MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 842: Sharing is Caring

Chapter 842: Sharing is Caring

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Regalia fell to the ground, dead and lifeless, spitting out a mountain of loot for the players.

"Well…well…well. Will yer look at that eh? Thank god we skipped school today for this!"

"D*mn straight."

Not many players besides Zhang Yang’s party have ever seen such an amount of loot. Those who had died in the beginning of the fight had already managed to return to the valley. Those who survived the entire ordeal were just sitting down by the side of the treasure, panting like dogs as they feasted their eyes on the glittering treasures. Luckily, all that were present then were core members of the guilds. Gaming mannerisms were already buried deep in their hearts and they knew better than to snatch and run.

Then again, all the seven groups had set the looting system to Party Leaders only. That meant that only the guild master could pick up the items.

"Alright. Boss’ dead now. Time to compare d*cks!"

"You mean DPS."

"I know what I said."


All seven party leaders posted out their own party total damage dealt to the boss and compared. Without a doubt, Zhang Yang was sure that Lone Desert Smoke would be the first on the list. In fact, he was a little disappointed when he saw Lone Desert Smoke was only 30% higher than the second group, which was Land of Savages. He was hoping for more. He was just being a little greedy. However, it was only normal that Lone Desert Smoke could be much stronger than the rest. They had two S class Inheritance DPS in the party and a total of 7 players that had enabled their first set effects. As for the rest of Lone Desert Smoke party members, they were all wearing a full set of Ascended tier equipment. There was no one in the party still wearing a Holy tier equipment excluding accessories.

With Lone Desert Smoke being the only party that had a large gap between their total damage dealt, the rest of the group had only a tiny 5% gap in between them.

There was no argument that they could make to deny Lone Desert Smoke their first pick for the loot.

Zhang Yang walked nonchalantly towards the pile of loot and started rummaging through the loot to check the items. There was a total of 9 Celestial set equipment and all of them were gloves. There were 5 more regular Celestial tier equipment, 11 [Advance Demonic Pearl], 21 [Level 8 Gemstone], 7 skill books, and 9 [Skill Point Crystal].

Zhang Yang thought for a while and turned to his party. "Guys. I have 3 set equipment right now and I will pick the Guardian set equipment. Will that be okay with you guys?"

"What are you talking about? Go ahead. I"m surprised you’d even ask!"

"Guild master. You don’t have to be modest with us. Please take the equipment and have a half your set effects activated! With that achievement, you could lead us to glory!"

"Guild master. Don’t mind any of us. Go for it!"

"Screw you noobie tank! Why you’d get to ---UFFMMM!"

Fatty Han walked in and muffled Wei Yan Er’s little mouth. The scene of which looked like a fat guy was about to kidnapped a little girl. Everyone laughed and persuaded Zhang Yang to go for his choice. In fact, besides the little girl who was only being playful, everyone else was supporting Zhang Yang’s selfish actions. It was not a secret that when a player equips a fourth set equipment, he or she could enable the second set effect. Zhang Yang picked the [God Killer Gauntlet and activated the second set effect: All allies within 40 meters will receive 10% reduced damage. It was a damage reduction buff for the entire party!

Everyone cheered for Zhang Yang when they saw the effect.

[God Killer Gauntlet] (Celestial, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +2560

Vitality: +49401

Strength: +6394

Dexterity: +2624

{Level 8 Socket}

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 98,880.

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 15%

Equip: Absorbs 5,654 damage on attack.

Equip: Grants an additional attack blocking instance for the skill {Block}.

Class Requirement: Guardian

Level Requirement: 240

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 30 Levels.

God Killer Set Equipment (4/8)

Two equip set effect: Increases damage reduction passive by 20%.

Four equip set effect: All allies within 40 meters will receive 10% reduced damage.

It was a damage reduction buff for the entire party!

The second set effect was a passive skill like an aura skill. When Zhang Yang equipped the gauntlet, a faint golden glow appeared around Zhang Yang and formed a barely visible shield that covered 40 meters around him.

Although it was nice to have a protective aura effect, it was incredibly unfortunate for Zhang Yang that the skill did not affect him!

Other guild members were stunned when they saw the effect Zhang Yang gave off when he equipped the gauntlet. Without any doubt in their mind, they knew that Zhang Yang had managed to activate his second set effect. Even though they were not the ones with the God Killer set, they knew that it was and could guess that it was an aura effect.

"My darling <3. Did you get yourself a fourth God Killer set equipment?" Dusk Phoenix literally cried out with her utmost lustful voice. Everyone else that was present gave her weird looks while the rest of the Hell’s Family guild members’ nostrils were flaring up!

"Shh! It’s a secret!"

Everyone knew that there could only be 3 Celestial tier set equipment since only three Celestial tier bosses have been killed. So, how could they explain Zhang Yang managing to conjure up a fourth Celestial tier equipment? It did not make any sense! Everyone was madly thinking about for a second but suppressed the urge to know as they went back to the pile of loot to continue the looting process.

Hourglass Figure stepped forward and when she first touched the Celestial tier equipment, she could not help but smile in ecstasy. It took her a while to move away from the pile with a Sniper’s set equipment glove in her hands. Dusk Phoenix was next, followed by Heart of Destruction, God’s Left Hand, Snow Seeker, and Captain America.

Zhang Yang walked to the front for his second turn since Lone Desert Smoke had earned the right to have a second pick. Hence, when the other six guild masters had picked their loot, Zhang Yang could still go for another round.

"Zhan Yu. I implore you to let me have one of your picks. Name your price and I shall fulfill whatever you want."

"Dearest <3 <3. Give me one of the Celestial tier set equipment! I’ll accept it as an engagement present. You can skip the ring!"

"Guild master Zhan Yu. Since we have known each other for so long and have been cooperating with each other. How about selling us one of your picks? I’ll cut a good deal with Silky Soft Holdings for your sake!"

Before Zhang Yang could even touch the loot, a series of private messages rang in his inbox. They were all from Hourglass Figure, Dusk Phoenix with love, and Snow Seeker. Zhang Yang felt extremely awkward but quickly shook his head and gestured no to every one of them with a sad face. He went ahead and picked two equipment, which was a Defender and a Beastmaster set equipment.

Amongst the set equipment, while everyone else only had one, Lone Desert Smoke was extremely lucky to claim three! Besides the guild masters, other guild’s members were extremely jealous and angry at Lone Desert Smoke. As such, the remaining 5 regular Celestial tier equipment was split up according to the guild masters’ turns. Hence, Zhang Yang had not managed to haul any of them. Justice League was also one of the guilds that had not managed to get a regular Celestial tier equipment.

"What bullcockery is this!" cried Captain America as he cursed.

"*ahem*" Snow Seeker cleared her throat on purpose and said, "Language."

"Oh screw you."

He was being grumpy and cursed the boss for not dropping one more regular Celestial tier equipment. If that is the case, Lone Desert Smoke would be the one eating dirt.