MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 743: A Sight to Behold: The Lord of the Seven Spectre King

Chapter 743: A Sight to Behold: The Lord of the Seven Spectre King

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Although the dark shadow appeared incredibly sudden, it also left the vicinity incredibly fast as well. However, everyone was able to have a good look at the information of the dark shadow!

[Angus, The Lord of the Seven Spectre King] (Celestial, Spectre)

Level: ???

HP: ???

Defence: ???

Melee Attack: ???

Skills: ???

Note: Angus was once a human warrior who was kind and brave. However, because his great merits made the King uneasy. So, the King framed him and exiled him to the land of the orcs. He succumbed after cutting through hordes of orcs. His undying vengeance had resurrected him from his death. From that day on, he became a Spectre! His strength is undoubtedly powerful. It did not take long for him to become the Lord of the Seven Spectre King, the highest of the higher in the realm of Spectre. He is the one Spectre that will send tremors across the entire land!

Although there were a lot of question marks, everyone was taking in cold breaths by just looking at the NPC’s name and his Tier.

A Celestial Tier boss!

The power of a Celestial Tier boss would surely be unique and powerful. This Angus took out the Holy Tier Green Dragon lady with one punch! Of course, that was definitely a part of the drama of this game. Even a Celestial Tier boss would not have dealt 1,000,000,000 damage in a single hit! If that is possible, the players would never stand a chance at defeating that boss!

The moment Angus left, the terrifying aura instantly disappeared. Everyone regained control of their own movements again!


The once ‘imprisoned’ players continued to fly towards the loot. They instantly activated their Invincibility Effect --- if they had any on them at the moment. It would not be ideal to attempt killing the other players at that instant. It would be more important if the players throw their Status Restriction Skills on their opponents while making themselves invulnerable to all Status Restriction Skills. By doing so, they would still stand a chance to snatch the loots from the ground!

The bunch of players landed on the ground. They looked like a swarm of grasshoppers stomping into the yard. The boss had initially dropped at least 20 pieces of equipment and items. However, they were all swept cleaned from the ground in one short instance!

The players were mercilessly ferocious when it came down to snatching loots!

Everyone was looking at each other after that. They were judging the others for being so mindless. However, they had not thought that they had actually acted the same way. At that time, it did not matter if they manage to snatch any loots or not, everyone was frowning. They were expressing that they did not manage to get anything good up from the ground!

Well, it made perfect sense why everyone was acting in such a way. First of all, there were countless players in the vicinity. Whoever tried to show off what good stuff he or she gets would definitely become the primary target of everyone who had not acquired anything out of the snatching session.

Even though Mathuven was a World boss and he did drop quite a number of loots, but those 20+ pieces of equipment and items would be far from enough to be distributed among so many players. Even if they equally divide the loots among the guilds, only 20+ guilds would be satisfied with the outcome of it! After all, the entire China Region had more than just 20 guilds. Surely not every Top Tier guild would be able to get any benefits from the snatching. If the guilds were to battle against each other to spark a wave of new guild wars, even Lone Desert Smoke would be overwhelmed!

Zhang Yang swept through the crowd with his eyes. His main purpose was to spot if anyone had a ‘holy’ light shining down on their heads. The player with the light shining down on them would be the person who was holding a broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation]! However, other than Sun Xin Yu, everyone seemed ‘clean’. Therefore, he had no intention to provoke anyone this time around.

Truth to be told, he really wanted to kill as many players as he wanted so that the players would drop the items and equipment they picked up from among the loots. However, Zhang Yang had no idea who picked up the loots. Attacking players without any clue might spark a guild war between his guild and the other guilds!

So, it would be wise to stand down this time. Therefore, Zhang Yang decided to retreat a little and have a look at Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and the others. He wanted to check on them to see if any of them had managed to pick up anything good.

Well, hehe! The quest time had been obtained by him!

After killing the boss and looting the loot on the ground, there was no reason for any one of them to stay. Everyone began to tear their Teleportation Scrolls and left the area. They were teleported back to their own Territories. Even though most of the players did not get anything from the loots, they were not disappointed at all. After all, as long as someone manages to pick up the Hilt of Mathuven and hand it in, everyone who takes part in the boss battle would be rewarded with +2 levels!

