MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 834: Demon Lord Kenzack

Chapter 834: Demon Lord Kenzack

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The Unfilial may multiply, but they can never prosper!

That is a main teaching of China. It is also one of the most important teachings that are practically written in every living being.

Zhang Yang had never been able to sleep properly. In fact, he was practically disturbed by every audible grunt coming out from Luo Yu Rou"s mouth. He was like a monkey out of a box. Of the times that he had not been logging in to the game, he had used that time of his life to sit beside Luo Yu Rou, caressing her womb and staring at it.

It was then Luo Yu Rou felt like she had made a good decision to keep the baby with a man such as Zhang Yang. The fatherhood he had displayed before the baby was still in her belly had truly moved her.

Despite the doctors" advise, Luo Yu Rou had opted for natural delivery instead of using any sort of drug use or surgical means. After four hours of excruciating pain, Luo Yu Rou endured each painful contraction of her womb and managed to deliver the baby, safe and sound.

Zhang Yang, who was jumping about wildly like a tiger in rage, outside the waiting room could not handle his rage. Every single time he heard Luo Yu Rou crying in pain, he could storm towards the delivery room, only to be stopped by more than 10 security guards. Even they were already on the verge of letting him go due to his unnatural strength. How could Zhang Yang be calm when his wife was practically giving birth to his child!

After Luo Yu Rou"s voice died down suddenly, followed by the loud cry of a newborn child, Zhang Yang calmed down as if someone had shot him with an elephant"s tranquilizer. Zhang Yang walked like a zombie towards the delivery room when the guards were finally called off. A female nurse walked towards Zhang Yang with a baby, wrapped in white towel.

"Congratulations. It"s a baby girl."

Zhang Yang took the baby girl into his arms and said to the nurse with tears flowing down. "No. She"s a princess. She"s my princess."

Despite everything he owned, all the wealth, and all the fame, he felt remorseful that he could not provide much more for his little princess. The little life that was less than a kilogram lay in Zhang Yang"s arms, squeezing his hand as she sucked Zhang Yang"s thumb. At that moment, even if Liu Wei was standing in front of him, Zhang Yang would have felt that all the hatred inside of him was washed away. He felt peace, after a long time. The serenity in the air lasted only for a jiffy when the little girl barged into the waiting room and cried.

"Lemme see her! Lemme see my niece!"

Zhang Yang could not muster any anger in him and smiled. He kneeled down and passed the fragile little life into the little girl"s arms. Wei Yan Er took the little babe and rocked her slowly in her skinny arms. Like magic, the little girl was calmed down almost immediately. She poked her fair little fingers on the baby"s soft cheeks and laughed.

"Looks like everything is fine," said Han Ying Xue. When she came into the hospital, she was feeling a little annoyed. The fact that someone else had given birth to Zhang Yang"s baby and she could not be the one. However, when Han Ying Xue took the baby into her arms, she too, felt all the negative emotions in her beginning to melt away. All she felt then, was love.

"How about that," said the nurse with a gentle smile.

"Please keep me updated on my wife"s condition."

"Very well, sir."

10 days later, after confirming the baby"s health was superb, Zhang Yang finally returned to the game.

"Little Yang! Let us arrange a child marriage!" said Fatty Han with the most earnest eyes as he tapped Zhang Yang"s shoulders.

"You want me to give you a super slap in the face, that even a palm reader could read my fortune by studying your face?"

"Ayy. Chill. We are bros! Come on! If you are a girl, I"d be marrying you! This sort of bond will last for eternity! I"d swear that we will always be the best of friends even in the next life!" said Fatty Han as he pushed his unborn son to be a candidate for Zhang Yang"s daughter.

His wife"s expected date was roughly two months later. He had already done every possible scan and health checks on her and had confirmed that the child will be a fat little boy. After Fatty Han found that Zhang Yang"s child was a girl, he had immediately "booked" a spot for him. How could he not? That daughter was the child of both Zhang Yang and the super-hot Luo Yu Rou! The possibility of her being the next top model in the world was so high!

"Alright. Enough with my daughter. I want to know, what about the Celestial tier boss? How are we going at it? Has a strategy been formulated? Update, please."

"It"s bad. You might want to sit down first." Hundred Shots sighed heavily and continued. "Kenzack was not alone. He was accompanied by Baa"ljilr the Imposter, an Ascended tier boss. Together, they had proven to be undefeatable. Their combined DPS power was too strong that no guild could do it alone."

"I even formed an alliance with Crimson Rage and Imperial Sky but failed even after numerous attempts. We lasted for 8 minutes. That is the longest time we could hold for before everyone is killed.

Zhang Yang sulked and frowned.

