MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 745: Newly Researched and Developed Corrosive Beast

Chapter 745: Newly Researched and Developed Corrosive Beast

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Coincidentally, there was a Christmas party at the Zhou Shu University at night. Zhang Yang brought the ladies over to the university to visit Wei Yan Er. The more the merrier, right? With Zhang Yang’s current achievement, he could be considered as an honored Alumni of the university. Whenever there was a tenth anniversary or a fifth-anniversary celebration going on in the university, Zhang Yang would definitely be invited over to attend.

It has been more than two years since he graduated. Zhang Yang walked down memory lane. He remembered that he was all alone when he was walking on the roads in the university. Now, he had so many ladies around him. Furthermore, these ladies were just beautiful! His life had changed so much ever since he left the university. He could not even believe the contrast between his past and his current situation! The difference was like heaven and earth!

Since Zhang Yang had arrived, he decided to take a short moment to reconnect with Yu Li. Well, because of that, he disappeared from the sights of Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue for more than an hour. The two ladies kept trying to interrogate him about his whereabouts for the past hour --- does he need an hour to go to the washroom?

At night, it was natural that there were quite a number of pretty ladies around the vicinity of the vent. Each age bring forth new beauties on this noble land. Even though he had not yet seen someone as beautiful as Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, the ladies that he saw could still score a 7, or even 8 out of 10. Well, Zhang Yang did get a good wash of his eyes that night.

Han Ying Xue pouted gracefully and gave a nice pinch on Zhang Yang’s waist. The pain spread out throughout his entire body as he cried in misery. Well, that witch did not really know that Zhang Yang had no bad thoughts on his mind at all. He was purely admiring the beautiful ‘sights’ that lay before his eyes. If he really wanted to be a playboy, there were tons of pretty ladies in his office, waiting to welcome him with their two legs wide open!

That night, none of them logged into the game. They had a good rest throughout the entire night.

On the second day, everyone logged into the game after they woke up. Then they continued to venture deeper into Rokuta Castle. After a good rest, everyone seemed to be more energetic and refreshed. Unlike yesterday where they were moving like zombies, they were more fired up as they slew the monsters in the surroundings today.

Well, thanks to the +2 levels reward, more players have managed to enter the Rokuta Castle. Well, quite a number of them had almost reached Level 160. The reward had brought them up to Level 160 and beyond. Some players knew that it would be extremely hard to snatch the boss for their own benefits or to complete the quest. However, they still came along because they wanted to see if they would be lucky enough to take advantage of others and get some Holy Tier equipment.

Well, Holy Tier equipment was still rare among the players. Even Lone Desert Smoke had less than 40 pieces of Holy Tier equipment in their possession. Normal players would have no other chance of acquiring one at the moment.

One day, two days, three days... time lapsed slowly. Most of the monsters in the castle had been slaughtered. Well, this region had been temporarily added to fulfill the conditions of the quest. So, the monsters in this region would not respawn once every 5 hours, like the other Elite Tier monsters out in the other areas. Well, as long as players could clear out the monsters in this vicinity, the boss would be spawned.

When a party manages to complete the quest and hand in the quest, this region would automatically vanish. As described in the quest description, this area would be ‘leveled down to the ground by a bomb’. However, if no one could complete the quest and hand in the quest in one month, the monsters in this region would respawn. That would give the other parties a second chance to complete the quest.

Because the number of parties that entered the region was more than enough, there was basically no monsters left in the vicinity on the fifth day. The moment the last monster was slain, everyone in the region heard a thunderous roar echoing through the entire region. Right in the middle of the square of the castle, a gigantic corroded beast spawned. This beast was about hundreds of meters tall. It was about hundreds of meters long as well. Its body mass was about the size of a small mountain. The body mass of the monster was far larger than any other building in the vicinity of the entire castle.

[Newly Researched and Developed Corrosive Beast]

Level: 180

HP: 18,000,000,000

Defence: 18,470

Melee Attack: 149,398 – 209,398


[Strong Hydrochloric Acid]: Shoots concentrated corrosive Hydrochloric Acid to all targets within the range of 50-meter radius. Targets will be afflicted with 3 layers of {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} effects. Each layer of {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} effect will cause 20,000 Nature Damage to each target once in every 3 seconds. One layer will be removed once in every 15 seconds.

