MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 839: The Fallen Wind Ranger

Chapter 839: The Fallen Wind Ranger

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Back when Zhang Yang was still roaming the Beginner’s Village as a fresh young greenhorn, he had already accepted a main story quest about the Demon Lord, and the Fallen Wind Ranger Calina. However, due to the outrageous quest requirements, he had prolonged the quest until he was Level 100 to gather the required items. After that, he had accepted the quest - "Quell thy Anger" where he was given a quest item to use on Calina to finish the quest.

It may sound simple, but would a Celestial tier Demon boss let you touch her *ss? Back then, before the killing of Kenzack, the system had not revealed the location of Calina, and that was why Zhang Yang had completely forgotten about her. However, when he saw the information about the nine Demon Lords, and the Seven Spectre Kings, his took note of Calina and was ready to resume his quest.

Calina was residing in the Level 240 – Level 270 map of Lonhana. Technically, a player would be required to be around Level 240 to have the capabilities to fight the boss. Any lower, and he would be in trouble thanks to the Level Suppression system. Not even a full set of Celestial tier set equipment could save him. Zhang Yang was different, his quest did not require him to kill Calina. Instead, he was only required to "poke" Calina, and he would succeed. He might take some time to complete the mission, but since defeating Regalia would require the [Primordial Staff of Life] which will require some time before it can be found, Zhang Yang could take his time finishing the quest.

Zhang Yang flew along the route and reached the Lonhana map. There, all the monsters were at least Level 240, and more than half of them were higher than Level 250. The moment Zhang Yang set foot on the map, his Level 222 pathetic, under-leveled character had drawn in as many monsters like a bleeding bait in a shark’s den.

Zhang Yang opted for the flight and fight technique. If he could not outrun the monsters, he would fight them. As long as he has the Phoenix pet and the powerful Felice by his side, he could easily defeat most of the monsters there even though they were elite tier. That might take up some time, though. As such, after fighting and running his way through the map, Zhang Yang had arrived at the lair of Calina, the Ghastly Forest.

As an elf, Calina would surely pick a lair that is situated in a densely growing forest. After she was demonized, her choice of habitat remained the same. The only thing that had changed was the fact that her demonic aura would taint the environment and turn the entire atmosphere around the forest somewhat "gloomy". Without the help of the navigation minimap, anyone would be lost in that forest.

Zhang Yang entered the forest and could no longer fly around. Every short distance, tree branches would block the way and force the Phoenix to descend. Hence, Zhang Yang decided to travel by foot, which was ultimately faster than flying. Despite being a Legendary Beast with an inextinguishable flame, the gloominess of the forest was caused by a Celestial tier boss, hence, the illumination of the Phoenix was only good for around 3 meters in front of Zhang Yang. Surely enough, if the Phoenix could reach Level 230 soon, it would be upgraded to a Celestial tier beast! By then, it would and should be on par with a Celestial tier boss!

Ni shi shi shi shi~~

Eerie laughters echoed through the mist in the forest and three shadowy figures appeared in front of Zhang Yang. Despite being slightly shadowed by the lack of light, Zhang Yang could make out its shape and appearance. The problem was, he could not detect any faces! They were all magically formed out of the mist and only had humanoid shapes. The rest was simply shadow and darkness.

[Demonic Mist Guardian] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 250

HP: 125,000,000

Defense: 15,350

Melee Attack: 109,064 – 169,064


[Misty Spear]: Collects the magic in the air and thrusts to stab a target. Deals 100% melee physical attack.

[Mystify]: When in danger, the Guardian will discard its physical form to restore 1% HP every second. Receives 50% less damage. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: The Guardians of the Ghastly Forest that are created from the Demonic aura of Calina. Naturally born to kill, destroy, and mutilate all living beings that enter their domain.

There were three of them, and all of them was collecting the air around them to form long spears in their hands. Once the spear solidified, the monsters then hurled the spear towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang launched himself to the front and attacked the first monsters with a normal attack to charge up his Rage points. Once he was done, he used {Charge Up Strike} and {Sky Slicer}.

The two most powerful attacks were unleashed and dealt more than 100 million damage after {Sky Slicer} had reached the 10th strike. The monster took so much damage and immediately turned into a clump of mist that was still visible enough due to its color. However, Zhang Yang immediately landed {Destructive Smash} to reduce its healing rate and kill it easily with the combination of Felice and Phoenix.

Zhang Yang turned to the second Guardian and cast {Glare of the Death God}. The skull appeared on the monster’s character after a few hits and swallowed the monster whole.

2 down, 1 more to go. If anyone else besides the usual crowd around Zhang Yang was present during the fight scene, they would grovel at Zhang Yang’s feet and beg him for some fighting lessons.

Elite monsters in higher level maps were extremely strong and cannot be underestimated when they are in large groups. Fight three elite tier monsters would require a team of 5,well-equipped players to fight on equal level. 3v1? That’s impossible!

For example, player A has 300 HP. Player B, C, and D has only 100 HP. All four players have the same attack power. If Player A were to fight player B, C, and D in an orderly manner, all of them would die eventually. However, if player A were to attack player B, C, and D at the same time, player A would die before anyone else does.

Zhang Yang had not only chosen to fight all three at once, but he had also managed to kill 2 of them within 20 seconds! Though, he was technically using those broken OP skills. {Glare of the Death God} and {Sky Slicer}.

