MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 741: Siege

Chapter 741: Siege

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Meanwhile, the players had also suffered quite a number of casualties. Those who still had their Flying Mounts with them were still doing fine. They could just fly into the air whenever they ran low on HP. However, those who did not possess Flying Mounts had nowhere to run when their HP bars go low! Well, players who had not even reach Level 150 suffered the most. Because of the Level Gap Suppression of the game, they had to receive two times, three times, or even five times the damage they usually did. That was outrageous for them!

However, there was nothing to do for the players who died. They could only run all the way back to their dead bodies to resurrect themselves. It would only take about half an hour to get back, all the way from the Graveyard. In a way of saying in Chinese, one will become a heroic man 18 years later. This was much faster than that. Players could already come back heroically to the battlefield, half an hour later.

Because no one had really launched their attacks on the boss yet, the boss had not lost a single drop of his HP. It was not enough to move the HP bar of the boss when only the Green Dragon is battling the boss. The boss’s {Spectre Build} could just fully recover Mathuven’s HP bar whenever it kicked in. In the meantime, Elphenise had lost over 10% of her HP bar.

Theoretically speaking, it would take up to 5 hours for the boss to kill the Green Dragon, even if there was no interruption at all, from any players, or any sort of monsters in the vicinity.

"Heal the Green Dragon, now!" Upon clearing out the monsters around them, the players began to shift their attention to the boss. Parties from different Regions stood together to protect the Green Dragon lady. Each of them was sending their best troops of Healers over to the Green Dragon. The Healers then lined up by the rear of the Green Dragon and started healing her.

Because the body mass of the Green Dragon was gigantic, standing 30 meters behind her would also be standing approximately 300 meters away from Mathuven. Theoretically speaking, the Healers should be in a safe distance from the attack range of the boss’s {Storm Blades}. However, that was just a theoretical assumption. It was not like the boss would just spin like a gyro top from where he was standing. If the boss decides to take a spin around the Green Dragon, the Healers at the rear would be instantly killed!

However, that would not affect the boss battle too much. If one dies, there would be a dozen more to fill in! The players had arranged the second batch, the third batch, or maybe even the tenth batch or the twentieth batch of Healers standing by. They were all prepared to fill in the places when the first batch of the Healers die. Well, the DPS of the boss’s single unit attack could deal up to 150,000 damage. So 20 Level 130 Healers should be able to heal that much amount of HP back. After all, the ability to heal the Green Dragon would not be affected by the Level Gap Suppression at all!

Furthermore, the Green Dragon had her own way to heal herself. Therefore, the HP bar of Elphenise was beginning to recover bit by bit, even though she was receiving a tremendous amount of damage from Mathuven. Currently, the HP bars of the two bosses were at their full state. Both of their HP bars did not sway far from being full, despite raising up hell on earth!

So now, it was time for the players to launch their attacks on the boss. That should cover up the shortage of firepower of bringing the boss down to his knees. Well, that would also mean that the death counts of the players are about to start as well!


Countless players were charging towards the boss like a tsunami wave. Although 99.99999999% of the players were destined to get nothing from the boss’ loot later on, the players could still earn some ‘Glory Points’ after the boss dies. Well, as long as they contribute, they would get some ‘Glory Points,’ as promised. Furthermore, those who contributed in bringing down the boss would receive +2 levels as part of the reward as well! Therefore, everyone was giving their very best at throwing their attacks onto the boss.

Zhang Yang and his core party members did not make any move for the moment. Even though the goal of all 8 Regions was the same at the moment, players from different Regions were not really ‘Allies,’ all thanks to the system of the game. Their AoE attacks would still spread to players from different Regions as well. Meanwhile, the only thing that was waiting for the players without Inheritance Transformation Skills was death! If they are caught in the AoE splash attack of the players from their enemy Regions and die, they would not only lose a large amount of Experience Points, they would also lose their precious equipment and potions.

The higher the level, the harder it gets for a player to elevate their level. Therefore, Zhang Yang and his core party decided not to make any move, until deemed necessary. However, they were trying to estimate the rate of the boss losing his HP so that they could gauge when to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills. It was only possible for players to hold their ground against a freaking boss and survive the boss’s attacks head on when they have activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. Well, they would still need to search for Healers to heal them up.