[Strong Nitric Acid]: Causes 10,000 Nature damage to all targets within the range of 50 meters once in every 3 seconds. Last for 15 seconds. If the target has 3 layers of {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} effects, the effects will turn into the effect of {Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Reaction} and cause 300,000 Damage to the target.

[Bone Spikes]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Spectre Build]: Recovers 1% HP in every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovery will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: This is a weapon of war that has been newly developed by the Spectres. Because the number of this monster is extremely rare, this weapon cannot be duplicated to form a massive army.

The moment when the boss was spawned. The entire castle was immediately sealed by an air wall! The players who were outside the vicinity could no longer go in! That was actually a safety measure made by the developers of the game. They wanted to prevent any players from taking advantage of the other players who had worked hard to bring down the boss. Some players would take advantage of other players by waiting for other players to bring down the HP bar of the boss. When the boss is about to die, these players would rush in to snatch the outcome of the battle for themselves.

However, the intelligence of the players was not to be underestimated. In the previous boss battle when players were battling against the Spiritual Beast King, some players attempted to use ‘player planting’ tactic, and they worked. The so-called ‘player planting’ tactic was to let most of the party’s players go offline first. Only a few of them stayed to observe the battle. When the battle reaches its crucial moment, those players would inform their party members to come back online. By doing so, they could reserve their strength until they were required to engage in battle.

However, it seemed that they had also underestimated the intelligence of the game designers. Those who attempted to use the ‘player planting’ tactic had soon found out that they would appear by the Teleportation Circle that they tied their Teleportation Scroll on! What a tragic situation!

Well, they only can blame themselves for that. If ‘player planting’ could be used anywhere players wanted, too many players would abuse the tactic. If ‘player planting’ could be used anywhere and anytime, then players would be able to form a 1,000-player party to enter a 50-player scale dungeon! They could just allow 950 players to go offline first. When one player in the dungeon dies, they could just ask a new substitute to log back into the game and continue in the dead player’s place! It would become outrageous, because players would be able to challenge dungeon boss with numbers!

This corroded beast boss was not that hard to kill for a top Tier party. Unlike Mathuven who was a World Boss which required players to swarm up in order to kill him, this corroded beast boss could be taken down by 10 powerful players who have activated their Inheritance Transformation.

Therefore, killing the boss was not the top priority for the top Tier parties. Their top priority was to clear out their opponents while the air wall is still around!

Instantly, a chaotic battle royale began! In just an instant, hundreds of players were mercilessly terminated. They were forcefully turned into streams of white light before they were forcefully sent back to the Graveyard! Furthermore, because of the air wall, the players who got killed could only choose to resurrect themselves in their weakened forms. Or else, they would have to wait until the boss battle is over before they could run back to their dead bodies in the castle.

Zhang Yang combined two of his parties into one. So, he and his newly merged party of 20 began to take out their opponents as well. Well, whoever had come for the boss should realize that they would have to go through a lot of players before they could get to the boss! No one on the battlefield would go easy on anyone. Only idiots would roll dices to see who gets to the boss first. Furthermore, those who could not afford to ‘play’ could just leave with their Teleportation Scrolls!

Some parties tried and died. Some parties were acting carefully. So they gathered back to the main cities. Meanwhile, there were also some parties hiding into buildings around the castle. They were hoping that they could charge out and take advantage of the others who were battling out there at the crucial moment of the boss battle.

Of course, the boss was not weak at all. Because no one had the boss’s aggro fixed on anyone, the boss began to unleash its deadly attacks at the players in its surrounding randomly! The boss would activate its {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} once almost every minute. Meanwhile, it would also activate its {Strong Nitric Acid} once every 15 seconds. Theoretically speaking, players would have to suffer the boss’s {Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Reaction} effect once in every passing minute. Not everyone could sustain 300,000 damage and still stand still like nothing has happened!

The players on the battlefield had to handle the PvP matches that came straight up at them while sustaining damage from the boss’s attacks head-on. The stress level was enormous. The players were activating their Inheritance Transformation one after another, as the battles went on. It would be a stupid attempt to try reserving their best Skills at a time like this. If they did, they would definitely be wiped out by other players.

Under the bombardment from two sides, the number of casualties was rising tremendously. Players were getting killed at every passing moment, every passing second. They were turned into white lights and went back to the Graveyard. It did not take long before the top Tier players were the only ones who remained on the battlefield. For instance, Lone Desert Smoke, Hell Family and Land of Savages were still battling fiercely on the battlefield,

Most of the parties had merged their forces together to form an Alliance with the intention to take out the parties that were much more powerful than them. When their worst enemies were all dead, the Alliances would dissolve and they would turn against each other to see who would last till the end.