{Glare of the Death God} had an hour long cooldown while {Sky Slicer} had a shorter 5-minute cooldown. Zhang Yang would be lying if he said that he was satisfied with them. Since he had used up all the stronger skills, he had to fight the last monster normally.

Even though the monsters do have powerful attacks, Zhang Yang had super defense to counter that. He had enabled his first set equipment set effect and gained 20% damage reduction. If he uses {God of War Shield}, his Defense would be so strong that the elite tier monster would not be able to deal any damage at all!

However, {God of War Shield} had over an hour long cooldown. He would not want to waste that skill, hence, he decided to use {Rock Solid}. Once the skill is used, his Defense would reach as high as 89,050 points, and gain up to 70% damage reduction for only 10 seconds. Although it was short, the main point was in that 10 seconds, the monsters would not even make a scratch on Zhang Yang! 60 seconds cooldown time was short enough for Zhang Yang to spam them endlessly.

As if that was not enough, Zhang Yang still had the Inheritance recovery skill which was almost the same as gaining a 10-second long invulnerability effect! That, and {Block}, {Blast Wave}, {Brutal Smash}, and other status effect skills. He did not even need Felice to morph into her Tree of Life form!

"Big brother sure is strong!" cried Felice as she clapped her hands and jumped around like a little girl. How could anyone get angry at such cute little girl?

Zhang Yang laughed and pats her head as thanks. He then walked to the corpses of the Guardians and left when there was no loot to be picked.

Along the route towards Calina’s lair, Zhang Yang encountered more of those same monsters. Sadly, his killing speed was not as fast as the first group of monsters due to the cooldown of the skills. In fact, he could only perform as fast as the first kill once after a long duration. Still, he had Felice and Phoenix helping him out. In the end, it was no longer as fast as the first one.

Due to the slow killing speed and the insanely huge forest size, Zhang Yang set his course to the center of the forest and only managed to find what he sought for after 10 plus days. Sitting quietly in a large clearing was a palace that was made of wood. That should be where Calina was waiting.

As he walked, he thought to himself. "The quest to procuring the Primordial Staff of Life is not going to be easy. We must first collect all 8 parts of the staff and then fix them all together to get the complete form. If I’m not wrong, there’re 6 parts found and are all in the hands of different guilds. It’s going to be hard to have them hand over the parts."

Naturally, collecting all parts to form a complete [Primordial Staff of Life] would be hard. Of course, the guilds that had them would never hand over the parts they had without a price. Perhaps a guild war will break out when the last part is found. Either that, or the guild masters would come together and decided on a more peaceful solution. That, however, would be unlikely.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

When Zhang Yang stepped on the wooden flooring of the palace, his metal greaves made a loud clattering noise that echoed throughout the entire palace. Zhang Yang frantically unequipped his greaves and tip-toed his way around the palace. Don’t forget, he was there to sneak up on Calina and give her a prod. He could not afford to let Calina find out that he was there in the first place!

Even though what he did was considered to be redundant since monsters can only "notice" a player through the aggro system, the Celestial tier bosses had such an advanced A.I programming that it might actually affect their decision and movement. Even a tiny gesture or verbal taunt would affect how a boss triggers its skill! It was too obvious for both Kenzack and Regalia. Although the developers had revealed all the Celestial tier boss, they would either have ultimate skills to kill everyone, or super tanky skills that made them basically invulnerable! (1)

Zhang Yang continued on further and deeper into the palace and came across a truly haunting revelation. There was not a single monster inside! It was so quiet that it was starting to give Zhang Yang the creeps.

After 10 minutes or so, Zhang Yang reached the central hall of the palace and found his target, Calina. She was as sexy as she was when Zhang Yang first saw her. Her body was a perfect 10/10 and less than 10% of her skin was covered with a black cloth. She was sitting on her wooden craved throne, enjoying what seemed to be red wine. Every time she took a sip, her angled elf eyes would twitch. That tiny movement was so sexy and exquisite that it would make any fantasy hardcore fan go bonkers.

[Demon Lord, The Fallen Wind Ranger Calina] (Celestial, Demon)

Level: 270

HP: ???

Defense: ???

Attack Power: ???

Skills: ???

Note: Once a glorious hero of the elven race and a powerful Wind Ranger of the Elves. However, after being betrayed by her own comrade in battle, her rage was used by the Demon King to turn her into a demon! Her once graceful manner was all lost and was replaced by an unrelenting urge to kill!

Due to the extreme level gap between Zhang Yang and Calina, he could only see the boss’ Level while the other properties were hidden away. However, that didn’t matter, since he was not going to fight her!

Zhang Yang took out the contraption that the quest had given him and prepared himself.

[Memento Glory] (Quest Item)

Use: Refresh Calina’s memories of her glorious past and the days she had spent with her comrades before she was turned into a demon. Can only be used 3 meters around Calina.

Zhang Yang braced himself and sprinted like he had never sprinted before. He prepared all sorts of life-preserving skills, invulnerability skills, {Shield Wall}, {God of War Shield}, and other skills that would keep him alive, long enough to get close to Calina, and use the item!

Translator Note:

(1): I have no idea what does having strong skills have to do with a boss’ AI. The author is not making sense. Editor Note: I don’t think the author was referring to them in the same breath, lol. Probably talking about how OP the bosses would be, either because they would be super intelligent, OR/AND have broken skills. Still, wouldn’t want to provoke a boss into using more of its brain cells eh, heheh…there’s this TV trope called – Powerful buffoon – check it out.