MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 843: Blazing Coral

Chapter 843: Blazing Coral

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While the procurement of Hua Yi Investment Fund is still in the midst of processing, Zhong Xiu Hua’s mom took the initiative to raise money and perform a reverse acquisition, causing a huge uproar within the stock-market. This decision was made due to her unwillingness to forfeit the ownership of the organization. As a summary of the current scenario, Hua Yi Investment Fund is not an easy prey which could be devoured within a short period of time.

Zhang Yang, on the other hand, was not worried at all. After all, the teleportation service provided within his territory actually brought in a profit by the billions. The initial 20 billion loan could be easily paid off within half a year. Whereas, their current competitor should be the one to be concerned whether they could continue this protracted war of funds. Moreover, mommy Zhong does not dare to use her political connections yet, as this case involved too much money. Any information disclosed could lead to unsalvageable chaos. At most, procedures for loans could be reduced by a bit, however debts should still be cleared on time, without any room for delay!

Zhang Yang still prioritized on leveling. After all, he is not well-versed in business operations. It is still best handled by business professionals.

Of course, other than his level grinding sessions, he would have to become a temporary "model". On and off he would have to wear 4 of his Celestial tier equipment and patrol within Holy City, presenting himself like an advertisement to the crowd. The current Lone Desert Smoke is now a Level 8 guild and had a lot of new room.

To be honest, even if Zhang Yang does not become a roaming advertisement himself, tons and tons of players would willingly compete for any chance to join the guild, as long as any news about Lone Desert Smoke openly recruits new member were to be released. The benefits of joining the guild were very lucrative, being able to get a slot within their elite team would enable them to get an allowance worth thousands. Although the sum of money might not be much, having the right to exchange guild points for higher tiered equipment posed as one of the biggest attractions, which caused everyone to be envious of. Currently, Lone Desert Smoke was ranked as the world’s number one guild. Being able to join such a guild is a glory in itself. Now, this temptation made everyone squeeze all their brain muscles, crafting a way up to join this guild.

The recruitment task had been assigned to Hundred Shots. Recruitment criterias were still strict to prevent parasites from existing within the guild, which may cause reputational damage if not taken care of properly.

Lone Desert Smoke had a very good reputation within the China server. They would not monopolize training zones, random PvP zones and possessed a strict user activity record. Unlike Eternal Flame guild, although the upper echelons were well-behaved professionals, the lower-ranked players were pretty much a bunch of rascals. On and off, there would be cases of the strong bullying the weak happening within their guild.

Somewhere far away in the Holy City…

"Splassshhh !!" From the bottom of the lake, Zhang Yang had just finished killing a bunch of water fiends and emerged on the surface of the lake. Once reaching the short, the speed of Mystic Turtle immediately slowed down, comparable to the speed of an ancient Pentium I Processor. Fortunately, the NPC for the quest clearance was right beside the lake, thus Zhang Yang to dismount himself from Mystic Tortoise and clear the task, earning him 50 million experience points.

Before he could get away from that particular area, a group with more than 10 members from Chinese server surrounded the NPC to clear their quests as well.

"Hooh, This warrior dude here has some pretty neat equipment!" said one of the members after taking a glance at Zhang Yang.

"Pretty nice indeed, looks like a full-set of Holy tier equipment!"

"This dude here is definitely the main tank for some prestigious guild!"

"Dammit, I’m so envious of him!"

For ordinary players, having a full-set of Holy tier equipment is already classified as a symbol of one of those top-tier players. As for Ascended and Celestial tier equipment, they can never imagine the possibility beyond that!

One of the knights moved towards Zhang Yang and asked: "Fellow warrior, could you help us tank a boss? It is a Holy tier boss. We would give you the rights to pick a loot from the boss first!"

Zhang Yang chuckled a bit. Considering his current strength, even without initiating a Transformation he could solo kill a Holy tier boss easily. Even for a Holy tier boss, as long as they do not have HP regeneration skills, Zhang Yang was confident enough to fight them alone after using his Inheritance Transformation skill.

The suggestion by the opposition definitely did not provide any attraction for Zhang Yang. Before he voiced out his rejection, he noticed a female hunter within the group. After pondering for a while, he decided against rejecting their invitation and proceeded to join their party.

After gaining Zhang Yang’s approval, the leader immediately sent out an invite for Zhang Yang and accepted the request and joined the team.

"Wait!? Why did my HP increase!?"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"Guys! It’s at least a 30% boost!"

"Crap…that’s more than my yearly salary increment…"

"Hold up! My damage…It’s boosted!"

Just as Zhang Yang joined the team, his {Vitality Aura} spreaded across the party, together with the [Book of Revelation] effect, and the buff from his second Celestial tier equipment was also successfully initiated.

"This is a powerful {Vitality Aura}! What the heck is this? [Book of Revelation]? God Killer Protection? Unbelievable! No wonder he is the main tank, these skills are too imba!"

Turns out, quite a fuss occurred once Zhang Yang actually joined their party. Being only ordinary ranked players with only Ethereal tier equipment who hardly possessed any Holy equipment, there’s no way for them to know the effects and benefits that could be brought forth by God Killer set equipment.

"Wow, I could even solo a BOSS with these buffs!!" Once this cocky statement was spilled within the group, inevitably, it caused quite some laughter among the peers.

