MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 740: Skeleton Admiral Mathuven

Chapter 740: Skeleton Admiral Mathuven

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The Top Tier guilds did not make clear of the vicinity even though the normal players had swarmed into the place. They knew it better than anyone that these low level players were just food powder on the battlefield. They would be wiped out when the boss starts sneezing!

Well, no one would ever have enough of food in powder form anyway. So let them come.

Countless players were waiting and expecting the Spectre Army to arrive.

However, when the players finally saw the scale of the Spectre Army, they almost wet their pants. So, that was why the quest was listed as one of the Main Story Quest. So that was why only players who managed to attain the required level of the quest managed to receive the new quest!

So how large was the scale of the army then? Was it millions? Or was it hundreds of millions then?

Countless Skeleton Soldiers were swarming over the entire mountain. They did not look anything like those Skeleton monsters that were roaming around the cemetery areas in the Open World at all. These Skeleton Soldiers were well equipped with a full set of armor on each of them. Their armor was pitch black, which was a complete contrast to their white bones.

[Skeleton Assaulter] (Normal, Spectre)

Level: 180

HP: 117,504

Defence: 4,740

Melee Attack: 24,147 – 34,147


[Force Strike]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to a target. There is a 10% chance to acquire an additional attack.

Note: The Skeleton Assaulters are the true and official members of the Spectre Army. Even though they are just the lowest kind of their army, they can still pose a fatal threat to anyone who underestimate them! More importantly, these soldiers know no fear of death. They know no pain! They can give any commander in a battlefield a chill up their spines!

The length of that sword might have reached beyond 200 meters long! This monster should have a very wide attack range, or so it seemed.

[Skeleton Admiral Mathuven] (Holy, Spectre)

Level: 185

HP: 50,000,000,000

Defence: 50,000

Magi Resistance: 50,000

Melee Attack: 149,465 – 209,465


[Storm Blades]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to all targets within the effective range of the Skill once in each second. Last for 30 seconds.

[Destructive Smash]: Causes 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to a target, afflicting the target with 50% Reduction in the target’s Healing Efficiency.

[Spectre Build]: Recovers 1% HP in every 30 seconds. The amount of HP healed will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: Mathuven is well known as a General with extraordinary capabilities serving under the ranks of Angus. His loyalty lies in executing every single order given by Angus.

A total of 50,000,000,000 HP?!

Players who could see the HP amount of the boss frowned intensely. If the boss does not have the HP recovery Skill {Spectre Build}, it would be possible for the players to take the boss down, even if the boss had more HP than that. However, everything changed when the boss has that Skill along with him.

With a total HP of 50,000,000,000, the boss could recover over 1,670,000 HP in each passing second, so to speak. If the damage dealt by the players could not get up to that amount of damage, the boss would basically lose nothing at all. His HP bar would not even move if that was the case! Well, it was not really that difficult for the players to deal so much damage to the boss. However, players would have to bear in mind that the boss could attack them, as well! The boss could deal AoE attacks to all players within the attack range with its {Storm Blades}.

Putting aside the rate of the boss activating its {Storm Blades}, each activation of the Skill could potentially cause over 5,000,000 damage to each player that is standing within its attack range. Even though the Skill is deemed to be a Melee Skill, the strike could spread out for over 200-meter radius wide. Because the boss had a long-*ss blade, he could wipe out the players more efficiently, even though the boss was just a melee-type boss.

Because of that, the players could deal less effective damage to the boss over a limited timeframe. If the rate of the boss activating his {Storm Blades} is a little bit higher, even the players with Inheritance Transformation would not survive long while standing near the boss! Just imagine it! An approximate 200,000 damage per second is really deadly! It would only take approximately 200 seconds to empty out an entire HP bar of 40,000,000 HP!

Han Ying Xue might be able to hold up against that amount of damage, if she is in her Inheritance Transformation form. However, even though she was a Healer more focused on her ability to heal multiple targets around her, she should only be capable of making sure 3 other players around her remain alive under that sort of circumstances. It would be out of her league if she is asked to heal more than 3 players around her. That should prove how difficult it was for players to hold out against the firepower of the boss!

