MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 738: Protect the Giant Dragon!

Chapter 738: Protect the Giant Dragon!

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Of course, Zhang Yang would not take advantage of the Crimson Rage to such an extent. Even though Crimson Rage was helping themselves by helping the Lone Desert Smoke, they also had the notion to snatch the equipment and complete the quest.

Well, what’s done was done. They had extended their help to the Lone Desert Smoke. Without Crimson Rage’s support, maybe Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue would not die, but Zhang Yang’s other party members would have suffered a great loss.

After teasing Snow Seeker for a little while, even though Zhang Yang did not pass the Holy Tier equipment that they got from the boss’s loots, he still gave Snow Seeker quite a substantial amount of [Armor Piercing Potions], [Amateur Power Potions] and [Temporary Invincibility Potions], for free, of course. Snow Seeker knew that she would never be able to sweep fortune from Zhang Yang anymore, so she was content with what she got from him.

Everyone went back to White Jade Castle. Zhang Yang and his gang did not rush back to hand in their quest. Because, once they hand in the quest, it would trigger the next phase of the quest! Everyone would be receiving the next quest as well! Meanwhile, now that Zhang Yang and his gang were holding the ‘trigger’ of the next quest, they could pick any other time to trigger the next quest in the coming days. Well, as long as the Ancient Spiritual Beast King is not respawned just yet, Zhang Yang and his gang could take their own sweet time for the moment.

They gathered by the Identifying Shop in the main city. Since they had returned back to the castle, there was no need for them to waste Zhang Yang’s [Identifying Scrolls]. After all, they would not get any discount or benefits if they just use the scrolls to identify their equipment.

The boss had dropped a few equipment that were slightly above average. There were two Holy Tier equipment and four Ethereal Tier equipment --- Snow Seeker went all seductive on Zhang Yang, trying to strike a good deal with him. Well, she did not return the four Ethereal Tier equipment to Zhang Yang. After all, she knew that Zhang Yang must have kept some good stuff to himself. Everyone knew that the Holy Tier equipment was still considered as the Top Tier equipment at the current stage of the game.

Other than that, there were also one [Skill Point Crystal], one [Engineering Recipe], and two [Top Tier Aura Stones].

After some consideration, Zhang Yang passed the two [Top Tier Aura Stones] over to Han Ying Xue, allowing her to enhance her {Life Aura} up to level 9. Having a 27% increase in her healing ability would definitely be helpful to the entire party. Even though {Strength Aura} was also a good choice, limiting a Spellcaster’s ability to merely strength would do no good to the Spellcaster or his or her party members. Meanwhile, Hunters and Thieves would require a better touch on their Agility attribute.

The two Holy Tier equipment were a Heavy Armor helmet and a cloth-made boots. Fatty Han was extremely disappointed this time around. Well, he only got one piece of Holy Tier equipment, after so long.

[Rock Guardian’s Helmet]

Defence: +640

Vitality: +16,803

Strength: +4,120

Intelligence: +1,750

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 33,600 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: When being hit, absorbs 1,778 Damage.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Because of the additional Intelligence Attribute, it would be better for Endless Starlight to have it. That fellow was smiling so joyfully that his eyes were almost closed. Well, he did look like a pervert after all.

"If that God’s Masturbating Left Hand could just look at this piece of equipment, he would definitely be drooling, or maybe stare his eyes out!" Fatty Han laughed. Of course, that curious brat Wei Yan Er kept asking about the meaning behind ‘God’s Masturbating Left Hand’.

Indeed, that helmet could really boost God’s Left Hand up for good. Not only could the equipment provide an increase on Vitality, it could also increase quite an amount of Defence, Attack, and even Intelligence Attributes! There was nothing missing from this equipment at all! It really maximized its function by increasing the attributes of whoever wearing it!

"Let him burn! If we show him this one day, let him burn his eyes out!" Everyone was laughing out loud. If Zhang Yang did not take the initiative to go all out on them while getting blinded by God’s Left Hand’s {Apocalyptic Bondage} just a little sooner, Zhang Yang and his gang could have lost the battle badly. Naturally, they were irked by the presence of God’s Left Hand.

