MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 828: Gate of Hell Activated!

Chapter 828: Gate of Hell Activated!

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Zhang Yang had contacted Snow Seeker, One Sword Stroke, and the others. They sent their own powerful Tankers and Healers over to handle the bosses. Zhang Yang did not contact Eternal Flame at all. Instead, he just sent two of his best Tankers, Endless Starlight and Ten Dusk.

Truth to be told, the bosses were not too difficult to handle. The might of these bosses would only become obvious when standing among players. Well, their AoE Skills were extremely powerful. However, once they are kited away from the players, they would not be able to cause much trouble to anyone. Well, their Attack power would be similar or slightly stronger than the Attack power of an Elite Tier monster.

Using the terrain of the surroundings to restrict the aggro range of the monsters, the players managed to force the Bat Men to descend to the ground, one after another. Well, the monsters had to be on the ground before they could launch a limited number of attacks on the players. It seemed that something good would come from having lesser players around as well. Well, if there are 20,000,000 players in the vicinity, there wouldn’t be enough buildings to hide so many players.

However, even if that is the case, it would only reduce the number of casualties of the players by a tiny bit. Their players would not be able to slay the monsters without suffering any casualties. After all, even though the monsters were only coming down to the ground from the sky, it did not mean that they are not able to attack!

1,900,000! 1,800,000! 1,700,000!

The number of surviving players was getting lesser by the second. However, players who managed to stay alive up till this point would be considered as one of the best players in the entire China Region. Their power levels were impressive. As long as each of them could find themselves one Healer to pair up with them, they could definitely take on hundreds of monsters at the same time!

One hour later, the number of surviving players had been steeply reduced to 240,000!

"Should we activate out Inheritance Transformations now?"

"It’s futile! With so many monsters surrounding us, it will not help us much, even after we activate our Inheritance Transformations!" Zhang Yang shook his head.

"How about using a Forbidden Scroll?"

Zhang Yang shook his head as well, then he said, "We still have one wave left after this! Furthermore, we only have 2 Forbidden Scrolls that can deal AoE damage. It’s still too early to use them now!"

"But we’re outnumbered now! We’re about to lose!"

"Just a little longer! I’m activating my {Gate of Hell}!" Zhang Yang said. Then, he assigned the enhancement effect of his [Book of Revelation] on his {Gate of Hell}. Well, he would have to wait for 24 hours before he could assign that enhancement effect on his other Skills after that.

He threw his ‘Gate of Hell’ in one of the buildings and said, "Protect the ‘Gate of Hell’ from getting destroyed by the monsters!"

"You can count on me!" Fatty Han thumped his chest and voiced out in confidence. "I’ll definitely protect the gate like the wives of my brothers!"

Zhang Yang charged out of the building and instantly became the target of the monsters in the sky and on the ground.

{God of War Shield} activated!




Countless javelins were thrown at Zhang Yang. However, none of them were able to deal a single damage to Zhang Yang! Upon activating his {God of War Shield}, the monsters would need to deal at least 95,000 damage before they could penetrate his basic Defence. Unfortunately, each of these monsters only could deal a maximum damage of 80,000 to their targets. They would have no definite way of penetrating Zhang Yang’s basic Defence.

However, {Fatal Toss} would afflict players with a negative effect - an additional 10% rate of receiving a Critical Hit. Once the players receive a Critical Hit, even a Minimum Attack of 120,000 damage would be enough to penetrate Zhang Yang’s Defence.

Although the 10% rate seemed to be insignificant, there were hundreds of monsters launching their attacks at Zhang Yang at the moment. Because of that, every single hit with additional 10% Critical Rate would cause quite a tremendous amount of damage to Zhang Yang. Therefore, he has to hustle up and get the job done.

{Horizontal Sweep}!

Zhang Yang dealt over a million damage to each of the monsters within the effective area of his Attack range. The remaining Bat Men were instantly killed and their souls were sucked into the ‘Gate of Hell’. Instantly, tens of Elite Demons charged right out of the gate and joined into the battle to aid Zhang Yang!

Let eh slaughtering begin!