"Is it that hard?"

"Well. From a certain point of view. Now that the big boss is back in play, things might get easier now!" said Lost Dream.

"And…why is that?"

"See for yourself!"

The party gathered and headed towards Anthylor. Once they arrived, the team summoned out their mounts and soared towards a canyon that had never been around the vicinity. There, under the shadow of the canyon were the demon army. The sounds of battle could be heard from the top of the canyon when Zhang Yang descended lower. Countless of players could be seen fighting the demon army. One thing that piqued Zhang Yang"s interest was the fact that all players there were from China. None of the players from other regions were present.

"I see that only players from China fighting. Why aren"t any players from other regions fighting?"

"Case in point. We haven"t lost any major cities, have we not? While other regions had lost one or two. When there are still demon armies occupying the cities of other regions, there will be a debuff inflicted on all players around the globe. The debuff increases all damage taken by 10 folds! While we don"t need to reclaim any cities, the other players from other regions are busy with theirs. Hence, there are no players from other regions." Endless Starlight explained.

Zhang Yang understood the scenario and nodded. No wonder the system had made the announcement. Only by reclaiming all major cities will the players be allowed to fight Kenzack. If even one city is occupied by the demons, all players will receive 10 times the usual damage. With that buff, there was no wonder why Lone Desert Smoke could not handle an Ascended tier boss. He had been upgraded to a Celestial tier power!

Standing in the center of the canyon was a supermassive demon. Like all demons, he had a bat-like wings and a long tail. Unlike all demons, however, that one was several hundred meters tall and wielded a long blade was the same height as he. One single swing of his blade could level a mountain!

[Demon Lord Kenzack] (Celestial, Demon)

Level: 250

HP: 25,000,000,000

Defense: 62,718

Melee Attack: 691,686 – 891,686

Magic Attack: 409,046 – 509,046


[Cleave]: Swings the massive blade and deals 100% melee physical damage to all targets within 100 meters in the frontal direction.

[Thousand Summon]: Summons 1,000 Demon Soldier from the Netherworld and fight in his stead.

[Demonic Bond]: Swallows a demon and restore 1% HP. Recovery rate cannot be affected by any skills.

[Shadow Arrow]: Shots a True Shadow Arrow to a target and deals 200% magic Shadow damage.

[Void Blast]: Explodes a powerful void bomb and deals 800,000 Shadow damage to all targets within 300 meters.

[No Escape]: Once a player enters 300 meters distance from Kenzack, players will be inflicted with the buff. Once a player goes 300 meters away from Kenzack, they will be killed immediately without mercy.

[Death Mark]: Once a player was killed by Kenzack, they will be inflicted with the debuff. Players will carry the debuff even after death and cannot get close to Kenzack for as far as 300 meters. Those who step within the range will die instantly. Debuff will last for 72 hours.

Note: The most powerful Demon ever existed. A true undefeatable entity. Even though Kenzack ranked the last amongst the Nine Demon Lords, his powers and capabilities were unrivaled with anyone else.

It has been a long time since Zhang Yang last laid eyes upon a boss that had so many skills. As expected of a Celestial boss. What a drag. Standing by his side, was a smaller Demon, but was larger than regular Demon Soldiers. It was Baa"ljilr the Imposter.

[Baa"ljilr the Imposter] (Ascended, Demon)

Level: 250

HP: 12,500,000,000

Defense: 38,545

Melee Attack: 386,830 – 466,830


[Demon Amplification]: Consumes 5% HP and grants 100% attack to Kenzack. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

[Demonic Bond]: Swallows a Demon and restores 10% HP.

Note: The master of disguise. The god of trickery and deception. Loyal to only the Demon Lord Kenzack.

Compared to the Celestial tier boss, Baa"ljilr the Imposter was nothing but a punching bag. Besides his regular attacks, there were not many offensive skills. However, the problem was his supporting skills. With Baa"ljilr the Imposter by Kenzack"s side, his presence was a powerful catalyst that could greatly improve Kenzack"s prowess.

{Demon Amplification} is the most troublesome skills. Despite having no offensive skills, Baa"ljilr the Imposter serves as a powerful supporter of Kenzack. Although the skill will consume Baa"ljilr"s HP, it was completely negligible since Kenzack could summon a bunch of Demons for them so "nom nom" on. They could kill every player there simply by eating demons and slicing up everyone.

Worst of all, players that are killed cannot return to fight within 3 days! No wonder players from China had spent over 30 days to fight the boss! They could not even come close to even leave a wound on the OP as sh*t boss! The power level was too much for them!

