MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 836: Killing the Celestial tier Boss

Chapter 836: Killing the Celestial tier Boss

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Well…to say that a Level 250 elite tier monster is strong…would be circumstantial. At most, their DPS level would be as only around 70,000. Based on their damage, they would not be a match to a Level 250 player with a full Ethereal gear. On the other hand, when fighting a boss, the ability to deal high damage and ANY damage at all would make all the difference in determining the victor.

As mentioned, Kenzack’s {Void Blast} was an AoE powerful skill. Those without Transformations could not come close to the boss. Even with super-powered attacks, one would die without the ability to take several hits from that.

Elite monsters were different. Their HP would be as high as 125,000,000. They would last for as long as 3 minutes without healing while fighting the boss.

Hence, the ultimate rule of war: Only the living can be useful!

When Baa"ljilr was killed, Kenzack’s attack plummeted without the support from {Demon Amplification}. Hence, the Harbingers that were summoned could now last as long as 5 minutes. Even though not all of the Harbingers could attack at the same time, as many as 300 could, since Kenzack was mother*ckingly huge.

Within 20 minutes of the active duration of {Gates of Hell}, the total summoned Harbinger could provide as high as 25.2 billion DPS. Bear in mind that Kenzack had only over 25 billion HP. Of course, the boss had the ability to restore his HP, but was only limited to 1% HP every minute, since Zhang Yang would eliminate all the summon demons at the very second they pop out. 1% HP would be 250,000,000. Hence, 20 minutes would be 5,000,000,000 HP. That was an amount that Zhang Yang and his entire party could handle without breaking a sweat.

In terms of DPS, Zhang Yang’s party would have made the past the requirements by a long shot. The problem was their endurance. If Baa"ljilr is not killed soon, they would have 100% lost the fight, even with the help from {Gates of Hell}.

When Baa"ljilr was killed, the entire party’s HP was fluctuating at around 10% HP. Han Ying Xue was forced to use {Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple} to fully restore everyone’s HP. It was only then they could pull through the hurdle. Any slower, Baa"ljilr would have cast one more {Demon Amplification}, allowing Kenzack to kill most of the players in sight. After Han Ying Xue’s massive milk splatters, other healers were able to out their best to heal everyone else.

Since none of the summoned harbingers could last longer than 5 minutes, Zhang Yang was targeted when the front ones were killed by Kenzacl. Chains of skills were blasted on him, followed by the AoE {Void Blast}, causing Zhang Yang to take extreme damage. Just as the AoE skills were strong, the single target skills were even deadlier!

Kenzack was a rare kind of boss that had both magic and physical attack abilities. His skills, {Shadow Arrow} and {Cleave} did not share the same cooldown. Hence, when the boss could use {Cleave} with his right hand, he could also blast out {Shadow Arrow} with his right. Both of the skills had only 2 seconds of cooldown. Coupled with {Void Blast}, the total DPS of Kenzack on Zhang Yang was around 1 million. It was almost the same or even stronger than Zhang Yang’s own DPS.

A boss’ strength would not come from a single target skill, but his AoE skills. The more allies you bring, the deadlier the boss would be.

HOWEVER! Even if the boss is super strong, 1 million DPS would take 200 seconds to kill Zhang Yang. With Han Ying Xue’s super jugs and the other healers around, it would take much longer than 200 seconds to kill Zhang Yang.

"Is it just me, or that we are really going to win this fight?"

"Hell yea!"

"What a day, just when I just popped my cherry with my girlfriend, we are going to kill a Celestial tier boss as well! What a day!"

"Hahaha! Is it a girl, or a blow up doll that I saw in your purchase history from Amazon Prime?"

"Shut up!"

Even though they had all fought Angus before, it did not count as the First Kill record since most of the damage was on the NPCs instead of players. Even though Zhang Yang was there all the time to attack, he did not manage to get the First Kill Achievement. Things were different then, even though he had the help from the summoned Harbinger, they were all but the product of his summoning skills. They were all considered to be an attacking character, branching out of Zhang Yang.

It would seem that Lone Desert Smoke was going for the kill. While they were getting close to it by the minute, the other players from other seven regions were too busy with their own matters.

There were almost no players around the canyon then, but they were not wasting time sitting down idly. Initially, they all thought that Lone Desert Smoke was going to be just another guild that was bound to fail the fight. In fact, for the past month, players in the forum had been on a heated discussion about which guild in the world could be the first to kill Kenzack. Before Lone Desert Smoke stepped into the ring, all guilds that had ever challenged Kenzack had failed with absolute certainty. When Lone Desert Smoke had managed to kill off Baa"ljilr, players that were observing the fight had realized that Lone Desert Smoke did have a chance to kill Kenzack.

Without delay, they had immediately summoned all their friends and guild maters to gather at the canyon. Even though they would never have the privilege to loot the boss drops, they could at least deal a speck of damage to the boss to have their name recorded along with the First Kill Achievement. It was a feat that could be bragged about in the future! Imagine picking up chicks and showing them your name along with other players that were involved in killing the first Celestial boss!

Sadly, it was just a pipe dream. As mentioned before, without the HP boost from Transformation skills, there was no hope for random players to approach the boss without dying first.

