MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 841: Regalia

Chapter 841: Regalia

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"Noobie tank! We have already discussed about the battle setting and had come in agreement to fight Regalia together. Each guild will surrender their part of the magic staff thingy. After the boss is killed, each guild that has contributed one part will receive one portion of the loot while we take two!" cried Wei Yan Er when Zhang Yang was just finishing with socketing gemstone in his [God Killer Chest Plate].

Even though she had left out some information, Zhang Yang basically understood what had happened. There were a total 8 parts to the [Primordial Staff of Life]. Lone Desert Smoke had two parts, while the other 6 were in the hands of other guilds. It would seem that all the guilds had sorted out their spats and had decided to work together instead of fighting one another. Since it had come down to that way, everyone had agreed to split the loot equally. Since Lone Desert Smoke had contributed two parts of the staff, they had the right to claim two parts of the loot.

The sevens guilds that will participate in the killing of Regalia were Lone Desert Smoke, Crimson Rage, Hell’s Family, Land of Savages, Dark Palace, Paragon, and Justice League.

If Zhang Yang was the one deciding, he would have resort to violence after the fight and grab what he could. However, since Hundred Shots had chosen the path of diplomacy, Zhang Yang’s bad route was eliminated. Everyone then belonged to their own region’s top guild. The stage that they were playing on was at the global scale. A tiny mistake would cost their popularity and fame.

"It’s time to fight yooo! Come back here! The other guild masters were complaining! They said that if you’re not coming, they would want to claim our one extra share of the loot!"

Zhang Yang chuckled. Although they had agreed to let Lone Desert Smoke have one more share of the loot due to the extra contribution to the [Primordial Staff of Life], the real reason they had agreed to such terms was due to the fear of Lone Desert Smoke. It had nothing to do with having 2 parts of the staff. It was the guild itself that they feared.

Such a thing should be mentioned whispers. Everyone knew about it and should be quiet about it. Having it discussed out loud would be quite an awkward situation.

Zhang Yang returned to the Holy City and joined with his guild. When everyone was gathered, all seven guilds sortied out in unison and flew towards the valley with vigor.

Perhaps it was considered too early to decide, but Zhang Yang had acknowledged that the guilds that had followed behind him were the strongest guilds in the entire game. Each guild had sent out 30 players with Transformation Inheritance skills. Other members from all the guilds were commanded to guard the valley to prevent any outsiders from trying to meddle with their fight.

In total, there were 210 players who were going to fight Regalia. Even though the number was far too low, if everyone’s prowess is not made up, killing the boss would be easy and fast. Having too many players would not be beneficial, since the boss had the skills to convert players into his own slaves. In short, more players = more slaves, which would mean a greater threat.

The fighters were ready and the other guild members started to push anyone who was not participating in the fight back out of the valley. Although their move had angered many of the spectators around, the players that were not involved dare not disobey their orders. The most they could do was to curse them silently, hoping that all seven guilds will be killed by the boss!

Out of the, blue someone shouted, "We are all from different regions of the game. AoE attacks will cause damage to other players. Hence, unless its necessary skills like {Tornado Cleave} and {Horizontal Sweep}, anyone who dares to use any AoE skills at all shall be killed on the spot."

Zhang Yang tried to search for the source of the voice but failed, for there were too many players around.

"I agree."

"We should not harm each other until the entire ordeal is over. When this is done and the dust settles, we can go back to becoming enemies."

"How bout that? It’s bout time I hear something nice. I’ll play along with your game. No AoE skils innit? Gotcha loud and clear boss."

Zhang Yang cringed at a player who was talking like a cowboy.

"If there’s nothing else, let’s just start the fight now!"

Zhang Yang took the initiative and activated his Transformation and had Felice Transform into her Goddess of War Scion form. The Phoenix pet was excluded from the fight, since its attacks were all AoE based. Since there were plenty of strong DPS around, it would not put a dent in his overall damage without the Phoenix.

With Zhang Yang taking the lead, everyone else flashed out with their skills and charged towards the boss. Amongst the 210 players around, only 29 players had A Class Inheritances. The ones taking the lead were the S class Inheritance players, followed by the A class and the rest were only running on their battle mounts. Once the gap between the boss was narrowed, everyone started launching their attacks.

"Hmph? Are you all so willing to offer up your life to the God of Death?" Regalia picked up his sword and swung it, blasting out a hundred meter long power blast. Right after the skills, Regalia opened his mouth and starting singing a melody with lyrics that was alien to anyone.

{Song of Despair}!

"Endless! DO IT NOW!"

"HEH! Shut your dirty mouth up! HAH!" Endless Starlight pulled out a magic staff and pointed it at the boss. The green colored emerald that was encased in the magic staff glowed brightly and engulfed the boss with the light. The light cocooned Regalia and seeped into his body, muting him completely.

{Song of Despair} nullified!

Endless Starlight was the one in charge of the staff, since his DPS was not useful enough to be in the fight. When the boss was muted from casting {Song of Despair}, the battle soon became a normal boss fight.

Zhang Yang sliced and diced the boss until he had enough Rage points. Then, he used {Charge Up Strike} and combined it with {Sky Slicer}. With the help from everyone’s aura skills, Zhang Yang had dealt more than 300 million damage within 10 seconds.