Fierce battles were happening on every corner of the battlefield. The weaker parties were being eliminated one after another. Well, among the strong there is always a stronger. Even top Tier parties from top Tier guilds like Dark Palace and Paragon had been eliminated, one after another as well! Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage managed to hold until the very last by the end of the battle royale. For that, Zhang Yang had paid a heavy price as well. He even gave up the chance of completing the quest over to the Crimson Rage. However, the Lone Desert Smoke would still get to keep the loot other than the equipment.

Truth be told, this quest would only reward each player with 500 Military Points. Although Zhang Yang felt a heartache while giving away the ‘ticket’ to completing this quest, he would be able to earn even more if the boss would just drop a Forbidden Scroll or a powerful Skill book.

Actually, Crimson Rage could have taken out the boss all by themselves with ease. As two extremely powerful parties joined their forces together on this, they took less than an hour to slay the boss.

However, this boss was not as generous as Mathuven. It only dropped 2 pieces of Holy Tier equipment and 5 pieces of Ethereal Tier equipment, However, no one would really care about those equipment if they knew how the game worked. Each party took one piece of the Holy Tier equipment. Other than that, a Skill Book and piece of Skill Point Crystal were dropped as well. So Zhang Yang picked them up, as he was promised that he could. Meanwhile, the bomb was thrown by Snow Seeker, because Zhang Yang had agreed to let them have the quest.

Upon completing the quest, everyone went back to their respective main cities. Along the way back, they distributed the equipment among themselves. The only Holy Tier equipment was a pair of leather boots. Hundred Shots got lucky that day. He won the equipment over by rolling out the highest score. Meanwhile, the Skill Book was obtained by Ten Dusk.

[Radiance of the Brave]: When hit, there is a 1% rate that you can recover your HP by 3 times of the damage value you receive.

The Skill seemed to promise a very efficient effect. However, the rate of triggering it was too damn low. It would be like recovering your HP by 3% the amount of all damage taken. In other words, the players would have a 3% Damage Immunity to himself or herself. Meanwhile, the player would still be vulnerable to the effect of {Destructive Smash}.

The moment the main quest was handed in by the Crimson Rage, Guraj no longer had any Main Story Quests left to offer. However, naturally, some greedy goblin had sold some more [Dark Source Stones] to the Spectre again. Because of that, the Spectre were able to continue on with the development of their ‘Darkness Falls’.

Judging from a certain perspective, the ‘Spectre Invasion’ should be called ‘Goblin Invasion’. Why? Because the completion of ‘Darkness Falls’ was basically made possible, all thanks to the goblins.

The remaining quests just had players running errands. Players were required to pass messages around from this spot to another spot, quite apart from each other. Everything seemed so simple. Well, it seemed that the story has progressed, nevertheless. There was no way to prevent the ‘Darkness Falls’ from being built. Therefore, all races in the entire region would be required to band together in order to fight against the Spectre, Or else, the entire land would be devoured by darkness itself!

According to the Official’s message, after one month of the in-game time, ‘Darkness Falls’ would be completed. Meanwhile, Angus will sooner or later be leading the Spectre Army to invade the four high Tier Territories. Once they have conquered all four of the high Tier Territories, the Spectres would be using the four Territories as their bases of operation to invade the 8 Territory Gateways. After they manage to conquer the Territory Gateways, they would pass through the Teleportation Door at the Ten Barren Seas to enter the main cities. From there onwards, the Spectres would start slaughtering all players from all Regions on their own soils.

When the four high Tier Territories are under siege, there would be no telling which Territory will Angus go for first. Whichever Territory he goes to will be the one Territory that will suffer the worst fate among all four Territories.

Well, the Spectre Army would only have the advantage in numbers without Angus’s presence. Players would still be able to fend off the Spectre Army with ease, by relying on the Graveyard of their Territories. However, if a Celestial Tier boss joins into the battle, the boss could easily wipe out the players by just raising his fingers around. There will be no chance at all for the players to fight back!

Meanwhile, the massive NPC Army would only gather at the Territory Gateways. Therefore, the four high Tier Territories were destined to fall momentarily.