The most obvious choice would be to first kill Baa"ljilr the Imposter. After that, players would have to eliminate all the summoned demons out to prevent Kenzack from restoring his health. That required the skill to have long cooldown time and players to have superb killing abilities.

Despite having a long HP bar, Baa"ljilr the Imposter would not last long if players coordinate to kill all the Demons summoned. That, and they would have to last for 20 uses of {Demon Amplification}. 20 uses of the skill will consume 100% of his HP, killing himself.

"How long are the boss" skills cooldown? I want to know each and every one of them." Said Zhang Yang.

"Alright. Demonic Bond, 5 seconds once."

"Void Blast, 2 seconds once."

"Demon Amplification, 30 seconds once."

The summoning skill had a minute long cooldown. Despite having such a long cooldown time, players would wipe out all the summoned demon in a flash. At most, the boss could only use {Demonic Bond} once. That was under the assumption that all the players around were strong and cooperative.

If they were neither, the boss might be able to restore his HP more than once. If they are unable to kill Baa"ljilr the Imposter with haste, Kenzack would receive his buff and cause the mass killing of all players around.

Everyone knew that defeating the boss was without hope, yet they were still charging in aimlessly. The reason was as plain as daylight. They were all enticed by the Celestial loot.

"I see what you mean on why I could turn the tables around. You were all waiting for my skill, the {Gates of Hell}!

"Right on!" said Lost Dream which led to everyone else to nod in unison.

Zhang Yang was not afraid of the boss having summoning skills. In fact, after gaining the skill {Gates of Hell}, he welcomes them with open arms. When the boss summons monsters, especially lower tier once, his skills would allow him to summon a similar Level elite tier Demon for every target killed!

Zhang Yang started calculating the battle and smiled confidently. "I think, we might have a shot at winning!"

An Elite tier monster would have at least 100 million HP. Hence, even though the Celestial tier boss was strong, he would take close to 2 minutes to kill a single Elite tier monster. Another factor that contributed to their winning was Kenzack"s size. Each Elite tier of that Level would have a certain level of attack power. Coupled with his massive size, all the demons summoned by Zhang Yang could surround Kenzack easily and the numbers of them that could attack would be higher than a hundred. In the two minutes it takes for one demon to die, the demons could dish out a considerably high amount of damage.

Zhang Yang began to discuss the battle plans. At then, there were many of other unknown guilds that had tried their own luck at the boss. However, despite all sort of battle plans and strategies being implemented, they could not defeat the boss. Those that chose to kill Baa"ljilr first managed to survive until Kenzack had over 60% HP left. Those that chose to ignore Baa"ljilr could not go any lower than 95% HP.

Zhang Yang waited until the guilds who failed left the canyon. At then, most of the players had left and were only grinding normally outside of the canyon.

Before Zhang Yang"s return to the game, Lone Desert Smoke had sortied their own attack forces not too long ago. All of them were bearing the debuff on them and had to wait for one more day to disappear.

Lone Desert Smoke was not the only guild that was bearing the mark. In fact, almost all of China"s players had the mark on them as well. Since the time taken for them to reattempt to kill the boss was three days, so they could not spare any time wasted on other things. Once the mark expires, they will return to the canyon again and fight for their chance to defeat the boss, with or without a miracle.

They were all rushing desperately, not just because of the Celestial loot, but also because they taking the opportunity of other players of other regions being busy with their city reclaiming wars. In the next 20 days or so, Europe, India, North America would have already completed reclaiming all their fallen cities. By then, China would not be the only region to fight Kenzack. If they prolong the fight for too long, there will be players from all 4 regions fighting for the boss!

It was a golden opportunity and even Zhang Yang realized its importance.

One day after, and all of Lone Desert Smoke was ready to fight Kenzack again. Mountain Mover made his move and mobilized 20 Type IV War Chariots. Sadly, even though War Chariots were powerful tools, they would last only as long as 60 to 70 seconds. However, it was a crucial investment, since it would help Lone Desert Smoke deal a substantial amount of damage to Baa"ljilr. Killing Baa"ljilr was the first step to their master plan, after all!

As long as Baa"ljilr could be killed, the chances of defeating Kenzack would rise. Without Baa"ljilr dying, not even a miracle would help Lone Desert Smoke defeat Kenzack.

The entire guild gathered around the canyon, and with the command from Mountain Mover, the entire guild moved towards the boss.

"Kill these lowly beings." Kenzack had not needed to raise his head. He was merely languishing his arms crossed and could sense the guild"s presence from as far as a thousand meters away. One swift {Cleave} was cast immediately and Zhang Yang was the first to intercept it. Compared to his long and tanky HP, one prickly little {Cleave} was insignificant to him.

Zhang Yang initiate the first attack and started the Celestial tier boss fight.