MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 749: Unauthorized Entry

Chapter 749: Unauthorized Entry

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Holy Land of the Elves Athuran, was a Level 180 – Level 210 map. The map had probably not been visited yet since the creation of the game and Zhang Yang could be the first player to set foot into the map. Trees were growing ever so tall, that were several hundreds of meters tall. The entire map was practically filled with the sky-scraping trees! As far as the trees grew, there was a bigger one that had planted itself in the center of the map. The tree was far older, taller, and bigger than the rest of the trees. The crown of trees was growing so vast and wide that it spanned nearly over several tens of kilometers. That was as wide as the entire map itself.

That was the Sacred Tree of the Elven race, known as the Gustrea tree, also known as the Tree of Life, and the Source of Life. Legend has it that the Elven race was birthed from the tree itself. It was said that the Moon God had chosen this particular tree and find it capable of producing life itself. That was the description given from the official guide. What the Moon God did to the tree remained completely unknown. Probably someone as perverted as Fatty Han could find an answer to that mystery.

The map was too strong for Zhang Yang. At then, he was only Level 169 and could not afford to even fight the monsters. He could, but it would not be his norm. Anyone in their right mind would not just simply waltz into a dangerous area and fight the monsters there, which were clearly far stronger than them! Zhang Yang then made his way carefully through the thick forest, careful as he flitted through the trees, so that he would not accidentally lure in monsters of which he knows that he could never defeat via normal means. He did not have that much time to spare.

Out of the blue, Zhang Yang heard a loud cry of a hawk. He turned his head back and saw a large shadow zooming towards him at great speed. The incoming beast was huge and clawed at Zhang Yang, leaving a long gash on his metal armor.


Zhang Yang sustained a strong attack and saw clearly of his attacker. It was a huge, Horned Hawk. Its wings were as long as 7 meters wide when spread open and had an iron-like claw that was strong enough to leave a scraping line on his armor.

[Wild Horned Hawk] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 205

HP: 263,850

Defense: 8,080

Melee Attack: 49,447 – 69,447

Skills: ???

Zhang Yang was unable to view the beast’s skill, since the level gap between him and the hawk was 36 Levels. Still, it was not something that he would worry about, since normal tier monsters would not have many strong skills. If the monster is several more Levels higher than Zhang Yang, he would not even be able to view its attack, HP, and even Defense.

The damage that Zhang Yang had just received was a rather unlucky shot, since it was doubled due to the Level Suppression System.

Zhang Yang pulled out the Reaper’s Scythe from his back and attacked.


Hmph. Not too bad. At the very least, Zhang Yang could deal higher damage than what the beast could do to him. At that moment, Zhang Yang was rather lucky enough to have his damage reduced down by 50%.

Sadly, the damage was not enough for Zhang Yang to generate many Rage points. The damage and attack he dealt was enough to generate only 62 Rage points which only allowed Zhang Yang to cast one skill.

{Charge Up Strike}!

{God of War Devastation}!


Although the strike was able to kill the beast instantly, it was already being reduced by 30%! If he had not been suppressed by the system, he could have dealt even higher damage!

What a useful skill, {Charge Up Strike} was paired together with {God of War Devastation} or {God of War Heavy Axe}, Zhang Yang could deal 9 times the value of his normal attack! Even though there was the Level Suppression reducing his damage, it was still an OP attack! Still, it was just a normal tier monster, if the monster that had attacked Zhang Yang was an elite tier, he would have turned tail and run away.

Due to the Level of the map, the normal monsters there would have the attack power of a Mythical tier boss! Paired with the Level Suppression system, monsters there would have been a higher threat than an Ethereal tier boss is to Zhang Yang. That was just a normal tier monster. If Zhang Yang is unlucky enough to stumble upon an elite tier monster, its threat level would be as high as an Ethereal tier boss! With the Level Suppression system working on him, it would be his loss if Zhang Yang tries to fight!

Zhang Yang concluded that he would have to spend some time there, hence, he had decided that he would fight normal tier monsters and escape if he stumbles upon an elite tier monster.

"Big Brother!" cried Felice as she appeared from her Battle Companion U.I after Zhang Yang had defeated the hawk and flew for some time. She stood on the back of the Phoenix and stared at the distance with a nostalgic expression hanging on her face.

Even though players and the Battle Companion had the contract that binds them together, battle companions could still choose to break the contract and discard their owner anytime they want to. However, that would be extremely rare. Commonly, even high tiered battle companions were just strong servants who would not put up a fight with their owner. The act of Felice coming out of her Battle Companion U.I by herself was extremely rare!

Zhang Yang was shocked and instantly replied, "What’s wrong?’

"There---" Felice raised her slender hands and pointed at the direction of the Tree of Life. "I sense something there. Its…Its…calling for me…" Gradually, Felice eye’s lost their focus, as if she was being possessed by something.

Hmph? Could it be that Felice had found another spot to gain yet another tier?

Zhang Yang smiled and complied. "Let’s go there then!"

Felice quickly shook her head and regained her composure. She nodded. "Alright." She morphed into her Dragonhawk form and flew towards the Tree of Life. Zhang Yang followed closely from behind.

"Halt!" cried two female Elven archers who were riding Horned Hawks, and stopped Zhang Yang and Felice. They were only dressed in tight leather armor which only emphasized their slender bodies.

It was inevitable that all female character designed in the game would be beautiful. In fact, 99% of all female NPC characters in the game had voluptuous boobies and slender waist. Zhang Yang and Felice descended and landed on the ground. The female Elves followed and got down from their mounts. As they did, their jiggly-jugs were jiggling around as they jumped down from their mounts. What a sight to behold!

Zhang Yang could not resist and had to stare at them for a good second before responding to them. "My name is Zhan Yu and I am an adventurer from White Jade Castle. I am here with an urgent request for Merlinda – Song of the Forest."

