MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 751: The First Attempt to Counterattack

Chapter 751: The First Attempt to Counterattack

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Merlinda had arrived two days ago, when Zhang Yang had just reached Level 170. He returned to the city and rendezvous with Merlinda to meet Gulaj together.

"Oh, my heavens. Her Chakra Level is over 10,000!" cried Gulaj with both fear and anxiety as he examined Merlinda through a weird, giant monocle.

Zhang Yang had no idea why he would mention something like Chakra when none of them were even using that system. Still, 10,000 seems to be a high enough number to shock the greedy little goblin. "Goblin, how does it look like? Is my ally strong enough for you?"

"Warrior. Do yourself a favor and sit back and relax. You have done a good job," said Gulaj as he nodded.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Search for Reinforcement. Obtained 5,000 Military Points!’

Holy f*ck! No wonder the goblin would jumped up to his feet. Zhang Yang would do the same when he saw the reward given to him. It was 5,000 Military Points! Just so you know, Zhang Yang had been working from day to night and had only managed to earn up to 4,256 Military Points! And that was by repeating most of the same missions countless of times! Clearly, the mission reward of 5,000 Military Points was much!

Even though he was just so close to 9,900 Military Points, Zhang Yang did not necessarily required a 99% damage reduction. In truth, 90% was more than enough for someone as tanky as Zhang Yang to survive.

The two accompanied Elven warriors were Thea herself, and Aweena. Neither of them were happily following Zhang Yang voluntarily. They were there only because they had an obligation to protect Merlinda. As a result, their slight hatred for him was mainly because of his actions of bringing the secretive Elven leader, the prophet of the Moon God out in the open, completely exposed! Merlinda was a little unsatisfied as well. Not because of Zhang Yang taking her out to the open world, but was Gulaj offering Zhang Yang only 5,000 something something. To her, 5,000 was a number that did not suit her! She was someone that was worth at least 100,000!

Since Merlinda and her two escorts were not officialy introduce to the outside world yet, they were registered into the battle as normal adventurers, not as part of the Empire army, but as adventurers’ reinforcements.

The seven other regions war against Angus had ended and none of them had any chance to defeat Angus. The previous wars had all been witnessed by the other region players. They could only see, but not participate in the war. The game system had locked down the region that was having the war, preventing players from other regions from coming in to disrupt the fair fight.

Everyone who fought in the first attack now knew Angus’s special skill, that is to restore his HP endlessly as he kills. Hence, the war could be easily sabotaged by a small rat. Even though players had the rule-breaking skill to revive after death to rejoin the fight again and again, the boss was still unapproachable. The more players who die under his hands, the stronger he gets. Technically, all the boss would have to do is to spam his skill, and he would get an indestructible body.

If players had not stop being an idiot to rush and attack the boss, Angus will remain as the only entity that could not be kill even though all the Celestial boss in the entire server gathered together to fight him.

With the war coming closer, everyone gathered to discuss about the battle plans with Zhang Yang.

"Little Yang. How are we gonna do this? Should be put all our force into the fight tomorrow, or gather more Military Points and let the NPCs gain strength the next round?" Fatty Han was the first one to voice out his question.

Zhang Yang could not give an immediate answer then, as he was not sure if Merlinda still had the godly healing skill {Higher Regeneration}. If she does, then Zhang Yang would assume a fighting stance against Angus to fight till the end. It was hard to land a final decision since Merlinda’s Level was too high for Zhang Yang to examine her skills. There will always be a limit cap for something as powerful as Merlinda’s {Higher Regeneration}. For example, the [Forbidden Scroll]. When something that takes HP % into account has a limit as to how much could one lose or gain through a skill or item. If Merlinda’s {Higher Regeneration} does not have any limits to her healing and 5% remains true to the number, Zhang Yang would be seriously unkillable. Imagaine if Merlinda were to cast the skill on Queen Serena…

Zhang Yang scratched his chin and finally answered, "Full throttle. We go all out with this. Do not hold back."

The biggest difference of the war between this lifetime and Zhang Yang’s previous lifetime was that in this lifetime, there is Queen Serena. With her ruling over all 8 major cities in the continent, and the Meteor Sword in her hands, she was much stronger than any of the bosses in his previous life. Just by observing Queen Serena herself during the recent war with Angus, she was able to inflict 10% HP as damage, all by herself! Secondly, Zhang Yang had Merlinda participating in the war. The Ascended tier healer was the leader of an entire race! She would also be stronger than an average Ascended tier boss! Perhaps, there could be some positive reaction when the two powerful women work together on the battlefield! There was also the seven other Barons that ruled the seven other castles in the continent, all serving Queen Serena! They were also of Ascended tier! Combining all their strength and a few good players in battle, the chances to defeat Angus in this first attempt was rather high!

Zhang Yang laid down his decree firmly and everyone listened and obeyed. Everyone left the meeting and went on to make their preparation. Sun Xin Yu had her weapons and armor repaired, Wei Yan Er finally caved in and socketed gemstones into some of her equipment’s empty sockets. Fatty Han and the rest of the party went off to prepare themselves as well. All preparation such as restocking potions, equipment fixing, and etc was done before the day ended.

All other region that had have their attempt at Angus ended the battle in just 5 to 6 hours. The battle was completely sided towards Angus with him killing everyone relentlessly. It was a complete waste of the three days given. That alone had everyone who had participated in the fight to widened their eyes and see how strong was Angus was. They now know that it was important to gather more Military Points and required the NPC bosses to gain several more defeat in order to be stronger to fight Angus.

By the time it was China’s turn to have their attempt at fighting Angus, no other players from other region even cared to even watch. Since they were not allowed to participate, why not save that time to grind their levels, and do quests to earn more Military Points instead?

