MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 739: World Boss

Chapter 739: World Boss

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This quest was automatically assigned to the player. As long as players have reached Level 160, it would not matter where you are, the system will shove this quest onto your quest list by force. Other than that, the Quest Assistant had also given a clear description of the boss of that quest.

Skeleton Admiral Mathuven, a Level 185 Holy Tier boss, a World Tier boss!

As a World Tier boss, this Mathuven should be extremely powerful and difficult to take on! Currently, Zhang Yang had only encountered a Level 20+ World Tier boss called ‘Martyr Unduin’, Queen Serena, and the ‘good’ spectre princess. Well, she was faithful to her love, at least.

Mathuven would lead an army of Spectre to launch a full-scale attack on The Green Dragon Alphonse at 7 p.m, 3 days from now. The location of the battle would be Mount Apaq which was located on the map of Rock Flatland.

Well, the Holy Tier equipment listed in the reward description of the quest was extremely appealing. They were more than enough to send countless players charging into the boss battle. Furthermore, everyone knew how hard it was to even get one piece of Accessory in this game. Most of the Level 100 players were still wearing their Level 50 Accessories until now. Therefore, the appearance of one Level 180 top Tier Accessory as one of the rewards for killing this boss could really get the mainstream players crazy!

Other than that, the notion of battling a World boss would really get people rolling! The boss would definitely drop a powerful Skill Book or a [Forbidden Scroll], or any other extremely powerful item! Well, people would not be focusing their attention on the Holy Tier equipment if they ever knew about this.

Not to mention that the boss would be coming in with a large army. When there were a large number of monsters, players could slay the monsters and earn some Glory Points to be exchanged for some powerful equipment! Even though the top Tier players would not be interested in those equipment, normal players would be. Other than clearing a high-level dungeon, this would be an alternative method for the players to get ‘top Tier’ equipment for themselves!

Other than that, if the players could slay the boss by the end of the boss battle, every single player who takes part in the boss battle would acquire a level +2 reward! However, if the players ever fail to slay the boss, players from the entire server would receive a penalty of level -3! In other words, no one could afford to lose the boss battle. No one would choose to stay out of this boss battle!

Immediately, the guilds mobilized their entire force onto the task. All Level 130 players would be summoned to enter the Rock Flatland after 3 days. Telling players who had not reached Level 155 to battle a Level 185 boss would cause them to suffer the Level Gap Suppression function of the game. However, gathering hundreds of thousands, or millions, or even hundreds of millions of players together to attack a boss would definitely be effective. With everyone combining their power together, the power level of the players would become tremendous!

Of course, the body mass of the boss would be large enough for millions of players to lay waste to it. Well, there was also a possibility that the body mass of the boss would be much larger than the Ancient Spiritual Beast King. The first benefit of having a large number of players in a boss battle was that players would be able to contribute an abundant amount of damage to the boss. Secondly, with so many players bombarding their attacks on the boss, the boss would not be able to escape or dodge so many attacks at the same time. That would keep the boss in its battle mode!

After all, the boss would only use passive Skills like {Spectre Constitution} to recover its HP bar. If the boss could recover 1% HP every 30 seconds, it would take 50 minutes for the boss to fully recover one full bar of its HP bar. However, things would work differently if the boss ever gets out of its battle mode. The boss could recover over 10% HP every second! 10 seconds would be all the time the boss needs to fully recover its HP bar!

Just imagine this. The players have managed to bring the HP bar of the boss down to 5% after giving their best efforts. However, they get wiped out all of a sudden. When they run all the way back to the boss, they tragically realize that the boss has fully recovered its HP bar. The players would be crying in misery, and some of them might even wish to die after all the trouble they put themselves through! However, if the number of players is high enough, they could arrange players in formations. Waves of players could be assigned to attack the boss at a different time to keep the flow of the battle smooth. Even if the players could only deal a small amount of damage to the boss, at least the boss would not leave from its battle mode. Then, the players would stand a chance to kill the boss, eventually.

Lone Desert Smoke had done the same thing as well. They also assembled their players who had reached Level 130 or beyond Level 130 to participate in the boss battle. The number of members from the main guild had reached more than 80,000 players!

Everyone was cracking their knuckles, waiting for the 3 days to pass. Mathuven would be the first World boss for most of the players. However, when events such as Spectres invading the main cities happen, the Celestial Tier boss called Angus would naturally be the Super World boss!

The Leader of the Seven Wraith and the leader of the Nine Demons were all Super World bosses. It should be extremely hard to battle against them all! In Zhang Yang’s previous life, the players had been able to take down Angus because they received powerful support from a bunch of powerful NPCs. However, there were still other 15 Celestial Tier bosses staying ‘peacefully’ in the game.