The next equipment was the boots. It had quite a decent appearance and was white in color.

[Lunar’s Casual Boots]

Defence: +128

Vitality: +8,402

Intelligence: +2,060

Spirit: +875

{Level 6 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 2,120 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: When being hit, absorb 1,778 Damage.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

After a round of rolling their dices, the exquisite boots was claimed by Fantasy Sweetheart. That had really increased her healing capacity by a notch! The Chinese perverts would say, that could really increase her Cup Size by a notch!

It was natural that Hundred Shots was the one who took the [Engineering Recipe]. However, after he learned it, he smiled bitterly. So it seemed that the recipe taught him how to make [Elemental Bombs]. Before he could even start making them, Wei Yan Er had booked 10 sets of it!

[Elemental Bomb]: (Consumable)

Use: Causes 5,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 3X3 meters where the bomb detonates. Cooldown: 1 second. Range: 30 meters.

Required Level: 150

If it wasn’t for the Required Level restriction, those players who were lower in levels could have used these bombs to blow all monsters in the low-level dungeons or low-level regions to kingdom come!

However, the impact of the bomb had improved. Therefore, the cost of making one would definitely increase a lot. Each [Elemental Bomb] would take up a cost of 10 gold pieces to make. So, each set would require 2,000 gold pieces to make. That made 10 sets cost 20,000 gold pieces! No wonder Hundred Shots smiled bitterly when the little brat asked him to make them for her!

However, everyone was earning quite a tremendous amount of income from the profit coming from Zhang Yang’s Little Merchandize Shop. Hundred Shots would definitely be able to spend that little bit of money to make them for the little brat. After all, everyone was treating the little brat like their own younger sister. That was the weird part of it. Even though she was literally a little b*tch, everyone still loved her.

A while ago, they had soaked themselves in the Volcanic Dragon Mountain for over 9 days. Everyone was tired of slaying monsters. So, they decided to give themselves a few days of rest. They wanted to accompany their family for a little bit. It would be wrong to keep soaking oneself in the game. Although ‘God’s Miracle’ looked real inside, everything was still virtual. They do not exist in real life, after all.

Meanwhile, there was some movement in the Beijing region. The organization of Sun had launched a full investigation on the Liu family. The inspection team of Sun family had launched a raid and countless inner circle members of Liu Wei had been greeted with disciplinary measure outside the regular legal system under which they were all detained and interrogated. At the same time, the Liu family business executives were also arrested in full swing. This family was once the ‘ruler’ of the city. But now, the hammer of justice had been dropped right on their faces! Although the official results had not been declared just yet, everyone knew that they were done for, this time around. Well, their ‘reign’ had finally been put to rest. So that’s how karma works.

After Chen Xue Yao found out about the news, she began to cry in joy. She even hugged Zhang Yang and kissed him violently. However, when Zhang Yang began to feel a little heated up, she withdrew rapidly, leaving Zhang Yang a great memory, the shadow of her back leaving the office door --- so this was her revenge for grabbing her a few rounds, that night, huh? Should she really try to torture him so much?

Arresting was easy, however, it would really take a long time to slowly find evidence to back up every crime that these officers and Liu family had done in the past. Meanwhile, they would have to consider the influence on the society before they wanted to do something. Well, from the looks of it, it could take up to half a year or even 1 full year. When the incident had begun to fade into the memories of the society, the officials could just sentence Liu Wei and his associates in low profile.

However, good things never last. The words were true. A few days later, something that Zhang Yang find it hard to accept happened --- Liu Wei was released from the prison!

Even though the Liu family was destined to be crippled in the end, letting Liu Wei out of the cage was like giving a psycho a knife and let him out into the street full of people! Sun Xin Yu came back with the news shortly after it happened. Apparently, it was Chong Xiu Hua who bailed Liu Wei out of the cage!

Well, even though Chong Xiu Hua had a very influential and powerful background supporting him, he could not have saved all of Liu Wei’s family and his associates. However, things would be different if he just attempts to save one unimportant man! Obviously, Chong Xiu Hua had found out about the relationship between Zhang Yang and Liu Wei. It seemed like he wanted to use that factor to get rid of Zhang Yang!