Meanwhile, Mathuven was extremely good at spraying his AoE Skills into the surrounding, of course. He was a World Boss, after all. The cooldown for the boss’s {Storm Blades} was only 1 minute long! Furthermore, the boss had not increased the rate of activating his {Storm Blades} just yet. Once the boss’s HP bar has been reduced to 20%, it would be possible that the boss would not stop once he starts spinning!

20% HP sounded like a small number. However, 20% of 50,000,000,000 HP would be a total of 10,000,000,000 HP! So, how could the players be able to deplete that amount of HP in a short period of time then?

Under the merciless bombardment from the boss, the number of casualties was rising relentlessly. However, at the same time, the players were charging into the boss like madmen. Thanks to them, they managed to contribute little by little before they died one after another. The amount of the accumulated damage dealt on the boss was quite astonishing. The HP bar of Mathuven had finally begun to fall!

Some players even learned from the mistakes of others. Since they could only forcefully deal 1 damage to the boss, they might as well take off every single equipment off and use their White-Wood Tier weapon to hit the boss. It could also forcefully deal 1 damage to the boss, after all. By doing so, the players would not have to suffer losing 10% of their equipment’s durability.

--- there was one thing that even Celestial Tier equipment could not match with the White-Wood Tier equipment. The White-Wood equipment had no durability at all. They could be used for all eternity and they would never be broken! From that perspective, the White-Wood equipment could be the true Legendary equipment!

Zhang Yang did not dare to approach the boss as well. Well, he had the [Resurrection Monolith] and the broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation] with him. If he ever goes into battle and gets killed by other players, he would definitely be resurrected on the spot. If he gets killed again after that, he would definitely drop the [Resurrection Monolith]. Another death would cause him to drop the broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation]! That would be a tragedy far worse than dying for all eternity!

Furthermore, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue were also holding a Legendary item each. One was holding another broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation,] while the other was holding the [Resurrection Monolith]. Well, having more than one player holding a Legendary item in the same party would allow the party to defeat a boss in a dungeon easily. However, the party would have their hands tied in many ways when it comes to a battle royale! Any reckless actions would lead them to their doom.

However, even if they did not have the [Resurrection Monolith] and the broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation], any Top Tier player would not have charged in recklessly as well. After all, none of the Top Tier players could afford to lose a large amount of Experience Points. Top Tier players would have to basically go through heaven and hell just to collect enough Experience Points to level up. Furthermore, ‘Glory Points’ was not their priority. So there was no reason worthy enough for them to risk getting killed in the boss battle.

No player was capable of tanking against the onslaught of the boss for long without activating their Inheritance Transformation. Because of that, the HP bar of the boss was reducing so slowly that everyone was frowning! The players could not even reduce 0.1% of the boss’s HP bar, even after tens of minutes of bombardment. If this goes on, they would not even be able to defeat the boss, even after days!

Zhang Yang could not help but recall his past life. While he was doing the ‘King Kong Inheritance’ quest, the situation was similar. The final boss of the Inheritance quest was as oppressive as this Mathuven. Zhang Yang and his guild had spent over 3 days defeating the boss!

Zhang Yang took a deep breath. Then he spoke into his own party chat, "Guys, don’t come with me."

He rode out with his Phoenix and arrived at a spot, 30 meters from the boss.

{Glare of the Death God}!


What the f*ck! Zhang Yang cursed quietly deep down his heart. Then, he flew back to his party members in silence. He went in while the boss’s {Storm Blade} was cooling down. Therefore, he did not sustain any damage at all.

"Haha! I’ve told you many times over, little Yang! You must wash your hands after using the toilet! You see! It affects your luck a lot when you’re using those hands of yours to throw it!" Fatty Han immediately laughed out loud.

Endless Starlight went with the flow and started teasing as well. However, Female Raid Covent, one of the three wretched f*ckers did not join in. Instead, he was teasing Wei Yan Er. He had no time nor interest in teasing Zhang Yang at all. The little brat tightened her teeth, as she was swinging her fists round and round, trying to fend off Female Raid Covent.

Well, Wei Yan Er was not a patient person to begin with. It did not take long before she lost it and started throwing her attacks at the boss. She patted her ‘Crimson Red Crow’ and commanded it to attack the boss. She had no concern at all if she dies and loses Experience Points. She just wanted to have fun!