Even Celestial Tier bosses had their own different grades. For instance, Angus was considered one of the lowest among the other Celestial Tier bosses. Therefore, Angus was only Level 230. However, Madravich was a Level 300 Celestial Tier boss. The difference of levels between each of the Celestials was meant to distinguish the difference between the skills and power level of the bosses. Meanwhile, the last on the grade list was the Demon Lord Kenzack who was also Level 230. During that time, the players had already exceeded Level 200. Well, they were supposed to be capable of slaying Kenzack, because they would no longer be affected by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game.

However, even after players from all 8 Regions had put aside their prejudices and enmities to take down Kenzack, they were no match for the boss at all. They had attempted to slay Kenzack twice. The players were wiped out by Kenzack with ease!

That should show how powerful a World boss could be!

Zhang Yang let his imagination run wild for a bit. He was imagining the blood-boiling moments when he battled the Celestial Tier boss in his previous life. He could not help but feel pumped and all. He hoped that he could just lure Angus out of hiding and start a war with the boss, right away! However, that would not be possible, if the Main Story Quests are completed yet. Therefore, everyone would only be stuck with continuous events, where the disturbance of the Spectre were ever-present.

However, even though the Spectres that appeared in front of the players seemed weak, as time passes, these Spectres that keep causing disturbance to the cities and towns in the game would become much stronger. Furthermore, they would stop dropping equipment and items soon.

When the disturbance of the Spectre reaches a certain critical level, the Spectres would acquire the ability to launch their attacks on main cities and Territories to force players into completing the Main Story Quests. By doing so, the development of the drama in the game would continue on.

While Zhang Yang was drifting away into his fantasy world, he suddenly heard loud knocks on his door. Chen Xue Yao came into his room like a snake. She brought a cup of coffee with her as usual --- well, she would come to Zhang Yang trying to understand the development of Liu Wei’s cases on a daily basis.

Actually, she only needed to ask once a week. After all, the investigations were pretty time-consuming. However, Zhang Yang suspected that this woman was trying to ‘retaliate’. She would always sit on his lap while asking the questions. Did she really need to do that? Furthermore, she had also buttoned up her clothes so tightly that her body shape was obviously shown. She even lowered down the front of her collar so low that her two boobies were half exposed!

That was not all. Why was she wearing suspender straps with fasteners attached to a girdle belt to hold up her sexy stockings? Why would she even wear stockings with laces?! It was in the middle of the day now! Sometimes, she would even purposely ‘expose’ her underwear to Zhang Yang! Although Zhang Yang could only see it vaguely, Zhang Yang’s rich imagination would instantly get his ‘brother’ rock hard!

"Mr.Zhang, so how have things going with the investigations on Liu Wei’s case?" This b*tch was asking him nonchalantly, like nothing was happening. She placed the coffee on the table right beside them and leaned over towards Zhang Yang’s body. Her body scent was tantalizing!

Zhang Yang turned his head over and saw that she was still wearing her light brown OL (Office Lady) uniform. She was wearing a white blouse underneath her uniform. However, her collar was purposely left unbuttoned. From Zhang Yang’s angle, he could clearly see two fair half rounded boobies. Zhang Yang could also vaguely see the side of the light purplish bra that she was wearing.

Witch! Fox! Whatever you can call her! Zhang Yang could not get her off his head anymore after the night where both of them were hugging, touching each other for the whole night. They even kissed! Why is she always trying to seduce him then? Was she really trying to retaliate? This woman most probably thought that Zhang Yang had seen enough of her pretty face and her sexy body. She must have thought that Zhang Yang had enough touching her body as well! And now, she was willing to expose more of her ‘wild’ parts to him. She was trying to get into Zhang Yang’s head so that she could toy with his mind! Every time when Zhang Yang was starting to feel ‘heaty’, this woman would suddenly withdraw herself from teasing Zhang Yang any further. Everything would just stop there. Zhang Yang would most certainly almost begin to jack himself off!

"Still, it’s still under progress! Just wait!" Zhang Yang had no idea how many times has he said that.

"So slow! What’s taking them so long to investigate those scumbags! Just drag them out and shoot them in the head, on the piers!" Chen Xue Yao was infuriated. Well, no one could blame her. Her family was killed by these scumbags, after all. She was very eager to see that those scumbags are dragged up to the guillotine and be the one shouting ‘off with their heads’!