Losing the powerful attack buff, Kenzack had also lost the tide of war, even though his own basic damage was strong. On Zhang Yang’s side, however, they had the best equipment sets in the entire game. Even his party members were equipped with at least one article of Celestial tier equipment! The rest were all equipped with Ascended tier equipment and had the overall DPS of a warring nation! As such, in less than 10 minutes, Kenzack had lost over 49% HP!

"This is not going well for us. Lone Desert Smoke might take the First Kill!"

"Call all professional players in the guild. We might stand a chance!"

"No. All of our strong players had just fought the boss yesterday and failed. They would have to wait for 2 more days until the mark expires."

"What are you saying? Are you telling me to sit down here helplessly as Lone Desert Smoke takes the first ever Celestial tier boss First Kill?"

"Do you have any other bright ideas?"

A minor dispute began amongst the other bystanders. However, no matter how many plans they could chug out, they had no way of countering {Void Blast} without a War Chariot or Transformation skill. Come 1 or 1 million, their fate would still be the same.


By then, Kenzack had reached both the berserk state and the vulnerable state.

With rage, his attack speed rose. As a demon lord, he was surrounded by his own kind and was about to be killed by humans!

The boss’ skill spamming rate was increased to 1 second at a time! However, that was the limit. It was not possible for the skill to have a higher speed.

As such, the entire guild survivability had dropped once more to when the boss had the attack buff. The healing rate of all healers was not able to hold. Many players started knocking on death’s door.

Luckily, the summoned Harbinger were rather tanky enough to last for 2 and a half minutes. Since the boss’ own summoned demons were useless, to begin with, Zhang Yang alone had no problems killing the boss. The cycle of Harbingers being killed and replaced at the front line would last until the boss dies!

As time passed by the seconds, more and more players were killed. Basically, almost 95% players had already used their life preserving skills during the fight with Baa"ljilr. All of them were still in a cooldown phase and could not do anything to resist the grasp of death.

From a few hundred Transformed Lone Desert Smoke players, they were all left with less than 30 players now. The boss was still left with over 11% HP.

Zhang Yang frowned and immediately unleashed {Shadow Clone} and consumed an {Amateur Fire Power Transmuted Grade 10} potion.

{Charge Up Strike}! {Sky Slicer}!

With the help of his shadow clones, Zhang Yang’s {Sky Slicer} skill was able to reach 200% its original power, dealing as much as 500 million damage.


Such a powerful damage was as equivalent to 2% of his HP. Like all beings that are close to death, the boss started to attack without restraint. All skills had only a 1-second interval rate and that was a rather fatal threat to Zhang Yang then.

Fearing the worse, Zhang Yang cried at the top of his lungs. "Do not slow down! Focus on attacking and attacking alone!"

The rest of the core party members nodded their heads and stopped trying to evade skills. All skills, MP and EP alike were used up to cast all sort of skills to end the boss.


"It’s so close!"

"Well, don’t stop now!"

"I can smell it! I can smell the Celestial tier scent in the air!"

Compared to the excitement of Lone Desert Smoke members, the rest of the bystanders had lost their color in their face. Unlike the supporting allies like Crimson Rage, other China players were rather envious of Lone Desert Smoke and were even willing to trade their life to prevent Lone Desert Smoke from killing the boss!

There was a saying. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yet, if they fail to attain it, they would seek to destroy it.

That was what the bystanders were thinking then. However, no matter how much negativity they would muster, Kenzack was killed successfully.

"I will return. I will be back. I am but returning to the arms of the true King of Demons. I will be back. 100 years or 10,000 years…I shall be back to lay waste upon his wretched land. Mark….my…words…." With his last words, the massive giant falls to the ground, crashing like a towering structure and bursting out radiant loots.

‘Ding! Congratulations for being the first in the game to kill an Open World Celestial tier boss! Your glorious deeds shall forever be recorded in the Hall of Fame. Please key in your party name for the whole world to know!’

When the system notification popped out and the input box was showed to Zhang Yang, he quickly inserted the regular advertisement he so often used and called out for Wei Yan Er. "Little brat! Get the loots and let’s bail!"

"I’m one step ahead of you!" cried Wei Yan Er as she had already picked up more than half of the loot.

After submitting the name input, the server channel flashed with red texts to inform all players across all regions of the feat.

Players from China were constantly observing the fight and had prepared for the sad news. On the other hand, players of other regions were gravely saddened. Regions like North America, Europe, and India had only one city left to reclaim! However, they would still need at least 20 days to have the authority to fight Kenzack, then. Although it was speculated, none could predict that China would be the first to kill Kenzack before them!

Say bye bye to Celestial tier set equipment…

With a quick command, Zhang Yang ordered everyone in the guild that was still alive to teleport to Anthylor. Players that were rushing over from Anthylor had arrived a few seconds too late. Even though they could not fight the boss, they could still kill players! They might still have a chance to get their hands on Celestial tier equipment if they manage to kill Zhang Yang and his team!

However, when they saw Zhang Yang’s silhouette, they could only catch a glimpse of his smug grin before he disappeared with a beam of light. Zhang Yang had returned to Anthylor, a place where PvP is restricted.