In order for the AoE attacks to cover the most area of the battlefield, Zhang Yang did not hop onto the Phoenix pet. Instead, he stayed on the ground, unleashing his {Thunder Strike} and his {Blast Wave}. He was spamming his Skills the moment the cooldowns were over with the intention of killing as many monsters as he could during the effective period of the ‘Gate of Hell’.

10! 20! 100! 1,000!

The surroundings of the building where Zhang Yang stood beside has become the breeding ground of the demons! Although they were from the same root as the Bat Men, they were currently Zhang Yang’s minions. Therefore, the demons were battling the Bat Men without showing them any quarter! However, the demons were Elite Tier, after all. So when their number reaches a certain level, they would become a deadly force that are not to be reckoned with.

Well, each of these Level 140 summoned demons had over 120,000,000 HP. Their current HP amount was as abundant as the HP amount of Sun Xin Yu after she activates her Inheritance Transformation. Each of their HP amount could be compared to the Maximum HP of each Model 4.0 Tank! Even if they were focus-fired by 100 monsters at the same instant, the demons could tank against the monsters’ focused fire for more than 10 times!

Meanwhile, these 1,000 demons had reached the numbers where they were powerful enough to oppress the monsters in the vicinity!

Instantly, countless Bat Men were charging towards the ‘Gate of Hell’. They were targeting the gate as their priority target, like moths trying to charge into the flames like their lives no longer mattered! It seemed that they were ready to sacrifice millions of monsters just to take down one of Zhang Yang’s demon!

However, summoning the demons did not cost Zhang Yang a single dime. Meanwhile, because the demons could not leave the ‘Gate of Hell’ further than 1,000 meters, letting the moths get drawn to the flame would be a good thing. Actually, Zhang Yang was worried that he might not get a spot to stand within that area, when there are too many demons being summoned into the vicinity! So be it! Let the monsters come and kill one or two of his demons. Well, he could have killed the monsters much faster than the rate of demons being summoned to the battlefield. The number of his demons would only increase! It was constantly increasing from 2,000 to 5,000! Then from 5,000 to 30,000!

The number of the demons was still rising!

Everyone within the vicinity was stunned to witness what was going on! This Skill looked like a bug to them! With the ability to summon that amount of minions, Zhang Yang could have become capable of defeating a Celestial boss by the looks of it!

Unfortunately, that Skill only worked on the dumb monsters. Players could have just sent their Thieves in stealth mode and get the ‘Gate of Hell’ destroyed without a problem. However, looking at the tens of thousands of demons summoned from the gate, no one could deny that the Skill was indeed an oppressive existence in the game!

However, Zhang Yang had finally got the chance to verify a question he had long had in mind. He noticed that the gate could only summon 50,000 demons at its maximum. After that, even though when there were many more souls were sucked into the gate, no additional demon was coming out.

Well, do bear in mind that there was currently a total of 50,000 demons in the battlefield right now. They were all slaughtering the monsters for Zhang Yang and the players. Moreover, each of their HP amount was as abundant as the HP amount of a Model 4.0 Tank. They could serve as extremely powerful meat shields even if they could not attack!

Under the protection of the massive army of demons, the players quickly took the opportunity to strike back as hard as they could. They were slaughtering the monsters up hard in order to win the battle. Bit by bit, the players seemed to gain the upper hand over the monsters.

1 hour! 2 hours!

Finally, all of the Bat Men were wiped out! There were only 4 Holy Tier bosses remaining on the battlefield.

Without having any monsters left for them to recover their HPs, the four bosses were like venomous snakes who have just lost their poisonous deadly fangs. Without their deadliest weapons, they were defeated within a short period of time. Upon their death, they dropped an abundant amount of loot across the ground. Unfortunately, Zhang Yang and his other gang members were only able to snatch 7 of those [Lesser Demonic Pearls]. However, Eternal Flame was enraged, because three of the [Demonic Pearls] that Zhang Yang and his gang managed to snatch were the pearls that were dropped by the boss they were hitting.

