MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 744: Dark Source Stone

Chapter 744: Dark Source Stone

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‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Protect the Giant Dragon! You have received the rewards: 50,000,000 Experience Points, 1,000 Military Points.’

‘Ding! You have acquired an Item: Sacred Badge.’

‘Ding! You have acquired the additional reward: +2 Levels!’

Well, it was unfortunate that the appearance of Angus had led to the demise of the great Green Dragon lady. She got killed by a single blow from Angus! However, the entire event was just an ‘accidental event’. As a quest, the players did their best at making sure that Mathuven does not kill the Green Dragon. Angus appearing out of nowhere was just part of the ‘necessary’ drama.

It was a predetermined event. The script had already been set down that the Spectre would succeed on acquiring the heart of the Green Dragon, creating ‘Darkness Falls’ to terrorize the world. Therefore, it would not matter even of the players fail to protect the Green Dragon in the quest. The outcome of the quest would remain the same.

The reward of increasing by two levels was certainly a good consolation for every player in the game. Zhang Yang had shot up to Level 167, instantly. Comparing to his previous life, he would be half a year ahead of his own progress in his past life now! In his previous life, Zhang Yang had the advantage of having high Tier players babysitting him through the dungeons. Well, part of it was because he was quite a lucky bastard to be able to meet high Tier players whenever he waited the entrance of dungeons. Meanwhile, there were no players snatching or competing against him in the low-level regions of the maps. So, Zhang Yang managed to level up very quickly before he reached Level 100.

"Heroes and heroines, even though the heart of the giant dragon has been acquired by the Spectre, but you have slain that *sshole Mathuven! That should give quite a blow to the morale of the Spectres!" Guraj praised Zhang Yang and his gang. Then he said, "However, the fact that the Spectre have acquired the Heart of the dragon cannot be undone anymore! They can now finish developing their ‘Darkness Falls’! Therefore, you must work harder at stopping them! Go! Blow up their warehouse! They are storing a large number of [Dark Source Stones] in their warehouse! Those stones are the last items they need to complete building their weapon of mass destruction! Blow them up to kingdom come!"

‘Ding! Guraj has given you a quest: Dark Source Stone. Will you accept it?’

Everyone selected ‘Accept,’ of course. There was no reason for them to decline at all.

‘Ding! You have acquired an item: Goblin’s High Explosive Bomb – Enhanced Destroyer IV.’

"Hey! What are you guys staring at? Go now! Did you really think I was going to treat you to a dinner!?" Guraj immediately hustled Zhang Yang and the gang out from the Adventurer"s Society.

The location of the ‘Dark Source Stone’ quest was located back at the lair of the Spectre, The Plagued Land. However, it was not the Malevolent Tower where Wraith King of Death - Madravich lay. After all, who would be foolish enough to provoke the Celestial Tier boss, the Leader of the Seven Wraith! According to the official information of the game, Angus is just a Level 230 boss while Madravich is a Level 300 boss! The difference between the strengths of the two boss is huge!

The moment Zhang Yang and his gang received the quest, every other player who was Level 160 and beyond received the quest as well. Furthermore, because players who participated in the boss battle to slay Mathuven had acquired the reward of +2 levels, many players who were stuck at Level 158 suddenly shot up to Level 160. Because of that, the number of Level 160 players had increased drastically.

For instance, Female Raid Covent, that *ss-face, was also one of them! Well, he and his best pal Ten Dusk had formed a new party with Galileo and the other powerful players in Lone Desert Smoke’s sub-guild. They ventured over to the location of the quest with great spirits. They even claimed that they would overtake Zhang Yang’s progress and complete the quest before Zhang Yang and his gang even gets close!

Well, an utter *ss would remain an *ss for all eternity!

After a few similar quests, they knew that they needed to slay many monsters for many days in order to let the system spawn out the location where they could throw the bomb. Well, when the number of monsters slain reaches a certain number, only would the boss for the quest be spawned. Furthermore, the boss must be taken care of before the players can throw the bomb and complete the quest.

Therefore, Zhang Yang’s party of ten did not rush at all. They were going around doing random stuffs while getting themselves prepared for the quest. After all, they had been battling Mathuven for over 30 hours. The last thing they needed now was more fighting.