Well, Chong Xiu Hua did not even have to feed Liu Wei any poisonous words in order to get him moving. All he would need to do was to tell Liu Wei that Zhang Yang was the one who was responsible for the downfall of his entire empire and his family! Liu Wei would make his move on Zhang Yang all by himself! Meanwhile, Chong Xiu Hua need not have to care if things work out or not. He did not even spend much to set everything up. He just had to sit back and watch a good drama unveil before his eyes.

That was really something to worry about!

Liu Wei had been an arrogant f*ck who had always used extreme measures on his enemies. When he finds out that Zhang Yang was the one behind the downfall of his family, he would definitely come after Zhang Yang, without a doubt. He would only wish Zhang Yang to be dead. So, only god knows what he would really do to Zhang Yang and his loved ones!

Zhang Yang felt that there was a need to intensify the security measures around them. He wanted to make sure the ladies are safe from Liu Wei. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had nothing to worry about Sun Xin Yu. Firstly, she had all it takes to take care of herself. Secondly, her family background would be a determining factor that ensures Liu Wei would never make a move on her --- unless he no longer wanted to live!

Well, judging from Liu Wei’s personality, he would not have put himself in any harm’s way even if he wanted to retaliate so badly. Therefore, Zhang Yang only had to worry about Wei Yan Er, Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream. Of course, he needed to worry about Chen Xue Yao as well!

Chen Xue Yao was also one of Liu Wei’s most hated person other than Zhang Yang. Other than that, she was living alone out there. Even if something bad happens to her, it would take days to discover if anything bad happens to her.

Zhang Yang had thought about it thoroughly. He spent a lot of money hiring bodyguards from the Security Firm. Well, he was not short on money at all. He could afford it all without a problem now. If anything happens to any of his ladies, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life! Not only did he hire some extra muscles to guard by his house, he also installed security systems and security cameras all over the place. The ladies would also have bodyguards protecting them from the dark whenever they went out. That included Chen Xue Yao as well. However, Zhang Yang did not inform her about it though.

From another perspective, Zhang Yang was hoping that Liu Wei would become reckless and come after him. By then, Zhang Yang could have the rights for justified ‘self-defense’ and take him out of the picture for good! However, Liu Wei would never be so reckless that he would go on and take risks. Instead, he would just hire people to do his dirty job.

Putting everything in his mind aside, Zhang Yang logged into the game again. Upon gathering all members of his party of 10, they went on to hand in the quest.

‘Ding! You’ve completed a quest: Destroying the Energy Crystal Processing Base Factory! You have received a reward: 20,000,000 Experience Point, 100 Military Points.’

Guraj was looking at everyone with a content face. Then he said, "Warriors, you’ve once again defeated the fiery spirit of the Spectre! However, a few of my associates have stolen some of the Energy Crystals and sold them to the god damn Spectres! They value money more than the world! Those nincompoops!"

"This ain’t over yet!" Guraj screamed in a strange voice pitch. Then he continued to say, "The Spectre have not halted their development of the ‘Darkness Falls’! You must try harder!"

"Creating the ‘Darkness Falls’ will require an important kind of crystal, that’s the Giant Dragon’s heart! Those undead Spectres will send an army so huge that the ground will tremble before their marching! They will be launching their assaults on The Green Dragon Elphenise on the Mount Apaq! So fellow Warriors, you must cut off the head of the Spectre Mathuven and show those undead Spectres that we’re not to be trifled with!"

‘Ding! You’ve automatically accepted a Main Story Quest: Protect the Giant Dragon!’

[Protect the Giant Dragon] (Difficulty: S-Rank)

Description: The Spectres are still developing their ‘Darkness Falls’. Their next target will be The Green Dragon Elphenise’s Heart! Warrior, you must put a stop to these Spectres’ plan. You must not let them get what they want!

Number of players: 10 (Maximum)

Completion: Bring back the sword hilt of the Skeleton General Mathuven 0/1

Reward: Sacred Badge, + 50,000,000 Experience Points, + 1,000 Military Points

[Sacred Badge] (Accessory)

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Use: Immunes you from any Damage or Status Restriction Effect. Increases your Critical Rate by 20%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Bound upon pick up.