Of course, the situation was not as f*cked up as things have been forecasted. They would be having an extremely powerful NPC to support them.

[The Green Dragon Elphenise] (Holy, Dragon)

Level: 180

HP: 1,000,000,000

Defence: 18,470

Melee Attack: 149,398 – 209,398 (Depends on Physical Attack, however, deals Fire Damage)


[Light of Life]: Recovers 1% HP in every 5 seconds. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Note: The Green Dragon is a giant dragon species that are close to mother nature. They are extremely close to the Elves. They even became the protector of the Elves.

Elphenise is a very powerful tanker to tank against Mathuven. Furthermore, she could also recover her own HP. Her HP recover per second could reach up to 200,000 HP! She could still recover over 100,000 HP even if she gets afflicted by the effect of {Destructive Smash}. As long as the Skeleton Soldiers are not in the way interrupting her, Elphenise would still be capable of healing herself without the help of the players. She could really last for quite a long period of time under the bombardment of Mathuven’s attacks.

"Spectre! Why are you invading my territory!?" Elphenise had transformed into the appearance of a female elf. She was levitating while she asked Mathuven about it.

"Humph, humph, humph! By the order of my master, Angus, I’m here to claim your heart!" Mathuven laughed in a strange voice.

"How dare you!" Elphenise let out an angry roar and transformed into her dragon form immediately. She transformed into a green dragon that was approximately 300 meters long. Her appearance was actually more intimidating than the appearance of that skeletal Mathuven! The moment she opened up her mouth, Elphenise spat out a stream of {Dragon Breath} and torched every single Skeleton Soldier in the area of 200-meter radius around her with green flames. Those Skeleton Soldiers were burned to crisps within seconds!

Even if Phoenix pet and Red Dragon pet had activated their Transformation Skill, they would only be able to spread their AoE attacks as far as 30 meters out. The attack range of the Green Dragon was definitely on a whole new level! Well, it was actually normal. Just think about it, would a player with a full set of Ethereal Tier armor be as powerful as an Ethereal Tier boss?

"Hehehe! Charge! Kill them all!" Mathuven gave his order for his army to charge forward. Countless Skeleton Soldiers charged towards the Green Dragon at full speed. They were so closely-knit that they looked like a tidal wave gushing towards Elphenise! Even though these monsters were just food for powder, they were just like the players. Even if one monster could only deal 10,000 damage, the total damage that the entire horde of the army monsters could deal would be terrifying as well!

From that perspective, the boss’s single attack would be very limited when it comes to battling a large number of players. So, the boss would be relying on his ‘underlings’ to channel their damage output on the players as well! However, the boss could really deal a number to the players with his AoE attacks! With just one simple whirl of his {Storm Blades}, players who were low on HP were instantly wiped out!

Of course, the players would not just stand there and let the Skeleton Soldiers slaughter them up. Firstly, when the Green Dragon that was acting as their ‘Natural Shield’ is gone, the boss battle would become even worse than it is now! Since players would only lose some durability of their equipment, everyone from all 8 Regions joined forces to fight against the Spectre Army. They did not fight amongst themselves at all.

The current situation was on accord with the background themes of this game. It was true that things were not always peaceful and harmonious among these guilds in the newly formed ‘Alliance’. There would always be battles or wars happening among themselves. However, these guilds had banded together like a family when they battled against the Spectre Army. They would never turn against each other at a time like this!

These Normal Tier Skeleton Soldiers would crumple with a bang before Top Tier players like Zhang Yang himself. However, they were extremely daunting to the average players. Especially for those who had not reached Level 150, the players would have to band into parties before they could take out one single Skeleton Soldier!

Zhang Yang sent his Phoenix pet forward. Meanwhile, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han were leading up front as they charged into the horde of monsters. With two Phoenixes and a Red Dragon slaying monsters at the frontline, the players had no need to activate their Inheritance Transformation just yet. It did not matter how many monsters were charging towards them, those monsters had to die the moment they entered the range of the pets’ attack range.