"Well, enough is enough. We should depart soon. Don’t let other parties steal our boss kill!" says the leader, known as Bull Demon King. He as a Guardian as well. Initially, he only had 750,000 HP. However, after getting the buff provided by Zhang Yang, his HP surged to 1,050,000. In addition to the HP buff, he also got a 10% of passive damage reduction which raised his eagerness to try tanking a boss once again.

During the journey, mounts were summoned by the team, however only 2 persons possessed flight-based mount. Zhang Yang did not want to disclose his current identity, hence he did not summon his Phoenix. Instead, he decided to only summon the White Bear as his mount for this trip. For the first time, the summoning of a gold-rank mount gave the team a sense of relief. For once, they felt that they finally had something superior.

Zhang Yan did not bother about it. When he cast his gaze towards the female hunter in front of him, a surge of emotions ripple through his heart.

Make no mistake, it was not the sense of love. It was all because she was one of his teammates in the A-rank League in his previous life. Among the 10 members within the team, Blazing Coral was ranked second within the team, with only Zhang Yang being stronger than her. She was also one of the main reasons and contributors which allowed the team to compete up to the A-Rank League.

As per implied by her name "Blazing Coral", she was a hottie in real life. Due to the fact that there are offline ranked matches for A-Rank League, Zhang Yan was able to meet with Blazing Coral quite often and had quite a good relationship. Despite not being a married person, Blazing Coral had a very lovey-dovey boyfriend, and both of them had a pure relationship. Zhang Yang’s feelings for her only capped at friendship. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was precisely because of their previous friendship, did Zhang Yang agree to join the party, offering help for Blazing Coral.

After traveling for approximately 10 minutes, they reached a dense forest and encountered the boss.

The boss was a huge tiger, with colorful stripes covering its whole body. The length of the tail measured more than 3 meters long, and a pair of canine teeth displaying the might of a sharp blade. Its mighty features and size emphasized the image of the king among all beasts!

[Saber Tooth Tiger King Mangfei] (Holy, Beast)

Level: 230

HP: 2,300,000,000

Defense: 22,500

Melee Attack: 185,530 – 265,530


[Tiger Pounce]: Activates a quick attack, causing 100% melee physical damage to all targets within 30 meters.

[Bite]: Deals 150% melee physical damage to a target.

Note: The beast is not to be underestimated. There was a reason why it was a King of all tigers.

For a player who only have Ethereal tier equipment, a Holy tier boss will be quite a challenge to them. If a certain player possesses a strong skill, then it might give them an edge against the boss. However, ordinary players could hardly obtain an OP skill. Hence, Saber Tooth Tiger King Mangfei became a high wall for the team to overcome.

"Warrior, you only need to sustain the buff for us. We will take care of the boss. Worry not of your promised share of the loot," said Bull Demon King. With the vitality aura buff, 10% damage mitigation and 50% damage increase, he is very confident at taking down the boss.

Zhang Yan smiled casually. After all, he only helped the team because of Fire Coral. He could care less about how the other people behaved and thought of the situation.

The battle began with Bull Demon King leading the charge against the boss, while other team members released their fierce attacks.

With the increase of a 40% vitality and 10% damage mitigation, the pressure and precision in terms of sustaining the healing process among team members had greatly been eased, allowing more room for errors during the fight. Moreover, with the 50% damage buff, it had given a significant boost of damage towards all players, especially towards the poorly equipped ones.

For Ethereal tier equipment, they could only be buffed by up to 110%. With an increment of 50% of buff stacked on top of it, effectively a 24% DPS were added to the players. Of course, for Zhang Yang who had a 300% damage bonus which came from all sorts of effects, he would only enjoy a 12.5% overall damage increment from the buff itself.

Under normal circumstances, King Devil Cow’s party would never be able to deal with this boss. However, with the 3 buffs provided to the team, they could easily suppress the boss. With the constant healing provided by the healers, the team’s overall HP pool was able to remain within a safe zone all the time.

"HAHA! THIS IS AWESOME! Saw my crit there? That’s 370,000 crit damage I dealt there!"

"I wish I could have these buffs forever, that’ll be great!"

While fighting, everyone cried out in excitement and joy whilst enjoying the boost Zhang Yang provided.

Zhang Yang noticed that the party was a very random party. While there was a total of 17 members within the party, all of them belonged to 9 different guilds. There was even 3 of them who were guild-less at the moment, including Blazing Coral.

"Perhaps I should invite her…" Zhang Yang thought to himself.

In his previous life, Blazing Coral had only mingled within a small guild as well. The only reason that she was able to team up with Zhang Yang was all because they had met quite a few times in the C-rank Leagues. Both parties were not able to advance further due to lacking strong party members. When the both of them actually join forces together, they breezed over the B-rank League and was able to advance further towards A-rank League despite only being able to be placed within the lower tier of A-rank League.

Zhang Yang had full respects of Blazing Coral’s capability as a player. In fact, if it was not for the issue of not having stronger equipment, she would be even stronger than Lost Dream! She would definitely have an A-Rank prowess with good equipment in hand.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to send out an invite for Blazing Coral after the boss session. After all, she did not have a guild, which will not cause any form of conflict.

Holy tier bosses are weak, to begin with. Thus, after approximately half-an-hour of hack and slashing, the boss finally howled his last and perished on the battlefield. Loot was scattered around the field after its defeat.