MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 737: Fall between Two Stools

Chapter 737: Fall between Two Stools

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However, when it comes down to Healing Ability, no one in the entire server would match the Healing Ability of Han Ying Xue!

Although God’s Left Hand’s Healing Capability could really pack a punch, he was also half-oriented on his Defence as well. Unlike Han Ying Xue, he did not lose himself fully in the art of healing. Under the circumstance of having a Class S Inheritance, how could a player who cultivates both Defence and healing match the ability of a player who fully cultivates only in healing? Of course, there would be a difference between them!

As long as Han Ying Xue does not die on the battlefield, she could basically assure that everyone in her party could stay alive, at least! Of course, she could only do it under the circumstance that she was not affected by any Status Restriction Skill. She had to be able to healing her party members without any restriction.

The party was holding up solid. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang could only threaten God’s Left Hand, because he was being whammied by God’s Left Hand’s {Apocalyptic Bondage}. So he decided to fully focus on taking God’s Left Hand out first. Zhang Yang no longer afford to hold back on him anymore as he began to bombard God’s Left Hand with everything he had.

Back in the day at Souron’s castle, Zhang Yang had pressured God’s Left Hand so much that he could only cry in misery while trying to run away from Zhang Yang. Now that he had some Holy Tier equipment on, his Attack power had increased even further. With him attacking at full strength, God’s Left Hand felt a pressure that he had never felt before in his entire life, playing this game!

Fortunately for him, God’s Left Hand had also switched a few pieces of Holy Tier equipment before this. Although his shield was still an Ethereal Tier equipment, his total amount of HP had been boosted up to over 700,000 HP. Upon activating his Inheritance Transformation, God’s Left Hand now had over 28,000,000 HP!

With a higher amount of HP, it gave more room for God’s Left Hand to maximize the potential of his Healing Ability. If he has too little amount of HP and he gets killed in an instant, there would be no healing to begin with, would there? If he has an average amount of HP, he might get interrupted while he chanting his Spells. When that happens, he might get killed by Zhang Yang with a series of combination attacks!

With a total amount of 28,000,000 HP, even if Zhang Yang charged up with his {Charge Up Strike} before activating his {God of War Devastation} or other high damage Skills like {God of War Battle Axe}, Zhang Yang could only deal a basic damage of approximately 4,500,000 to God’s Left Hand --- that being said, Zhang Yang could deal that much damage only if God’s Left Hand did not have any Damage Immunity or Damage Absorption!

Therefore, even if God’s Left Hand is interrupted while he is chanting, he would not be taken out immediately, even if Zhang Yang chains a combination. On the other hand, as long as he survives Zhang Yang’s attacks, he could just constantly healing himself up so that he could drag the battle on for as long as he desired. His main objective was to distract Zhang Yang long enough for his Alliance ‘friends’ to kill Zhang Yang’s party and friends.

At first, the battle began with 40 players VS 30 players. Obviously, God’s Left Hand and his newly formed Alliance had the upper hand in the battle. However, thanks to Zhang Yang’s {God of War Devastation} that was charged up by his {Charge Up Strike}, half of his people were killed instantly. Truth to be told, he and his newly formed Alliance were destined to lose even after he managed to isolate Zhang Yang from the others.

Tragically, God’s Left Hand noticed that his newly formed Alliance was losing badly. His own party members were barely hanging on because they still had God’s Left Hand to heal them. There was no way that they could annihilate their enemies at this rate. However, the party members of the other parties in the newly formed Alliance could not heal each other. As God’s Left Hand could not heal all of them, and they could only wait for their miserable death to come.

The effect of the {Destructive Smash} was definitely a crippling factor to ‘healing’. Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash} could reduce up to 75% of the enemies’ Healing Efficiency. Even though God’s Left Hand was holding on for the moment, it seemed that he was just prolonging the inevitable. His HP bar was reducing constantly, even though he was healing himself at his full capacity.

God’s Left Hand sighed in his heart. If he had made up his mind to use {Apocalyptic Bondage} at the beginning of the battle, the current situation of this battle might be totally the opposite of the current situation! Well, firstly, he had gotten tangled up with Endless Starlight at the start. Secondly, he did not make his decision quick enough because of Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash}. He did not have the confidence to ensure that his Alliance would hold up long enough before they annihilate their enemies!