Well, no one could really blame her for being so vicious. After looking through the evidence that she collected firsthand, even Zhang Yang felt a little disturbed. Making a murder looking like an accident was just child’s play. When the Liu Family was starting up their business, they even did something like slaughtering the entire family of their business competitors. While their businesses were getting bigger and bigger, those people did even more crimes just to make themselves comfortable! They even built an entire secondary school so that they could recruit virgins to have fun with.

After Zhang Yang gave it some thought, he decided not to tell Chen Xue Yao about Liu Wei being released into the ‘wild’ again. Well, he had thought it through, thoroughly this time. To catch that bastard, Zhang Yang could not really go on killing people. However, it would be possible if Zhang Yang could just disable ‘5’ of his limbs! That would not become any problem at all!

When the Liu Wei problem had been resolved, then only Zhang Yang would tell Chen Xue Yao about it. Now that Zhang Yang had hired some bodyguards to protect her from the dark, telling her now would just make her worry even more.

"... you’re here to ask me about Liu Wei, right? Why are your hands touching my thighs then?" Zhang Yang asked her with a straight face.

"Hehe!" Chen Xue Yao smiled and blushed. Her cheeks turned so red and her charm was mesmerizing. She went closer and gave a gentle nibble on Zhang Yang’s ear. Then she said, "Do you want me to help you out with my hands again?"

Zhang Yang’s heart began to pound instantly. That night, he was ‘handled’ by her soft and slender hands. Although her hands had not passed through the hall and into the inner chamber, Zhang Yang could already feel a sensation of joy rushing up his head. Instantly, he glared at the beautiful creature’s udders. Then he calmly said, "Are you trying to trick me again?"

Chen Xue Yao pulled down her collar even lower and let her two boobies jiggle a little bit. The ripple on her skins of her boobies was just breathtaking to look at. Zhang Yang’s pupils went blank. She giggled and leaned her chest against Zhang Yang’s back. Then she reached out to Zhang Yang’s ear and let out a gentle breath, "Mr. Zhang, you seem to be quite ‘heaty’ every single day. Didn’t the two in your house feed you well?"

"You w*tch! How do you even dare to say that!?"

Chen Xue Yao could remember very clearly that she was touched by Zhang Yang for good that day. So there was nothing more shameful than that! ‘You pervert! I’m going to toy with you so badly that you’ll never forget! I’m going to send you into dire suffering! I’m definitely giving that bad breath right back at you!’ She never said that out loud, of course. She looked down and saw that Zhang Yang’s ‘tent’ had been set up completely. She knew that she was done toying with him for today. So she quickly stood up and giggled at Zhang Yang. Then, she left Zhang Yang’s office in haste.

Zhang Yang was conflicted on whether to cry or to laugh after what happened. This had become something that must happen every single day. However, deep down his heart, he was furious. "Do not mistake me as a paper tiger! If you ever cross a line, I’ll not hesitate to devour you and your body entirely!"

Zhang Yang already had Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu. He had never intended to screw another woman anymore. However, the thing that happened between him and Chen Xue Yao was considered to be a forbidden affair. After all, no one could have changed the fact that the two of them had intimately touched each other. even though it was not their intention.

Zhang Yang admitted that he had a strong impulse to possess a woman that he loves. If that night had not happened, then Zhang Yang would not have minded her at all. Even if she marries someone, Zhang Yang would not have felt a thing at all. He would just curse whichever bastard who could have her as his wife.

However, these two had seen each other in the nude. They even fondled with every part of their bodies. That had really changed the way Zhang Yang felt for her.

--- you witch! If you dare to do that again tomorrow, I’m going to force myself on you, and you’re going to regret that!

Zhang Yang hardened his soul and said quietly.


3 days had passed in a blink of an eye. Every top Tier guild had already formed their own parties to enter Mount Apaq. Even though Mathuven had not been spawned yet, there were multiple sightings of The Green Dragon Elphenise. This Green Dragon would sometimes fly in the sky in its dragon form. Sometimes, it would transform into a cute green elven lady, walking around in the woods.

This Giant Dragon lady was also labelled as a Holy Tier boss. Her power level should not be weak. However, she only had over 1,000,000,000 HP, which was clearly not the HP amount that a Holy Tier boss should have! She deserved to have more HP on her! However, in order for the drama mode to work its course, the developer had designed her to have lesser HP. Players from all eight Regions could heal her with their healing Skills. That 1,000,000,000 HP would make her quite powerful in a sense.

Not only some top Tier guilds, but several smaller guilds did not even have one Level 160 player in their guild. Although it was not possible for them to complete the quest, they could still count on their luck to see if they are able to snatch something useful when the boss dies!

After all, this is a World boss! Only god knows how many good stuff would pour out from the dead body of the boss!