"The great priestess of the moon is not someone whom you could visit anytime you want!" said the female bowmen. "Please leave this sacred ground of the Elves. No good shall befall you if you try to linger."

"Big brother…" Felice muffled her voice with her hands as she turned to Zhang Yang with her big, unblinking eyes. They craved for love and attention.


Zhang Yang could not resist. At then, be it asking Merlinda to fight by his side, Zhang Yang had a better reason to go into the land of the Elf for Felice’s sake! Zhang Yang smiled innocently and said, "Please talk to Merlinda and let her know that it is Zhan Yu who wishes to speak with her. I’m sure that the great Priestess of the Moon will know how to decide my fate."

"Insolent fool! Did you not heed my words?! I shall have you heed my arrows, then!" cried the Elven archer as she and her comrade drew their bows, prepared to fight.

Zhang Yang laughed at their speedy reactions and quickly stunned them with {Blast Wave}. "Let’s go! Felice!’

Zhang Yang and Felice quickly deserted the two archers and rushed towards the Tree of Life. After being stunned for 4 seconds, the two female Elves leaped on their Horned Hawks and chased after Zhang Yang with haste. Sadly, they were no match for the Phoenix’s flying speed and was left behind further.

Before Zhang Yang had realized it, the closer he got to the Tree of Life, more Elven warriors had chased after Zhang Yang on their mounts. The problem was that the warriors were Elite tier! It would be extremely difficult for him to lose them!

Zhang Yang grunted disgruntledly and activated the Phoenix’s Transformation skill. The Phoenix grew, in size as well as in flying speed. With the boost of HP, Zhang Yang tanked all the damage and flew past the defenders’ barrage.

Arrows landed more and more and dealt a considerable amount of damage to Zhang Yang. Even though the Phoenix had a long HP bar, Zhang Yang feared that he might not able to last too long. Fortunately, the Phoenix’s amazing flying speed was fast enough to dodge some of the incoming arrows. If he had not used the Phoenix’s Transformation skill, he might have sustained more damage and had his HP reduced down to below 50%!

It was not the time to fight! He had to get to the Tree of Life! He had a hunch that Merlinda would be somewhere close to the Tree of Life, since it was an entity that was extremely precious to the Elven race! Perhaps if he could meet her, she could stop the incoming forces from attacking him! If he does not stir up a chaotic storm, Merlinda would not even know that Zhang Yang was there to visit her! Those selfish female Elves would not have delivered his message to her in the first place!

He would have to do it himself!

Untransformed, Felice’s moving speed will not be as fast as the Phoenix, hence, Zhang Yang had called for her to sit behind him as they sped towards the tree.

As they zoomed forward, the tree did not even seem to get any closer to them! Just how big was the tree?! From where they were, the truck itself was so large that they could fit a city inside! From where he was, Zhang Yang could finally catch a glimpse of the entrance where several juvenile Elves were playing on one of the branches of the tree barefooted. From where he was, the branch looked like a regular tree branch and the children were only the size of ants. Its branches, however, were actually a tens of meters wide. There was no reason to be afraid of falling over either, since there was great number of leaves the size of footballs field. Falling down on them would greatly reduce the fall damage. Perhaps, it would be fun, even!

Eventually, Zhang Yang was free from harm as the Elven corps were far away from them. Zhang Yang then made his way towards the tree top and found a pool. It looked like someone had chopped off the top of the tree and hollowed it out like a canoe, and filled water in it.

Felice shouted with passion, "There!"

Zhang Yang nodded his head and flew closer to the pool, all the way listening to the angry cries of the Elven corp behind them. Although he could not hear what they were saying, he could have guessed that they were warning them to stay away from the tree top.

Zhang Yang ignored their calls and hovered above the pool of greenish water. Felice jumped off the Phoenix and morphed into her Dragonhawk form. With a loud splash, Felice dove into the water and instantly vanished from his sight. It was not clear to how deep was the water was, since it was quite clear.

"Iintruder! You had sullied the Spring of Life! Only death may wash away your grave sins!" cried the Elven warriors as they surrounded Zhang Yang from all directions. Zhang Yang had single-handedly angered the entire Elven race.

They had not immediately attack. In fact, they were holding back their rage to attack. It was probably because they were extremely close to the so-called Spring of Life. If a battle is to erupt on top of the water surface, his blood would spill into the pool. Perhaps, that would be a greater offense.

"Catch him!" cried the Elves.

It was a problem, and while they were hesitating, more Elven warriors coming from behind them! If there were to fight, Zhang Yang would surely be the first to go down.

Zhang Yang started to feel fear creeping up his spine. Was Merlinda even present here?

Out of the noisy crowd, two large beasts burst out. Riding on top of the magnificent beast was a female priestess dressed in a white priestess uniform. The other one was wearing the same uniform, except she was much taller and the other, her mount was exceptionally grand, as it was pure white. It was rather familiar to be fair. It was a unicorn. She looked like a goddess of the moon, was how one would surmise her appearance, even without knowing what a goddess of the moon should actually look like.

Hold on…That’s Merlinda! The Priestess of the Moon!

As Zhang Yang had expected, she had gained another tier!

[Priestess of the Moon, Merlinda – The Moon Whisperer] (Ascended, Humanoid)

Level: 200

HP: 2,000,000,000

Defense: 32,470

Magic Attack: 162,165 – 242,165

Skills: ???

Note: The Prophet of the Moon God. The Leader of the Elven Race.

What? When did the professional prisoner change her name? The Moon Whisperer was the title only a Priestess of the Moon could inherit. Zhang Yang could not remember what the previous Priestess of the Moon was called, but if Merlinda could inherit the name, she must be the real deal!