However, the boss they hit would not necessarily be the boss they slay. Truth to be told, all of the players on the battlefield had contributed in such regard. Anyone on the battlefield would have been entitled to grab the loot! There was no saying that the loot belonged to someone specifically. Furthermore, the players were able to survive so long, because Zhang Yang had activated his {Gate of Hell}. Without the 50,000 demons tanking the monsters’ attack, the players would have been wiped out entirely, within minutes! Slaying the bosses would only remain as a pipe dream!

Before the tenth wave of the demonic invasion could start, Zhang Yang quickly gathered Snow Seeker, One Sword Stroke and the other guildmasters from large guilds to come up with a tactical plan. So he said, "Everyone, listen up! The last wave of the demons are about to come! So it’s not a good time to keep your tricks and secret weapons up in your sleeves anymore! You can just show me everything you’ve got now!"

Everyone kept silent. Therefore, Zhang Yang took out two Forbidden Scrolls and said, "These are two very powerful AoE Forbidden Scrolls. They’re called the ‘Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse’ and the ‘Reaper"s Descent’!"

The guildmasters widened their eyes. Although a Forbidden Scroll was extremely powerful, the chance of coming across one would be extremely low to the point that it’s pathetic! It seemed that Zhang Yang was willing to use two precious scrolls just to get through the war!

"Crimson Rage only has one at the moment!" Snow Seeker took out one Forbidden Scroll and passed it to Zhang Yang.

[Forbidden Scroll: Virulent Plague] (Consumable)

Use: Activates a plague across the battlefield. Causes a tremendous amount of damage to all enemy targets within the range of 10 kilometers. The targets will lose 10% HP in each passing second. If the HP of the target does not exceed 150,000 HP, then the target will lose a minimum amount of 150,000 HP. However, if the target has more than 300,000 HP, the target will lose a maximum amount of 300,000 HP. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Level Required: 200

"We, Imperial Sky will contribute one Forbidden Scroll as well!" One Sword Stroke took out a scroll and passed it to Zhang Yang as well.

"We, Rolling Rocks will contribute one Forbidden Scroll as well!"

"We, Sunset Amber will contribute one Forbidden Scroll as well!"


After making some calculations, the guildmasters managed to gather a total of 10 Forbidden Scrolls. Judging by that, everyone was able to see how ‘resourceful’ each guild was. Although Eternal Flame was deemed to be one of the four most powerful guilds in the entire China Region, they were not able to provide even one Forbidden Scroll. Because of that, Zhong Xiu Hua felt so embarrassed that he could not even show his face in front of the other guildmasters.

"Very good, if the monsters in the tenth wave are only Normal Tier monsters, we, Lone Desert Smoke, will use the first Forbidden Scroll on the approaching monsters. Then, the rest of you should decide who will be using their Forbidden Scrolls after us. If it’s necessary, I’ll use a second Forbidden Scroll!"

Although everyone was not willing to use their Forbidden Scrolls, who would be so shameless to let Zhang Yang use a second Forbidden Scroll, then? That would only make them look weak!

Upon rolling to decide the sequence of using the Forbidden Scrolls on the upcoming wave of the war, Zhang Yang said, "If the final wave has an army of Elite Tier monsters, then we shall throw all 10 scrolls out at the same time!"

"That’ll be the only way, it seems…"

"Let’s hope it won’t come to that!"

"We’ll let the gods decide!"

Fortunately, the summoned demons could survive up to 4 hours. Although the Gate of Hell had vanished, to 40,000+ demons would still stick around for another 2 hours plus. They would be able to tank the attacks of the monsters in the tenth wave for the players, even if just for a bit.

‘Ding! The tenth wave of the demonic invasion is about to begin!’

Players with Flying Mounts began to launch themselves up into the sky. They extended their sights far out at the horizon.

A loud and clear horn sound was heard. A large army of demons marched right up to the horizon. That would be the final wave of the demon army, the Death Emissaries!

[Death Emissary] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 245

HP: 12,250,000,000

Defence: 14,810

Melee Attack: 103,759 – 163,759


[Death Strike]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. There is a 1% chance to cause a fatal wound to the target, causing the target to lose 50% of his HP (Maximum HP lost will not exceed 500,000HP)

Note: Death Emissaries are the special guards of the Demon Commander Isles. They are extremely powerful.