Zhang Yang gave it some thought, and he did not stop her from going all out. First of all, she had just levelled up yesterday. She would not lose much of her Experience Points even if she really dies. The only thing that she needed to worry about was that she might drop her equipment upon her death. After all, her hammer was a Holy Tier weapon.

It was a fortunate thing that Zhang Yang and his gang did not join into the boss battle for the moment. However, the 80,000 Lone Desert Smoke army had been divided into 100 platoons in order to take on the boss. Of course, they were taking turns at engaging the boss. As long as the little brat is attacking the boss within their own ‘turf’, she would not be caught up in the attack of other players from other Regions. So even if she really dies, all she needs to do is to run all the way back to her dead body from the Graveyard.

At a time like this, no players or no guild would have the time or the effort to spare, killing players who were running all the way back to their dead bodies. If anyone does that, that player would become public enemy number one in an instant! That player would have to bear the consequence of being hunted and killed over and over again by all players from all 8 Regions!

Meanwhile, the little brat was smart as well. After she attacked the boss for 15 seconds, she would retreat a little so that her Mythical Tier pet Crimson Red Crow would have enough time to get her out of the area of 200-meters. That would keep her in a safe distance from the attacks of the boss. As time passes, Hundred Shots, Fatty Han and the others joined the boss battle, one after another.

As more and more players were joining the boss battle, the HP bar of the boss was beginning to reduce at a faster pace. However, the players had to relentlessly dodge the {Storm Blades} of the boss. Because of that, the players could only reduce approximately 3% HP of the boss in an hour. Judging from that, they would need at least 30 hours to empty out the boss’s HP!

Zhang Yang had also joined the boss battle, like everybody else. They were using the ‘hit and run’ tactic. Zhang Yang had not yet activated his Inheritance Transformation, though. Since he could only deal damage to the boss for a quarter of the entire time, he could only deal a very limited amount of damage to the boss.

One hour later, Zhang Yang made his second attempt at throwing his {Glare of the Death God} on the boss --- Resisted once again!

2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours… the time was passing without much of a notice. The HP bar of the boss was still reducing at a very slow pace. Some players had died 10 times over! These ‘food for powder’ were spending most of their time, running back to their own dead bodies. After they resurrect themselves, they would just charge in like martyrs. Hmm… there was no regret in life anymore. So, let’s just run back to the dead bodies and do it all over again!

{Glare of the Death God}!

Huh? It was not resisted this time!

Finally, on the 11th hour, Zhang Yang got lucky and he succeeded in casting the {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss! At that instant, countless players were hitting the boss at the same time! In less than 0.1 second, the boss began to receive a large value of damage!


"What the f*ck! My arrow caused 50,000,000 damage to the boss! Holy sh*t! I’m awesome!"

"Roll on your eggs and dream on! If you can really cause 50,000,000 damage with only one single hit, why are you still here then? If that’s true, you could have instantly killed Zhan Yu! You should have become number one by now!"

"F*ck you, man! I didn’t lie! I really did cause 50,000,000 damage to the boss just now!"

The special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} had been triggered 10 times over. A large number of players were astounded by the ‘might’ of the special effect. A few of them actually rose up arrogantly and claimed that they might have discovered their ‘Hidden’ Skills. They even claimed that they were capable of becoming Number One on the entire server!

Well, one single hit that could cause 50,000,000 damage really sounded bad *ss, though. If a player could do such a thing, they would not need any equipment or weapon anymore! They could have conquered the entire server just by attacking their enemies with normal attacks!

Those few players immediately turned around and started attacking other players who had a beef with them. Of course, they were instantly whacked to death by everyone around them --- F*ck these b*tches! It was definitely not the time for players to battle against each other, now! Finish them off and let them cool their heads at the Graveyard, then!

Well, those were just insignificant events happening around the battlefield. Zhang Yang did not think much about it at all. Instead of standing idly, he continued to hit and run. Even though he could only deal a little amount of damage to the boss, at least he was contributing.

24 hours of the in-game time had passed. In real life, a night had passed. Many players had to go to work, or go to school. Some of them applied for leave to stay in the game, though. However, because of the time zone, a number of players were logging off the game. As quickly as they went, others were logging in.