MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 750: A Stronger Felice

Chapter 750: A Stronger Felice

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"Hello there!" said Zhang Yang as he casually waved his hand to Merlinda. That disrespectful act had only triggered the Elven warriors around him to curse him even more. The man had not only defiled the sacred waters, and had shown his disrespects to the one above all of them.

When Merlinda removed her hood, her expression was stoic and furious. However, when she saw Zhang Yang was waving at her, she smiled jubilantly and waved back at him happily. "It’s been a while!" said Merlinda. The unicorn that she was riding noticed Zhang Yang and puffed angrily while stomping his hooves in midair.

When everyone saw the reaction of their Priestess of the Moon waving nonchalantly back at Zhang Yang, they dropped their weapons and stared at her as if Merlinda was not the same person that they been worshiping all this time.

"Explain the ruckus," said Thea – Moon Glory. She was also a priestess of the moon, but was not at the same rank as Merlinda. In the past, Zhang Yang had meddled with her before.

"This human male breached our defenses and sullied the Spring of Life. His companion is still within the waters." One of the female warrior came up to Thea and reported the situation.

Thea sighed heavily and turned to Zhang Yang with regret in her eyes, "Zhan Yu. You have come from a faraway and had been a savior for all us Elves. You should have been treated as an honored guest. Now that you have trespass our Holy Ground and sullied our Spring of Life, I, for one cannot allow this to slip by. Please leave this place. We owe you our lives for saving the Priestess of the Moon in the past, hence, we shall do the same for you. You shall leave this place unscathed."

"The man has sullied our holy grounds! He must be executed!"

"Priestess! You cannot be serious!"

The other female Elves were greatly unsatisfied with the final verdict and had tried to refute Thea.

"Silence, my sisters. This man—" Merlinda tried to calm everyone.

"But, Priestess!"

"SILENCE!" Merlinda roared with such fury that her powers seeped out of her character. There was sudden burst of energy that made the surface of the water tremble with resonance of her powers. Everyone was completely silent and lowered their heads to show their obedience.

She then rode the unicorn towards Zhang Yang and held his hands. With a gentle smile on her face, she said, "Zhan Yu. Please make yourself at home!"

The other female Elves raised their head with shock at her response when she had invited him into their holy ground, when he was supposed to be executed! Thea turned to Merlinda and gave her a look which practically said, "Are you sure?" and Merlinda gave her a soothing glare that said, "It’s going to be fine."

Zhang Yang had basically committed the gravest of crimes amongst the Elven culture. The Spring of Life was said to be the bathing place of the Moon God himself. Only newly born Elven babies were allow to wash themselves in the waters, once in their lifetime. However, Merlinda was the Priestess of the Moon, the prophet of the Moon God. With her holding the position, her words was the law. To defy her commands was to defy the Moon God!

Although the rest of the Elves were pressingly objecting Merlinda’s action, they could do nothing but to obey Merlinda.

Before Zhang Yang was about to follow Merlinda back to her chambers, the Spring of Life glowed brightly. An orb floated upwards and out of the water like the sun that was rising up from the ocean. It was so bright that everyone had to shut their eyes for a moment. Zhang Yang squinted his eyes and he tried to keep his eyes open while trying to identify what was the object was. The light dimmed down but was still glowing, but too shining, but softly and easy to look at, just like the glow of the moon in the night sky.

"It’s the Moon God!"

"The Moon God descends!"

"Praise the Moon God!"

The mounted elves descended to the nearest three branches and kneel at the light. Their mouths moved continuously as they prayed hard in the direction of the glowing orb.

Felice could really make a scene! Now that it has come to this, perhaps the Elves would not blame the little girl for sullying the Spring of Life, they would even have her worship the Moon Goddess, or something as grand as that! Zhang Yang snickered at the thought of it. All he cared was not how the Elves treated her, but Felice breaks the second seal!

Slowly, the light coming from the orb dimmed down darker until one point it looked like an embryo. The outer shell of the orb glowed and everyone could see the insides of the shell. There was a humanoid shape that was curled up in a fetal position. The light glowed brighter all the sudden. The tree briefly trembled as the light grew stronger by seconds. The chants of the Elven warriors around grew stronger and faster.


The orb made a loud, cracking sound, followed closely by a loud explosion that broke the shell apart. Felice burst out of the orb of light, like an angel descending down to earth, and landed in front of Zhang Yang. Her armor and appearance was somewhat similar, yet different. Her hair was longer, her armor was grander and heavier, not to mention, she ‘grew’ too! Those mature features!

[Felice] (Humanoid)

Level: 169

HP: 2,021,040 (With Vitality Aura)

Defense: 16,850

Melee Attack: 153,077 – 233.077


[Blazing Dragon"s Spear], [Dragon"s Spear Barrage], [Absolute Defense], [Dragonhawk Form], [Spectral Tiger Form], [Tree of Life Form].

[Tree of Life Form]: Morphes into the Tree of Life. Able to use all skills available during the Tree of Life form. Unable to use skills during Human form.

Special: {Third Seal}, {Fourth Seal}

Note: Player Zhan Yu’s Battle Companion.

Zhang Yang smiled and greeted Felice. He was actually holding back from screaming with joy when he saw Felice’s new stats. It was already at the level of a Holy tier boss! From then on, Felice was stronger than the Phoenix pet. The Phoenix could only reach the level of Holy tier after reaching Level 170, as for Felice, she was already at that level at Level 169!

Furthermore, Felice’s growth rate has reached 12 Stars for all Attribute growth after breaking the second seal! That means one equipment that could add 100 Strength points would grant Felice the ability to gain 120 Strength instead! That includes Vitality, Intelligence, Spirit, and Dexterity! It was the same as carrying a Vitality Aura, Strength Aura, Dexterity Aura, Spirit Aura, Intelligence Aura, all stacking with each other with the player’s own aura as well!

