MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 829: Annihilation!

Chapter 829: Annihilation!

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The worst part about these monsters was not because they were Elite Tier, or because of their HP amount or their Attack power. It was their level!

Level 245!

Currently, there were only a few, maybe only more than 10 players who have managed to reach Level 215! Other than those players, the remaining players would be affected by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game while they battle Level 245 monsters! Initially, there were only approximately 240,000 players remaining to fend off the last wave of the monsters. There would be tens of millions of monsters charging at them. Now that they would be restricted by the Level Gap Suppression of the game, it seemed that the players were going to be slaughtered, big time!

Meanwhile, the only good news about the current battle was that there would only be one wave of the monsters left. Previously, they had to engage 9 waves of endless hordes with merely enough time to get ready before the next wave comes. It would take more than just an hour to battle each of the waves! A while later, the system had finally revealed the number of players and the number of monsters to everyone.

238,793 VS 100,000

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The demonic army was surrounding the players from all directions. The broken walls of the city were no longer capable of stopping the advancement of those demons. Each of the demons was approximately 5 meters tall. They were red demons which held heavy swords in their hands. Well, here goes. The final battle has begun!

"Wait! Just wait! Just wait for a little longer!" Zhang Yang stopped the other guildmasters from opening up their Forbidden Scrolls. Although the effects of the Forbidden Scrolls could reach out to a range of 5-kilometer radius, the monsters were still very far away from the frontline. They would not be able to spread the effect of the Forbidden Scrolls to the demonic army completely.

The monsters were gushing into the main city like an unstoppable tidal wave. They were making their way towards the baron’s castle. The approaching footsteps made the players even more nervous by the seconds!

The summoned demons immediately engaged in battle with the demonic army. Although the level of the summoned demons was 5 levels lower than the level of the monsters, however, they were still on the same level as the Level 240 monsters. Therefore, the power level on both sides was almost at the similar level. The only difference between the two sides was that the number of monsters was much more abundant than the summoned demons, though their abundant numbers would pretty much, not be able to overwhelm the summoned demons. The situation of the battle was totally one-sided. Many summoned demons were slain within 5 minutes!

"Now’s the time!"

Zhang Yang descended to the ground and nodded at Snow Seeker and the other guildmasters. The he said, "Let’s begin!"

He tore his scroll before the others. [Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse] activated!

The scroll was initially dropped by the Ascended Tier boss Mathuven. Because Mathuven was only a Level 185 boss, the effect of the Forbidden Scroll was quite limited in terms of ‘impact’. In other words, the impact and effects of the scroll were weaker. Although all Forbidden Scroll could reduce 10% HP of all targets every passing second, they would still have a limited boundary. For instance, the [Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse] could only deal 50,000 damage at least, and 200,000 damage at most.

However, he also had the other Forbidden Scroll ‘Reaper"s Descent’, dropped by the Celestial boss Angus, which is able to deal a minimum damage of 150,000 and a maximum damage of 300,000! After tearing his [Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse], Zhang Yang tore his [Forbidden Scroll: Reaper"s Descent] as well.

Snow Seekers and the other quickly followed what he did. They also tore their Forbidden Scrolls! It did not take long before all 10 Forbidden Scroll Effects started to take effect at the same time!

Instantly, the sky was shrouded in dark clouds and rumbling thunders. The lightning bolts were flashing violently as the entire area became bizarrely unfamiliar! Moonlight, frosty snows, boiling rocks had messed up the scenery of the entire area! Everything just went to hell all of a sudden!

The Forbidden Scrolls were destructive as f*ck, indeed. They could cause so much destruction to all targets within the area of 5-kilometer radius, reducing 10% HP of all targets in each second, bypassing their Defence! Furthermore, the effects would last for 30 seconds! No Skill could ever match those effects! However, the weakness of these effects were actually obvious. Their maximum damage and minimum damage were limited. Even with the current strongest Forbidden Scroll, the user could only deal a maximum damage of 300,000 to all targets every second. In 30 seconds, the strongest scroll could deal a total of 9,000,000 maximum damage to each target within its effective range. An Elite Tier monster with 100,000,000 HP would not feel that much!

