed had clouded their sanity for the moment. They did not even though about how Zhang Yang got those items and equipment in the first place! They had not even though about who might Zhang Yang be! How could one guy have so many legendary items and equipment on him?!

--- Because the effect of 10% Passive Damage Immunity could only be effective when four Celestial Tier equipment were together.

Zhang Yang even posted out the fragment of the Class A Shadow Meister Inheritance for everyone to see.

Desire, a powerful motivator. However, it could be a push that brings you straight to your own demise!

Everyone was looking at Zhang Yang with murderous intent now. They were just one step from charging towards Zhang Yang and take everything from him!

"Are you crazy?! How can you show them all that?!" Blazing Coral widened her eyes, looking at Zhang Yang and screamed aloud. Well, she actually thought that Zhang Yang was just some spoilt rich kid who had spent tons of money to purchase all those equipment. She thought that Zhang Yang was just trying to show off how rich he was!

"Blazing Coral, move aside! OR we’ll have to kill you as well!" Bull Demon King said coldly.

Upon seeing Zhang Yang’s Celestial Tier equipment and his [Book of Revelation], he could no longer hold his greed from overwhelming his desire.

"I’ll rather die than be on the same party as you are! Pui!" Blazing Coral chose to leave the party.

Zhang Yang had also left the party. Instantly, Bull Demon King and his party members no longer had the support of Zhang Yang’s {Vitality Aura}. The 50% additional Damage and the other effects had faded away from them as well. Well, the situation was like a beggar suddenly acquiring a billion dollar cheque. However, before he could go to the bank to claim the money, the cheque was already stolen by others. In another way to say it, it was like falling from the sky straight down to the ground!

These players continued to look at Zhang Yang with murderous intent and greed.

Zhang Yang invited Blazing Coral to join his party. She did not hesitate a bit before she chose to join. Zhang Yang waved his hand and cast his {Surrogacy} onto Blazing Coral. That was also why he had invited her into his party. That Skill could only be used on one’s own party members, after all.

With Zhang Yang’s current insanely high Defence, even if Blazing Coral is surrounded by all those players, it would take quite a while before they could kill her. By doing that, Zhang Yang would have nothing left to worry about.

"Felice!" Zhang Yang waved his hand again and summoned Felice out from her Battle Companion Slot. The dragon lady came out and glared at Bull Demon King and his goons with rage.

"Big brother! They’re too mean!"

"Leave your equipment and items behind. We shall let you live! It’s not easy to level up these days! It’s not necessary for you to die here over nothing!" Bull Demon King was still acting like an *sshole. He seemed to be asking Zhang Yang to spare those things for him and his goons. They really thought that Zhang Yang was a spoilt rich kid who could just buy all that again. Well, he had no idea how stupid he sounded to Zhang Yang.

Well, even if the player turns red-name, the player would not drop equipment or item for sure. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had over a full set of powerful equipment and he had quite a number of items in his inventory. They would have to kill Zhang Yang over a hundred times before they could get everything off Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and made a gesture with his finger, "Cut the crap and come at me now!"


Other than the four Healers, the others had come up to Zhang Yang and had him surrounded. Then they began to launch their attacks at Zhang Yang as aggressive as they could.






Tens of damage values popped up on top of Zhang Yang at the same time. However, some attacks could not even penetrate Zhang Yang’s Defence, though. The highest damage that Zhang Yang received was about 11,000 damage. Well, that amount of damage was so insignificant to Zhang Yang’s long *ss HP bar of 6,680,000 HP! He did not even feel an itch! With Felice turning into the ‘Tree of Life’, she could easily heal Zhang Yang back to maximum HP by throwing a few {Bloom of Life} at him.

"This guy is a monster!"

"How can his HP stay still even after we hit so hard!"

"It’s not staying still actually! Look closer! I think his HP bar is just too freaking long!"

The players finally realized that Zhang Yang had over 4 pieces of Celestial Tier equipment! So it made perfect sense that his HP bar would be so freaking long!

"Fear not! He’s just a Tanker! He doesn’t have the Attack power to kill us! Healers, make sure you do your job! We just have to treat him like a boss! We’ve even taken out a Holy Tier boss before! There’s no reason for us to fear a Tanker without any Attack power!" Truth be told, Bull Demon King was decently skilled himself. Well, at least he managed to reassure the others into battling Zhang Yang.