"Remove yourself from my Territory, Spectre!" Even though Elphenise was a female dragon, her temper was not to be trifled with. She took the initiative to launch her attacks towards Mathuven.

"Hehehe! Are you so eager to die?" Mathuven raised his sword and swung it towards Elphenise at full strength. Just right before the shiny blade could cut her neck, Elphenise raised her gigantic claws to deflect Mathuven’s attack. The impact between the sharp claws and the blade sparked intensely.

"Such a pitiful strength you have!" Mathuven said with disdain. He grabbed the giant sword with both of his arms. Then, his body began to spin at high speed. As he accelerated further with his spin, he looked like a silver gyro top.

{Storm Blade}!

Players who were within the attack range of the boss were receiving a high damage value at every passing second! That 200,000 damage could instantly kill any players with armor set that was lower than Ethereal Tier! Even players with a full set of Holy Tier equipment would not be capable of receiving the full damage from the boss’s {Storm Blade}. A few rounds of the attack sent the players to their own demise!

30 seconds later, there were no players within the area of 200-meter radius from the boss that survived the attack of the boss. The only one that was standing beside the boss was Elphenise!

Zhang Yang and his gang had not activated their Inheritance Transformations yet. That was because they had no idea how long the boss battle would be! All players from 8 Regions seemed to have joined their forces together for the moment. Well, the main reason was, because killing monsters and launching attacks on the boss would earn the players some ‘Glory Points’. However, everything would change the moment the boss collapses and dies. Everyone would be pouring onto the loot that the boss would be dropping, because the loot would be on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

The players in the vicinity were being extra careful to not get caught up in the attacks of the boss. At the same time, they were trying to slaughter as many monsters around the boss as possible. Even though ‘Glory Points’ are actually useless to the Top Tier players, if they could just kill the monsters around the boss faster, the Green Dragon would be in a safer state. After all, the Green Dragon was the players’ super gigantic ‘Meat Shield’!

Meanwhile, as long as the Green Dragon does not die, the boss would not leave his Battle mode. Because of that, the players would stand a chance at taking down the boss! Or else, the boss would straight away be swayed from his Battle Mode and there would not be any players left on his Aggro List right after he uses his {Storm Blades}. When that does happen, the boss would be able to recover his HP bar very quickly! By then, how should the players proceed on slaying the boss?

Although Zhang Yang did not activate his Inheritance Transformation yet, his Phoenix pet was a fearsome weapon at causing AoE destruction to the monsters. The two Phoenixes and a Red Dragon were unleashing their worst on the monster hordes. These three legendary creatures had taken out at least hundreds of monsters alone! Unfortunately, the sea of Experience Points they earned by killing the monsters were being shared among others like Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang, even though they were putting in very little effort in supporting them.

Wei Yan Er was acting like a terrorist. She took out the [Elemental Bombs] made by Hundred Shots and threw them into her surrounding randomly. Not only the monsters in her surroundings were bombarded to hell, players from other 7 Regions were also blown to kingdom come, even though they were innocent!

Unfortunately for them, even after the 8 Regions had joined forces to form a temporary ‘Alliance’, the system would still consider them as enemies in the game. Any AoE attacks would splash on the players from other 7 Regions as well.

The battle had begun to hit its climax. The flashes of beautiful and colorful Skills were astonishing to behold!

The monsters were restricted by the Aggro system of the game. However, players could move freely according to their own free will. Therefore, they were much more flexible and agile than the monsters on the battlefield. The Tankers were lining up on the front while the Healers were healing them up from the rear. Meanwhile, DPS players were focusing their attacks on the boss and the monsters. They were very well organized. Only some of the smaller guilds were unable to survive the hordes of monsters that were charging at them. They had no choice but to drown in the monster hordes.

However, the number of players was no lesser than the number of the monsters. It was just that, there were not many Level 150 players on the battlefield. Therefore, most of them were suffering the effect of the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. They could not deal as much damage as they should be doing, in the first place! However, after half an hour of intense battle, the army of Skeleton Soldiers was almost wiped out!