Other than that, everyone managed to earn quite a number of ‘Glory Points’. Those lower level players were already on their way to see the Officer NPCs that were located at every main city. Well, the ‘Glory Points’ could be used to exchange for some good equipment after all. Although the military equipment that they could exchange from the Officers were a little bit weaker than the dungeon equipment of the same level, these military equipment were still the best choice for players that were not capable of clearing Hardcore Mode of a dungeon by themselves.

Zhang Yang and his party members gathered by Souron’s Castle. Then, they began to look at the ‘fruits’ that they harvested from the boss battle!

Zhang Yang did not even aim to get any of the equipment for himself. Even though a Holy Tier equipment was extremely valuable and rare, he would only be able to use the equipment for another half a year even if he could get a Level 160 – 180 Ascended Tier equipment for himself. However, if he could get some unique items such as a Skill Book, he could use the Skill or other useful items efficiently until he reaches Level 300!

For instance, look at Zhang Yang’s {Charge Up Strike}! For another instance, look at Zhang Yang’s {Glare of the Death God}! These Skills are something that can not be compared to any equipment available out there. These Skills could be described as one of those legendary ‘equipment’!

Therefore, Zhang Yang only aimed to acquire the quest item --- Mathuven’s Hilt! Furthermore, he could complete the quest by handling the quest item to the NPC. Not only could he earn Experience Points and ‘Military Points’, he could also acquire a piece of Holy Tier Accessory for every member in his party!

One small quest item in exchange for 10 pieces of Holy Tier Accessories sounded to be too good a deal right?

When Zhang Yang showed his party members the Mathuven’s Hilt, everyone began to put a smile on their faces. Then everyone laughed. Even though not all of them managed to secure anything from the loots when the boss died, they could still get one precious piece of Holy Tier Accessory just because had Zhang Yang acquired the Mathuven’s Hilt! That really made every single one of them the final winner of the entire boss battle!

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang did not just snatch one item. He also managed to secure two pieces of [Top Tier Aura Stones]!

The moment he revealed the two pieces of [Top Tier Aura Stones], Han Ying Xue immediately snatched one of them and put it to use. She finally enhanced her {Life Aura} to its max level! The other [Top Tier Aura Stone] was given to Sun Xin Yu. Zhang Yang’s main intention was to let her enhance her {Critical Aura} as much as possible. Because Fatty Han and Hundred Shots had {Companion Aura} that would only work on pets. Meanwhile, Wei Yan Er’s {Strength Aura} could only boost the party’s Strength. It would definitely be more efficient if they enhance a Skill that could boost the Critical Rate of the entire party!

After that, Wei Yan Er also revealed one piece of loot that she managed to snatch. It was a heavy armor that radiated in a dark silver light!

[Skeleton King’s Chest Plate] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +640

Vitality: +16,803

Strength: +4,120

Agility: 1,750

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 33,600 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,778 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level 20.

The moment the attributes of the armor were revealed, the three party members that needed Heavy Armor became really interested in getting it. After rolling for it, Zhang Yang managed to triumph over that little brat and Endless Starlight with 76 points. He secured that armor and put it on immediately.

"God damn it! I’m the one who snatched it in the first place! How did it end up in the hands of noob tank!?" Wei Yan Er pouted as she complained with absolute prejudice.

Han Ying Xue threw a sexy smile at Zhang Yang. Well, she did not acquire any good equipment. Instead, she got a precious [Forbidden Scroll]!

[Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse] (Consumable)

Use: Activates an Eclipse. Causes tremendous amount of damage to all enemy targets within the range of 10-kilometer radius. All targets lose 10% of their HP. If the target has less than 50,000 HP, that player will suffer a minimum deduction of 50,000 HP; if the target has more than 200,000 HP, then the target will suffer a deduction of 200,000 HP maximum. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Required Level: 150

"This… this is an enhanced version of a Forbidden Scroll!" Everyone took a cold deep breath.

It works just like the apocalyptic special. This scroll would reduce 10% of all targets’ HP in each passing second. However, this scroll did not have the limitation of a minimum deduction of 50,000 HP and a maximum deduction of 100,000 HP. Furthermore, the effective range of this scroll could reach out to 10 kilometers!

