MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 827: Tactical Retreat

Chapter 827: Tactical Retreat

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‘Ding! The eighth wave of the demonic invasion is about to begin!’

The monsters from the eighth wave was a large number of Cerberuses. They were as huge as male lions! Their entire bodies were black. They were drooling from their slightly open mouths, where their white sharp teeth were revealed. They looked horrifically wretched and scary.

Cerberuses were known to be deadly to Spell-type players. Well, they were equipped with two extremely brutal and annoying Skills: {Mana Incineration}, {Spell Rebound}. Fortunately, these countless Cerberuses were mostly Normal Tier monsters. The Elite Tier Three-Headed Cerberuses were just the minority.

[Cerberus] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 235

HP: 303,390

Defence: 9,160

Melee Attack: 58,071 – 78,071


[Mana Incineration]: Reduces 30,000 MP of the target. Causes 60,000 Chaos Damage to the target as well.

[Spell Rebound]: Interrupts the target’s casting, causing the target to not able to use spell attacks.

The differences between the Elite Tier Cerberus and Normal Tier Cerberus were their HP amounts and their Attack powers. Naturally, the Elite Tier monsters would have higher HP and higher Attack power. They had the same Skillset as the Normal Tier Cerberus. Well, they had three heads, afterall. So, it would make sense, even if their Skills would cool down faster.

Truth be told, any monster would not be able to create too much of a threat to the players if they are alone --- of course, that would only apply under the circumstance of the number of players and the number of monsters being about the same. However, if all the different types of monsters from all eight waves appear in the same wave, under the circumstance that the number of all monster types would be reduced by one-eighth of their total numbers, the damage that they could deal on the players would definitely be much higher than the players could ever anticipate.

Well, even though the Cerberuses were the worst enemies of the spell-type players, they also had the same obvious weakness. They would not pose much of a threat to the Melee-type players. Players could just send their Warriors, Thieves and Hunters to the frontline while keeping their spell-type players at the rear.

The Tanks were at the frontlines to tank against the monsters, as usual. Countless Skills were spammed across the battlefield, causing a large wave of impact to the monsters right before the Tanks, causing a tremendous amount of damage to the monsters at the same time. Under the circumstances where no player activates their Inheritance Transformation, the Tanks were the toughest existence with the highest HP on the battlefield. Although their movement speed was extremely slow, however, with hundreds of Tanks lining up in a straight horizontal line that was pushing forward, they would basically become unstoppable!

Meanwhile, even though these monsters were not difficult to kill, their numbers were far more abundant than the number of monsters in the previous waves. It was true that the Cerberuses could not pose much threat to the Melee type players like they could to the Spell type players. However, they had the advantage in their numbers. Players might get overthrown by them if Healers could not heal up the players on the frontline. Just imagine this. Tens of Cerberuses biting one poor player at the same time. That player would die very easily!

Furthermore, the Spell type players would have to stay at the rear to prevent themselves from being torn apart by the sharp teeth of the Cerberuses. Because they were basically staying too far from the frontline --- well, it would be pointless for them to run all the way to the frontline as well. When the Healers are close enough to heal, they would be entering the effective range of the monsters’ {Mana Incineration} and {Spell Rebound}. Not only would they not be able to heal, they would take tremendous amount of damage as well!

Not everyone is built from metal. Even if the player only receives 1 Damage each time they are hit, the HP of the player would deplete sooner or later without receiving any healing.

Under the concentrated attacks of the monsters, countless players were dying one after another. Even the Tanks were beginning to get destroyed, one after another. The players on board could not even get their legs to run before the Cerberuses tore them to bits and left them to die. Many players were forced to activate their Inheritance Transformations so that they could simply survive.

Based on everyone’s knowledge, Inheritance Transformations should be retained until the final boss Demon Commander Isles arrives. Those who use their Inheritance Transformations now would become useless for the final battle! However, the situation was so dangerous that they had to activate their Inheritance Transformations to prevent themselves from dying. Upon seeing the endless attacks from the Cerberuses coming at them, they had no reason to retain their Inheritance Transformations anymore. Well, it was obvious that they would not have time to save or resurrect anyone on the battlefield currently. It would be a waste to not activate their Inheritance Transformations.

Players began to retreat back to the castle walls. They were relying on the NPC archers to provide them fire support. Some of them even used the NPCs as their human shields to tank against the attacks of the monsters. Well, since that they would be retreating back to the Main City after this wave, they might as well utilize the NPCs to aid them in battle. Without the players staying behind to support them, the NPCs would definitely be wiped out clean when the ninth wave arrives! They would not be able to block or delay the monsters by the ninth wave at all. Therefore, it would be wise for the players to use the NPCs to their own advantage to increase the survival of the players.

This was the worst battle so far. Countless players were dead. The number of remaining players was reduced from 12,000,000 to only 2,000,000. The losses were too great to be imagined!

The only good news out of the battle was that the players finally managed to wipe out the entire wave of the monsters.

However, even worst news came in later after the battle was over. The total remaining players by the East Gate, West Gate and South Gate that survived the onslaught of the Cerberuses was only 140,000!

Zhang Yang took a deep breath and said, "We’re retreating back to the Main City now! We’ll defend from there!"


Well, the monsters would be invading from all 4 directions if they were to stay and defend in this castle. Even if Zhang Yang and his gang survive the onslaught of the ninth wave, the players at the other 3 gates would not survive. By then, the humongous demonic army would gush into the Main City immediately!

The system would decide whether a Main City falls or stands based on whether the king or queen of the Main City is still alive. But China Region was special. All eight Main Cities had been united by Queen Serena. Therefore, other than the White Jade Castle, the initial kings of the other 7 Main Cities had been taken over by Barons.