Meanwhile, if he dies while doing so, his party would have zero chance of securing the quest to themselves. Well, without a leader with Class S Inheritance, the outcome would surely be very different. Although he really wanted to kill Zhang Yang to show his retaliation, deep down in his heart, he knew. It was quite common for players to slaughter each other up. People would say ‘Just Business’. They were just following the game’s rules after all.

Therefore, he decided to focus their priority on completing the quest. That was the moment when he put down the resolution to have a death battle with Zhang Yang. However, he had never thought possible that Zhang Yang would come out so aggressively, beyond everything that he had imagined. Zhang Yang actually took the opportunity of a gap and ended 20 of his men! The battle was basically lost!

If he had known that it would come to this, he would have acted differently!

So God’s Left Hand immediately made a crucial decision. He began to take a few steps back. With the agile movement speed of his Class S Inheritance, he could seize the chance and start retreating immediately. By then, even Zhang Yang would not be able to catch him. However, because the boss was not yet dead, he could not escape from the vicinity of the boss battle. He could only run around in a limited area.

Heart of Destruction had also made the same decision that God’s Left Hand did. After all, when a player with a Class S Inheritance has activated an Inheritance Transformation, it would be really hard for anyone to catch up with their speed.

With the two top Tier players running away, the entire Alliance was wiped out clean in an instant. However, that was not the end of the battle just yet! The three parties immediately turned off to kill the other parties. There were still some cleaning up to do in the area!

When Zhang Yang got out from the {Apocalyptic Bondage}, the boss battle was about to reach its end. Not only did players have to deal with other players in battle, they also had to face the wrath of the boss and its wide AoE attacks. Anyone would have died in that kind of circumstances! Other than Lone Desert Smoke, Crimson Rage and Hell Family, only the Land of Savages still had their heads intact! Meanwhile, the other parties only had their best players left on their parties. For instance, God’s Left Hand and Heart of Destruction.

When the final HP of the boss was struck out, the ‘rod’ of the Spiritual Beast King began to break into seven or eight pieces. Then everything began to collapse towards the ground.

--- even though the players were battling against each other, their AoE attacks had been splashing onto the boss. As the battle had gone on for quite a while, those attacks had slowly tortured the boss to its demise!

Instantly, every player right on top of the ‘Mushroom Head’ began to fall. Fortunately for them, they were securely saddled up on their Flying Mounts. Players with Class S and Class A Inheritance could fly with their own flying abilities. Immediately, everyone levitated in the middle of the air. However, the next moment was the moment of chaos! Everyone began to descend down towards the spot where the boss was spawned!

It was the moment where everyone needs to snatch the loots dropped by the boss and dismantle the bomb to complete the quest!

"Ice queen, Witchy Snow! You two get really to pick up the loot! I’ll throw the bomb! The rest of you, just focus on stopping anyone who tries to get close to us!" Zhang Yang immediately said.

Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu were currently in their Inheritance Transformation forms. So, they could fly at their top speed, making them the most suitable candidates to snatch the loots.

Almost at the same time, Crimson Rage, Hell Family and Land of Savages had also made the same decision, assigning the fastest players of their parties to snatch the loots and dismantle the bomb! The rest of their members would be stopping whoever tried to get near!

{Blast Wave}!

Zhang Yang turned around in the air and struck out a conical area of impact wave towards his front. He managed to stun a few players right in front of them while he made his way to the ground.

The situation had become critical. It was like immortals attempting to cross the sea, each of them showing their special prowess! While some of them were showing off their skills and tactics, the others were blocking each other from getting near to the ground. Some of them even tried to avoid being afflicted by any Status Restriction Skills. The entire battlefield was spectacular.

All of the players with Class S Inheritance had the advantage of super-agile movement speed over the others. So, they were able to fully utilize this advantage of theirs in such a situation. Although the 6 players with Class S Inheritance were coming from different directions, the distance between them and their destination was almost the same. The winner of this race remained unclear.