Just how powerful could the little girl get!?

When Felice’s new appearance was showed to the Elves, they had forgotten the sins that Zhang Yang had committed and proceeded to bow down to Felice. Zhang Yang scoffed at their reaction. The little girl has merely taken a simple bath and she was able to shock the entire Elven race. Perhaps Felice had some connections to the Moon God and was able to receive his blessing. Which Elf in the world could trigger such a reaction just by dipping their head in the water?

Hence, the noisy, hostile commotion ended peacefully and Zhang Yang followed Merlinda to her Moon Shrine. Without further due, Zhang Yang quickly reported the events that had occurred in the land and had asked for Merlinda for her aid to tackle the problem of the Spectre Invasion.

With a worried expression, Zhang Yang started his speech, "I’m sure that the brutality of the Spectre is known to all. Their goal is to eradicate all life on the surface of the earth. The Elves may have the protection of the Tree of Life. Know this, after all Humans, Orcs, Dwarves are removed, they would turn to the Elves next. I understand well that the Elven warriors are fearless and strong. If all Humans, Orcs, and Dwarves could not stop them, how could you? How could you stop someone as strong as the Lord of the Seven Spectre Kings?"

Zhang Yang continued to report on his encounter with Angus and had successfully instilled fear into the hearts of those who were listening. Even though there were the elders of the Elves who clearly preferred to stay clear of the war, Merlinda chose to follow Zhang Yang into battle. With a decisive handshake, Merlinda agreed to set foot into the battlefield. There were those that opposed her decision, but Merlinda used her position as the Priestess of the Moon to reject the teachings of their religion.

However, the battle of Angus would not matter even if Merlinda dispatches a million Elves. Besides Merlinda herself, the strongest ones there were only Holy tier entities. Their presence in the battlefield will be short and brief. Hence, with Zhang Yang’s arrangement and Merlinda’s agreement, Merlinda only brought along two other Priestesses along with her.

Zhang Yang lingered for a while in the land of the Elves and went off to Kanjar Fields to look for Smaug. Sadly, he had never set foot into the map before, not even in his past life. Furthermore, the map was not the same as Athuran that had the large, overly obvious Tree of Life. Secondly, the map that Smaug was situated in was much higher Level than the Elves. When Zhang Yang entered the map, monsters from a thousand meters away started to chase after him. He could not even see them coming! Hence, after trying several times but failing to sneak around, Zhang Yang had dropped the idea to search for Smaug and ask for his help. There were too many monsters and Zhang Yang could not even tank the normal tier monster. He was killed twice for lingering too long in the map. After dropping the idea, Zhang Yang turned tail and returned to White Jade Castle.

Merlinda was still in her land and will only come to Zhang Yang aid three days before the day of the counterattack. Hence, Zhang Yang will only able to submit the quest when she arrives. By the looks of it, Merlinda was an Ascended tier boss, the Military Points given as the reward should be plenty!

Even though Zhang Yang was unable to search for Smaug, he was rather satisfied with his current force. Merlinda has agreed to lend a hand and Felice had even managed to break the second seal to gain a tier, skills, and a new form!

[Felice] (Tree of Life Form)

Level: 169

HP: 1,265,980 (With Vitality Aura)

Defense: 3,890

Magic Resistance: 16,850

Magic Attack: 82,941 – 142,941


[Bloom of Life]: Heals an ally and nine more targets closest to the ally. Heals 100% Magic Attack worth of HP for 15 seconds. Instant cast.

[Praise of Life]: Powerfully heals a target for 300% Magic Attack for HP and continuous to heal the target in the next 10 seconds for 100% Magic Attack for HP. Instant. Cooldown: 1 minute.

[Song of Life]: Heals a target for 150% Magic Attack for HP. Channeling: 2 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

[Ancient Tree of Life]: Morphs into the Ancient Tree of Life. Increases HP by 2000% and healing rate by 300%. Magic Resistance and Defense increased by 300%. Last for 2 hours. Cooldown: 3 days. Entering either Transformation skill will set all Transformation skill (Dragonhawk Berserk, Spectre Tiger Berserk) into the same cooldown time.

[Redemption]: Instantly heals to full health. Cooldown: 30 minutes. Required: Ancient Tree of Life Transformation.

Note: Player Zhan Yu’s Battle Companion.

Zhang Yang was given what he asked for. Felice’s third Transformation skill was a healer type! Now, Zhang Yang could continue fighting endlessly. Felice could heal Zhang Yang whenever he needs her to!

The time was not yet ripe for the counterattack to start and Zhang Yang wanted to take the opportunity to reach Level 170. He could gain a skill point, which was not all that useful to him. Most importantly, both Felice and the Phoenix could gain an upgrade!

As mentioned before, mounts and battle companions will only receive an upgrade at every 10 Level threshold. By reaching Level 170, the Phoenix could reach Holy tier and Felice would still receive a boost in strength, even though she had already broken her second seal!

Racing against time, Zhang Yang had pumped all his attention into grinding alone and had neglected eevn having some shakalaka boom boom session with Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu. In one day and one night whole (real world), Zhang Yang did not pause for one moment and successfully reached Level 170 before the day of the counterattack.

As a repercussion of his actions, Han Yin Xue and Sun Xin Yu had rolled their eyes at Zhang Yang numerous times when they "poked" Zhang Yang junior but was chased away by Zhang Yang. Sun Xin Yu understood his feelings and was merely teasing him. Han Ying Xue however was being a b*tch she was, had even whispered into his ears saying something like having other men to scratch the itch in her hoohaa. As a response, Zhang Yang got up from his bed, removed his gaming helmet and gave Han Ying Xue a good "spanking" session for teasing him so.