When the numbers jumped up, everyone was baffled by the damage.

In reality, Zhang Yang was not the only one who had the skill. In the previous invasion war, each region will have one player earning the skill by being the first to kill the Demon Lord. However, {Charge Up Strike} was a skill that was unique to Zhang Yang only. No one could deal such a powerful nuclear strike!

It was unfortunate that the European player that had obtained the skill {Sky Slicer} was God’s Left Hand. Although he was an S class Inheritance player, he was famous for his Defense, healing powers and not his attack. That, and the fact that he is unable to wield a two-handed weapon like Zhang Yang. With a one-handed weapon, the skill would never reach its full potential. As such, even though he could use {Sky Slicer}, the total damage dealt was only 70,000,000.

As the fight proceeded smoothly, Zhang Yang had a bright idea. "Hey guys, instead of the previous agreement, how about we decided the guild to have the first pick by competing with our total DPS?" His tone and voice contained the utmost sarcasm.

"Hmph! Bring it!"

"Come on! Let’s see who will have the last laugh!"

Each guild had 30 guild members, then. If they lose in the DPS contest, there will not be any excuses that they could conjure up. It was a fair bet, since it will decide the guild having the first pick. Now that everyone had agreed to it, Zhang Yang decided to go all out. In fact, everyone else had decided to do the same as well. No one would want to be the last to pick the leftovers.

With that thought in mind, all sorts of power boosting skills, buffs, potions, and items were used to increase their attack.

"You think you could defeat me?! I may have lost the ability to sing but my power with the sword lies unchanged. I shall be the one that prevails!"

It was true. Despite losing the skill, his sword blast was still as strong as any boss-level attack. Still, {Song of Despair} was a skill that could considered to be an impossibly powerful skill that should not exist in the first place! Technically, Regalia was not weakened but merely reduced to a normal boss.

Like all Celestial boss that Zhang Yang had encountered, Regalia’s physical and magic attack did not share the same global cooldown system. Both {Force Strike} and {Fiery Blast} could be used at the same time. Worse still, both skills had only a 2-second cooldown. The DPS was incredibly strong. Then again, Zhang Yang’s defense was also incredibly strong.

At that moment, Zhang Yang had over 180,000 Defense and 40% damage reduction passive. With {Rock Solid}, he would have 460,000 Defense and 70% damage reduction. Although the skill will last for 10 seconds, it was more than enough to help Zhang Yang be a temporary immortal!

Attackers were trying their best to be the highest damage DPS; tanker were trying their best to have the highest aggro. Be it Zhang Yang or Mellow Poison, God’s Left Hand, Hell’s Warrior, everyone was fighting to be top on the list. However, Zhang Yang had both the highest DPS and Defense. How could any tank take away his aggro position? If they wanted to, they would have to first try to exceed his DPS!

{Tornado Cleave}! {Tornado Cleave}! {Tornado Cleave}!

As expected of a Celestial tier boss, his most powerful aspect was his AoE damage. Like other skills, the boss’ {Tornado Cleave} also had a 2-second cooldown duration. All main healers were busy healing everyone, while the secondary healers were busy healing the healers themselves!

Right then, Lone Desert Smoke had started to gain the upper hand in the fight. Amongst the 30 players, 7 of them had enabled their first Celestial tier set effects, allowing them to gain a strong offense and defense power. Even though it was just one set effect, its prowess was strong. Take Zhang Yang for example, he had gained a 20% damage reduction just from the first set effect!

The average HP of all Lone Desert Smoke was roughly around 70%. All other players were struggling at 50%. Either way, healers were already pumping out their best efforts to heal. In cases of mortal dangers, players themselves would have to rely on their own skills to survive. Either way, it would not be easy. It was, after all, a Celestial tier boss. It can never be easy for them.

Seven groups of players were fighting at their best efforts to make every second they spend fighting count. They were fighting for their lives! The thought of competing was no longer in their mind, as they lives were on the line!

To make things worse for players, the boss was throwing out black pools which was the skill - {Demonic Soul} which could turn players into the enemy once touched. Players were forced to run around chaotically once the pool appeared.

Even though they were having a tough time, all 210 players there were the best in the world. No matter how hard it was, they could still deal powerful damage to the boss.


Even with {Demon Constitution}, it was almost not possible for the boss to slow down the HP drop.

"ENOUGH! DIE!" Regalia started to lose his temper at that point and swung his sword like a madman. As a Celestial tier boss, there was a certain pride for Regelia. He would never allow himself to be killed by a bunch of ants.

After 20 minutes, all seven groups of players had suffered from numerous members lost. At the same time, the boss had also lost 80% of his HP!

203 players left…194…143…

Every second mattered, especially when the boss has gone berserk and was vulnerable.


As the total number of player started to drop like flies, so did the HP of the boss. The last surviving members were definitely the strongest amongst all players. Surely, they would have high DPS and extremely good hands-on skills to survive that long.


Regalia would perhaps be the most pathetic boss ever, since he was killed in less than 3 to 4 (real time) hours. It was even safe to say that Regalia was the most short-lived Celestial tier boss.

Players did not even care about that! All they cared then, was the loot!