In other words, this [Forbidden Scroll: Eclipse] could deduct a maximum of 6,000,000 HP of a target within its effective range! Well, it would still be fair because players’ equipment would be getting better and better as the game advances. The limitation on a Forbidden Scroll in deducting a maximum of 100,000 HP no longer threatened players with Class C Inheritance Transformations. Meanwhile, if that deduction is increased up to a maximum of 200,000 HP, that could even pose quite a threat to players with Class B Inheritance Transformations.

Other than that, the limitation on the minimum HP deduction of the Forbidden Scroll had created the tactic of talking off equipment to minimize the damage received. However, the effect had been largely nerfed. After all, players who were losing 50,000 HP in every second would require a very powerful Healer in order to stay alive!

"This is good stuff!" Zhang Yang quickly put the Forbidden Scroll into his inventory. Because the ‘destructive’ little brat’s eyes were glittering with ‘grave danger’, Zhang Yang had to act fast and keep the Forbidden Scroll away from her to prevent her from snatching the scroll. Well, if she ever gets the scroll, she would definitely ‘test’ it out for fun and waste it away!

"Having this ‘toy’ in our possession is like having another nuke at disposal!" Zhang Yang laughed. Then he decided to put the Forbidden Scroll on sale after he went back to the main city. However, he would put the minimal bidding for the scroll as 99,999,999,999,999 gold pieces. That was one amount that even if someone manages to sell the entire earth, would still have not enough gold pieces to buy that scroll! Well, his initial intention was not to sell that scroll. Zhang Yang just wanted the news to spread out. He just wanted to send a message to all his enemies to f*ck off, or else he would slam them to death with the scroll!

--- There were only 4 high Tier Territories in the entire server. So it was natural that the other 4 Regions who did not possess any of the 4 high Tier Territories would launch a Territory Conquest on the Territories. Now that Zhang Yang had the words running through everyone’s ears that he had a new Forbidden Scroll, at least, Souron’s Castle would receive lesser challenges from the other Regions.

Other members of the gang had nothing to offer as they couldn’t move as fast as others. Meanwhile, even though Daffodil Daydream had activated her Class A Inheritance Transformation, she had run out of Status Removal Skills when they began to snatch the loots. As she was flying in the sky, she was stunned for a few seconds. Therefore, she could not get anything out of the loots. And now, everyone turned their eyes over at Sun Xin Yu.

Sun Xin Yu’s face was covered with a black cloth as usual, making it impossible to read her expression. She took out a book from her inventory and threw it over to Zhang Yang.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 1] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: -

Use: Combine this item with [Book of Revelation: Chapter 2].

"Haha! Another broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] has shown itself!" Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Sun Xin Yu looked at Han Ying Xue with her very mysterious, provocative eyes. Her intention was clear. She wanted to indicate that she found something much more useful than Han Ying Xue.

Although the effect of the [Forbidden Scroll] was extremely powerful, it was a one-time item, after all. Meanwhile, the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] could be combined with the other broken chapters to become a Legendary item. The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. Whichever works better depends on the person and how the person defines them. Well, even though the [Forbidden Scroll] could only be used once, it was so powerful that it could be used to threaten other players or even guilds in the game. So, if Zhang Yang decides not to use it, he could just store it nicely to use it as a ‘nuke’.

Han Ying Xue was not willing to give in to that ice queen, as usual. She gave a vague humph back at Sun Xin Yu. After that, the two ladies turned and looked at Zhang Yang at the same instant. It seemed that they wanted the man to decide who did better, this time around.

This… this is like telling a man to step either on a Lego block or a coral. Picking either side would not end well at all! Therefore, Zhang Yang acted like he did not notice it at all and said, "Let’s go back to hand in the quest!"

Well, the reward of this quest was a piece of Holy Tier Accessory, after all!.

Everyone was filled with joy and excitement. Even Zhang Yang only had two pieces of Mythical Tier Accessories. Now might be his best chance to switch one of his lousy Accessory for a better one!

Zhang Yang and his gang went back to the main city through the Teleportation Circle, one after another. They went back to look for the green little goblin Guraj so that they could hand over the quest for the rewards.