However, even though one Forbidden Scroll cannot deal much damage to Elite Tier monsters, having 10 Forbidden Scrolls activated at the same time would definitely cause a horrific amount of damage!

Although the Maximum and Minimum damage each Forbidden Scroll differed, 10 scrolls could still deal a total damage of 2,550,000 in each passing second!

That was an extremely horrifying amount of damage for the players to look at. Those scrolls did not just cause that amount of damage to one Elite Tier monster but 10,000 of them! Upon hearing countless screams from the monsters, every single one of the demonic army had lost over 76,500,000 HP over the past 30 seconds!

Each Death Emissary only had a total of 122,500,000 HP after all. They had lost over half of their HP over a short period of time! If the players could spare 5 to 6 more Forbidden Scrolls to give those monsters hell one more time, those monsters would have been completely wiped out!

Unfortunately, the players had run out of Forbidden Scrolls.

Meanwhile, the innocent ones were caught in between the crossfire as well --- Zhang Yang’s army of summoned demons!

Although they seemed to be Zhang Yang’s underlings, they would only be treated as mercenaries in the game. For the other players, they were just Yellow-named monsters that appeared to be neutral. Even though they would not attack the players automatically, they would be attacked by the players’ AoE attacks.

Other than Zhang Yang’s two Forbidden Scrolls, the scrolls that the others unleashed had caused a tremendous amount of damage to them. Fortunately, the Forbidden Scrolls would not get the aggro of the monsters to the players who used them. Or else, Snow Seekers and the other guildmasters would have become the targets of the massive army of Elite Tier monsters!

Although the demonic army was heavily wounded, the players would have to finish the job.

"You degrading species! Submit to us and tremble underneath the feet of our master, our king!"

The Death Emissaries were slashing their weapons around while they were shouting. They were shouting as if they were singing a battle song in an attempt to raise their morale and dignity!


The players were not willing to show any sign of weakness. They were so into the battle, as if they were willing to throw in their dowries and the expenses for their own coffins! If they could not fend off the final wave of the war, everything that they have done for the past 9 waves would have been for nothing! Although the number of Elite Tier monsters had reached up to 10,000 in the final wave, the monsters were all close to death already. They only had approximately 37% HP remaining, on each of them! That would be equal to only approximately 37,000 full HP bar monsters on the battlefield!

Well, time was crucial, and none of the players had the intention to keep anything else up their own sleeves. So they began to activate their Inheritance Transformations.

The slaughtering continued on!

After activating their Inheritance Transformations, the players had gotten a great boost in their HP and their Attack power. Unfortunately, many players had not reached Level 215 yet. The b*tchy Level Gap Suppression effect had caused them to deal much lower damage than they theoretically could. Meanwhile, the damage they received from the monsters had increased tremendously.

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and said, "Fatty, Hundred Shots, let’s activate the Transformation Skills of our pet as well! Let the others reserve their Inheritance Transformations for the moment. We’ll be battling the boss soon!"


Two Phoenixes and one Red Dragon activated their Transformation Skills. The three pets received a tremendous boost in their sizes. Upon roaring out loud, the three legendary pets picked up Zhang Yang, Fatty Han and Hundred Shots before they soared into the sky. After that, they charged into the battlefield to start slaughtering the monsters!

Well, these three legendary pets’ normal attacks were basically AoE attacks. Victory would depend on them now.

The three legendary pets had begun to spit their flames towards the monsters as they were still flying in the sky. The range of their attacks had been increased from 15 meters to 30 meters after they activate their Transformation Skills. Even though the pets were dealing Melee Attacks on their targets, they had already spat out their attacks at their targets while they were still in the sky. Even though it seemed safe for them to do so, that had also greatly reduced the attack coverage of the pets!

Zhang Yang was the first to land on the ground. Without showing any mercy at all, Zhang Yang’s Phoenix pet had caused 700,000 Fire Damage to all monsters within a conical area of 30-meter. Fatty Han and Hundred Shots landed right after Zhang Yang. Commanding their pets to attack as aggressively as possible, the projectiles crossed paths.