Therefore, it would be pointless even if Zhang Yang and his gang die trying to defend the gate. That would not be the key to claiming victory. The key to claiming victory would be by defending the life of Aimoson, the baron of the castle!

Actually, before Zhang Yang declared to retreat, the other players by the other three gates had made their move to retreat back to the Main City. Looking at the number of players remaining, it would be suicide to place 60,000 players in the castle against the demonic army of the ninth wave.

However, the other 3 gates only had about 140,000 players remaining while the north gate still had over 2,000,000 players remained. The players could not help but be shocked at the difference in the numbers.

Initially, the number of players were approximately the same on all four sites of the gates. Each gate had over 50,000,000 players. The total Attack power of the players on each site should be similar as well. Therefore, the only thing or person that could cause such difference would be the commander in charge!

Undoubtedly, the combined forces would be commanded by Mountain Mover for the remaining waves of the demonic invasion.

Actually, the commanders on the other sites were not up to standard, to be honest. They only managed to keep 140,000 players by the end of the eighth wave. So they had no authority whatsoever to voice out.

‘Ding! The ninth wave of the demonic invasion is about to begin!’

Zhang Yang did not immediately get back to the Main City. Instead, he hopped onto his Phoenix pet and took a stroll across the battlefield that they were going to leave behind. Well, he wanted to at least know what they were going to go up against on the ninth wave. That should give them some ideas on how to get themselves ready for the coming wave.

However, he drew in a deep cold breath the moment he laid his eyes across the army that was flying towards the castle. They appeared like a bunch of clouds that covered the entire sky!

--- It was another wave of mother*ckers that knew how to fly!

[Bat Man] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 240

HP: 316,330

Defence: 9,520

Range Attack: 60,900 – 80,900


[Fatal Toss]: Causes 100% Ranged Attack in Physical Damage to the target. The target will have an additional 10% chance to receive Critical Damage upon being hit for the next 5 seconds.

The monsters only had one Skill equipped. That one Skill was enough to cause a hell lot of trouble for all the players.

The only good thing that came out of this was that there was no sign of any Elite Tier monsters. However, it was unfortunate that there was a boss in this wave.

[Bat Man Adeejah] (Holy, Demon)

Level: 240

HP: 2,400,000,000

Defence: 23330

Range Attack: 205,248 – 275,248


[Blazing Blasting Toss]: Causes 150% Range Attack of Physical Damage to the target. The target will then explode and cause 200,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 10 meters from the explosion.

[Demonic Fusion]: Fuses a Bat Man’s soul and recover 10% HP. The fused monster will die immediately.

[Ultrasonic]: Emits out a high frequency ultrasonic and causes 240,000 Physical Damage to all targets within the range of 40 meters.

Note: Adeejah is one of the leaders of the Bat Men. He’s renowned for his skills in battle.

Before that, the players on each gate would only need to take on one boss. However, now that everyone was gathered at the Main City, the players had to face 4 bosses at the same time! However, Holy Tier bosses would just be as powerful as Holy Tier bosses should be. Well, the players could only kill the bosses after they clear out the monsters, because of the bosses’ {Demonic Fusion}. However, the players could just send 4 of their best Tankers and kite the four bosses away from the monsters. Then, the bosses would no longer be able to bother the players while they focus on wiping out the monsters.

Zhang Yang immediately flew back to the Main City. That would be the last Defence of the players. Not only was the city occupied by all of the players, the place was also filled with Elite Tier NPCs as their defensive forces. Well, it was annoying to think about this. The Crimson Sky City was supposed to be one of the eight Main Cities in China Region, and this place would have a massive army of NPCs to defend the city. However, imminent dangers were just by their doorsteps, there was no sign of any massive army! There were only tens of thousands of NPCs in the castle!

"Even if the officials want the players to handle the battles, they should have at least make up a good story about this. They could just say that the army of the castle has marched into the lair of the demons or something!" Endless Starlight began to whine in misery.

"The worst part about it is that the king of this city used to be an Ascended Tier boss. And now? The baron of this city has become an Elite Tier NPC! Are the officials kidding?"

"You should be happy that the baron has not lost his mind and charged into battle, trying to kill the monsters himself. If the baron does that, we’ll definitely lose the battle!"

Everyone was making fun out of their own misery. They began to laugh out loud. Well, they did not pay much hope on surviving the ninth wave anyway. So they did not even pay their minds on defeat the final boss on the tenth wave!

The sky was suddenly darkened. It was like countless dark clouds covering the entire sky above the Crimson Sky City.

Well, those were definitely not dark clouds though. They were all Bat Men! They were descending upon the castle as we speak!

These Bat Man immediately aimed their javelins at the players and threw them at the players. By the end of the javelins, there was a thick metal chain tied to it. With a powerful pull, the javelins immediately returned back to the monsters’ hands.

"Stinky monsters! Come down and face me!" Wei Yan Er was a Melee-type player. Even if she had a weapon that could reach 2 meters, she would not be able to touch any of the monsters that were flying 10 meters above her!

After getting hit by a few javelins, she instantly got infuriated. So she grabbed on to one of the javelins that had embedded itself in her body. With a powerful pull, the Bat Man was instantly pulled right out of the sky by the little brat by force! After that, the little brat ended the life of that Bat Man with one single swing from her axe!

Because the number of the monsters were so abundant, no one was daring enough to risk using their Flying Mounts to fly in the sky. 99% of the players in the current stage of the game would be dead if hundreds of monsters attacked them at the same time in the middle of the sky.

Everyone made their way into the buildings around the area by using the terrain of the surroundings to their advantage. Well, they needed to lose themselves from the aggro of the monsters first before they could plan out their next move.

The battle for the new wave has begun, for real!