"No attack power?" Zhang Yang smiled a little and swung lazily at a Thief right beside him.


A player with a full set of Ethereal Tier equipment would only have approximately 500,000 HP. Of course, the player would not be able to survive Zhang Yang’s attack! Immediately, the Thief let out a miserable scream and died on the spot.

Zhang Yang stood up with his axe and laughed, "So how about now?"

Everyone revealed a sense of horror on their faces. What kind of monster is this? Not only is his Defence was as high as f*ck, his Attack power is also insanely high! This is madness! They were roaring in anger, complaining about Zhang Yang’s absolute power while they continued to throw their Skills onto Zhang Yang.

Sparks were seen across the surface of Zhang Yang’s armor as the weapons clanged against his armor. Zhang Yang just stood there quietly, allowing the others to attack him with their insanely vigorous attacks.

Well, it was quite satisfying to do such a thing, once in a while. Zhang Yang was thinking quietly to himself while he was looking at the others in disdain.

Well… although those players were attacking him as madly as they could, they could not even move him by a tiny bit! 5 minutes later, Zhang Yang did not even move a muscle! He was just standing there doing nothing! However, his HP bar was still hovering about at 98%! The results of that had really gave the others an intense chill up their spines. They could not help but stop their pointless attacks.

"So, have you guys had enough?" Zhang Yang smiled vaguely, "I guess, it’s my turn then!"

{Horizontal Strike}!

A series of damage values that exceeded millions popped right on top of 9 players. The nine of them instantly collapsed onto the ground and died. Well, Bull Demon King was a Tanker with slightly thicker ‘skin. So he managed to survive that wave of attack with a low HP bar. The other 4 Healers and 5 Hunters got away for the moment because they were standing at the rear.

Summoning Phoenix pet!

"Felice! Little Fiery! I’ll leave the rest to you!"

Felice let out a roar and charged towards the players together with Phoenix pet.

"You! You’re Zhan Yu!" Upon seeing the Phoenix pet, everyone had finally knew Zhang Yang’s identity! Unfortunately, everything was too late now!

Let the slaughtering begin! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Zhang Yang felt no remorse for taking on this kind of people. Phoenix pet and Felice were both Ascended Tier now. Each of them only needed two normal strikes to take out one player. It did not take long before the tens of them were slaughtered up! Bull Demon King could not believe his own eyes after witnessing everything that just happened right before his eyes. His eyes were widened up as his body collapsed to the ground. If he could have known earlier about Zhang Yang’s identity, he would have used everything he had to butter Zhang Yang up instead of robbing him!

Well, an attempt to repay a generous act with enmity had backfired. Now, he has tasted his own medicine!

Blazing Coral was stunned to see what happened as well. Then she said, "You’re the real Zhan Yu?"

"Hehe!" Zhang Yang revealed his personal information to the girl. The long *ss title right above Zhang Yang’s head stunned Blazing Coral for a brief moment.

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu, can I join Lone Desert Smoke?" Blazing Coral had already automatically proposed, before Zhang Yang could ‘seduce’ her into joining his guild.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh. He purposely pretended to think for a moment and said, "Alright! But you will have to undergo a probation stage. If your performance is not good enough, you might be kicked out of the guild, you know?"

"Rest assured that I’ll definitely try my best!"

Zhang Yang nodded and invited the girl to join his guild. Blazing Coral immediately accepted the invitation and became the newest member of the Lone Desert Smoke.

After that, Zhang Yang also passed the fragment of [Shadow Meister Inheritance] over to Blazing Coral. Then he said, "This is a small gift for joining my guild!"

Because Inheritance Fragments could only be carried in the inventory of a player, Zhang Yang had been carrying that piece of fragment ever since he got it.

"This... this is too good to be a gift!" Blazing Coral could not believe the fact that joining Lone Desert Smoke could get such a good treat. Upon joining, she has been given a Class A Inheritance? Wow! There was no other guild that would do that!

She suddenly blushed and said, "Guildmaster, I’m sorry! My heart already belongs to someone else!"

Zhang Yang was stunned for a moment. She mistakenly thought that Zhang Yang was trying to get to her heart! Zhang Yang could not help to smile bitterly. Well, it is really hard to be a good guy, these days.