Injuring all of a man"s fingers is not as effective as chopping off one. Even though the 10,000 Elite Tier monsters were heavily wounded earlier on, their Attack power was not affected as long as they are not dead. Therefore, Zhang Yang and his two brother-in-arms had commanded their pets to focus their attacks on a smaller part of the monsters as aggressively as they could.

Right behind them was the bunch of summoned demons of 30,000. They were protecting Zhang Yang, Fatty Han and Hundred Shots’s back to prevent the three of them from getting flanked by the monsters.

The initial HP of each pet had reached over 3,330,000 HP. With {Vitality Aura} and Transformation Skills in effect currently, the HP for each of them had reached over 90,000,000 HP now! The three of them were not standing next to each other, though. Because of that, they had managed to reduce the stacking of AoE attacks that come at them. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue and the other Healers were maintaining the HP bars of the others while staying in the middle of the sky. Although the rate of losing HP was faster than the rate of healing, Zhang Yang and the two brothers-in-arms would still be able to hang on for another 1 to 2 minutes against the monsters. Well, they could just get into the sky to avoid being attacked by the monsters. After getting healed back to their full HP, they could just get back into the battle to get the job done!

In just 40 seconds, Zhang Yang and the gang managed to kill over 200 monsters with the deadly attacks of the pets. However, killing the 200 monsters was like taking out a spoon of water from a pot, the missing part of the water was instantly filled back by the surrounding water.

Zhang Yang threw his {Surrogacy} onto Hundred Shots, sharing the same amount of Defence power he had with Hundred Shots. By doing so, Hundred Shots should be able to hold on for a little longer than he can in the first place.

A while later, Fatty Han flew up to the sky. Well, his HP was no longer in the safe zone. He had to get into the sky to get healed up.

Because Hundred Shots currently had the same amount of Defence as Zhang Yang, he managed to hang on in the battle much longer than Fatty Han could. He managed to hold on for over 3 minutes before he was forced to fly up into the sky. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang managed to hold on for over 8 minutes because he activated his {God of War Radiance} to fully recover his HP bar once.

The three legendary pets were attacking the monsters with insanely powerful Attack power. Averagely, the pets could kill 5 monsters each second. Theoretically speaking, the pets would be able to kill over 36,000 monsters within the entire duration of their Transformation Skills. Therefore, the players would have to be responsible for wiping out the remaining 64,000 monsters, then.

Fortunately, the players had the support of Zhang Yang’s army of summoned demons.

The 30,000 demons were not as many as the number of monsters on the demonic army side, however, because they had received lesser damage because they were not affected by the effective power of two Forbidden Scrolls. In other words, the summoned demons would have an additional 15,000,000 HP. Furthermore, there were quite a number of buildings within the interior area of the main city. The summoned demons were not able to leave further than 1,000 meters from the gate. Although Zhang Yang could not command the summoned demons at will, the demons had formed a formation where they were standing extremely close to each another. By doing so, they should be able to make up for the shortage in numbers.

Because most of the players were affected by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game, the Attack power of the summoned demons had become one of the main Attack power sources. Meanwhile, the battle must be concluded within 2 hours. Or else, when the summoned demons are forced to go back to hell, the players would have to raise their hands up and surrender.

The battle was worsening in every passing second!

Although the players had the summoned demons to shield them from most of the harm, however, the AoE attacks of the players would hurt the demons as well! By the end of it, the players who indirectly attack the demons too much would earn the aggro of the demons. By then, those players would be hunted by the summoned demons and get killed by them instead!

The casualties of the Death Emissaries were extremely high. However, the players were suffering even more casualties. The effect of the Level Gap Suppression had made the players vulnerable to getting beaten up by the Ascended Tier boss! Their numbers were reducing steeply by the seconds!

150,000 VS 90,000!

120,000 VS 70,000!

90,000 VS 50,000!

20,000 VS 30,000!

5,000 VS 10,000!

67 VS 102!

Two hours later, only 67 players remained on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the summoned demons had also suffered a high number of casualties! For the demons that survived, it was mainly because they had run out of range and were teleported back to the location of the gate. Fortunately, there were only 102 Death Emissaries remaining on the battlefield. Not to mention, they were barely alive!

However, just as the situation seemed to take a turn for the best ---

‘Ding! Demon Commander Isles has joined the battle!’