Because Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had Zhang Yang throwing the bomb, they could fully focus on charging straight at the loot that was dropped by the boss. Meanwhile, Hourglass Figure and the other three players with Class S Inheritance were taking out their bombs and had thrown them at the spot where the boss died. That was the spot where players could throw the bombs and dismantle the bomb!

As they were descending at high speed, Zhang Yang, Hourglass Figure, God’s Left Hand and Heart of Destruction were obviously charging towards the direction of the bombs while Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue were charging towards the loot! The two spots were just approximately 50 meters away from each other. Well, they did not seem to be two different spot when everyone was still pretty far away from them. However, they began to see that they were actually attt two different spots as they were getting nearer to the ground.

100 meters, 50 meters, 20 meters!

Hourglass Figure and the other 2 threw their bombs towards the ground at the same instant! Right after that, they immediately turned towards the direction of the loots to see if they could still snatch something for themselves.

Zhang Yang grinned while he was descending. 20 meters was merely a distance that he could pass by in only 0.1 second or 0.2 second! After all, he was at his top speed right now! He suddenly swung his scythe and slashed one of the bombs out of its flying course. Meanwhile, he kicked the other two bombs out of their flying courses as well right before they could land.

At the same time, Zhang Yang took out the bomb in his inventory. After he activated the bomb, he threw it straight into the spot.

--- the untrustworthy bomb made by the goblins would not explode immediately after you throw it out. You’ll need to activate it first before you throw it out!

After all, God’s Left Hand and the others had started to move for the loots slower than Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. So they could only stare at the two ladies sweeping the loots clean into their own pockets. However, they did not mind that so much because their real focus was on the final reward of the quest, if they could ever complete it, of course! Equipment would always be ‘eliminated’ when newer Tiers of equipment begin to appear at the later stages of the game.

However, when they turned their heads around, they coincidentally saw Zhang Yang ‘cleaning’ their bombs away from the spot! They were infuriated so much that their nose became crooked!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three bombs exploded one after another. However, the flashing beam underneath the boss’s dead body was still there. That being said, the three bombs did not hit the right spot, and the quest was not completed by any three of them!

Although God’s Left Hand and the other two attempted to salvage the situation by attempting to destroy Zhang Yang’s bomb, they were not fast enough.


A large explosive sound echoed across the entire boss battle area. The explosion was far louder than the previous three bombs when they first exploded by the hands of Zhang Yang. Everyone could feel the impact of the bomb that they were almost blown away by the air! More importantly, the HP of everyone was reduced to 1 point!

Zhang Yang and his gang had experienced the same thing before this. So, they quickly activated their life-saving Skills and took down a bottle of Healing Potion just in case. It would always better to be safe than sorry. Having only 1 HP would make the player extremely vulnerable, one small tap could have killed the player, after all!

After the dust had begun to settle down, the blinking beam underneath the boss had vanished. The phenomenon indicated that the quest had been completed! The others would have to wait for Zhang Yang and his gang to hand in the quest first before they could repeat the quest again.

Well, that was not going to happen anyway!

Hourglass Figure and the others were crying their faces off. If they had known better, they should have charge for the loots instead. Now, it became a fall between two stools for them. They got nothing at all by the end of it.

A tragedy indeed!

Well, there was no point for the players to continue killing each other now. Everyone took out their teleportation scrolls and left the area with regret.

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu, we’ve helped you so much! Are you going to cast us aside and pretend that nothing ever happened?" upon returning to Souron’s Castle, Snow Seeker immediately looked Zhang Yang up and smiled at him.

Indeed, without the support of the Crimson Rage, Zhang Yang and his gang would have been wiped out entirely. Even if Dusk Phoenix came to the rescue, the battle would also be 20 VS 40. Zhang Yang and his friends would still stand no chance of winning at all.

Zhang Yang winked at Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, then he said, "Give me the loot that the boss dropped. All of them!"

The two ladies cooperated well with Zhang Yang and threw only the Ethereal Tier equipment over to him. Without saying another word, Zhang Yang shoved them over to Sow Seeker and generously said, "Here you go!"

Snow Seeker rolled her eyes incredulously.