Truthfully speaking, almost all of China players had zero confidence in defeating Angus then. All but players from Lone Desert Smoke had the confidence to end the event at the next war. While Lone Desert Smoke made preparations to fight, the rest of the guilds on China, including the top guilds like Crimson Rage had placed their bets on the second or third attempt instead of going all out with Zhang Yang. Even though it was made clear that the drops from Angus will decrease after several attempts, they had no choice but to place their faith there, since it was, in their opinion, impossible to defeat Angus in the first attempt.

Zhang Yang and his party members had spent all their Military Points to hire elite tier NPC soldiers to be sortied in battle. Amongst them, it was obvious that Zhang Yang had the most NPC soldiers. He had a total of 92 elite tier soldiers ready to put their lives on the front line for him. Han Ying Xue and the others had at most, 50 which allowed them to reduce 50% of the incoming damage. Even so, Angus’ attacks that could reach as high as a million damage made it rather dangerous for them to actually stand with Zhang Yang.

It was unfortunate that Military Points could not be transferred to another player. If they could do that, everyone would invest all their Military Points in just one player and have that player stand and fight Angus, in a one-man solo style.

From that point of view, it was reasonable as to why the other guild had not even tried to fight in the next war since none of them have enough Military Points to hire enough elite tier soldiers. With only 8 Ascended tier bosses, it was not enough to bring a smile on the Goddess of Victory.

To have 9,000 Military Points or more, one must continuously accept and complete various quests. By the time they had amassed 9,000 Military Points, the battle would have already ended on the fourth or fifth attempt.

The NPC Spellcasters of White Jade Castle gathered together at the entrance of the castle and worked together to conjure a large portal. It was to save both players and NPC soldier’s time from traveling too far. In truth, that was the only way to participate in the war against Angus since he would be randomly placed in a different territory.

When Zhang Yang and his party got through the portal, he was surprised to see that the chosen battle ground was the outskirts of Souron’s castle. Could it be coincidence that the system had allowed players to enact revenge for trampling over their Territory?

Behind Zhang Yang was 92 elite soldiers clad in strong and heavy armor. All of them were lined up neatly, with 2 soldiers standing out of line at the end of the formation. All the NPCs had 5,000,000 HP. Although they may have strong attacking power, Zhang Yang did not plan to have them to fight. Instead, he was only going to use them as ‘remote’ meat shields, far behind the front lines.

Even though the odds were against them, basically all players who had reached Level 100 were present on the field then. The reason was actually pretty straightforward. Even though they were practically food for the boss, they were there only for one sole reason. That is to kill the monsters before the boss appears. The number of monsters and the rate of their spawn was just too good to be left out.

The war in China was different compared to the other regions. Unlike the other region which had different rulers for each of their major cities, China was unified under the rule of Queen Serena and her seven Barons. It was an Empire with its own Queen Serena to decide on everything, from attacking, defending, or to withdraw.

As such, standing stoically in the front lines, Queen Serena pulled out her sword and point it to the sky as she roared grandly. "Attack!"


The sound of war horn was blown from the end of the soldiers and countless Empire soldiers rushed forward, leaving a trail of dust behind. Adding both the number of players and the NPC soldiers, over 100 million pairs of feet had sent the earth to tremble in a massive quake.


The castle doors of Souron’s Castle fell down, and out came the Spectre monsters, pouring out from the castle, like ants.

The battle started swiftly and players had rushed into the front lines to have their first kill. It was a good chance to farm experience points instead of letting the NPC soldiers killing them. Everyone had turned on their attack mode to monster only and had not need to fear their skills landing and damaging nearby players. It was common courtesy. In fact, whoever stupid enough to land a hit on player will surely be killed almost instantly. Still, everything could be settled by talking like a gentleman. There was no need for a civil war in the middle of a f*cking war!

Fortunately no one was that stupid enough to incite a war then. Everyone was only paying attention to kill as many monsters as they can. Players with flying mounts had the advantage of flying over the crowd of players and could attack from the air instead of squeezing themselves like sardines.

Zhang Yang had placed the elite NPC soldier far behind the front lines. He left them there to stand as he and his party rode their mounts to the front to start killing. Even though they were only 10 players amongst the sea of hudreds of millions of players, they killing speed was unrivaled. They were so powerful that their movement speed was only halt for a brief second to allow Han Ying Xue to heal, leaving a huge empty plot of land at their wake.

1 hours…2 hours…3 hours…

As the battle reached the 5 hours time, the Spectre monsters stopped spawning from the castle. Even though there were still more than a million of monster remaining in the battle field, it was a number that could be cleared within a few minutes. Though players themselves had suffered major damage, they could easily revive back to rejoin the battle.

As the last monster was killed, the clouds in the dark sky started to roll in and formed thunderclouds. A bright lightning stuck the earth as a humanoid shadow figure emerged from the castle and stood where the lightning has struck. The humanoid figure then floated in midair, releasing a powerful aura as he floats. There was a huge black hole that was emitting darkness that was so black that it could practically suck in all light that even shone on it.

It was none other than Angus.

"All hands, retreat!" cried Queen Serena. Even though she could not observe Angus properly, she knew that Angus was an adversary that only she could fight toe to toe with. It was time for the Queen to fight the King, alone!

"Retreat? Not so fast, ants!" Angus scoffed and pulled out a thin dark blade. He then swung his sword so fast that it sent out a shockwave that immediately disintegrated a large number of the Empire soldiers, leaving the patch of ground of which the soldier was standing on, empty at the next second.

"Insolent fools. Know your places and die!"