Lying on the bed with Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue, Zhang Yang and the two ladies were having the ‘fun’ of their lives, like a dragon dominating two phoenixes! Zhang Yang did a splendid job of pleasing the two ladies, to the point that they were totally dominated by him. After they were done, they got close together and whispered into each other’s ears. After feeding each other some sweet words only meant for husbands and wifes, the three of them logged back into the game. When they arrived, they realized that they were the only ones who had not arrived at the gathering. Everyone was guessing what took them so long.

Daffodil Daydream could still keep the secret to herself. However, Wei Yan Er could not resist the temptation at all. Without much of an effort, the other gang managed to tease the little brat into telling the truth saying that Zhang Yang and the two ladies were in the same room all the while! Everyone let out a surprised ‘Oh!’ and fixed their eyes on the three of them.

That little brat!

Zhang Yang quickly picked up Wei Yan Er like picking up a cat and threw her over to Han Ying Xue. Well, he intended to prevent that little brat from exposing more and more ‘private’ saucy tales of his and the two ladies. Well, if that does happen, Zhang Yang’s prestige as a leader would drop like hell.

Zhang Yang and the gang made their way to The Plagued Land. The moment they crossed the border, they saw that the entire motherland of the Spectre was grey. The entire land was basically a wasteland. There were countless of skeletal corpses roaming around the mountains and the wilderness of the entire land.

However, they also noticed that many guilds had already entered The Plagued Land. There was quite a number of parties in the area at the moment. Some were flying in the sky, while the others were on foot, slaying monsters. Further away, there were also other parties arriving from all directions at the same time. They were all going to the same place, after all.

This Main Story Quest was open to all. As long as the players reach the Required Level of the quest, they would be able to take part. Therefore, no one could keep the boss all to themselves. They would have to compete against each other in order to kill the boss and claim the loot to themselves. Well, that was most probably the main reason why the competition among the parties was getting more intense at every passing second! Zhang Yang and the gang were extremely annoyed. They had been busting their *sses to snatch the quests to themselves. However, they would have to repeatedly charge back into the crowd when the next quest is issued. It was really tiring!

Well, if the system did not set the quest to be open to all, taking down Mathuven would be almost impossible! Lone Desert Smoke would not be capable of taking down Mathuven all by themselves, after all. Mathuven was labeled as a World Boss for a reason. Players from all around the world should join forces in order to take down w World Boss. Other than that, they would have to trigger the drama mode to see if they get a powerful NPC to support them in battle!

The warehouse where the Spectre stored their [Dark Source Stones] was located in the Rokuta Castle. That place was a fully fortified fortress. The fortress was built on a cliff. The only way in and out was the front of the fortress. There were countless Magic Cannons around the castle walls as the Defencive placements of the castle. If the players really want to march into the castle through the front, they would only do so at a heavy cost.

However, players with flying mounts would not be facing that much of a problem getting into the castle. They could just fly straight towards the entrance at full speed. Well, they would only have to suffer one or two blasts from the Magic Cannons. At the current stage of the game, the HP amount that the players had would be sufficient enough to survive one or two blasts from the Magic Cannons. Well, each blast of the Magic Cannons could cause only 150,000 damage. That amount of damage was far from enough to instantly kill a player with better Tier equipment.

Without wasting any breath, Zhang Yang and the gang split out and entered the castle through the front entrance. Although they were greeted with a few blasts from the Magic Cannons, they were able to withstand the amount of damage that the Magic Cannons could cause on them without the help of Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart.

Upon landing into the castle, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart quickly healed everyone back up. When everyone was back at their full health states, the party began to slaughter any monsters in the vicinity.

"Rawgh ---" Suddenly, a gigantic, white-boned, corroded beast appeared before the gang. It was about ten meters tall and 30 meters long. This creature looked like it had been patched up with some glue and some broken bones. Its rotten meat had some bone spikes growing out of it. There was also greenish and greyish liquid flowing out from the beast’s body. The beast was gross and hideous to look at!

[Concentrated Acidic Corrosive Beast] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 175

HP: 5,250,000

Defence: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,822 – 60,822


[Strong Hydrochloric Acid]: Causes 3,000 Nature Damage to all targets within the range of 20 meters radius once every 3 seconds. Lasts for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 layers maximum.

[Strong Nitric Acid]: Causes 10,000 Nature damage to all targets within the range of 20 meters once every 3 seconds. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cannot be stacked.

[Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Reaction]: If the target is afflicted with 3 layers of {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} and {Strong Nitric Acid effects}, the target will receive additional 100% damage.

"What the f*ck! This monster is a little bit more powerful than I thought!" Everyone was surprised to see the description of the monster.

"Hehe! Nitric Acid Hydrochloric!" Fatty Han suddenly began to imagine some f*cked up thing in his mind. Well, everyone knew better that it had to mean more than that. The ‘Nitric Acid Hydrochloric’ in his mind must be something crooked.

"Come on, fatty! Nitric Acid Hydrochloric is science! So stop thinking weird things in that dirty head of yours!"

"Boo --- you burst my steam!"

Well, since that the monster had presented itself nicely in front of them, they just charged in and slaughtered the monster. Zhang Yang was the vanguard, as always. He began by throwing a {Spear of Obliteration} at the monster. ‘-193,892!’ a high damage value popped out on top of the monster, Zhang Yang’s current Attack power had increased so much that it was about to be as much as his Attack power when he activates his God of War Transformation!

"Owh!" The corroded beast groaned in pain. It let out a raging roar and quivered. Suddenly, countless greyish, green liquid spewed out from its body into the surroundings. However, there was no one standing within the range of 20 meters from the beast. The liquid was spraying onto the ground without touching anyone, or anything.

However, when Zhang Yang and his gang went up to the beast and started their attacks on the beast, the beast began to quiver again and sprayed the gooish liquid from its body. This time, everyone had no way of dodging the liquid because they were very close up to the beast. They were afflicted by the corrosive effect of the acidic liquid. Those liquid were so gross that the ladies were screaming like little b*tches! However, the firepower of the party was extremely powerful. They took less than 10 seconds to slay the beast. The beast did not even get its chance to spray the gooish liquid for the third time.

The gang proceeded forwards after that. The entire castle was flooded with these corroded beasts. Because of the {Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Reaction}, Zhang Yang and the gang did not dare lure too many monsters at once. Or else the DOT that 3 layers of {Strong Hydrochloric Acid} and {Strong Nitric Acid effects} could cause on them would be disastrous! Well, they would be receiving an additional 100% damage from the monster’s attack when that happens.

"Hey, little lolly! Where are you guys now?" Female Raid Covent barged into Zhang Yang and his gang’s party chat all of a sudden. He was not willing to give up on trying to tackle the little brat, after all.

After Zhang Yang and his gang revealed their location, the two parties gathered quickly in the castle. The 20 of them joined forces to clear out the monsters. Of course, they were able to clear out the monsters in the area more efficiently by doing so. Well, comparisons are odious. Even though Ten Dusk and his party also had handsome, skilled players like Galileo, they were no match at all to Zhang Yang and his gang when it comes to comparing!

When Zhang Yang and his gang kill two to three corroded beasts, Galileo and his other party members had only managed to kill one corroded beast. The difference between the capabilities of the two parties was striking!

Unfortunately for them, the core party of the Lone Desert Smoke had 3 players with Class S Inheritance, 2 players with Class A Inheritance, and 5 players with Class B Inheritance! Furthermore, the players also had 3 Legendary Tier pets and one Battle Companion capable of activating a Transformation Skill to support them in battle! There was no other party in the entire server that would have such a powerful lineup!

The interior of the castle was open on all sides. Everyone could see different parties battling corroded beasts at every passage in the castle. However, the players deduced that they would need to kill the monsters for days before the boss shows its face!

The number of monsters in the castle was abundant. Although the number of players in the vicinity was high, they had no need to worry that they might run out of monsters to kill. They had no need to snatch other players’ monsters as well. This area was a rare area for the players to grind for Experience Points!

Well, the players were not really riled up yet at the moment, It was most probably because they had been through a long boss battle not long ago. They were certainly bored out of their brains by now. Well, a repetitive thing would definitely get the players bored, just like having them go to the office and work every day.

Because of that, Zhang Yang disbanded the party and commanded them to take a day off. He wanted everyone to breathe some fresh air out in the real world for a bit. However, they should keep their phone switched on. If the boss suddenly spawns, Zhang Yang could still reach them, and they could still log into the game in time. Since they logged out of the game in the castle, it should be much easier for them to gather again when they log back into the game.